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NSFW Fetish Porn! Adult 18+ ONLY! Kinky sexual acts: mainly female PEE, SQUIRT, BREAST MILK, really hot cameltoe pussies, and gorgeous tits I don't own anything here. I simply reblog what's already out there. Any issues let me know and I'll remove stuff! PS - I'm a guy. I don't own a pussy!!! - Kinky Sexual Acts (@kinkysexualacts)
Takemethewayuwant i love my tumblr world but i @kinkysexualacts


I love my Tumblr World but I always end up back at the perviest place on earth lol.

Nice rack!!!

Pussyjuiceplayer i wonder whats the exchange @kinkysexualacts


I wonder what’s the exchange rate on this? Lol

Pussyjuiceplayer i wish that was happening to @kinkysexualacts


I wish that was happening to me right now.

Pussyjuiceplayer uberp1ss love the way she @kinkysexualacts



Love the way she hangs onto their legs while she takes their piss.

Wish she had opened her mouth.

Pi55ie pissing herself in the face @kinkysexualacts


Pissing herself in the face!

Dirtykarissa i so love piss warm wet from @kinkysexualacts


I so love piss, warm, wet, from any source. I love looking a pics of it, videos, but nothing is like the real thing!

Rocketmanandcheerios gettin a drink and washing @kinkysexualacts


gettin a drink and washing her face


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