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Illwill8 hot black haired beauty putting her @loosepussyland


Hot black haired beauty putting her whole hand in her pussy! 😲

Looseholelover anyone know her name with a @loosepussyland


Anyone know her name?

With a rubber cunt like that she’s girlfriend material

Thanks for the submission oh shit it is @loosepussyland

Thanks for the submission. Oh shit, it is fantastic. When someone describes a cunt as wrecked this is what should come to mind, a big gaping fuck hole, pussy walls slightly prolapsed into the gape, dark messy lips, legs splayed open ready to show off and be used by anyone. What a fucking messy whores cunt this is. Loose ruined cunt bitch.

Do you think i got a nice gape thanks for the @loosepussyland

Do you think I got a nice gape???

Thanks for the submission.  Yes you do, Colleen, but you need to stretch all the time so your resting gape gets bigger.

New at this thanks for the submission lisa not a @loosepussyland

new at this

Thanks for the submission, Lisa, not a bad little gape for a starter. Keep stretching yourself out and update us as your pussy hole grows.

Thanks for submitting your large meaty cunt lips @loosepussyland

Thanks for submitting your large meaty cunt lips Megan. I bet they really fill out a pair of bikini bottoms.

Wants2fist lindseylove xoxo thank you for @loosepussyland



Thank you for letting me stretch and train with a water bottle! :)

Excellent work so far! Keep it up.

Nice ass, good training

Dirty old hoes these days upping the ante @loosepussyland

Dirty old hoes these days, upping the ante, licking prolpased cunts, etc.

Wrstdeeppussy skinny little thing with a great @loosepussyland


Skinny little thing with a great gape!

Maiesiophiliac surrogate all the right @loosepussyland


All the right proportions.

Mikelmary giuliapump pumped pussy at the @loosepussyland



pumped pussy at the beach :-)

Mary, that would be a treat at the beach! Mikel


Esadollmisa thanks people but i understand @loosepussyland


Thanks people, but I understand what master thought in his logic I was wrong.
i’m still sure, at emotionally, I was right. but socially I was wrong.

I wanted punishment. I fucked missile as much as possible.

master, you should come and double fist till my pussy torn apart and I shed tears with termination bliss.

Misa, you are always amazing. I love how dedicated you are.

Please post this wide open big cunt please love @loosepussyland

Please post this wide open big cunt please.

Love it

23yo slut proud of her lack of tightness @loosepussyland

23yo slut, proud of her lack of tightness. Determined to get more stretched out as soon as possible.

Dumbloosebitch nothing i love more than @loosepussyland


nothing i love more than stretching my pussy..except maybe watching myself get wrecked

This self confessed ‘big holed slut’ wants everyone to see how loose her cunt already is at the age of 23. She is a fisting and stretching addict, she is proud of the size of her cunt and wants to show off and get attention because she loves being called a loose slut. Lets encourage her nasty ways and I’m sure she will share more pussy destruction as her hole becomes more baggy and enlarged.

Kateyes amazingly ruined cunt @loosepussyland

Kateyes amazingly ruined cunt

Looks like another new mother cunt freshly blown @loosepussyland

Looks like another new mother - cunt freshly blown wide open giving birth. Doesn’t she look primal and sexually ripe. I think she could have a few more babies and with that big hole it won’t be a problem putting them in (hard to miss a target that big) or pushing them out.

Misfitsvoyeur wife daddysgirl stretching @loosepussyland


#wife #daddysgirl #stretching #mature #cunt #adult #playtoy

Looking great!

Usedsloopypussy my pussy open for anything @loosepussyland


My pussy open for anything !! Kik jpriest1233

Devkatcny before playing bamm and @loosepussyland


Before playing, Bamm, and caterpillar;)

Cirque x we hope you enjoy to see how much @loosepussyland


We hope you enjoy to see how much Isabellas truly greedy pussy transforms in a cavernous prolapsing bucket hole.

