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Roidedandropig roid classic @largermen


Roid Classic

Noodlesandbeef hotel butts our cruise ship @largermen


Hotel Butts: Our cruise ship balcony room

Like my Asia Cruise, I booked a balcony room so we could enjoy a private view of the sea….and take photos naked.

My silhouette has been contrast corrected to keep this artsy instead of crass.

Noodlesandbeef final day of cruise disco tea @largermen


Final day of cruise: Disco Tea Dance

Usually White Party closes the cruise, but with our changed itinerary, the Disco Tea Dance was the last party.

I forgot to pack my metallic silver swim trunks…so I wore my singlet.  Thats not very 70s, but nobody seemed to care.  Great music, perfect closing party to our cruise.

Noodlesandbeef readers of noodles and beef will @largermen


Readers of Noodles and Beef will know that I’m obsessed with bath house culture.  Natural, man-made, hot springs, spiritual cleansing, sulfur, salt water, fresh water, gay, spas, you name it, I’ve probably bathed in it.

The tradition of the public bath has spread around the world since the Neolithic Era, adapting to evolving cultures and social norms with differing customs and etiquette for each destination.  I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing ritualistic bathing with Japanese onsen, Russian banya, Native American sweat lodge, Olmec Kiva…and now that I was in Instanbul, I could finally enjoy an authentic Turkish hammam.

Ayasofya Hürrem Sultan Hamamı is a historic turkish bath that had originally opened in the 16th-century.  Entering the wood and marble building was like stepping back in time.

The entire marble complex is heated by convection currents under the tile and between the walls.  Steam is produced by boiling hot water that gushes from the faucets, overflowing the marble water basins, and spilling onto the floor.

We sat in the steam, started a second basin of water that wasn’t boiling hot so we could bath in the steam room.

Halfway through our bath, the attendants brought us blackberry juice and snacks to eat while we took breaks from the steam.

Incredible.  I was so happy.

Grisfur whosa good cubby 4giogio4 @largermen


Whosa good cubby?

@4giogio4 arosorcidae and @ninjabiker

Justbulls thick bull @largermen


Thick Bull

Noodlesandbeef hotel butts our cruise ship @largermen


Hotel Butts: Our cruise ship balcony room

Like my Asia Cruise, I booked a balcony room so we could enjoy a private view of the sea….and take photos naked.

My silhouette has been contrast corrected to keep this artsy instead of crass.

T3stsubject short but thick described more @largermen


“Short but thick” described more than just his height.

Noodlesandbeef cruise day mykonos evening @largermen


Cruise Day ??? Mykonos Evening (continued)

The party was 80% ripped european muscle guys and 20% stunningly dressed queer/trans women (who LOVED me?!?! I was covered in lipstick and had to jump in the pool to wash off).

Towards the end of the party, two of the biggest guys approached me.  One very tall, heavily muscled Brazilian guy, and this older, ripped, muscle daddy.  Both were incredibly handsome and had huge, beefy rumps that I had been admiring all night.

They introduced themselves sheepishly, heads down slightly, the older muscle daddy kept his hands behind his back when he talked to me.  Solid submissive cues.

“What’s your name, Sir?”  The older muscle daddy asked, leaning forward, head down so he was just lower than me.  They were definitely subs, and pushing my Dom buttons hard, I couldn’t help myself.  I looked over at big pup, he was grinning big…he loves to watch me Dominate other guys, playing into his voyeuristic cuckholding fetish.  I would have fun teasing them.

“Sir is best.”  I confirmed, stepping forward suddenly and slamming my fists into their chests.  Hard.  They gasped at the same time, wind knocked out of their lungs.  The Brazilian boy’s knees wobbled, his thick lips were quivering.  The muscle daddy stammered out a “T-thank you, Sir.”

While they were still stunned, I grabbed them both in headlocks, pulling their much larger bodies close to mine for a quick, rough, kiss.  An audience was growing behind us, but they were both so lost in the moment they never looked away from me.  Their eyes dilated, they could barely speak.  It was beautiful.

