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Willow || 20 || ♑ || INFP Strangle my hope and make me pray / To a God I've never seen, but who I've betrayed / To the people who live the afterlife / In a place I'll never be 'til I'm crucified - Jedem das Seine (@kksunny)
Forward ever new order 1987 @kksunny


New Order, 1987

Wistly america brought to you by robert sheehan @kksunny


america brought to you by robert sheehan

Krxs10 wiz khalifa violently arrested for @kksunny


Wiz Khalifa Violently Arrested For Legally Riding Hovercraft At LAX

Rapper Wiz Khalifa was slammed to the ground by 7 grown police men and arrested at the Los Angeles International Airport on Saturday after he refused to get off his hoverboard.

“Haven’t been slammed and cuffed in a while. That was fun,” he tweeted, along with a photo and video of the incident. 

He also posted a video to Instagram in which over three officers can be seen holding him to the ground. The officers repeatedly tell Khalifa, whose legal name is Cameron Thomaz, to “stop resisting” as he responds, “I’m not resisting.”

Police say he was resisting arrest but the Video shows differently. Several news stations have tried to reach the airport for comments but have so far been ignored.

Source / Video


Celticmagician some interesting images from @kksunny


Some interesting images from Ocarina of Time, produced by exploiting glitches.

Tunaqueen13 salon in case we needed further @kksunny



In case we needed further proof Fox News hates women: 70 horrific instances of Fox News’ sexism in under 6 minutes


Clashgifs happy 63rd birthday to joe strummer @kksunny


Happy 63rd Birthday to Joe Strummer

August 21st, 1952

Safe european home happy birthday joe you give @kksunny


Happy birthday Joe! You give me hope and inspiration, Thanks for everything, we miss you!

Filmsnaps almost famous 2000 @kksunny


Almost Famous (2000)

This is my friends cat nalle and here he is @kksunny

This is my friends cat, Nalle. And here he is enjoying the autumn and hating me for taking pictures of him.

(Why in God’s name did someone remove the fucking caption. Who was the whore that did it?? Rude af)

Paulyoptosaurus this more accurately represents @kksunny


this more accurately represents me than i am willing to admit

Corgisandboobs up here i am free from puppy @kksunny


“Up here I am free from puppy nonsense.”

Hopeful melancholy how to sneak chocolate @kksunny


how to sneak chocolate undetected into a US cinema

531 8008 look how sad he looks he just wants @kksunny


Look how sad he looks. He just wants to sleep but his farts are too loud:(

Euo john baldessari @kksunny


John Baldessari

Bspevak to write good songs you have to be @kksunny


“To write good songs you have to be somewhere between a genius and a village idiot. Whether it’s jazz or punk or anything else, you have to fight against the purists who want to narrow the definition.”
— Joe Strummer - The Clash

Dappledwithshadow hovsep pushman american @kksunny


Hovsep Pushman
(American, 1877 - 1956)

Grumpyrpgreviews prokopetz cheesedeity @kksunny







Wow, I had no idea Satan was so knowledgeable and generous with his time.


Can satan come teach a class at my school

Amusingly, among the Western European demon-conjuring cults of the 16th Century, many demons were greatly valued for their skill as teachers, often to the point that grimoires would place greater emphasis on the subjects each demon was qualified to teach than on their supernatural powers.

For example, this guy?

Teaches moral philosophy.

And this creepy dude?

He’s your astronomy professor.

Seriously, look this stuff up some time - it’s wild.

I now want a comic or cartoon series about demon teachers and their human students. Not sure if it should be college or high school.

“Aw, man - I got Professor Lionwheel. I hear if you fail his exams, he eats your legs.”

“Yeah, but he’s supposed to be really good about keeping regular office hours.”

“Huh. Sort of a trade-off, really.”

What do you have to do to get a scholarship?

Tepitome the old man and the sea 1999 @kksunny


The Old Man And The Sea (1999)

Dir. Aleksandr Petrov