Just wish the camera was higher resolution!

Daddyslilfuckslut i cant wait to be able to @loosepussyland


I can’t wait to be able to use my favorite toy again! Daddy says he doesn’t want to fuck me until I fuck this first….

Wonderful policy - and wonderful stretch

Misfitsvoyeur babys used pussy loose pussy @loosepussyland


Baby’s used pussy

#loose #pussy #cunt #fisted #mature

Nice gape!

Itscyberskins you may have overdone it gif @loosepussyland


You may have overdone it

GIF made by me

Love young chicks with loose cunts past the point of no return. Loose4life.

Slutty little alien i thought this fist toy @loosepussyland


I thought this fist toy would be a little more of a challenge….. 😳😅 I do like how long it is though, fun to slam in and out as hard as possible! Can’t quite do that with my plug.

This is how i woke up no stretching beforehand @loosepussyland

This is how I woke up, no stretching beforehand

Thanks for the submission. Yeah right, anon. I’m supposed to believe ‘I woke up like dis’, no way, you clearly put a lot of work into that slack looking hole. It’s a really good natural gape for an 18yo without even holding it open. I imagine you don’t feel very tight on dick anymore. This is especially good coming from an innocent ‘vanilla’ tumblr account girl who posts innocuous cute memes on her blog. I love that you use your entirely SFW account to send dirty pics of your ruined sloppy gaping cunt hole for me to post, because you want a huge audience to see, but you don’t want all your friends to know your big secret: you are a dirty size queen stretching whore with a loose used up slack cunt.

Thanks for the submission arianna4you wow what @loosepussyland

Thanks for the submission, Arianna4you. Wow, what a stereotypical ‘bad girl’ slut. I like girls like this. Big saggy tits, big ass, used holes, (clearly ass fucked a lot, loose cunt with a natural gape), pussy piercings, nipple piercings, dresses like a complete whore. A complete package of bimbo slut traits. Bitches like this fist on a first date.

Oxball xxl pighole with four fingers thanks for @loosepussyland

Oxball XXL Pighole with four fingers

Thanks for the submission, wylan73, wow that is an amazing toy! I think I know a lot of size queens who might be really interested in getting this tunnel plug! I’ve seen tunnel plugs before but this is nice and large. Perfect for playing with and inspecting her cervix and dumping sperm directly into her held-open pussy hole. For those interested in this toy… a link

Thought wed send you one more for the day since @loosepussyland

Thought we’d send you one more for the day since your words were so encouraging, 26 year old destroyed, socially modest wife. My wife is so modest in the real world no one would ever think she had this between her legs and we love that.

Thanks for the submission, ‘anon’. I love knowing that she is shy and modest in her day-to-day life going around with a big stretched out cunt like that. I bet no one would guess how massive and loose her cunt is. You can never tell what a woman is packing. I bet your wife is looser than all her friends including the more obviously slutty ones.

Usedsloopypussy look at what i am about to @loosepussyland


Look at what i am about to fuck. 

Lucky, what a treat!

Biggergapes betterbabes omg i love her loose @loosepussyland


OMG, I love her loose hanging cunt, her sexy bush and her dark asshole

Made just to be fucked ;-)

Biggergapes betterbabes a set of rearviews @loosepussyland


A set of rearviews

Crazygggstuff isnt she lovely hairy meaty @loosepussyland


Isn’t she lovely ? 😍
Hairy Meaty Pinky [{0}]

We would like to submit anonymous on the name @loosepussyland

We would like to submit anonymous on the name please. Depending on the viewers and your response we have tons more to submit. 26 year old completly destroyed pussy almost daily with the biggest toys we can get our hands on.

Thanks for the submission, ‘anon’. For a 26yo that is a pretty epic cunt. Very large, nice thick, beefy meat curtains, and I like how it all hangs around her gape. That is a cunt with a lot of potential, but you have to maximize it with a lot of hole stretching. With a big enough gape she could be one of the best out there! Keep it up. And I think everyone would like to see more.

