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Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it: Confucius This blog is all about labia. It is a body-positive blog that aims to show that vulvas and labia of any size, shape, texture and coloration are normal and beautiful. It provides support for those who feel insecure, self-conscious, victimised or vilified about their labia. This blog is inclusive, and all people with labia are welcome, regardless of race, age, sexual preference or gender. Please respect contributors by not reblogging any posts. If you reblog photo submissions you will be blocked. Got a question? Please read the FAQ NOTE: This blog shows photos depicting detailed genital nudity in a non-sexual setting, and contains written content with adult themes. Submissions are encouraged, but photos showing nudity are only allowed from people 18+ please. Visit My Other Body Positive Blog WARNING PORN BLOGS: Porn blogs are not tolerated and will be blocked. Do not follow this blog and do not reblog any posts . You do not have permission to do so. You will be in breach of copyright and Tumblr standards and you will be reported. (function(i,s,o,g,r,a,m){i['GoogleAnalyticsObject']=r;i[r]=i[r]||function(){ (i[r].q=i[r].q||[]).push(arguments)},i[r].l=1*new Date();a=s.createElement(o), m=s.getElementsByTagName(o)[0];a.async=1;a.src=g;m.parentNode.insertBefore(a,m) })(window,document,'script','//','ga'); ga('create', 'UA-55420132-1', 'auto'); ga('send', 'pageview'); - Large Labia Project (@largelabiaproject)
Do not reblog submission ive always been @largelabiaproject

DO NOT REBLOG - Submission: I’ve always been insecure to the point where I don’t even want to have sex, but hopefully I can finally accept it!

Do not reblog submission hi everyone i am 24 @largelabiaproject

DO NOT REBLOG - Submission: Hi everyone! I am 24 years old and for many years now I have been bothered about my labia. I first became insecure about it when I was still a teenager and my boyfriend at the time pointed out my inner lips were very large and made fun of me for it. 

Since then I have always tried to hide my vulva. I don’t like to be seen naked and I don’t like having sex with the lights on or I will constantly be thinking about how my vulva looks like and that it doesn’t look nice. When my partner looks at it I get extremely uncomfortable.

I occasionally go to the pool with my friends but I get anxiety before just thinking about getting naked in front of the other women. Usually I will run to the bathroom and try and roll my inner lips up or hide them before I take a shower and quickly put on my swimsuit before they roll out again. 

I would like to be able to talk to my friends about it but I am scared to. I have one very close friend that I have always been able to talk to. I considered mentioning it to her but then one day we were at a party and came across an adult magazine. In the magazine there was a picture of a woman with large inner lips (still smaller than mine though) and my friend screamed with disgust and showed everyone the picture saying “eww!“. I can’t describe how horrible it made me feel. Ashamed and disgusted by my own vulva.

I have been with my current boyfriend now for almost 3 years and I have mentioned my issues to him. He tells me there is nothing wrong with my vulva and that it looks beautiful but I don’t think he understands just how much it bothers me. I am still insecure of being naked around him and I still will try and hide my inner lips so he won’t notice them as much. I think about my vulva almost every day in a depressing way. I will also think about other girls in jealousy saying to myself “oh I bet she has very small lips!” Crazy right?!

Not only is it the emotional problems I have with it but often during sex my lips will get pulled in which can be very painful. I also spend a lot of time picking out suitable underwear for my large labia, for example I will avoid lace panties since my labia has gotten stuck in the lace which is extremely uncomfortable.
I have considered having labiaplasty for many years now and honestly if I would have had the money for it I would probably have done it already. But finding this site and reading your stories has made me feel a bit better and less alone. Thank you!

Do not reblog submission hi are my lips too @largelabiaproject

DO NOT REBLOG - Submission: Hi, are my lips too fat or not?

They are perfect just the way they are.

Do not reblog submission ive always thought my @largelabiaproject

DO NOT REBLOG - Submission: I’ve always thought my labia were too big and ugly. This website is helping me to accept myself better. Thank you

Do not reblog submission hi emma i am 24 @largelabiaproject

DO NOT REBLOG - Submission:  Hi Emma, I am 24 years old and I am submitting my pictures.

The first picture is of my labia, fully clean shaven. Not something I like to do very often as the ingrown hairs that come with it are very painful. I never really thought much about my lady parts till one day I had a very bad encounter with family. I remember the very first time I shaved down there, I was staying at my cousin’s house and I went into her room to change. Her sister comes in starts talking to me, stops mid sentence and says “what’s wrong with your vagina?” I didn’t understand what she meant by it, she proceeded to say that it looked “f’d up” and called her sister in. I had to listen to those two talk about the weirdness of my labia. It was a very awkward conversation made even MORE awkward when they went out to talk to their MALE cousin (whom is not related to me) about it. They described the look of it and asked if it was normal. He laughed and said “I see those in porn all the time, especially on skinny chicks”. If it wasn’t for the fact that him and I had history together I probably would’ve died of embarrassment. I’m happy to report that since then my cousins have grown up a lot, we all have and they no longer make passes at my labia, in fact growing up over the years have brought us even closer so I’m not going to let one bad experience get between us, I’m just glad it’s over. They apologized, and have not embarrassed me since. 

The second picture, is of course my labia with hair. 

The next picture is what I like to call my “old body”. I call it my old body because it was the body I had shortly before I started going through depression. It has gone through subtle changes. Smaller breasts, a flatter stomach, and a smaller waistline. 

The next picture is of my body today. You probably can’t see it in the picture but I actually have more muscle tone in my body than before, especially on my abdomen. This is from over a years worth of cardio, weight training, pilates, and yoga on the weekends. 

The last picture is of my backside and the reason I included it in here is because I wanted to tell the story of the scar on my back. The red mark on my back is a birth mark. I was born with Spina Bifida and right where the birth mark is, I had a fluid sac attached to my back. I was able to go home with my mother only because my grandma was an experienced LPN, I owe her so much for taking care of me all these years, especially after my mother passed away. The white line that runs down to my butt however, is a product of surgery. I was supposed to be born without the use of my legs, but a tumor grew in place of my deformed spine and saved it. However during surgery the doctor said I would lose my legs for good. After the surgery…I didn’t. I still got them. It shocks me how much the human body is able to withstand. I defied medical odds, not once, but twice. I’ve never meant another human being on this planet that has had the same odds as me. I would love to someday, to know I’m not the only one. 

Thank you for sharing.

Do not reblog submission dear emma sharing @largelabiaproject

DO NOT REBLOG - Submission:  Dear Emma, sharing my photos has been such a healing and liberating experience for me. I just can’t thank you enough for helping me and helping all of us accept and learn to love and appreciate our bodies. I hope one day I will find someone who will find my vulva as beautiful and sexy as you do, and as I’m beginning to! I am definitely opening a new chapter in my life and letting go of the self-hatred that used to be a huge part of my life. 

Do not reblog submission hello i have always @largelabiaproject

DO NOT REBLOG - Submission:  Hello. I have always hated my vulva and because of it I didn’t have sex for years. I’ve always wanted surgery but couldn’t afford it.

I found this blog and was surprised that my vulva isn’t “weird” or “abnormal” like I always thought it was. I became a little more confident and when I finally got the courage to have sex with my boyfriend I felt so silly because of how much he loves my vulva and I am slowly but surely learning to love it too. When I see submissions I always think, “wow that’s a beautiful vulva” but for some reason I never thought that of my own. 

I really love this blog. Thank you!

Do not reblog submission hi emma i am a 44 @largelabiaproject

DO NOT REBLOG - Submission:  Hi Emma, I am a 44 year old midwife. I have given birth vaginally three times and I related to one of your posts where a submitter described having something that reminded her of a “tongue” sticking out of her vagina. 

You can see that I have long, dangly labia. I was never worried about them until I had my kids, and my actual vagina became more “gaping” when I bear down (you can see that in the first photo). Even without bearing down a protrusion is obvious in the bottom of my vagina. I have seen a gynaecologist and discussed my options with her, and she told me that I have some degree of uterine prolapse (the uterus sits low and my cervix can easily be felt in my vagina). I also have a rectocele (prolapsed rectum) and cystocele (prolapsed bladder). Yep.

As for the pesky “tongue,” the gynaecologist just said it was a remnant from my last birth, and she said she sees them quite often. I did tear in that area giving birth, so it could be from that, but also the rectocele pushes upwards and any extra tissue just gets forced out.

Although I hate to look at these images, I am not planning to have major surgery and remove my uterus when I have no pain, no problem with peeing or bowel movements, and no pain with intercourse. I really just wanted the gynaecologist to remove the “tongue,” but she diagnosed me with a much more pathological vagina! I asked my mom about her vagina, and she said that she was given the same diagnosis as me 40 years ago, and also opted not to have surgery. She is 70 now. 

I have seen hundreds of vaginas (the actual vaginal tube), before and after childbirth, and I know that mine is big, as in, it gapes open instead of sitting nicely shut like it did before I had kids. You can see all the way back there!

However, I have seen so many variations in labia and vagina size, and women are always beating themselves up over little bits of skin. I have made a conscious decision to love my vagina, though it isn’t the “prettiest,” and I hope these images help other mothers feel more normal.

Also, women may be interested to note that my labia minora now travels all the way to my anus, where there is a bulge of extra skin left over from wicked postpartum haemorrhoids. It is what it is. I am proud of my children and what my body accomplished to have them.

One final note: My vagina makes “farting noises” [called “queefing”, which is totally normal - Emma] during intercourse in certain positions since I had kids. It would be mortifying if I didn’t have such a wonderful, loving partner.

Do not reblog submission im a 40 year old and @largelabiaproject

DO NOT REBLOG - Submission: I’m a 40 year old and I was just recently told by a lover that I have a very long vagina or slit from top to bottom (his words). What causes this? I also believe in going natural so I no longer shave my pubic area!! Thanks.

