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Loki's Dirty Whispers

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Please be aware that this blog features content of a BDSM nature. If that triggers you in any way or causes discomfort, we suggest that you leave our site now. NSFW 18+ Your Mods : Chrissy & Sara READ THE -GUIDELINES- AND -FAQ- BEFORE SUBMITTING ❖ LDW SHOP ❖ LDW PLAYLISTS ❖ WHISPERS WITHOUT ASKS ❖ LOKI'S REPLIES / TAKEOVER ❖ LOKI SPEAKS via tomhiddlestonsoundalike Disclaimer : Whispers should be read with consent implied. None of the reply gifs or Marvel images belong to us. We are not a RP blog. { inspired by Dirty Avengers Secrets and Dirty Loki Secrets }

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