Been enjoying your page for a while now figure @loosepussyland

Been enjoying your page for a while now, figure it’s time to share a pic of my wife’s blown out hole after getting double fisted.

Thanks for the submission. Excellent blown out cunt. Your wife has a massive whores cunt with some prolapse going on, which I love. Oh and her thick heavy hunt rings really compliment her wedding ring. I think I’ve seen videos of you on xhamster or somewhere fisting her with absolute ease - no resistance. She’s a loose slut and her tight days are long gone. This is what young sluts should aspire to reach as, a massive blown out cunt that can easily be fisted with no effort.

Xxl pighole thanks for the submission pigsluts @loosepussyland

XXL Pighole

Thanks for the submission. Pigsluts should come in two varieties, plugged or gaped.

Devkatcny in order first my natural gape @loosepussyland


In order- first my natural gape before playing. Then my gape after using my Bamm. And finally my gape after using the caterpillar. I love how hard I get off being stretched to the max!!! It’s hurts a little but feels so GOOD!!! I love looking at my gaping pussy after I play, so hott!  What do you think? Please tell me what you think and share:). I want more people to encourage me to get to the 4" mark.

Good natural resting gape and I like seeing progression like this. Keep aiming for a bigger and bigger stretch, you can manage 4″ no problem. Try holding a pussy plug in your cunt as long as possible to really enlarge your hole and next time show us your stretched open gape as well as resting/natural gape.

Thanks for the submission i like this format @loosepussyland

Thanks for the submission. I like this format, face and body on one side, gaping cunt on the other. If I ruled the world this is what women’s passport photos would look like.

No i wasnt the anon i stumbled upon them later @loosepussyland

No I wasn’t the anon, I stumbled upon them later on your page actually and it was nice to know that I wasn’t alone in my fears. I suppose one of my problems is that I’m young and I don’t know of any guys around my age into gaping cunts.
I must admit it was a shock to see my own pussy up as well. Anyway I wanted to thank you for your advice. I don’t have a very big gape, but I can fist myself with some effort and I used to ride one of those calypso lemonade bottles. I’ve actually tightened up a bit from then so I suppose if I’m going to be a size queen I might as well commit to it switch from my little 1in vibrator and start using my bad dragon to get off. 
Though I’m still a little shy about it all.

Good idea, enjoy your pussy stretching fetish. If you embrace what you like your whole sex life will be better. Also, if you are young and struggling to find guys into your fetish, maybe a slightly older more established man would suit you better. There are several reasons a lot of young women enjoy dating older men, one of those reasons is because they tend to be more comfortable in their own skin and with their fetishes, they know what they like, they aren’t ashamed to go after it - this equates to seeming more dirty minded. I’d be willing to bet you actually know some guys your own age into gaping pussies… but they are too inexperienced and shy to make the first move admitting they like it. That shit is weak, older guys will just tell you to spread that snatch so they can inspect it. Your call though. Keep stretching, your hole looks tiny for a size queen. Maybe get a pussy plug and fist yourself whenever you feel like it.

Please tell me what you think of my gaping @loosepussyland

Please tell me what you think of my gaping 18-year-old whore cunt? Post it for everyone to see what a used whore I am, but please don’t show my tumblr name.

Hi, ‘anon’, thanks for the submission. I love it when someone with a 100% safe-for-work vanilla tumblr account posts me a picture of their stretched out engorged gaping cunt. Yes you are a slut. You like to keep it secret, but your fuck-box looks used and stretched, and you aren’t very tight for an 18yo but you need to keep stretching it bigger to be a better whore. Keep it up.

Upthesnatch baby doll birth @loosepussyland


Baby doll birth

Porousladies submitted anonymously my gf took @loosepussyland


Submitted Anonymously:

My GF took some pictures to share of my new project! More later!