Hi, thanks for contributing. Well, regardless of what your lover says the size, shape and appearance of your vulva is due to your genes. And congratulations for having pubic hair! Pubic hair is normal, natural, and awesome. It’s a shame there aren’t more people willing to let it grow :)


Rainbows labia and a tenuous physics analogy @largelabiaproject

Rainbows, Labia and a Tenuous Physics Analogy

You’d be hard pressed to find someone who looks at a rainbow without being fascinated by its vibrant beauty. Rainbows are an awesome, magical creation of the natural world. Rainbows are light that’s been refracted, reflected and dispersed through rain drops, which separates it out to show the colours in the spectrum of visible light - red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet.

Colours are a small part of the much wider range of electromagnetic radiation. That includes things like gamma rays and x-rays at one end of the scale, and microwaves and radio at the other. Visible light is a somewhere in the middle. All of these things are waves, of different “wavelengths”, just like waves on the ocean where you’ll sometimes see them closer together, and sometimes wider apart. That goes for the colours here too. They are all different wavelenths. At one end is violet at about 380nm (a nm or nanometre, is a billionth of a metre) and at the other end is red, at about 750nm. The wavelengths of the other colours all fit in between, with green in the middle.


You might have a favourite colour. Mine is purple (violet). But purple isn’t any better than green, or any worse than red. It’s just a different colour, and really they are all beautiful, aren’t they? 

Ok so this blog isn’t about physics, so let’s apply all of this to labia. Let’s take it as a given that all colours are awesome. Red is roughly twice as big as violet. Does that make red worse than violet? Is red somehow abnormal? What is the most normal colour? Is it green because it’s in the middle? Is it the “average” colour? Many of you would think that all this is so much rubbish, and who really cares? There’s no such thing as one colour being more normal than any another. There is no better or worse. They are just different.

But when we start talking about our labia minora for some reason many people equate small as being normal and beautiful and better, whereas large labia minora as thought of as being abnormal, ugly, and that there’s something wrong with them. But labia size is just a spectrum too, anywhere from essentially non-existent, through to many cm wide. Just like colours they have different lengths. There is no better or worse, there is just different. And all are equally beautiful. Why is it ok for colours to be equally awesome, but not for labia? If that’s how you think, then maybe take a look at other things in the natural world, like rainbows, and ask yourself why your labia re really any different.


Do not reblog submission im 21 the large @largelabiaproject

DO NOT REBLOG - Submission: I’m 21. The Large Labia Project has played a huge part in my journey to self love! Now, I am obsessed with my vulva. I love taking pictures of it and changing my jewelry! And, while I love looking in the mirror today, that was not always the case. 

When I was maybe 14 or 15 I heard about labiaplasty and that was all I could think about for the longest time. I never had seen labia like my own represented (in the porn I had seen). It gave me a lot of anxiety about my sexual debut, and that–anxiety over what others would think about my vulva’s appearance–caused me to postpone it for a long time. 

Eventually I came across large labia project (I was probably googling if I was “normal”) and things started to change in my mind. Part of me definitely thought “these women just pretend they like their ugly labia because they’re too afraid to get a labiaplasty” but nevertheless the seed was in my brain. 

A few years later I got to the point I would probably call “self-acceptance” with my labia and I decided to get it pierced to enhance sexual pleasure (I have a Triangle piercing. It stimulates the clitoris from behind. Anyone interested in getting a genital piercing should go to Elayne Angel’s website for information about trained piercers in their area). 

Since I got my piercing, I’ve finally achieved self-love and joined the other women on your blog who genuinely love their labia’s appearance. My partners have always loved my labia too! 

These photos were taken on the last day that I was with my partner, when I visited his city. We did a little photo shoot so he would have some souvenirs, and he thought it would be cute to take these photos–because to him my vagina is like a drug ;-)

Do not reblog submission hi emma im 22 i @largelabiaproject

DO NOT REBLOG - Submission:  Hi Emma, I’m 22. I don’t have large labia, but at some point I started hating my vulva, I hate my right labia minora (left in the picture) and now I even see a psychologist because of this problem among other things. I feel insecure to have sex (I’m still a virgin and I feel pathetic) and also to see a gynecologist, because I’m afraid someone tell me it’s not normal and my psychological problems become bigger. Now I think I’m obsessed and I feel desperate because I really don’t know what to do and how to accept myself. Thank you very much and I hope you can help me somehow.

Hi, I’m glad you emailed me, and I’m really glad that you recognise that you have an emotional / mental problem with this, and are getting help from a psychologist. You should be really proud of yourself for being brave, facing your fears, and working hard to get better. That’s awesome!

To be honest, looking at your photo I’m not really sure what you’re talking about. Both of your labia look completely normal and absolutely fine to me. Are you concerned about that little crease on your labium? That’s nothing. Labia minora come in all sorts of wrinkled, ruffled, lumpy, bumpy shapes and sizes, as well as being smooth. Yours look very smooth, which is also totally normal! Really, you have no need to worry, and I hope that when you see yourself here you’ll start to see that too.

Do please keep up your sessions with your psychologist, it’s important, and it can really help.


Largelabiaproject have you ever really looked @largelabiaproject


Have you ever really looked at your vulva?

Lots of people with vulva really don’t know what they look like between their legs. It’s a bit hard to understand that you’re normal and beautiful if you haven’t ever really looked. The thing about vulva is they are amazing. All of them. Every single one. All of the details are gorgeous - the folds and ripples and creases and contours and colours and how the skin moves and is textured. Just leaning forward and looking down doesn’t give you a very good perspective though. To really get a good look at your vulva you need a mirror.

A 15 minute challenge for you

I want you to get to know your vulva better. Get yourself a hand held mirror, or position yourself in front of one so you can sit or lean back comfortably with your legs spread wide apart. Take off your undies, and start to look at yourself. Touch it, spread your lips apart, pull back your clit hood and look at your clitoris. Feel your labia majora and open them up. Do the same with your inner lips too, stretch them, see them at rest and take in their fascinating detail. Look at your vaginal opening and spread it open. Look inside if you can. Look at your anus too. Really have a good look at your bits and pieces and appreciate the exquisite details of your vulva and your crotch. When you take the time just see yourself as others would see you, you’ll start to appreciate how beautiful you are. Take the opportunity to masturbate and watch as your vulva physically changes from being at rest, to arousal, and then orgasm. Take note of all the changes you see, in the shape, colour and texture of your vulva. And apart from the joy of coming, start to appreciate the magic that happens to your body.

This will be a difficult challenge for many people, especially those who harbour fears or inhibitions about their vulva. But believe me, if you’re one of those people you will get the most from this. It might take more than one try to start to appreciate yourself. So please try this for 15 minutes every day for a week, and see how your feelings about your vulva change.

I want as many people to try this, and to write back and tell everyone their experiences and whether it helped them better understand their vulva, using the Ask or Comment link, or by emailing me at

Will you do this?

Indian village orders disgusting gang rape of two @largelabiaproject

Indian Village Orders Disgusting Gang-Rape Of Two Sisters. Sign The Petition To Help End This Savagery.

An unelected all-male village council in India has ordered that 23-year-old Meenakshi Kumari and her 15-year-old sister are raped. The ‘sentence’ was handed down as punishment after their brother committed the so-called crime of eloping with a married woman of a higher caste. They also ordered for the sisters to be paraded around their village, naked with their face blackened with paint. 

The ruling from this all-male panel is not legally valid, but these unelected panels called khap panchaya controversially act as courts throughout the country and still command power. The family has already fled the town, seeking refuge in Delhi, and last month the elder sister petitioned the country’s highest court to protect her family, whose home was ransacked by villagers.

“Revenge rape” as a punishment for a woman or her family member’s crimes isn’t unheard of in the region. It’s traditionally seen as a way to ruin a family’s worth, by tarnishing its honor and ruining a daughter’s chances for marriage. Nothing could justify this abhorrent punishment. It’s not fair. It’s not right. And it’s against the law. Sign the Amnesty International petition and demand that the local authorities intervene immediately.


Do not reblog submission here is my submission @largelabiaproject

DO NOT REBLOG - Submission: Here is my submission. I am a 40 year old woman. I am now just starting to see the sexiness of my labia through the love and vagina worship of my current partner. It’s feels absolutely FREEING to submit these photos!

Do not reblog submission hello i am 18 years @largelabiaproject

DO NOT REBLOG - Submission: Hello. I am 18 years old and I’m a virgin. I have never had sexual intercourse but I have been masturbating for many years which caused my labia majora to stretch and my labia minora to stick out. The reason I haven’t been brave enough to have sexual intercourse is that I’m afraid my vulva looks abnormal. I have always thought my lady part looked gross and not normal. I know that a virgin’s vulva isn’t supposed to look this way.

I’m so ashamed of it and don’t feel comfortable being naked around other people. No one has seen me naked. For example my sister feels comfortable to pee in front of me when I’m doing my make-up in the bathroom or something like that. I never felt that way. 

I hope, I really, really hope that there is someone out there having the same problem as me. If some of you used to have this problem, did your partner get surprised seeing your vagina before you lost your virginity? Sorry for the long post and thank you!!

Ok, for starters, your labia are beautiful, normal and attractive. And I have to correct you, because you’re totally wrong. Virgin vulvas are absolutely supposed to look like yours. Or any other appearance you can think of. Someone who has never had sex before can have a vulva with ANY sort of size, shape, colour or appearance. You cannot tell if some one is a virgin, or has had sex 10,000 times, by looking at their labia.

Now unless you’ve been seriously pulling on your labia, for long and sustained periods, then it’s pretty much impossible for masturbation to have anything to do with what your labia look like. You’ve done nothing wrong, and you have nothing to be ashamed of.

Sex and masturbation do not create large labia. Genes do that. It’s a hereditary family trait, like eye colour or facial appearance. Your sister’s vulva might not look like yours, but your mum’s might, or one of your grandmothers’. 

People who have never had sex before can have anything from tiny labia minora to very large labia minora. And, people who have lots of sex (including professionals like porn actresses and prostitutes) can have tiny labia and very large ones too. How much sex, or how much your masturbate, has nothing to do with it.

