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Sounds of Jupiter. - Totally So Knarlei (@knarlei)
Thejerseyrebel curvesincolor roller @knarlei



Roller Girls. 

my girl Leigh in the pink!

Thats me!!

Sunny @knarlei


Wzrd @knarlei


Enjoy every moment @knarlei

Enjoy every moment

Everybody just calm down @knarlei

Everybody just calm down!

Buns bow ties @knarlei

Buns &&bow ties

Dany dor 3 @knarlei

Dany & Dor <3

Africanprodigy thatnigeriankid idris elba @knarlei



Idris Elba

Ghanaian Men, you go kill me ooo

Blasianlovee fucking live @knarlei


Fucking live.

Marshallanthony life is a perpetual cycle men @knarlei


“Life is a perpetual cycle. Men experience pain as well. Every man was once naive and put a broken princess on a pedestal. Despite, what you may say in heartache, you will fall in Love again because woman is Love. However, men are not designed in the same fashion. And while we do not love easily, we love just as hard. Know that you are designed and enabled to cope with the turmoil of Love. We are not. The world moves because you will it so. Men live and die at the blink of your eye. Unbeknownst to many, everything we do is because of you. Fulfill YOUR purpose. It is your destiny.”  Caron Arel Gabriel

Helenhabesha her hair @knarlei


her hair!

Baby daddy @knarlei

baby daddy

Mop top @knarlei

mop top

Lastellamaris damn right @knarlei


Damn Right!

I want a black cat @knarlei

i want a black cat

Natural models plus models healthy models @knarlei

Natural Models. Plus Models. Healthy Models. Healthy is the New Skinny.

by Bradford Alexander

Love her 3 @knarlei

love her <3

Your face i like that shit @knarlei

your face

i like that shit

Hard knocks @knarlei

hard knocks

One of my favorites @knarlei

one of my favorites

Low budget naked fairy @knarlei

low budget naked fairy?!?!

So simple 3 @knarlei

so simple <3

This is waaayyyy better @knarlei

this is WAAAYYYY better…

Who thought this was a @knarlei

-_________________________- who thought this was a good idea?

Sometimes @knarlei


Le drink @knarlei

le drink

Pretty much @knarlei

pretty much

Solid gold @knarlei

solid gold

Hi five head @knarlei

hi five-head

Sirrealphoto sirreal photography presents @knarlei


SirReal Photography presents
Signature: blax·ploi·ta·tion

A genre of American film of the 1970s featuring African-American actors in lead roles and often having antiestablishment plots, frequently criticized for stereotypical characterization and glorification of violence.

Gordon Parks described his blaxploitation projects as “a picture people go to see because they want to see the black guy winning.”  Being a late 80’s baby, I always found it quite difficult to understand the Black community’s attraction to blaxploitation films let alone the term.  But growing as a Black artist has allowed me to look back at this once popular art form with a third eye.  

As I watch clips, and do a bit of reading on the subject, I try to place myself as a viewer in that era.  Often times when I hear my elders speak on the media of their day, they mention that they just were excited to see ANY Black people on television.  But the characters of Blaxploitation films weren’t just ANY Black people.  They were heros and heroines.  Fighting for justice and in some cases sticking it to “The Man”.  

Foxy Brown was “a chick with drive who don’t take no jive” who sometimes used her sex appeal as a way to get closer to her enemies and make them her victims.  Critics may find the nudity unnecessary but let’s compare it to films/videos we have today that consistently flood our screens with arbitrary and tactless skin that does nothing to contribute to any plot or direction.  In the past I believe that we allow the arts and media to get away with certain things given the circumstances of the times.  But as time moves forward, so should we.

This is the first of possibly many installments looking back at when artists with a purpose were actually the most popular and not the other way around.  blaxploitation

- Dex R. Jones

Photos by Dexter R. Jones 
© All Rights Reserved

Elleaimevoyager dear lord if i am blessed with @knarlei


Dear Lord, if i am blessed with a daughter, make her happy, loving, healthy, brilliant, and adorable.


Limecrime do let yourself get carried away @knarlei


DO let yourself get carried away… with glitter!

Moamtv star light lips @knarlei


star light lips

My future kid @knarlei

my future kid???

Queennubian oo wheres the franks red @knarlei