Loosebabygirl 500 followers to celebrate i @loosepussyland


500 followers :) to celebrate I wanted to show you my latest stretching session. Thanks for following me guys! I’m talking challenges/requests so let me know if there’s something you’d like see. Please comment or message me with questions or degrading comments!

I have a suggestion. See how long you can keep a nice fat pussy plug stuffed in you, and show us the gape that creates. I recommend a kong toy.

Filledfille i had fun tonight @loosepussyland


I had fun tonight

That looks like the pussy of a crackwhore to me @loosepussyland

That looks like the pussy of a crackwhore to me.

Happygirlemilyp idk if i can go back from this @loosepussyland


Idk if I can go back from this you guys.. Like when I try to squeeze my muscles I feel them like come back up from hanging so low out my whole but then I can hardly tighten my cunt around cock anymore. I hardly have any muscles left in my cunt. My clit is gigantic right now cuz I’m so embarased riting this and getting embarased makes me horny and getting horny makes me dumbb!! Lol my phone just autocorrected dumb to fun lololooo!!! I loveeeeeeee my giant tits lol!! I’m gonna go get dressed up in my prettiest dress and heels and show off my big titties and get tons of compliments!! It’ll be funny if anyone trys to finger me though cuz they won’t be expecting this loose hairy snatch on a bimbo like me !! Lol!! I can’t believe this is what my holes looks like at 25 lol!!! My new gyno assumed I had babies!! lol!!! Nope! Just TONS of cocks and dildos and bottles and fists and fingers and food and balls and tons of other random stuff lol!! Good thing I can service cock with my mouth and my butthole good still!!! Even though my butthole is stretched out!! Lol!! I’m the perfect whore for extra big cocks Lol!! Rent me out and cum in me then return me so I can be rented out again lol!! I’d help so many people!! Lol!! See I am good for something lol!!!!

But like am I ruined for good?

Your pussy is almost perfect Emily, you just have to keep stretching more.

I really liked your hashtag used up at 25, that describes your cunt perfectly. Totally used up. You’re just a loose bimbo slut and it makes you happy.

Wants2fist wow excellent submission thank @loosepussyland


Wow! Excellent submission! Thank you.

Nice gape!

Stretch session with my milf she loves my big @loosepussyland

Stretch session with my milf. She loves my big hand. Proud of it.

Thanks for the submission, you should both be proud. She has a nice gape and and her pussy walls are slightly prolapsing, which is hot. Keep fisting her regularly.

Ac1979 see her bent over on getting behind @loosepussyland


see her bent over on Getting Behind, spread pussy from behind

Great gape

A nice gif of mrs ofist showing her complete lack @loosepussyland

A nice gif of Mrs Ofist, showing her complete lack of tightness. Just a slack gaping hole that wobbles like jelly as she is fucked with a clenched fist, passing in and out effortlessly. Bucket cunted whore.

More of the great mrs ofist check out that @loosepussyland

More of the great Mrs Ofist. Check out that beautiful big prolapsing cunt. Totally ruined from excessive fisting and pussy stretching addiction.

Trip to the gyno not shy about her massive gape @loosepussyland

Trip to the gyno. Not shy about her massive gape.

Gettingstuffed i like how she doesnt really @loosepussyland


I like how she doesn’t really have a hole. There’re no edges. Her body just curves in, and at no specific point what you see is her inside, not her outside.
Looks like there is no point that things slip past to be admitted.

One of the reasons Holly’s hole seems so damn large!

Wants2fist beautiful gape excellent shes @loosepussyland


Beautiful gape!

Excellent. She’s got talent.

Princess stretch one of my friends on kik @loosepussyland


One of my friends on kik requested that I do before/during/after photos of me stretching with my Kong. I love how they turned out and wanted to share them with all of you. Let me know what you think!

💖 Princess 💖

Fantastic, love it!