I don’t have posts tagged “virgin”, but you can search for posts where people have said they were virgins, and get an idea of how diverse vulvas are for people who haven’t ever had sex. 


Do not reblog submission hey emma im twenty @largelabiaproject

DO NOT REBLOG - Submission: Hey Emma! I’m twenty and I’ve hated my labia for basically as long as I can remember. I have a memory of being about six years old and having a bath with my twin sister and wondering why her vulva was so ‘tucked in’ compared to mine. My labia are huge and dangly and I’ve always thought of them as extremely ugly.

It feels very liberating to post here - it was liberating just to take these photos! I have never taken a single photo of my vagina before; I’ve always tried to hide it away.

So here’s me baring all! (Bonus - in the first picture you can see two faint little scars on my lower tummy from two operations for endometriosis. This is also why my bellybutton looks a bit odd. I think my girly parts just *have* to be different!). I included a body shot to show what my labia look like front-on, too. This took a lot of courage as well, as I have always been self-conscious about my boyish waist & hips. I’ve just come to accept it now!


Do not reblog submission hi emma im 18 years @largelabiaproject

DO NOT REBLOG - Submission: Hi Emma! I’m 18 years old and ever since I was a little girl I can remember thinking something was wrong with my vulva. I would see my friends naked and see myself and think something was wrong with me. I used to think I was deformed down there or wasn’t fully developed and I would be too afraid to do anything with my partners because I was scared they would point it out.

But now I’m confident in who I am and how my body is! Your blog has helped me accept and love my vulva and see it as something beautiful and unique! Thank you!

Do not reblog submission i love my large labia @largelabiaproject

DO NOT REBLOG - Submission: I love my large labia, and hope you do too!

Do not reblog submisison ive been a long time @largelabiaproject

DO NOT REBLOG - Submisison: I’ve been a long time follower of your blog and feel like now is the right time to send in my submission and tell you my story. I am 25 years old. My labia have haunted me since I was about 11 years old, I looked in the mirror and thought I was growing a penis. Since then, they have been a source of mental anguish, affecting my relationships, my sex life and my self confidence.

I had labiaplasty surgery last year and as you can see, it had very little effect as I still have very large unattractive labia. I wasted thousands and feel cheated that I don’t have the small labia I paid for. I am currently considering demanding a revision but I’ve already been under the knife three times after my initial surgery went wrong. The stitches fell apart due to swelling and bruising from my first surgery, I had a second surgery two weeks later which again went wrong as I had a different surgeon who used the wrong type of stitches and left me with masses of painful scar tissue, my third surgery was earlier this year to remove the scar tissue but I’ve been left with a botched look and still have huge labia.

I’m crying as I type this as any guy that looks at me down there will be completely disgusted by me, I feel like even though I tried surgery to fix it, even that couldn’t help. I just feel so lost and alone, I just want to be normal and attractive and I know I’m supposed to accept myself as I am but after months of trying I just can’t pretend anymore.

I’m not sure what I wanted to achieve by posting this but I guess I just wanted to not feel so alone anymore. I suppose it’s also a message to girls out there that sometimes labiaplasty can’t fix all your problems and that it does have the potential to go wrong and make it worse, like it did for me. :(

Do not reblog submission hi emma here is @largelabiaproject

DO NOT REBLOG - Submission: Hi Emma! Here is another submission for the Large Labia Project. Just wanted to share more. Starting to love my labia more and more every day!

Do not reblog submission ive always been @largelabiaproject

DO NOT REBLOG - Submission: I’ve always been self-conscious about, okay hated, my labia. It didn’t help matters that my ex was not a fan of sex. I had debilitating body image issues for years. I am now remarried and my husband CANNOT get enough of my labia. I now see things differently. Everyone is unique. Uniqueness is beautiful. Through his eyes I can now see my own beauty.

Do not reblog submission ive looked through @largelabiaproject

DO NOT REBLOG - Submission: I’ve looked through nearly every post and haven’t found one that looks even similar to mine. I hope this puts most of you ladies a bit at ease because my labia minora is HUGE. 

There is nothing to be ashamed of. Don’t get me wrong, with all of the standards set for how woman are “supposed” to look, I’ve considered surgery. But after a bit of an obsession over my vulva and comparing mine to others, I can confidently say that it won’t be happening for me. I love my big lips and so did every man that has seen it. I’m 23 and have had sex with three different men in my lifetime. 

The only other thing I can really say is to embrace your uniqueness and try not to compare yourself to others. We’re all beautiful and so are our lady parts! It wouldn’t be any fun if we were all the same!

Do not reblog submission im 22 years old and i @largelabiaproject

DO NOT REBLOG - Submission: I’m 22 years old and I began to notice my labia when I was about 11 or 12. I never thought much about it until I watched porn and saw that many of the girls had small labia.

When I was 15 I lost my virginity to my first boyfriend. We only dated for about a month and only had sex one time. After we broke up he told our mutual friends that I didn’t have a “pretty” pussy. That made me even more self-conscious. I’ve always been shy to have guys go down on me for the first time because I’m afraid they’ll think my labia are ugly. Though none of my sexual partners have had any bad opinions about my labia, except the first one.

Over the years I’ve become more comfortable with my labia and they’re starting to grow on me. :)

Do not reblog submission large labia ladies @largelabiaproject

DO NOT REBLOG - Submission:  Large labia ladies, let your lips hang out and be proud. ✨ 
I’m starting to really love my labia and I’m so happy because of that.

Thank you everyone for the encouragement and bravery of posting and submitting past your fears. You’re all amazing.

Thank you, Emma for all you do. You’re a treasure.

Do not reblog submission my pussy again i hate @largelabiaproject

DO NOT REBLOG - Submission: My pussy again. I hate how it looks.  20F

Do not reblog submission here is a photo of @largelabiaproject

DO NOT REBLOG - Submission:  Here is a photo of my vulva. To many this will look pretty damn normal but to me it’s taken a lot of getting over the size of my labia. For some this may be a normal-sized labia to look at, for others like myself, they’ll look at it in comparison to what others have or what is seen in porn and think that my lips are huge. 

This coupled with a few things, like when an ex called it disgusting and asked whether I’d think of surgery, to then looking at surgery before-and-after pictures and realizing the before pictures looked like mine, means I’m not comfortable with showing it as often as I do other parts of myself.

Why I’m posting is to get over the fact I don’t have a ‘designer vagina’ but that doesn’t mean my vulva is ugly to look at. Also the myths about big lips being unhygienic is a lie, as well as it meaning you have a loose vagina - I’m tiny as fuck in there! 

So here it is. It’s not conventionally pretty or neat, but this is how it’s going to stay.

Do not reblog submission hi emma these are @largelabiaproject

DO NOT REBLOG - Submission:  Hi Emma, these are my labia. I’m 19 years old & I’ve hated them ever since I was about 12 years old. 

I remember being young (11 & younger) & having small labia. I started masturbating when I was 12 years old, and that is when I noticed my labia getting larger. I thought it happened because of the way I would masturbate but I later realized that’s just my anatomy.

I lost my virginity right before I turned 17 and I’ve had 5 sexual partners, none of them ever made a comment about how my vulva looks. I’m not really “ashamed” of it or “embarrassed” by it. I just don’t like it. I asked my boyfriend (who has only had 2 other sexual partners) what he thought of it when he saw it for the first time & he just said he never saw a vulva like mine. I told him that I don’t like it & was considering labiaplasty, but he’s all for being natural. So he tries to talk me out of it. He told me that they’re the sexiest lips he’s ever seen lol which actually made me tear up because it made me so grateful that there’s somebody that loves everything about me no matter how much I hate it.

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DO NOT REBLOG - Submission:  26. Not proud. Considering surgery.

Do not reblog submission ok so there it is @largelabiaproject

DO NOT REBLOG - Submission:  Ok so there it is… I’m 33 and I’ve had two children, my first being just over 10lbs. Since having my first I’ve been very self-conscious of my vulva, more so my perineal area. I used to have that separation, it was smooth not so fleshy. Now it’s like there’s no separation between my vagina and my anus. I hate it. My husband has no idea what I’m talking about of course. 

And I also dislike my vaginal opening, it’s like I have a tiny pink tongue that slightly sticks out. I’ve searched and searched for another vagina that looks even a little like mine but haven’t come across any. Am I normal? Am I just stretched out? Or was I stitched up wrong? I can’t possibly be the only woman with this concern.

I couldn’t possibly comment on what your vulva used to look like, or what may have happened if you had tearing or an episiotomy needing stitches. Sometimes labia and vulvas do take on a different appearance after childbirth, and with significant trauma during childbirth it’s not unreasonable to think your vulva could end up changed. If you were stitched, perhaps it resulted in scarring (especially if you have keloid scarring). I know you wish for how your perineum used to look, but it looks normal, natural, fascinating, intricate and beautiful right now. I hope that in time you can see that too, and know that any changes your body has undergone are a mark of strength and honour, for having brought a beautiful baby into the world.

Your vaginal corona (hymen) would also have undergone substantial trauma during childbirth. Hymens can be smooth or lumpy/bumpy or ragged looking. I’m guessing that yours changed when giving birth, and the little tongue is just a remnant part of your hymen. Try not to let it worry you, it’s not abnormal and hymens often look like that, regardless of having had a baby.

I hope you can learn to love your vulva (again?) and that being part of this project will help give you the confidence boost you deserve.


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DO NOT REBLOG - Submission: Hi Emma, thanks so much for your site! Attached are some photos as a submission. 

I’ve always felt self-conscious of my labia - the majora seems small but the minora seem huge and hang out all the time. Sometimes they get caught in my underwear or pants and feel uncomfortable. I have to tuck them inside when I wear a bathing suit to not feel like they will hang out visibly. I’ve had vague desires to do a labiaplasty some day, but I’m too broke and lazy and probably couldn’t really be bothered. I have very thick, curly hair (everywhere) and get in-growns all the time, which leave little scars. Since I’ve had a baby I have major stretch marks, skin tags and discoloration, and am very self-conscious about the skin surrounding my vulva. 

