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Look at this fucking oogle @lookatthisfuckingoogle

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Regram from morgatr0n the numbers are way off @lookatthisfuckingoogle

Regram from @morgatr0n .

The numbers are way off here.

I was like ill check out vimeo i never really @lookatthisfuckingoogle

I was like “I’ll check out vimeo, I never really fuck with it” first video that comes up is this bullshit. Good try though.

Finally got around to ordering one of damarxtoys @lookatthisfuckingoogle

Finally got around to ordering one of @damarxtoys awesome figures. Check him out!

Scumlord joffrey king of the oogles @lookatthisfuckingoogle

Scumlord Joffrey, king of the oogles.

Some examples of my craftiwork if you find that @lookatthisfuckingoogle

Some examples of my craftiwork. If you find that saber posted earlier or have info on it, lemme know and I’ll hook you up with a blade or two!

whoever sent this in, email me
Yo any seattle oogles see some tweeker with this @lookatthisfuckingoogle

YO! Any Seattle oogles see some tweeker with this sabre? I’m a traveling blacksmith and It’s a project I’ve been working for a bit. I had it jacked on Cap Hill and I’m figuring it’s probably not too far away. Im offering a hand forged knife (railroad spike knives, knifewrenches, and just general badass fixed blades you pick or I’ll make a custom blade) in exchange for its return or info that leads me to the tweeker fuck that stole it. 

Hey some of you might know dice and all the shit @lookatthisfuckingoogle

Hey some of you might know Dice and all the shit hes been threw. (Double amputee quadriplegic) Well to add to it last night someone stole his van. So ive set up a go fund me to help him get a new one. So even if you cant pitch in then maybe you can share the link. 

(Btw i didnt steel the van its nust poor titling.)

The link is posted below.

Latfo @lookatthisfuckingoogle


Latfo on snapchat now featuring a cat @lookatthisfuckingoogle

#latfo on #snapchat now featuring a cat.

Guess who @lookatthisfuckingoogle

Guess who