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Lesbian Lolitas @lesbianlolitas

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**None of the pictures I post belong to me, unless I expressly say they do.** If some of the owners of the pictures don’t want to be here I can delete them, I don’t want to make feel unconfortable anyone. Some pictures aren’t especially lesbian or something like that, just portray only two girls in an atmosphere of intimacy, not exactly is related somewhat sexual. I can see some magic and some sort of unspoken contract in them so is lovely for me and I want to collect them. My non lolita tumblrs Personal♥ Art ♥ My lolita tumblrs Latin lolitas ♥ Lolita Prints ♥ - Lesbian Lolitas (@lesbianlolitas)
A lolita wedding by x @lesbianlolitas

A lolita wedding by (x)

Lovelylor being a dork with kenmakozumee during @lesbianlolitas


Being a dork with KenmaKozumee during Anime North

Sweetlullabai melty chocolate twins @lesbianlolitas


melty chocolate twins!!! ♡

Snow white infanta 说给熊熊 @lesbianlolitas
Snow White ~ Infanta ~ :  说给熊熊
Baroquelolita more images here catalog link @lesbianlolitas


more images here

catalog link 

Lovelylor cadney and i on winter international @lesbianlolitas


Cadney and I on Winter International Lolita Day! 

Poisoned apple harajuku in osaka via marxpix @lesbianlolitas


Harajuku in Osaka (via Marxpix)

Kawaiiambassadors country mouse sweet @lesbianlolitas



Sweet, gothic, and classic lolitas at the Rufflecon Tea Party. Everyone was so well dressed. *_*

More rufflecon beauties! We even have a dear friend Stacy in the last photo wearing her favorite brand Juliette et Justine!


Victorianme auralia lost in sea blue @lesbianlolitas


+ Auralia: Lost in Sea Blue +

Navy: Musuurakka
Sax blue: Hetica

Aralunanim three strawhat @lesbianlolitas


Three strawhat (✿◖◡​◗)

Mui&Morning&Me ヾ(*´∀`*)ノ 

Aralunanim lief perfume coffret twin with yui @lesbianlolitas


Lief Perfume Coffret
TWIN with Yui (๑・‿・๑)