I just found this site today and already feel better! I’m 35.

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DO NOT REBLOG - Submission: Some of the only pictures I have of my labia, because I’ve always been so shameful of myself since I was about 15. I am so incredibly self-conscious because it’s so big and bulky. None of my recent sex partners in the past year have made me feel funny but, it still haunts me.

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DO NOT REBLOG - Submission: Emma, I really respect your blog and I like to contribute. In recent years I have really liked my labia and large clitoris.

Do not reblog submission hello emma im @largelabiaproject

DO NOT REBLOG - Submission: Hello Emma! I’m eighteen years old. In the past I used to feel insecure about my labia. When I was around thirteen I started watching a lot of porn to see if my body looked like the women in the films. Of course, it made me feel alien because they mostly had small labia. I also heard the false statement that a large labia means you’re loose, but I learned that that is not true and I found websites like yours that showed me how normal and beautiful it is to be large. 

I love my labia now, and so does my girlfriend :) 

And I’ve always liked my pubic hair too, no matter how many of my friends said I should feel otherwise :)

I wanted to share my pictures because I love your blog. It’s so important for nudity to be shown in a non sexual setting. It’s so nice to be able to walk around naked without having to feel “sexy”. It makes me feel confident to be naked. 

Do not reblog submission im 29 and the proud @largelabiaproject

DO NOT REBLOG - Submission:  I’m 29 and the proud owner of one long labium. :] I wasn’t sure what to think of it when I was younger, but I was don’t recall being ashamed of it.  I sometimes call it an extra “tongue.”  Hurray, asymmetry!

Do not reblog submission hi emma im a 19 year @largelabiaproject

DO NOT REBLOG - Submission: Hi Emma, I’m a 19 year old woman and I’ve never really had a big problem with my labia - despite their asymmetry. I’ve always thought that “a vulva is nothing more nor nothing less than a vulva”.

Of course I have compared myself to others when I was younger, but I was never ashamed. Vulvas are beautiful in all shapes and sizes - sometimes they can smell weird or vaginas can produce a lot of discharge or be very very hairy, or maybe they’re all thin-haired and you are not able to grow a big bush, or hang a lil low or be a lil wrinkly - either way they’re still nothing to be ashamed of! 

That’s why I’m so thankful for this blog. Every time a see a person submit to this blog, I get so happy because I think it’s so brave and you’re all so beautiful down there haha ❤️

Thank you Emma, for all your hard work. Hope you’re having a nice day today.

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DO NOT REBLOG - Submission:  I’m 18 years old and ever since I was around 14-15 years old I’ve been insecure about my vagina. I just feel like it’s so ugly compared to so many other women. I’ve heard from my partner that he likes the appearance of my vagina but I just can’t help but think he’s lying. There was this guy I was in love with for years before my new partner and I recently found out that he is scared to have a partner with a vagina like mine. Although my feelings for him are no longer existent, it makes me feel like all guys are scared to encounter a vagina like mine and it really worries me for the future. I wish I could love my vagina but I just haven’t found a way yet. I love your blog and everything you do!

Do not reblog submission hi emma thank you so @largelabiaproject

DO NOT REBLOG - Submission: Hi Emma, Thank you so much for your website, which has helped me a great deal to overcome insecurities about my lady parts. You are doing invaluable work!

I am a 44 year old mother of two. My first child was born fourteen years ago, with a head circumference in the 90th percentile and his hand up next to his head - ouch! I am quite small and slight, so this was a big head for me to get out. I tore very messily and was left with a flap of skin on my perineum that caught on my clothes and was hard to keep clean. But I was advised to wait until I finished having children before getting it repaired. Six years later my breech-baby was delivered by C-section. Another six years after that (two years ago now), I had a hysterectomy, and requested that my perineum be repaired at the same time - it is not perfect but so much better than it was!

I have often wished that I had my labia trimmed at the same time, as I think they are large and not very attractive. They can also be uncomfortable when I wear jeans and sports leggings. I am feeling particularly worried about my body at the moment as I am separating from my husband of seventeen years. I am concerned that new sexual partners will not find my old and battered vulva attractive. I hope not, as having a full and active sexual life is very important to me.

However, I am feeling so much better about things after reading your website; I am liking myself more and more. It was empowering (if technically awkward) taking these photos. I hope that if we all are open about how we really look there will be no more shame around our beautiful lady flowers and no more cosmetic surgeons paying for their beachside mansions by cutting parts of our sexuality off. I dream that when my daughter is a young woman, everybody knows what real vulvas look like, and that my son grows up to love and appreciate what is real.

Many thanks, and much love to all the inspiring women who have contributed.

Do no reblog submission hi emma i am an 18 @largelabiaproject

DO NO REBLOG - Submission: Hi Emma! I am an 18 year old virgin and I have always been self conscious of my labia. I am one to criticize my own body harshly so I assumed that my labia weren’t actually that “bad” and I was just being over-dramatic.

I was seeing this guy my junior year in high school and one night our make out sesh started to get very intense. He started to go down on me (he knew I was a virgin and that this would be my first time having any guy down there) and after about a minute of him doing this he looked up at me and said “are you actually a virgin?” I told him yes, and asked why he was wondering. He said “no reason” and continued on. After that night I told him it was moving too fast for me and we broke up. I don’t know if he thought I wasn’t a virgin because of the size of my labia but that is always what I assumed it was.

Ever since then I have been saving up for a labiaplasty. 

Until I came across your blog. You truly have changed my outlook on my body, not just my labia. So I decided to make a submission to help other girls out there realize how beautiful their bodies are.

Do not reblog submission hi emma thank you @largelabiaproject

DO NOT REBLOG - Submission:  Hi Emma, Thank you so much for creating this blog!  I am a 34 year old single woman, no kids, and I am proud to submit my photos today.

I love my vulva now, but I haven’t always. As a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, I avoided looking at, touching, or even thinking about my vulva for quite a long time after puberty. It just felt dirty and horrible to me, as if everything about it - shape, size, color, hair, scent - was an effect of having been violated. It went on that way until I discovered a few feminist friends and writings in college, and began verrrryyy slowly to tolerate and then accept it as it was. Therapy also was invaluable! My acceptance process is still ongoing, and your blog helps so much. Every single brave woman who shares herself here is so beautiful. 

My inner labia are somewhat dark and very uneven, and I think that adds to their unique character. They sort of naturally tuck themselves during daily (clothed) life, but I love how they unfurl like flower petals when spread open. As if they are proud to be seen and take up space, rather than be “cleaned up”/cut/made to go away or be childlike again.

Also I want to note that a big part of my acceptance process was to appreciate not just how my vulva looks, but how it feels too. My vulva exists for me and my pleasure/my identity. It’s not an object to be judged and found wanting or not, but an integral part of me. And I wouldn’t have her any other way.

I know this is long - but one final note. You’ll see in one of my pictures that I have a significant size hole in one side of my hymenal ring. I don’t think this was caused by the abuse, as it wasn’t violent. Have you ever heard of this condition before, or know what might have caused it? It doesn’t cause me any pain, I am just very curious about it.

Thanks again!

Thanks so much for your submission, and your body-positivity. I’m so sorry to hear about your sad past, but it’s heartening to know that you’re overcoming that and are now so positive about your beautiful vulva.

I’m not sure if there’s anything specific that would cause your hymen (also called “vaginal corona”) to have a hole like that, other than to say that they are all different, some with more flesh and some with practically nothing at all. They can stretch or even effectively wear away, so I’d say that yours has just “eroded” in that interesting way. If it doesn’t bother you, then I wouldn’t worry about it.

Thanks again for your contribution, and words of wisdom.


Do not reblog submission thank you so much @largelabiaproject

DO NOT REBLOG - Submission:  Thank you so much for your blog. Seeing so many beautiful vulvas side by side gives me a feeling of solidarity and sisterhood. I’ve always been a little self conscious about my lady parts and worried that my labia majora are too puffy or that the spongy inside of my vagina sticks out too much. I’m proud to stand with all the other ladies who have submitted to this blog to show that vulvas are beautiful! I am 25, by the way.

Do not reblog submission 18 years old and never @largelabiaproject

DO NOT REBLOG - Submission: 18 years old and never been a huge fan of shaving, oh well lol. I never realized there were so many people who thought badly about their labias and everything else going on down there. But here’s my lady! I’ve always felt weird about my vulva but I’m getting better at accepting my body and how it looks! :)

Do not reblog submission im 19 from @largelabiaproject

DO NOT REBLOG - Submission: I’m 19, from Australia. These are the first photos I’ve taken of my vulva as I’ve always been too self-conscious of it. 

I was never aware it was “different” until I was 16/17 and I started to become sexually active. My first boyfriend never made a comment on it and it wasn’t until I started looking at photos in the media that I became worried. 

My second sexual partner had slept with many more people than I and was very interested in the look and shape of my labia and made the comment that he had never seen one like mine ever before. He also asked if it was because of the constant sex I had with my previous partner. I was taken back but he only had good intentions at heart and said that it was only what he heard other people tell him. I’m still self-conscious but speaking openly about it with someone who loves me and my body and respects that this is how I am, is helping me to love myself. 

Thank you am for such a wonderful blog, it’s empowering women everywhere!

Do not reblog submission so this is my @largelabiaproject

DO NOT REBLOG - Submission: So this is my labia…..I’ve been so insecure about it for such a long time. I just hate how much it sticks out and almost curls round! I can’t get my vagina out in front of any boy, I dread to know what they are thinking. I just want to love my body and be comfortable with my vagina.

Do not reblog submission i am 19 years old @largelabiaproject

DO NOT REBLOG - Submission: I am 19 years old, and I’ve always felt conflicted about my labia. I am learning to love it with the help of the LargeLabiaProject.