Ronin soul 牝犬妻 ピアス性器 interesting jewelry @loosepussyland


牝犬妻 ピアス性器

Interesting jewelry arrangement

Psychedelicway screw tunnel of love @loosepussyland


Screw - Tunnel of Love 


Three things 1 check out that massive slack @loosepussyland

Three things. 1.) Check out that massive slack bucket cunt. 2.) Is it me or does she look a bit like Jennifer Lawrence? Either way, she’s pretty 3) Fuck me that’s a long tongue. I guess when your pussy is that stretched out you need some mean dick sucking skills too. Awesome. Fucking awesome.

An amazing submission from the ofists mrs ofist @loosepussyland

An amazing submission from the Ofists! Mrs Ofist loves having a loose slack bucket cunt totally ruined for cock. All she is good for is fisting. Her pussy walls are completely blasted and offer no tightness or grip. No kegels for this bitch. I am also amazed to see her finally revealing her face along with her beautiful destroyed prolapsing cunt, and isn’t she pretty. To me she looks a bit like a chubby Jeniffer Lawrence. All I can say is wow!

Another great submission from janeen showing off @loosepussyland

Another great submission from Janeen, showing off her dildo time. Nice to see your pussy walls prolapsing a bit in the last picture. Love your large natural gape, it looks so nice on your wide sexy hips.

Over 51 thousand followers and growing daily @loosepussyland

Over 51 thousand followers and growing daily. Thanks for following, sharing, commenting, liking and submitting such great content to make this the best place for cunt stretching, filling, gaping and enlargement I have ever known.

If you have a big gaping cunt and feel shy about it, don’t be. Send something in. What you have is more than sexy. Big pussies are better than tight pussies anyway. If you are thinking about starting a stretching journey, go for it and enjoy yourself. Amazingly I still don’t know a single woman who regrets enjoying her pussy stretching fetish, and I’ve been doing this shit for ages!

Loosepussyland who wants to see this video if @loosepussyland


Who wants to see this video? If I get enough responses I will release it and more! It’s is shot in HD and is really well done. Where else are you going to see a cunt filled with four cocks all at once? In Holly fashion I do it all in this video, two in my ass and two in my huge cunt, double blow job, deep throat, fisting analy and cunt. There were 8 guys involved making this and I take massive loads in my ass and all over my face and mouth. So cum on guys and gals give a girl some response so I can make it worth will to release the dam thing😜
Luv Holly

I don’t have to remind you all who Holly is do I? One of the biggest holed sluts out there. Lets show her we want to see it.

Currently 745 notes on this post, we can do better than this. Holly has a fucking whale cunt. One of the biggest pussies out there. Lets get a few more shares and likes and I think she will be satisfied that enough people want to see her big slut holes abused and will release her tape for everyone to watch and enjoy. Come on, I know you want to see it too.

Thanks for the submission janeen always a @loosepussyland

Thanks for the submission, Janeen. Always a stunner. I love your magic combo of perfect body and great big cunt. This is great product placement for L’Oreal, ‘because you’re worth it’, they should be flattered you used their product as a makeshift shower-time dildo to wedge into your beautiful XL cunt. And this is yet more evidence that size queens have way more fun than tight pussy girls.

Blondiesxsecret 49 more followers to go before @loosepussyland


49 more followers to go before I hit 2000, which means 49 more followers to go until you get to see me spread this slutty pussy open with my new toy

Great gape!

Sloppycunt just before squirting @loosepussyland


Just before squirting.

Ditafist blowjob into the open hole just a @loosepussyland


blowjob into the open hole

Just a cum dumpster

Sloppycunt see bigger is better great way @loosepussyland


See?  Bigger IS better…

Great way to fuck a bitch

Sloppypussy6989 she has a lot of work to do @loosepussyland


She has a lot of work to do😏 what do all you guys think?

Lots of work to do, but solid progress. Looking very stretchy.