When I released them from the headlock, the muscle daddy fell to his knees, resting his head on my jockstrapped ass, panting loudly.  The Brazilian boy was resting his face on my shoulder…so I ordered him to lick my pits, get my scent on his face, then barked at the muscle daddy to eat me out while he was down there….ahh, his stubble felt amazing on my butt.

I snapped at them, made them stand up.  The Brazilian guy stammered, he was visibly aching, quivering, wanting more, needed me to be harder on him.

“P-please, spank me, Sir!”  He cried out, the muscle daddy nodding in agreement.

It was all the invitation I needed.  I pushed them against the wall, kicked their legs open, bent them over, and wailed on their rumps.  Timing my slaps to the beat of the music.  Boom boom boom, slap slap slap.  They were counting out my spanking…I stopped at 20.  My hand was red, their rumps redder.


But it was midnight…had to leave the party and return to the ship.

We exchanged goodbyes, my hand throbbing painfully.

Noodlesandbeef todays look is jockstrapped @largermen


Today’s look is jockstrapped package barely contained by camo short shorts.

Noodlesandbeef email from tank at 7am my time @largermen


Email from tank at 7am my time (11pm their time):

“These pups need their Master.”


T3stsubject noodlesandbeef and beef and some @largermen


noodlesandbeef and beef and some more beef (with apologies to the model and photographer).

Noodlesandbeef cruise day 2 naples italy i @largermen


Cruise Day 2: Naples, Italy

I was incredibly excited for our first port.  Naples itself was kind of boring, but I had been planning an excursion to the island of Capri, an enchanting and picturesque island made of limestone rock.

Caught an early morning ferry and arrived on the island an hour later.

I was hoping to explore the two beaches, but they ended up being very rocky and crowded…so we explored the town, had some watermelon slushies and a delicious capresse sandwich.

Noodlesandbeef cruise day 2 at sea todays @largermen


Cruise Day 2: at sea

Today’s swimsuit is a swim-jock I had bought back when I was 150lbs.  I had been cutting, so it finally fits again…though, its a bit tight in the crotch.

Noodlesandbeef my outfit for the leather party @largermen


My outfit for the leather party might look familiar…its my Tactical Raver look from akbearcub and bigxbad ‘s wedding this summer.  This was taken as we were leaving the party at 4am…my shorts were soaked with sweat and had become so loose they barely stayed over my hips.

Its a very popular look.

Noodlesandbeef brandedbulltank master gave @largermen



Master gave me the assignment of recreating one of his most popular photos. 

Nailed it?

Mmmffff.. Those huge balls, that perfect rump, the light dusting of golden fur…All mine. Thank you, pup. I love you. So happy and proud to own you.

Noodlesandbeef cruise day 4 dog tag tea dance @largermen


Cruise Day 4: Dog Tag Tea Dance

Dog Tag Tea dance is a tradition of Atlantis Events.  They pass out dog tags and you get three coloured stickers to place on the tag:

  • Red: not available
  • Yellow: maaaaybe
  • Green: available (nsa)
  • Two green: VERY available

Was originally going to wear my green camo short-shorts to today’s military themed party…but everyone heading to the dance was wearing considerably less, so I changed into this outfit to coordinate with my red sticker choice.

Spent the afternoon dancing in a jock with thousands of gay men.  More incredible music from DJ Abel.

Noodlesandbeef cruise day 5 ish continued @largermen


Cruise Day 5-ish continued

Ended up having a picnic on Deck 15.  Everyone was busy exploring this tiny town, we had the entire football-sized lawn to ourselves.

Picnic was cheeses and cured meats from the region, crackers, sushi, and big pup brought a plate of sweets…fruits and things dipped in chocolate.

Perfect day.

Noodlesandbeef tanning on the cruise in my @largermen


Tanning on the cruise in my jockstrap.

Going for them jock tanlines, ala innerbear.

Noodlesandbeef first big circuit party of the @largermen


First big circuit party of the cruise: “True Colours” with DJ Abel.

The theme was to dress in a way that represents your country of origin…so, naturally, I donned my American flag thong, baseball cap and socks, then used my fan as a mini baseball bat.