Do not reblog submission hi i am submitting @largelabiaproject

DO NOT REBLOG - Submission: Hi! I am submitting because I think this a way to let my fears go away. I rather have small labia minora but I am self-conscious about my labia majora, I think it is to fat. I feel anxious when having sex and not very confident to let my man see and eat my pussy. I am 45 yo and still insecure.

Do not reblog submission i used to be so @largelabiaproject

DO NOT REBLOG - Submission: I used to be so self-conscious and worried about how my labia were incredibly noticeable through my underwear. 

Changing in the locker rooms or around family even was an embarrassment. I never noticed anyone else having this issue around me. I considered it a birth defect from being born premature, or I just wasn’t “developed” right. I battled this theory until I discovered this blog. 

I know now I’m not alone, and that my labia are not a curse, but an absolute blessing! 💕 I am in love with them and even though I still have my days of negative thoughts, they get drowned out by the positive I am creating for myself. 

Thank you Emma, for all you do and for continuing this project for all of us and our beautiful large labia!

Do not reblog submission my @largelabiaproject

DO NOT REBLOG - Submission: My contribution. Thanks for this awesome space. Hugs :)

My work is about the relationship a person has @largelabiaproject

My work is about the relationship a person has with their own body; as we never see ourselves as ‘objects’ in 3D like we see others, it’s bound to be a bizarre and uncomfortable relationship. I think we should love that, not worry that what we see doesn’t reconcile with how we see bodies as objects…

Do not reblog submission hi im 18 years old @largelabiaproject

DO NOT REBLOG - Submission: Hi, I’m 18 years old and this is my body!! I used to hate that my inner labia weren’t “tucked in” but I have found that sexual partners actually enjoy it! I love this project, thank you!!

Do not reblog submission hi emma im 24 @largelabiaproject

DO NOT REBLOG - Submission: Hi Emma! I’m 24 years old and I want you to share these intimate pictures of my labia on your blog. I discovered your blog a couple years back when I was doing my own search about why some girls have larger labia than others. For my whole teenage and young adult life I was very embarrassed by the length and protrusion of my lips.

Even the boy who I lost my virginity to right after sex said “Your pussy looks weird.” It broke my heart because now the boy I loved just confirmed my fears of having an ugly labia.

However, I am few years older now and have grown so much love for my body - especially my pretty pink vulva! I went from having NIGHTMARES to wanting to share my story and my pink bits to the world. It’s time to feel confident AND SEXY! I am so happy!

Do not reblog submission hello i am 31 years @largelabiaproject

DO NOT REBLOG - Submission: Hello. I am 31 years old and I’ve been fairly self-conscious about my vulva. Since I was about 10 years old I have felt like mine was different. Through the years I’ve found some men who like my “puffy” pussy but some men who are uneducated and who have a “fantasy” of what a vulva should look like due to the world of pornography.

Lately I’ve been more self-conscious about it than usual and have thought about undergoing surgery, due to it being uncomfortable, but mostly because I want to feel comfortable when my partner does oral on me.

I hope this photo helps and I hope to see it posted. Thank you!

Do not reblog anonymous submission @largelabiaproject

DO NOT REBLOG - Anonymous submission

Do not reblog submission my feelings toward @largelabiaproject

DO NOT REBLOG - Submission: My feelings toward my labia are slowly getting brighter and better. I actually think they’re cute! ✨

Do not reblog submission hey emmai really @largelabiaproject

DO NOT REBLOG - Submission: Hey Emma!I really appreciate everything you’ve done with this blog, as I’ve struggled with my asymmetrical labia since I’ve been sexually active. I’ve also always been pretty insecure since I’m a very hairy woman, and try and shave everything around my vulva regularly, so it’s great to see lots of different types of bodies and that they’re all beautiful!

Still working on my own acceptance, but wanted to put it out there that asymmetry is normal and it makes your vulva yours :)

Do not reblog submission i have always had @largelabiaproject

DO NOT REBLOG - Submission: I have always had large labia, I didn’t think it was strange, more that vaginas were strange in general. Having very little knowledge of even why it was there I didn’t question it. My mother never spoke of anything like that. I didnt even know about periods until I got one. 

As I got older it was the horrible words that were thrown around and porn bodies and women in adverts never having bulges that got to me and I thought / think there is something wrong with me. 

I’m 22 and still a virgin. I have this one massive insecurity and because of it I can’t stand anyone getting too close to me. There’s just this thing holding me back. I know I’ll get there some day but it makes me sad that I have so many desires and fantasies that I’m letting pass me by because I’m too scared to show them this part of me. It gets to me so bad sometimes and sometimes I actually quite like my vagina. I’m just waiting for the day I stop hating it.

I just want to express how furious this makes me @largelabiaproject

I just want to express how furious this makes me and how upsetting this probably is to many many women who pass by this on their Facebook feed. Who in their right mind would create something so false and drastically immature?! I am just baffled to how mean and cruel people are. Are people so ignorant and stupid enough to actually BELIEVE this garbage? I hope every large labia sister on here knows that this is bullshit and that you and your vulvas are perfect and beautiful and to NEVER forget it. I love you all. xx

Do not reblog submission im 20yo i have @largelabiaproject

DO NOT REBLOG - Submission: I’m 20yo. I have long, slightly dark, slightly asymmetrical labia and pubic hair (often more than shown; I gave her a haircut for the photo shoot :P) and I love my pussy! 

I was self-conscious about my labia and pubic hair in high school, but since then I’ve gained a sense of how diverse vulvas really are and how many people don’t shave, and I’ve grown to love my vulva. I wouldn’t change anything about it :D 

Thanks for everything you’re doing, Emma! 

Do not reblog submission hi im 18 and i @largelabiaproject

DO NOT REBLOG - Submission: Hi! I’m 18 and I have no problems what so ever with my labia and neither should you ladies they are all beautiful! Hope this helps some people! Love yourselves please, life is too short not to!

Do not reblog submission i found your blog @largelabiaproject

DO NOT REBLOG - Submission: I found your blog because I thought I was abnormal after seeing some of the stuff my husband was looking at online. He was watching porn, which also caused some insecurity for me because they do not look like I do. But whatever, I know I am beautiful and I think he appreciates me? 

Thanks for your blog, it’s nice to see that I am normal and that everyone is beautiful in their own way and unique. It’s nice to know that nothing is wrong with my labia. 

Your site has also opened up a new love for my large labia! I am 39 years old and I have three children, I have only had sex with one person.

Do not reblog submission hey there emma @largelabiaproject

DO NOT REBLOG - Submission: Hey there, Emma. It’s been a while since I’ve submitted, so I thought I’d share something!

I used to be super SUPER self conscious of my longer labia and how they would look in lace or see-through panties. This was an issue to me, because everyone else I knew could wear them and look absolutely adorable with their tucked vulvas. I was upset, because I wanted to look cute and precious too.

But when I would wear them or try to dress to impress my significant other, all I could see was the bulge of my labia and how awfully noticeable they were. I finally just gave up all together and stopped getting my hopes up at feeling confident.

Recently, I bought a pair (above) and I must say that I have never felt this good about my labia. I think they look precious!! I honestly don’t think I could have ever felt this way without the help of you and your blog and all of these amazing people here. Thank you guys so much. xx

Do not reblog submission im 19 im really @largelabiaproject

DO NOT REBLOG - Submission: I’m 19. I’m really insecure regarding my coloring down there. I’m way too dark and this looks purely gross. I feel brave for posting this anyway. I also want to thank you for your support and all. You’ve made a big difference.

Do not reblog submission hi i am 43 have @largelabiaproject

DO NOT REBLOG - Submission: Hi, I am 43, have had 6 kids and I love my labia. It is very sensual. My husband loves everything about me. Please love yourselves ladies you, are all beautiful.

Do not reblog submission i wax sometimes when @largelabiaproject

DO NOT REBLOG - Submission: I wax sometimes when I need to wear a bathing suit and I’ll be out of town this weekend but I feel more uncomfortable waxed because the hair hides my labia more :( I’m still trying to be confident. My boyfriend helps.

Do not reblog submission dear emma i am very @largelabiaproject

DO NOT REBLOG - Submission: Dear Emma, I am very glad to have found your sites, they have done a world of good for my confidence. I have always been very self conscious about my body, not least my vulva, though I realise that my labia are not big compared to many others in the project, I have until now been unhappy about how my vulva generally looks. So I am submitting some pictures of my vulva. Thanks so much for providing this forum, it is doing so much good for so many women, just taking these pictures was a confidence booster for me, would not have dreamed of it doing it before…

Do not reblog submission im 23 i used to @largelabiaproject

DO NOT REBLOG - Submission: I’m 23. I used to hate my labia. I thought it was ugly and abnormal for such a long time, I used to cry about it at night and wanted so badly to have surgery. I remember after an episode of ‘embarrassing bodies’ where there was a woman with large labia about to have surgery, I was convinced there was something wrong with me because my labia looked like hers. This and the fact that my first boyfriend of 3 years never went down on me, and often hearing horrible comments from men made me go to visit the doctor’s. 

She told me that I was normal, but I flat out refused to believe her and for years and years I hated my body.

This blog has been so incredibly helpful for me, I couldn’t believe that so many people looked like me and felt the same way, and I began to realise that we’re all beautiful and unique, like flowers. That coupled with having now had several partners who were very complimentary of my labia has made my confidence grow so much. 

Thank you for creating this space for people with vaginas. I’m finally starting to feel like I can love myself.

Do not reblog submission this is the @largelabiaproject

DO NOT REBLOG - Submission: This is “The Mistress”. Poor gal has just gotten over a UTI and a yeast infection [also known as “thrush” - Emma]. For future reference, pee and wash after you do any kind of sexual activity!!!! This will save you a WORLD of pain!!! PEE AND WASH, PEE AND WASH!!! And drink lots of cranberry juice. They make cranberry pills you can take too if you dont like cranberry juice.