Thanks for the submission huge slack cunt love @loosepussyland

Thanks for the submission - huge slack cunt, love it

Devkatcny pushed myself really hard tonight and @loosepussyland


Pushed myself really hard tonight and made it to the third ring!!! I think that’s over 3.75:). I’m sore now but it was worth it! My whole body quivers when I’m stretched to the max and cumming.

Good work! Your pussy is looking really wrecked. That’s a really good gape considering it doesn’t even look like you are spreading your legs or holding it open.

Sloppycunt solo workout @loosepussyland


Solo workout.

Loose gaping netwhore creampied by big cock this @loosepussyland

Loose gaping netwhore creampied by big cock. This slut loves nothing but thick long cocks.

Thanks for the submission. Ha ha, you can really tell she loves the big thick cocks. Her pussy gives her away. Can she even feel small ones anymore?

Im an 18 year old pussy stretcher but the truth @loosepussyland

I’m an 18 year old pussy stretcher but the truth is as good as it feels when I’m playing with myself I always feel guilty and disgusting afterwards, like I’m never going to please a man again. It’s conflicting and I don’t know what to do about it.

Hi! Thanks for the submission and the bravery admitting your dilemma. I just discussed this in another post, were you the anon?

To be honest, the thought that you can’t stop stretching your cunt when you are horny but you feel guilty afterwards is very sexy. You are a natural Sizequeen. Your pussy was built to be stretched. You love the feeling, you are addicted. The current shame you feel after a good session, the humiliation, guilt and shame you currently feel about what a hedonistic slut with no self control you are - ruining your very precious tight little cunny that you want to save for your future boyfriend - that humiliation will go on to fuel some of the most intense sex of your life when you finally meet the right man who wants to stretch you as much as you want to be stretched, when you feel safe being a bad girl and know he won’t judge you negatively, he will encourage you to give in to your desires. Trust me. Guys into tight pussy aren’t for you and you aren’t for them. They will never satisfy what you crave sexually. Your pussy is a big greedy hole that wants to be filled. Stop pretending you will be satisfied with an average or small dick. You can’t negotiate with desire. You want BIG you want STRETCHING. So enjoy stretching your cunt when you are horny, learn to love the sense of shame too - because you are a slut honey, lets be real, and find a real man who will gape you, you’ll love it!

Guchman999 beauty at its best a well @loosepussyland


Beauty at its best.

A well stretched out cunt is an artwork in progress. I don’t think she has finished her stretching journey yet, but she already has something truly amazing between her legs to show off her hard work and dedication. Back when her pussy was tight it was boring and anonymous. Now her cunt is unique and beautiful and powerful and very few women can ever match her.

Stretchy sabrina1 had a good workout nice @loosepussyland


Had a good workout;)

Nice prolapsing pussy wall.

Justaboredslut pussytongues i stuck my tongue @loosepussyland


@pussytongues i stuck my tongue out for you ;)

Good stretching training recently. I hope you practice that self fisting too. Your gape is looking nice and big. It will get better the larger it gets.

Justaboredslut the ball was so deep inside of @loosepussyland


the ball was so deep inside of me that i had to stick almost my whole hand in my pussy to grab it!! i never knew i could do that.. *thinking about fisting*…hmm..

Nice gape. Keep stretching!

Justaboredslut i love that you all want to see @loosepussyland


i love that you all want to see my pussy get even bigger!  it hurt a little when i put the ball in but after a while the stretching felt so good and now im just sitting here with the ball in my pussy and i can hardly notice it!! im so excited ♥

Good pussy training. Keep finding bigger things to insert and birth

Daddyspreciousfuckslut left daddys cunt @loosepussyland


Left daddy’s cunt plugged for over 2 hours, fucked it again and now I plugged daddy’s cunt up again.
💘 Princess 💘

Good work. Keep up the pussy plug training!

