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This tumblr is dedicated to real young women submitting photos and videos of themselves showing to the world how hot they are and representing the city they live in. The girls can do this by taking their own self shots and submitting them here. You can submit a photo by: posting here: or emailing your submission at: Submission Guidelines: Any one can submit a photo. We would appreciate any photo that involves: Bikini, Lingerie, Sexy Dress, Tight Tops, Short Shorts, And even types of nudity (such as topless, hand bras or full nudity). Must be 18+ to submit a photo that involves nudity. (Nudity is anything that shows nipples, vagina, or but.) If photo is believed to have underage content it will be removed as soon as spotted. If you want to post your photo anonymously (or want to post a photo with blurred face) send photo to I will blur the photo and post it to the blog. All the photos posted have the possibility of being added to twitter or Google + - Local Tits (@localtits)
Sex nannette from woodbridge thanks for the @localtits

Sex Nannette from Woodbridge

Thanks for the submission love!

Hardonmyself that would be really nice @localtits


That would be really nice.

Lovetofuckher thick and juicy @localtits


Thick and juicy…

Blackcocksuckers if you love black cocks @localtits


If You Love Black Cocks - Follow Me

Caiforablog anny a anny nos presenteou com @localtits



A Anny nos presenteou com seios!

Got some love to share with me too id love to @localtits

Got some love to share with me too? I’d love to see it

Mmmmm megan @localtits

Mmmmm Megan

Omg @localtits


Nice socks @localtits

Nice socks