Anyway. I’ve got largish labia minora. They’re lovely, I think. They remind me of a tulip or a rose or something :-) I should do another photoshoot of me putting flowers on her… Rue-ing my vagina. That should be a thing. Emma you should make a Rue-ing event where ladies cover their vaginas in flowers that remind them of their labia. :-)

Anyway, again, lol. I am 21 years old. I have been shaving for 7 years. My friend in high school was expressing her disgust for pubic hair as we watched a “miracle of life” video in health class. I had no idea people didn’t like pubic hair so her comments were a shock. I started to shave so I could “fit in” which was ridiculous because NO ONE saw me naked until I was in college, aside from my mom who thought I was crazy for shaving it.

Now that I’ve started, I don’t want to stop though. My pubic hair is suuuuper itchy and would get caught in my clothes and pull before I started shaving it. I don’t know how many of you have experienced a pulled pussy hair but can I just say…. Ow!!!!!

I am also not a virgin and I am a victim of sexual abuse. So ladies, sexual intercourse does NOT mutilate your lady bits, contrary to popular beliefs. Clearly The Mistress is in phenomenal condition and she continues to serve me well.

The exceptions to the rule of sex not effecting your vulva, of course, are if you were viciously attacked. I can’t call rape, sex though. It’s not. I do not want to turn a blind eye to those who WERE hurt during an attack. If you were, your lady bits are still beautiful. Ya know why? Because they’re yours and no one else on this planet has one like it.

But breaking ones hymen doesn’t magically turn your Mistress into a gaping hole. Not at all.

Pro tip if you shave your lady bits (a tip I ignored for this photoshoot). If you don’t want razor burn on your bits, let the hair grow out to about half a centimeter before you try to shave it again. When you DO shave, use shaving cream. You’ll be smooth as a baby’s backside :-) If you shave too early, you’ll cut yourself to shreds. I have yet to discover how to keep it shaved for weeks at a time without cutting myself to shreds so if anyone has figured that out, please let me know!!!

Submisison 6 six lips hi emmai am close @largelabiaproject

Submisison: 6 (six) lips !!??

Hi EmmaI am close to 60 and I still have the impression that I am different from all other. I never go to public places like Saunas etc. because I feel ashamed. Not only that my labias hang out but that there are 4! Labia minoras hanging out. Look at my picture. This sounds wear, but it seems that I have 6 labias in total and my clit is so small compared to others on your pictures.

Noooooo, you just have a set of two labia majora, and another set of two labia minora. Yu don’t have six! The shape of your labia minora just appears to give them a crease, with some additional skin. Labia minora have such a hugely varied range of appearances, and everybody is unique. No two labia are the same. 

There is no need to be ashamed, and no need to stop doing the things that you enjoy. Sure, not everyone wants people to stare between their legs, and if you’re feeling self conscious about your labia, then why not grow your pubic hair out, and let that provide some camouflage?


I am curious to whether my hymen is intact or not @largelabiaproject

I am curious to whether my hymen is intact or not because I am not sure. 

“Intact” is actually a red herring, because that implies that hymens break. They don’t. They actually stretch. The idea of breaking a hymen, popping the cherry etc is all a myth. You can read more about that here -  Vaginal Corona - Myths Surrounding Virginity


Submission i think i have relatively small labia @largelabiaproject

Submission: I think I have relatively small labia, but I’ve always been worried about my hair. I’ve always had a horrible time shaving… So, here’s to celebrating my vulva! Hair and all.

Little lips are welcome too, and pubes are awesome! There’s no need to shave and there are so many benefits in having hair, so let ‘em grow baby! Thanks so much for being part of this project.


Submission hi emma im a 42 year old mother of @largelabiaproject

Submission: Hi Emma, I’m a 42 year old  mother of two from somewhere in Europe. A few month ago I discovered your wonderful blog. Here is my contribution. I never felt that I have big labia, and the father of my children and my partners never told be anything derogatory about my vulva.

Submission hello my 27 year old vulva @largelabiaproject

Submission: Hello :) My 27 year old vulva.

Submission thank you so much emma for your blog @largelabiaproject

Submission: Thank you so much Emma for your blog. I recently discovered it and it has helped me a lot and has helped me gain self confidence in my vulva and I now know my vulva is beautiful! xxx

Submission i feel like saying the radio cliche @largelabiaproject

Submission: I feel like saying the radio cliche “first time caller, long time listener”. I’ve looked at this blog many times over the years when I’ve been feeling down about my downstairs and finally felt ready to post :-) Thank you so much Emma for all the time and work you put into this. It helped me be more body positive and confident as I’m sure it has countless others.

Submission again it seems like just when i @largelabiaproject

Submission (again): It seems like just when I start to accept the way my vulva looks, something happens that makes me feel self conscious and hate them all over again. I’ve been self-conscious about my looks in general lately, and that somehow translates into having shame about my labia. I hate the way they look right now. I hate the little long parts that stick out. 

I also haven’t had sex in a long time. The last time was with someone who broke my heart. And I’ve noticed that I have a very hard time masturbating. It feels good for a couple minutes then goes away. I’m not sure why, but I am taking antidepressants so that’s probably the culprit.

I’m just really frustrated, self conscious, and heart broken right now. I’m scared that my next partner will hate my labia just like I do. I don’t know how to fix this, but maybe showing my deepest insecurity to strangers will help.

Emma here, I have replied by email to this semi-regular contributor, and I have given reassurance that her vulva and labia are beautiful and attractive. Can someone else please talk some sense into her? I suspect she’s sick of hearing me tell her that she’s awesome :p

Anti depressants can definitely affect libido, and it’s a tricky tightrope to walk, because it’s really important to get on top of depression and treat the illness, but enjoying sex and masturbation is important too for good mental health. Hopefully your doctor can change your medication to something that doesn’t suppress your libido.


Submission hi emma first of all id just like @largelabiaproject

Submission: Hi Emma! First of all, I’d just like to thank you for creating this empowering project, you’re truly inspiring and I’m sure you have helped more people than you could imagine!

I usually would never take part in these type of things but having discovered this site a few months ago, and with the amount of indirect support and reassurance I have recieved from it, I’ve decided to give something back in order to hopefully help other people.

I’m not really sure how or when I first became self conscious of my vulva but seeing as I’ve had no negative experiences with partners I would say the biggest reason is the sexualised media, constantly promoting the idea of the ‘perfect woman’, which I know now is non existent. Accidentally scrolling past pornographic and non pornographic images of women’s vulvas on Tumblr was also a huge reason as when I looked down I realised that I didn’t look like that at all.

I have only had sex with one person (an ex boyfriend) and although we were incredibly close I could never completely relax in bed and really enjoy sex as I’d have this constant fear of him suddenly looking at me and thinking 'what the f*ck is that between her legs?’ Him never going down on me didn’t help either. I know that if he was a good person he would do nothing of the sort but I couldn’t quite shift those insecurities, and now a year on, he has a new girlfriend. I am completely over him but his girlfriend has had a good few boyfriends before and I can’t help but link having smaller, more aesthetic labia with being sexually active and confident in bed. Probably because I’m not at all. Although I do want to be. I have a few love interests and I am a pretty sexual person, I masturbate daily, I just can’t shake off these crippling insecurities. whenever I look at my friends that are girls I can’t
help but assume that they have perfect vulvas and I’m the odd one out.

I know it’s completely irrational but I just wanted to share in case I strike a chord with anyone else. :)

Much love,
18, Ireland

Submission hi i am 25 years old i come from @largelabiaproject

Submission: Hi, I am 25 years old. I come from Poland. I want to show off my vulva because I like it very much. Thanks to my husband. He loves my pussy. It was he who taught me how to enjoy it, and made me proud to be a woman. I urge you girls - let us all love our vulvas! :)

Submission i masturbated with a clean unused @largelabiaproject

Submission: I masturbated with a clean, unused curling iron and it felt really good. It didn’t feel crazy awesome or too much different from when I initially started but then this (in the picture) was on the tip of it and in between the place where you put your hair in the curling iron. Is this cum? I didn’t shudder or tense like they say women do when they cum or anything. And it felt a little better but I’ve read a few things and they say you are supposed to know when you cum. You just know. But I never have before and I only get this white stuff when I use the curling iron for long enough. It doesn’t gush or stream out of my vagina but it is in between the curling iron when I’m done masturbating usually. Do you know what it is?

First off, please be careful with the toys or objects that you use for masturbation. The vagina has its own ecosystem of good bacteria that helps keep it healthy. Putting things inside of it that weren’t designed for that purpose, and may be less than clean, like a curling iron, can introduce bad bacteria and lead to an infection. 

If you enjoy using your curling iron that’s great. But get yourself a box of condoms as put a condone over it, so that when you masturbate you’re using something clean and designed for use inside of a vagina. It will also provide a smoother surface which will protect the delicate lining of the vaginal walls and prevent nicks and cuts. That can easily happen and if you see a small amount of blood after masturbation it’s most likely because you have given yourself a small cut. The vagina doesn’t have many nerves deeper inside so you wouldn’t even feel it. 

Orgasms are different for everybody, and nobody can tell how another person feels. But in my personal experience, and the general view about these things, with an orgasm:
- you will have a period of time when you have intense pleasure building up, generally focused on your clitoris, vulva (your clit, labia minora and majora), inside your pelvic area and vagina, and sometimes even your anus.
- when you actually climax it feels like a massive release and a flood of pleasure exploding through you and involving rhythmic contractions of the vaginal/pelvic muscles, followed by a sense of well-being and ahhhhhhh. 

It is very noticeable and different to the pleasure of just feeling horny.

Not everyone can orgasm. But for those of is who can, the clitoris should be your focal point. It’s sole purpose in life is to make you orgasm. So sure, enjoy using something inside of you, but your focus would be better on touching and rubbing your clitoris. Just experiment with what feels good and sometimes you just have to let yourself go and enjoy why happens. 

Now that creamy fluid in the photos is just regular everyday cervical / vaginal discharge. Presumably it’s also mixed with the clear fluid your vagina secretes when you’re sexually aroused - that’s what comes out when people say they are “wet” when they are horny.

