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Look at this fucking oogle @lookatthisfuckingoogle

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Skid mark httpswwwfacebookcom6skid6mark6 and @lookatthisfuckingoogle

Skid Mark and Mike Pueblo. 719 Flex!

This kid goes by friday last seen in north @lookatthisfuckingoogle

this kid goes by “friday” last seen in north philly about a month ago. anyone knows him please tell him to call his mom, she’s worried

10 pound test 1 mile metric cubed queerbait faggot @lookatthisfuckingoogle

10 pound test 1 mile metric cubed queerbait faggot

Happy birthday mariah scarey @lookatthisfuckingoogle

Happy birthday Mariah Scarey!

Take your shoes off @lookatthisfuckingoogle

Take. Your. Shoes. Off. 

I think im in love @lookatthisfuckingoogle

I think I’m in love…

Alright kids another doogle needs to be found @lookatthisfuckingoogle

Alright kids, another doogle needs to be found. For those of y'all that know Porkchop, her dog Starvin Marvin was stolen from her by her husband when he left her. He has since been spotted without Marvin. It’s a good possibility that either someone in the traveling community has him, or he’s housed up by someone in the emerald triangle. Where ever he is, he’s probably still in California, or close by. Marvin is a brindle whippit, responds to “MARVIN WHAT IT DO NIGGA!” I’ll try to get a better picture up later. Chop is offering a reward for her dog returned to her. You can find her at People’s Park in Berkeley, or get ahold of her on fb under Teia Boxberger. Any info at all is fuckin great. Thanks guys.

Oogles photobombing stupid kids on a pub crawl @lookatthisfuckingoogle

Oogles photobombing stupid kids on a pub-crawl

Free my homie dimitri also known as hudson and @lookatthisfuckingoogle

Free my homie Dimitri!

Also known as Hudson and DT Shakes

Safety monkey makes sure im safe @lookatthisfuckingoogle

Safety monkey makes sure I’m safe.

Space bag bums @lookatthisfuckingoogle

space bag bums

Happy bday jroc666 jabroni @lookatthisfuckingoogle

Happy bday @j_roc666 #jabroni

Bigfoot @lookatthisfuckingoogle


Congrats to the fringefucker kids on the vice @lookatthisfuckingoogle

Congrats to the #fringefucker kids on the vice article, and thanks #vicemagazine for the #latfo shoutout.

Read the full article here:
In case you havent got a flyer yet jroc666 @lookatthisfuckingoogle

In case you haven’t got a flyer yet. @j_roc666

Zoom in and find the punx @lookatthisfuckingoogle

zoom in and find the punx

Bettybettyblackfoot sherm duvalcountybound @lookatthisfuckingoogle

#bettybettyblackfoot #sherm #duvalcountybound 

I feel like someone knows this person @lookatthisfuckingoogle

I feel like someone knows this person….

Juicykarkass said this would he funny @lookatthisfuckingoogle

@juicykarkass said this would he funny.

Before and after hahahah @lookatthisfuckingoogle

before and after hahahah

Boxxxcar bodhi @lookatthisfuckingoogle

Boxxxcar bodhi

Jess beforeafter @lookatthisfuckingoogle

Jess: before/after

Look at this fucking cop but really though this @lookatthisfuckingoogle


But really though, this so-called punk (Zac Crash) tried to be a cop. I personally asked him about it when he tried to come into my house (which was not allowed) and he admitted it but justified it by saying he was going to be a good cop and fight from the inside…ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?  Also, im sick of people letting this shit slide and not doing anything about it. Im never going to forget shit like that and im never going to “just let it go”.  ACAB NO EXCUSES. 

Looks like im going to my first show in new @lookatthisfuckingoogle

Looks like I’m going to my first show in new jersey. If you wanna smoke blunts and drink twisted tea while @juicykarkass silently judges us hit me up.

The day i got that fucking piece of shit @lookatthisfuckingoogle

The day I got that fucking piece of shit.

Takeyowatch @lookatthisfuckingoogle


They killed it as only a guy in a leather harness @lookatthisfuckingoogle

They killed it as only a guy in a leather harness and denim booty shorts singing hardcore can.

Thx for the shirt homies check these guys out if @lookatthisfuckingoogle

Thx for the shirt homies! Check these guys out if you like stuff.

Latfo bluntwench @lookatthisfuckingoogle

#latfo #bluntwench

True @lookatthisfuckingoogle


Latfo ooglesbelike @lookatthisfuckingoogle

#latfo #ooglesbelike

Ooglesbelike latfo @lookatthisfuckingoogle

#ooglesbelike #latfo

This picture was taken when i ran away to philly @lookatthisfuckingoogle

This picture was taken when I ran away to Philly with 0 travel experience, when I was 17. I find it such a funny picture now that i’ve actually traveled. 

The homie dooditsmichael makes hand drawn memes @lookatthisfuckingoogle

The homie @dooditsmichael makes hand drawn memes and I love him. Fuck your photo shop memes you lazy pieces of shit.

#ooglesbelike #latfo

He’s also an incredibly talented artist so go follow him. NOW

Good lookin out kameringoogleit @lookatthisfuckingoogle

Good lookin out @kameringoogleit

20 years now of claiming punk im not trying to @lookatthisfuckingoogle

20 years now of claiming “punk” I’m not trying to say anything except it’s not just a fucking youth fad, one day,we actually will be a threat again.