This woman is a great example of how to stay sexy @loosepussyland

This woman is a great example of how to stay sexy as you get older, and ultimately keep your man interested within (for example) a long traditional marriage. Forget dignity in the bedroom, become more dirty, more interesting, more slutty. More loose figuratively and literally. This woman is packing a monster cunt - a huge cavernous vagina stretched out over many years and enlarged clit like a female body builder from pumping. Her pussy is totally wrecked some might say, but also unique and exceptional and will probably get better with age as long as she keeps up the activity that made it look like it does now. The journey of her cunt developing is in itself sexy because it shows willingness and slut potential. That is also why she is exposing herself outside and pissing on the floor. Her sense of dignity could have blocked this fun, so she let it go. Just don’t expect to suddenly have such a great pussy like her when you hit middle age - it takes years of practice and modification, stretching and clit pumping to have such a spectacular cunt.

Spectacular gape @loosepussyland

Spectacular gape

L572309771 some post ago i talked about what i @loosepussyland


Some post ago i talked about what i consider a natural gaper, in other word a girl with wide hips that can gape without an extensive training. Well, that’s a good example.
I have to say that the position help a lot.

She should be in a lot more porn - she is a great talent if you’ve seen that video with her canyon cunt

L572309771 shes pulling her piercing to spread @loosepussyland


She’s pulling her piercing to spread her pussy for a thick dildo, showing she’s waiting for it. What a beautiful whore she is!

Very beautiful!

Louislovessaggy my used hole x even resting @loosepussyland


My used hole x

Even resting, looks wrecked and not at all tight.

Louislovessaggy love stretching my cunt x @loosepussyland


Love stretching my cunt x

Every size queen should have an inflatable pussy plug

Louislovessaggy my pussy is getting bigger @loosepussyland


My pussy is getting bigger! Yipee X

Nice work, it’s looking fucking huge! Bucket cunt slut.

Ha ha skinny but not tight @loosepussyland

ha ha, skinny but not tight.

Thanks for the submission nice bimbo nails @loosepussyland

Thanks for the submission. Nice bimbo nails. Matches your obviously experienced not-so-tight cunt.

I want show you my small cock and my girlfriend @loosepussyland

I want show you my small cock and my girlfriend loose pussy She is 22 years old and she is totally ruined. In my opinion she had a thousand black cock before me. What do you think about my small cock and her loose pussy.

Lol, talk about size mismatch. I hope you are a grower because otherwise there is no hope of you filling her up. But it’s OK, you can always fist her and use dildos and lick her cunt to make yourself useful. She does look pretty loose for a 22yo. Unless she’s given birth to a couple of big babies, then yeah, shes fucked a LOT of guys before you, and they absolutely destroyed her cunt. Can your dick even touch the sides?

Beautiful nice cunt meat you look really used @loosepussyland


Nice cunt meat. you look really used. Both holes look like the’ve had a lot of cock.

Would it become loose thanks for the @loosepussyland

Would it become loose??

Thanks for the submission, what do you mean, would? It already is loose, lol!

Overnight stretching fisting and fucking every @loosepussyland

Overnight stretching, fisting and fucking every cock I come across has left it’s mark and I’m one proud slut with a permanent gap now ! I’ll show you my stretched out hole tonight

Thanks for the submission, Sluttyhole, you sound like a proud slut. I bet you love when a guy fucks you for the first time and he comments to you that your pussy feels, er… kinda loose. Keep stretching though you horny slut. It’s not loose enough yet for my tastes. Love your attitude.

What do you guys think of our training i cant @loosepussyland

What do you guys think of our training?  I cant wait to see what it looks like in a couple more months!  Damn I LOVE this woman!!

Excellent submission, lovetostretchpussy, we love progression. For such a short space of time that is excellent work, your pussy has developed a nice gape fast. Keep us updated with how loose and ruined your cunt is getting!

A nice thick peehole fuck thanks for the @loosepussyland

A nice thick peehole fuck.

Thanks for the submission, giving her a loose cunt and a stretched out pisshole, I approve.