It is not female ejaculate (also called cum). I don’t have statistics but not many people with vaginas ejaculate, or cum, as I think you’re meaning. People with penises ejaculate semen (commonly called cum), which is often thick and creamy grey. That’s very different to what some people with vaginas have when they ejaculate, which tends to be more watery and clear, and can be a small trickle to a big gush of liquid. It comes either from the urethra (pee hole) or little gland openings either side of it. 

Don’t worry about whether you can ejaculate or not. See what works though when touching your clitoris, and be careful with that curling iron. And relax, that creamy stuff is totally normal.


Submission ive never really liked my vulva but @largelabiaproject

Submission: I’ve never really liked my vulva but seeing your blog has really helped me! Xx

Submission hi i just want to show you all my @largelabiaproject

Submission: Hi, I just want to show you all my labia. I love the way it sticks out - it turns me on!

Submission i am 18 and coming to terms with my @largelabiaproject

Submission: I am 18 and coming to terms with my labia. They aren’t perfect but I am learning to love them. This page has really helped a lot with my confidence. Thank you so much Emma!

Submission i have submitted before and just @largelabiaproject

Submission: I have submitted before and just wanted to do it again to tell all women to feel happy with their bodies. All vulvas are beautiful!

Submission i have been searching for some type of @largelabiaproject

Submission: I have been searching for some type of answer as to why I was “cursed” with larger labia. I felt like an outcast or a disgusting disgrace to have such a different body part than what we all see as a “perfect vulva.” I have learned that there is no such thing. We are all different. Every vulva is unique and beautiful. 

I have struggled with this self-conscious issue for as long as I remember being in relationships. I shut myself out from furthering my relationships sexually. It destroyed me in ways I can’t describe: physical, mental, and emotional abuse.

Recently, I have opened up to new sexual events with someone who I have welcomed into my life. He tells me I have absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. He finds my big labia “sexy” and “beautiful.” I am the first of his sex partners to have bigger sized labia. He loves them. He loves me, and he loves my vulva because it’s a part of who I am. 

We all have to come to terms with the fact that even though our vulvas may not be on the cover of a magazine, or some guys favorite thing to see. But please understand that that doesn’t make them any less pretty or beautiful than other vulvas. 

This page has made me see things in a different light. Thank you, Emma. Thank you everyone who has submitted and encouraged me to break my walls and conquer my fears. I’ll be forever grateful.

Submission hi i always felt very insecure about @largelabiaproject

Submission: Hi, I always felt very insecure about my labia, especially as a teenager and I even thought “how can I ever have a boyfriend?” Time showed that not one single partner who had seen me naked had a problem with my vulva. The more I accepted it the way it looks, the better they liked it.

However when I found your blog I felt so much better, just because I knew that I am not the only one looking different down there to what you see usually in porn [porn performers’ vulvas are just as diverse as anyone else’s  - Emma] or somewhere on the internet.

In the meantime I got married and have a wonderful sex life with my wonderful husband who loves me just the way I look and encourages me in feeling good about it! :)

Submission hi emma im 20 years old and im @largelabiaproject

Submission: Hi Emma, I’m 20 years old and I’m extremely self conscious of my labia. My labia minora are very long, I haven’t seen anyone with similar ones and it can often make me feel so miserable. I’ve never had a boyfriend & I’m still a virgin so the thought of any guy seeing me down below petrifies me as I constantly see men and even other women making comments about “beef curtains”.

I’m slightly overweight so my labia majora are chubby which kind of stops my labia minora from looking even worse. I’m now trying to lose weight but I’m also scared if I lose weight my labia majora will get smaller making my labia minora look even bigger :(

I’ve been coming onto your blog for a while now and it can make me feel slightly better knowing I’m not entirely alone. It’s unlike me to post photos like this in any way, and I apologise for the red marks all over my skin - I literally had just shaved and as you can tell I’m not great at it!

But here are my labia. I hope one day I can find a guy who’ll like them and make me realise I’m worrying over nothing and I hope other women will see these photos and think I’m normal too.

Thank you for your blog and for being you.

Submission this is my labia its not symmetrical @largelabiaproject

Submission: This is my labia. It’s not symmetrical and for years I’ve felt like less of a woman because of how I looked. My boyfriend of almost a year has helped me a lot, a lot a lot with making me feel better about my body. 

I’m posting this to tell girls with bodies of all shapes, colors and sizes that you are beautiful and there are guys who will love you for who you are. There is nothing wrong with you, there is something wrong with the rest of the world if a little extra skin is going to change how they feel about you. Don’t ever change yourself for another person. 

I’m still learning to love myself and it is still crazy difficult but I’m trying. You guys are all wonderful inside and out. My struggle has actually inspired me to help all girls feel good about themselves.

 Thank you for this blog Emma. You’re the bomb.

Dahliacadaver largelabiaproject submission @largelabiaproject



Submission: I’m a 20 year old lesbian and as you can imagine, sex with two girls is very up close and personal to your lady parts. I have always been very self-conscious about how long my labia are and how wrinkly they are. I also have a heavy amount of discharge all the time. I’m trying to love how I look but whenever I sleep with my girlfriend I get nervous that she is disgusted about how I look.

Thanks for being brave and contributing to this project. If you have a solid relationship with your girlfriend the you have nothing to worry about. Has she given you any reason at all to think she may not like your vulva? Or does she appear to enjoy and adore it? Really she’s lucky to have someone as lovely as you, and with such a beautiful vulva as yours. Don’t worry, your labia are gorgeous - they look so delicate, soft and intricate! 

If she was disgusted with you then she probably wouldn’t be with you, and certainly wouldn’t deserve to be. That would be all about her, not you, because you are fine and normal and attractive.

And healthy discharge is normal and can vary widely in amounts from person to person. Your girlfriend has discharge too. We all do. It’s no big deal. Try not to worry about that.

Just enjoy being the awesome person you are and try not to let imaginary fears get in the way of your happiness.

Emma xo

 I think mine is strange sometimes because of how small my labia is, and that one side is shorter than the other. Sometimes i wish mine was longer. Then I remember that vaginas are awesome, and they all look different. 

Submission im 26 i am very sexually active and @largelabiaproject

Submission: I’m 26. I am very sexually active and have never had a single partner, guy or girl, complain about my large labia. In fact, it’s gotten lots of compliments, especially from my now fiancé. Yes ladies, fiancé. Men don’t care about how long your labia are! lol. Just as we don’t care about the shape, size, or color of their scrotum. All the fuss is for nothing. Love yourself and others. Peace ladies!

Submission what do you think about my hanging @largelabiaproject

Submission: What do you think about my hanging labia? I can’t stand naked in front of a man anymore, can I?

I think that they look normal and beautiful. Why wouldn’t you be able to be naked in front of a man? There is nothing wrong with you. Do you feel bad about the way your vulva looks? And if you do, then why do you feel that way?


Submission im a 20 year old lesbian and as you @largelabiaproject

Submission: I’m a 20 year old lesbian and as you can imagine, sex with two girls is very up close and personal to your lady parts. I have always been very self-conscious about how long my labia are and how wrinkly they are. I also have a heavy amount of discharge all the time. I’m trying to love how I look but whenever I sleep with my girlfriend I get nervous that she is disgusted about how I look.

Thanks for being brave and contributing to this project. If you have a solid relationship with your girlfriend the you have nothing to worry about. Has she given you any reason at all to think she may not like your vulva? Or does she appear to enjoy and adore it? Really she’s lucky to have someone as lovely as you, and with such a beautiful vulva as yours. Don’t worry, your labia are gorgeous - they look so delicate, soft and intricate! 

If she was disgusted with you then she probably wouldn’t be with you, and certainly wouldn’t deserve to be. That would be all about her, not you, because you are fine and normal and attractive.

And healthy discharge is normal and can vary widely in amounts from person to person. Your girlfriend has discharge too. We all do. It’s no big deal. Try not to worry about that.

Just enjoy being the awesome person you are and try not to let imaginary fears get in the way of your happiness.

Emma xo

Submission hi emma i am 19 and i am so happy @largelabiaproject

Submission: Hi, Emma! I am 19, and I am so happy you have this blog. Young me definitely could have benefited from it.

Like many, I contemplated labiaplasty as a pubescent teenager and after nasty comments from uneducated lovers, I was under the impression it was a necessity.

Now, at 19, I love my vulva in its entirety. I love my vulva and labia and every hair I have. All people with vaginas deserve this level of self acceptance and self love, and to know there is absolutely nothing wrong with them.

Do people having cosmetic surgery on their labia @largelabiaproject

Do people having cosmetic surgery on their labia really know what they are doing?

This (then) 41 year old mother of two now has vastly different looking labia minora. These photos above were the pre-op images taken by her surgeon before she had labiaplasty surgery. It’s enough to make you cry, thinking of the emotional pain that drove this person to cut off her normal labia. And they were such a beautiful part of her body.

According to the surgeon’s website she had a 20-year history of being unhappy with her vulva. These before (and-after) photos are being used by the surgeon as part of his advertising programme. The language he uses is extremely pejorative, considering she has completely normal anatomy. He says “She has long and dark labia, redundant lateral prepuce (clitoral hood), excessive and dark perineal skin. All this gives an appearance of an old vulva and vagina. Her labia are very dark and old looking before and then smaller and more youthful afterwards.” 

href="" target="_blank"

The “after” photo showing her vulva post-op.

Folks it gets a bit more involved from here – referring to scientific/medical papers about the ethics of advertising and marketing tactics and labiaplasty. Please do read on though - this is important.

In their paper, “An analysis of the content and clinical implications of online advertisements for female genital cosmetic surgery”  Liao, Taghinejadi, and Creighton state that the ‘before’ photographs used by cosmetic surgeons are consistent with survey findings that most women seeking labiaplasty have labial dimensions that are completely normal. They say “negative connotations for larger labia such as ugliness, odour and irritation are strongly implied in their advertising. Such negative connotations may reinforce ‘pudendal disgust’ that is likely to encourage negative feelings towards the vulva. Negative thoughts and feelings can in turn exacerbate symptom-experience and reporting. The ‘after’ photos promote a suspiciously narrow appearance norm, that is, a smooth-skinned vulva with invisible labia minora. Findings from this study show that these sites employ a variety of techniques which aim to ‘educate’ women about the surgical solutions to potentially unknown defects in their bodies.