Music was incredible, lights were B+, but everyone’s outfits were on point.  I had so much fun, I didn’t manage to get my own photos of the outfit…but the photography team on the cruise managed to snap a few of me.

Each print is $15…yikes.  So I snapped a phone copy for myself.  I’m quite proud of the outfit, I really wanted to share it :x

Noodlesandbeef the merry go round at the @largermen


The merry go round at The Montmartre.

Noodlesandbeef big pup being adorable on the @largermen


Big pup being adorable on the merry go round at The Montmartre.

Noodlesandbeef brandedbulltank master and i @largermen



Master and I share a lot of macro sexual fantasies, especially monster cocks and gigantic, heavy, pendulous balls. 

Big hefting cocks, big enough to be like body pillows you can cuddle up to - at least - feature prominently.

Master surprised me with this original image done by Cursedmark. I love it! Thank you so much, Master! *whimper* This is truly incredible. I’m going to get this framed.

*cough* I may have beaten off to it a few times *cough*

Glad you liked it, pup. Hope it helps tide you over in my absence~

Noodlesandbeef found these outtakes from dore @largermen


Found these outtakes from Dore on my memory card while on vacation.

They’re pretty hot…I don’t know why I didn’t post them.

Left: big pup and tank playing with alpha’s nipples.

Right: tank doing chin-ups in his jockstrap as cars drive by, honking him on.

Noodlesandbeef gaymanga bear festival 熊祭 @largermen



Bear Festival (熊祭) is a huge bear beach party in Taiwan. On July 25th, the 6th annual Bear Festival, “6ix on the Beach,” was held. The event featured artwork by Japanese artist Duke (杜克) on flyers, fans, banners and cardboard cutouts. Follow Duke on Tumblr at dbearpaint, on Facebook at D’Gallery, or on Pixiv

Hnnngggg…I went last year, it was amazing. One of the best parties I’ve ever attended.

Hope to come back soon~

Noodlesandbeef hotel butts paris for my photo @largermen


Hotel Butts: Paris

For my photo series Hotel Butts, where I take photos of my butt in hotels around the world.  I wanted to do a more risqué photo, but its very difficult with all the tourists watching me from below.

Fhabhotdamncobs bearbeef oh he is fucking @largermen




W♂♂F     (WARNING!   Not the place for “Pretty Boys” or their fans)

Mackbrawn check out my full mack brawn @largermen


Check out my full Mack Brawn archive at:

Whatinsomnia slut trucker corp for heavy @largermen


Slut Trucker Corp. For heavy loads.

T3stsubject sleeves are for betas @largermen


Sleeves are for betas.

Noodlesandbeef dore alley 2015 family photo @largermen


Dore Alley 2015 family photo.

The street fair was a blast.  I got to show off my pups, leading them around the fair, slapping their beefy rumps while people took photos.  They were perfect pups, staying close and following orders.

Kihuotter full version of this post an old @largermen


Full version of This post, an old Patreon doodle page for Alkali… I had trouble stopping.

Featuring alkaliotter and my hypnodobe B3

Noodlesandbeef tanks dore haircut so @largermen


Tank’s Dore haircut.  So handsome~

Noodlesandbeef met this cutie at mr s during @largermen


Met this cutie at Mr S during Dore…can’t find his tumblr!  Argh!

Noodlesandbeef alpha after chesttricep day @largermen


Alpha after chest/tricep day.

Themantalope i am finally home now its time @largermen


I am finally home. Now it’s time for 🍕🍕🍕

Captain cardigan feeling pretty huge man @largermen


Feeling pretty huge, man. 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

Justbulls size matters @largermen


Size Matters

Drwannabe matthew evans @largermen


Matthew Evans

Noodlesandbeef alpha looking huge as ever at @largermen


Alpha looking huge as ever at Flagging in the Park.

This is the first appearance of my brand on alpha…beautiful.

Noodlesandbeef alpha looking pumped after gym @largermen


Alpha looking pumped after gym.


Innerbear noodlesandbeef s thickness is just @largermen


noodlesandbeef ’s thickness is just incredible 😊 I need to step my game up

Keepemgrowin so much muscle londonboy45 @largermen


So. Much. Muscle.


Size always matters!