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Because Kink and sex should be fun. #Cocksuckerlessons and some of my thoughts and a lot of pics I find hot. NSFW, 18+, yadda, yadda You know if you shoudn't be looking at this stuff. Growlr/Scruff: KinkDan Recon: - Twisted Teddybear (@kinkdan)
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Follow The Feeding Frenzy @ ServiceBear. Thanks to my Followers and the Source of this re-blogged post.

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13,886 Followers. Won’t you please join us?

Inchargedad thats my good boy feel daddy @kinkdan


That’s my good boy, feel Daddy owning you.

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Ready for use

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He knew a little bit about human nature… particularly the inherent nature of horny young men. How could they resist an invitation to masturbate… to self-gratify? What human male doesn’t enjoy the pleasure of stroking? He knew this… and that’s how he was able to lure them in… one by one… they were already addicted to gooning on their dicks… easy enough to drain their brains through the leaking precum as they became more receptive… obedient… compliant… empty… never once consciously aware of the subliminal triggers and commands that were taking root into their lust-crazed minds…

Of course, He never once gave them permission to actually ejaculate… never allowed to cum…. no, they’d need to surrender and submit to Him before that reward would be granted…

Mastererock erockmusclestudgmailcom @kinkdan


Gotsomeballs sure its a big job but i dont @kinkdan


“Sure it’s a big job; but I don’t know anyone who can do it better than I can.”

John F. Kennedy

Twink249 dirtydaddythings people say @kinkdan



People say cocksucker like its a bad thing. My son is proud of being a cocksucker because he knows he’s the best there is at it. Daddy tells him all the time.

Love when daddy makes me suck his cock. Holds me still so I can’t squirm away!

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Got me salivating!  Beauty of a fully erect cock too!

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Inchargedad after the milk and cookies daddy @kinkdan


After the milk and cookies, Daddy gives his boy another treat.

Icocksucker suck my cock faggot @kinkdan


Suck my cock faggot!

Goat horn @kinkdan



Masterboibinder bondcyberrole dont look so @kinkdan



don’t look so worried stud…you’ll see…this will all work out once you get used to the fact you and me were meant to be together…you think you want girls but you don’t know how nice i can be to you…i can make this rogue cock of your’s like me…i’m positive of it…you just need time…so i’ll keep you here until you learn…there- now that i’ve gotten your ankles spread and tied off i can take measurements for your chastity device…you’re going to have to wear it all the time to prove your commitment to me and your trust that i know better whats good for your cock than you do…


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Cocksuckers Rule!:
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“Straight” faggots are always like this at first - they’re nervous and scared and shit at giving head. The alpha will soon force that out of him. Head against the wall being brutally facefucked.

It’s the same when it comes time to fuck ‘em.  Stay clothed like in the gif, but make sure he’s naked from the waist down, legs spread wide.  The alpha ignores any protests while the alpha works his cock all the way inside.  As the alpha starts to fuck him, it’s now important for the alpha’s buddies to then come in.  The alpha says something like “Hey guys, he seems to really like cock up his ass.  Want to watch?“ 

Still dealing with the recent loss of his cherry, the straight faggot is confronted with the humiliation triple whammy: the unmanly “stuck” feel of a dick up his ass for the first time; having legs spread, exposing his junk in front of clothed men; and the realization that there are witnesses to him taking cock up his bum. 

The shock of the triple humiliation will overwhelm the part of his brain that might find a way out.  He won’t think of trying to get off the dick penetrating him.  Tears will come to his eyes as the men call him names as witness to his degradation.  And he won’t resist when the alpha shouts out “Fuck!  Deep up his ass!  Watch how he takes my load.  Fucking faggot ass just sucks up the cum.“  He’ll keep his ass firm against the alpha, until the alpha chooses to pull out.

After, standing there surrounded by clothed men, his ass dripping cum, he’ll be vulnerable and open to the two-ended gangbanging that’s bound to come.  Even if not right then, then very, very soon…

How fortunate that there are alphas willing to train “straights” to be the faggots they were always meant to be.

Makes me miss cawthra park @kinkdan

Makes me miss Cawthra Park.

Fagformen when youre nothing but a hole for @kinkdan


when you’re nothing but a hole for him to use

Bjotch1 bjotch1 biggest blog of cum @kinkdan


BJOTCH1 - biggest blog of CUM💦

Bjotch1 bjotch1 @kinkdan



Fuckyeahmuscles jed hill @kinkdan


Jed Hill

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Cocksuckers Rule!:
Help a Cocksucker out - Follow Me and Cocksuckers will Rule Forever!

Pupsniffer pupsniffer yep thats me @kinkdan



Yep, that’s me.

Somehow this is popular today.

Zerotsm zerotsm is hooded and gagged with a big @kinkdan


Zerotsm is hooded and gagged with a big pecker gag.  Then he is put down on a big buttplug, so big it won’t go in, just painfully spread his hole. Next he was whipped across the chest a bit, tit clamps go on and finally some CBT with clothes pins.  Link to a video in a week or two.

Indiglo goals @kinkdan



Ducttapeready you wrap the tape around his @kinkdan


You wrap the tape around his hands to instigate him, but then he grabs the roll when he breaks free and tapes you up, making you his little bitch boy.

Ducttapeready introducing nashua big fix duct @kinkdan


Introducing Nashua Big Fix Duct Tape, it’s 12″ wide and 30 feet long, it’s like smoothly pulling aluminum foil from the same box, at the same speed and ease.. man, the things you could do to a sub.

Orderandcontrol there are alternatives to being @kinkdan


There are alternatives to being locked in chastity.

Masterwalterblog keeping the boi excited during @kinkdan


Keeping the boi excited during its service at the Club. It still has many hours to go…

Master Walter

Serviceorientedsub the power of cock never @kinkdan


The power of cock never ceases to amaze me. Think of how it affects ur mind. How it causes u to serve wherever and whenever. Give in and know what it is to be blessed by a MAN.

ur lust meets HIS desire and nothing else exists in the world.

see the MEN i worship. follow me at

Humiliationverbale its obvious dad i need a @kinkdan


It’s obvious, dad, I need a blowjob now, or to speak plain, a deepthroat - you’re here, that’s perfect - much more healthier for you to take care of your Alpha Son than cruising again, don’t you think so ?

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Follow The Feeding Frenzy @ ServiceBear. Thanks to my Followers and the Source of this re-blogged post.

Leatheredboyjustin glovedguy the alley @kinkdan





Who is this guy ?


Pupkato demanding without words @kinkdan


Demanding without words

Rubbergingerboi such a hot rubber daddy @kinkdan


Such a hot rubber daddy!!!

Rubbergingerboi tight and hes not going @kinkdan


Tight and he’s not going anywhere! Like all rubber worms should!