In the case of labiaplasty, it has been labelled as condition, designated hypertrophy of the labia minora (the measurement of which was once aimed at linking labial length to lesbianism!), is used to provide an supposed medical warrant for labial reduction. However in a published debate on labiaplasty ethics (Bachmann), it was noted that ‘‘language should be avoided that infers that the labia minora, labia majora, clitoral hood, or the mons pubis are misshaped or ugly and, through surgery, can be ‘restored’ to a more appealing size and shape.’’ However, such language is rife around FGCS [female genital cosmetic surgery]. A key challenge for women’s health professionals and educators is developing a different language for labia minora, which does not implicitly reinforce the perception that there is a normal=desirable state (i.e., ‘‘contained’’) and an undesirable and pathological state (i.e., ‘‘protruding’’).

In “Female Genital Cosmetic Surgery: A Critical Review of Current Knowledge and Contemporary Debates” Virginia Braun, said that women’s accounts that they sought labiaplasty because of perceptions of abnormality and the impact of their labial appearance (or their perception thereof ) on their sex lives. What is certain is that many women seek surgery to address psychological concerns. Psychological concerns are the most important reason for women to have the size of their labia minora reduced, but even after she has been assured that it is simply congenital and that enlargement of the labia minora normally has no clinical significance, many women remain dissatisfied and suffer psychological distress.

Patient choice (autonomy) is most commonly used to ethically justify FGCS, but the concept needs broader analysis. For autonomy to operate, the coercive influences a patient needs to be free from include surgeon practices, and this covers marketing and advertising. What this means is that already emotionally traumatised women are being unduly influenced by commercially driven messages from the cosmetic surgery industry. They are therefore unlikely to be in a position to make informed decisions. Women are only being presented with surgery (labiaplasty, vaginal rejuvenation, g-spot amplification, revirginisation, and the “Barbie” rendering the vulva virtually featureless like a plastic doll’s) by scalpel or laser as the only solution to an emotional or psychological problem.

Liao, Michala and Creighton in (Labial surgery for well women: A review of the literature. 2009) very rightly say, that “where decisions to operate on healthy sex organs are triggered by a perceived defect informed by commercial pressures, where reliable information on risks and benefits is unavailable and where there is no provision of alternatives because there is no concerted effort to develop them, the ethics behind informed consent are vastly compromised.” 

Submission hi emma im 30 i love my lips i @largelabiaproject

Submission: Hi emma, I’m 30. I love my lips! I love being outside in the nude, letting the cool breeze blow across them. I like to pull on them and strech them when I masturbate. I do sometimes get some discomfort while I wear underwear though. I need to sort of tuck the right one up inside my vulva otherwise it gets tangled in my panties! I can’t wait to share them with others here so they can see how different and beautiful we all are!

Do not reblog submission im 18 years old and @largelabiaproject

DO NOT REBLOG - Submission: I’m 18 years old and I’m a virgin. I’m super self-conscious about my labia and have considered labiaplasty but I think that is too extreme. I’m scared to have sex because I don’t want a man to go tell all his friends about my “beef curtains”.

Submission hello emma i love your blog and have @largelabiaproject

Submission: Hello Emma, I love your blog and have been wanting to submit for quite some time. I’m a 24 year old woman who has had a very, very hard time accepting her vulva. I have always been a chubby girl, and my vulva even chubbier. I’ve never felt comfortable being intimate and that makes me sad. I’ve had two sexual partners, luckily none of them have made comments on how big she is, but I, of course, always shame myself on how I look. As you can see, I’m relatively more slimmer than my protruding mound and labia majora. Anyway, I’ve read some post here that kinda describe my situation, but no actual pictures. So here go mine. Thank you for being so accepting.

Submission i still dont think that my large @largelabiaproject

Submission:  I still don’t think that my large labia are something to be proud of and I feel ashamed. Even though 2 partners have gone down on me and didn’t say anything…

Submission great work ladies i stumbled upon @largelabiaproject


I stumbled upon your blog while googling sporadically after watching a documentary about female perceptions on sex, called “Sexy Baby”, by Jill Bauer and Ronna Gradus. There was one particular part that was disturbing to me; a young woman desperately wanted a labiaplasty so bad it was all she could think / talk about. and another good doc that’s out right now is “Hot Girls Wanted,” produced by Rashida Jones.   

Flash forward to me - I’m 28 years old, from the US, 5'1 102 lb.  I’ve always known my labia minor were somewhat “large,” but no one really ever complained. Then my current boyfriend actually makes remarks about them, but to the effect of loving how large and “succulent” they are to him. Haha, you’d think I would’ve take it as a compliment - but at first all I heard was large, so it bothered me a bit.  It definitely doesn’t anymore though :)  

A turning point in my relationship with my vagina came when I stopped following current trends of shaving the whole labia majora & minora. This change in my grooming habits largely came about due to photographing nudes (men and women) for a series I have been working on. I discovered as I worked that I much preferred “bush” to shaved, as shaved vaginas looked very childish and somewhat stark on black & white film. Henceforth, I stopped shaving as well and I really prefer the look of my labia minora now that they are back in their natural habitat.

Great work with your project!!

Do not reblog submission 18 years old i @largelabiaproject

DO NOT REBLOG - Submission: 18 years old. I started masturbating at a very young age around seven years old. I remember it was at that age 13 as I begin to undergo puberty that I realize how unnaturally and abnormally large my clit hood was and how long and dark my labia minora was. Since then I have been extremely self conscious about the appearance of my vulva as the skin around my clit hood is so great it causes it to protude from my outer lips and gives and odd appearance head on. 

I do plan to get labiaplasty and clit hood reduction as it makes me extremely self conscious. I have had two sexual partners and have always denied oral because I know they will be grossed out once they bump into all the excess skin. I am naturally darker in my pubic area all around and I hate it. It makes me feel dirty even though I am very hygenic. 

I’ve gone to the gyno and she told me that everyone’s different and that I was perfectly healthy but I just wish I felt comfortable in my own skin to enjoy and receive oral sex. 

Does anyone have any advice or input?

Thanks for being brave and contributing. I do need to correct you though, when you use words like “unnatural” and “abnormal”, because you’re not. Listen to what your gynaecologist says because she has been trained in this and has seen more vulvas up close than you’ve had hot dinners. She told you the truth - everyone is different. Different is normal!

There is nothing wrong with your labia minora or clit hood, nor are they unattractive. Your vulva is, in fact, extremely beautiful. In no rational universe would your vulva be regarded as gross, and anyone grossed out by your normal appearance isn’t worth knowing. I can guarantee you that I’m not the only one who would think that, and your sexual partners would love to go down on you - it’s fun to give oral sex when there’s a bit more skin to play with! I know from past experience. It’s a shame that you’ve denied yourself the enjoyment of receiving it, and your partners the joy in giving.

Darker pigmentation of the vulva is really common too. It doesn’t look any more dirty than having freckles. If you saw someone with freckles on their face would you think they were mud-spattered and dirty? Almost everyone with a vulva has darker skin there than on the skin on the rest of their bodies. One in three white skinned people have non-pink labia minora/majora, clit hoods etc. Colours range from browns to purples, greys to blacks. And about 50% have labia minora with much darker edges. Frankly your coloration - dark outside, pink inside - is exquisite. You are so normal. There is absolutely nothing to worry about it!

Please, before considering labiaplasty and a clitoral hood reduction, think hard about the reasons why you want it done, think harder about where those ideas are coming from and making you feel so negatively towards your genitals, ask yourself whether all of that’s fair and reasonable and based on evidence and logic. Listen to people like your gyno who know the truth about diversity of appearance. You can also read up about labiaplasty, it’s risks etc, warnings about it from the gynaecological colleges of the US, UK, Australia and Canada, male opinions and survey results etc on my Labia Resources page. And please, if you are set on having surgery, seek psychological counselling beforehand from a therapist specialising in body issues and disorders, because your thinking isn’t rational and a psychologist can help you understand why you think the way you do. That might be a good idea anyway.

I really hope you can start to feel more positively about your vulva, and with luck your contribution here will be a beneficial growth experience for you.


Do not reblog submission 18 yr old virgin im @largelabiaproject

DO NOT REBLOG - Submission: 18 yr old virgin. I’m beginning to feel more comfortable with my vulva :) 

Submission hello emma hello everyone im a 26 @largelabiaproject

Submission: Hello Emma, hello everyone. I’m a 26 years old Chinese girl and I’m grateful to Emma and all girls and women who contribute to this blog. 

I’ve always thought my sex was the most dirty and disgusting place of my body, so I had no interest in my labia. Maybe it is greatly due to my education, both my mother and my teachers who said to me it is a dirty place. To have blood there every month emphasized this feeling about my sex. 

I also think my labia are too big, too dark, so absolutely not beautiful. For me it looks like a big dumpling. However my boyfriend loves it, he loves to kiss it, to suck it, and he often give me climax by that way. One time he said me I have a big labia, I’ve answered it was more sexy. He looked at me and said ‘ho yes’. I think he would say that all labia are sexy, because obviously men love sex. I also should feel angry when he says it is most interesting place of my body. 

At present, I’m more comfortable with my body. But I feel really disappointed and sad to read so many comments and submission of girls who don’t want to make love because they are ashamed of their labia (or other parts of their body).

As Emma (and others) said, all labia are different, and when a man (or woman) will look at yours for the first time, he (she) will always be surprised by its appearance. It is the same surprise as when you give a present, and he/she will take it and love it because it is yours. So never be afraid of it, you are just missing wonderful opportunities and experiments. 

By the way, in my opinion, shave or not shave is more a question of hygiene and comfort than a question of aesthetic.