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Ohiocouplessex i like to sit around with it in @loosepussyland


I like to sit around with it in me

Excellent dildo wearing

Who wants to see this video if i get enough @loosepussyland

Who wants to see this video? If I get enough responses I will release it and more! It’s is shot in HD and is really well done. Where else are you going to see a cunt filled with four cocks all at once? In Holly fashion I do it all in this video, two in my ass and two in my huge cunt, double blow job, deep throat, fisting analy and cunt. There were 8 guys involved making this and I take massive loads in my ass and all over my face and mouth. So cum on guys and gals give a girl some response so I can make it worth will to release the dam thing😜
Luv Holly

I don’t have to remind you all who Holly is do I? One of the biggest holed sluts out there. Lets show her we want to see it.

Mywifeforall pussy needed a little lip @loosepussyland


Pussy needed a little lip stretching last night so I hung some nice heavy locks on them. I will post close ups later. BTW these locks are much much heavier than the small ones in previous posts. In fact one of the old small locks is on one of her lips in this pic and it looks tiny compared to the new ones.

Permanent labia stretching,

Happygirlemilyp blakewantsa68 @loosepussyland







I played ! Lol !! loosepussyland morph-to-perfection oh and super sorry I’m not shaved I had to grow out my pussie hair cuz I get it waxed!! It hurts so bad to get my holes waxed now that they’re all saggy cuz my skin gets pulled out super far when the wax stuff gets torn off ! It wasn’t like this wen I first started getting waxed. My waxing lady must think my wholes are crazy !! Haha my butt hole looks like a pumpkin !! Omg and my gyno is gunna flip! She’s never seen this before on me ..! Oopsie daisees!!

i will digital shave you hehe, hairs are something we boys and girls all deal with.. its oke and makes you human. it does not make you less gorgeous! you gor happygirlemilyp

sexy and naughty loose pussy.
please dont shave, it makes you even more slutty and hot!

Aw ok thank you !! I’m so loose my boyfriend only fucks my pussy as a favor to me lol! Otherwise he fucks my mouth or my butthole and just finger fucks my saggy cunt and licks it till I loose my mind lol !! He’s so perfect!! I’m such a lucky whore !!

Your pussy is awesome, and the hair is just fine….

Aww thanks!! Sometimes I get super duper self conscious of how super gaped and loose my pussy is !! But you made me feel better ! Plus I give the best bjs lol !! And I love it in my butt! But thank you so much !! You’re super nice! :)! !! Can I ask you a question?! If you saw this cunt on a girl would you think she was a slut? And would you still play with it?? Sorry idk jw :)! I won’t be offended no matter what! I kinda no I’m a slut lol :)! I just wanna know what you think ! Thank you sir!!

Of course any guy who saw your cunt would think you are a slut and super loose, Emily, but you have the perfect fun bimbo attitude that guys love and I think guys would prefer fisting you, maybe teasing you a little about what a slut you are, and then use your great blowjob skills and maybe fuck your asshole too (given how used your anus looks I guess that happens a lot). By the way, I also like the slightly grown-out unshaved look. Makes you look messy and dirty, which goes well with your worn out loose cunt.

Upthesnatch party in my vagina nice ass @loosepussyland


Party in my vagina

Nice ass. Love the look of that stretch.

Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words @loosepussyland

Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words. What a great gape. Would love to see more.

Tampastandup orgasmicsince94 i am very @loosepussyland



I am very turned on and drippy right now


Big thick meaty labia and a drooling cunt hole ready to be used.

Sarahxoxoblog so as im sitting here at work @loosepussyland


So as I’m sitting here at work, scrolling back and forth between some of your messages and my dash, and with the excitement of someone seeing me licking my fingers clean…I can slowly start to feel my pussy tingling and my panties getting even more soaked than they were before. So I go into one of the rooms and pull my panties down to see how wet I actually am, and cum just starts dripping down my leg! God, I am sooooo fucking horny!!! I need a cock so bad! I want you to walk in here and see me, panties down, pussy dripping, and just take control of the situation by pushing me down on one of the chairs, throwing my legs over your shoulders and shoving your face right into me, devouring my pussy like you haven’t been fed a meal in days, making me cum and squirt even more of my sweet juices into your mouth and licking up every last bit before standing me up and turning me around to bend me over the chair and pound the fuck out of my ass! Pulling my hair, smacking my ass as it bounces back and forth on your big, hard cock…wrapping your hands around my neck, making me moan and beg for more, harder, faster, feeling your balls slap against my pussy, that’s already dripping with cum again. I rub my clit as you grab my hips and pull me in so I can feel every inch of you deep inside me, making me cum again. But you’re not finished yet. You still have one more hole to take care of. You turn me around and I squat down to take your thick cock in my mouth. You grab the back of my head bobbing me back and forth faster and faster. Then you slowly move it all the way down my throat and hold it there for a while before taking it out and doing it again a few more times. When your ready to get off you take it out and shoot your hot load all over my mouth and face as I try licking it all up. Suddenly I hear someone walk in the store and I quickly straighten myself out, pulling my panties and tights up and wiping off the remaining cum on my face with my finger and licking it off, and I walk to the front to greet the customer as you follow behind me and proceed to walk out the door. Damn, got carried away there a little bit, but that would be amazing!! Anyway, Happy New Year’s everyone! Let’s make it a better year than the last! Love you all!! 🎉💋

God damn that is a sloppy cunt. Reminds me of an ex who got like that at a formal dinner with an expensive dress on and made me finger her. It was like finger fucking a running tap she was so wet.

Sloppyholes littleslut stuffing her hole you @loosepussyland


Littleslut stuffing her hole. You can follow her on lifesadance53

She’s looking for multiple big dicks to stuff her hungry holes, so get in touch!

No wonder she needs multiple big dicks - look at the size of that gape.

Photogdad42 a few shots from last night my @loosepussyland


A few shots from last night…  My wife’s pussy is still so stretched out from giving birth a couple of months ago (to our 4th child) that she can’t cum from my dick.  So I always help her cum first on my hand during foreplay.  After her orgasm, we have great sex.  Her pussy feels SO loose and roomy on my dick that I’m usually ready to cum deep inside her huge pussy within minutes. 

Living the dream! That is amazing she can’t feel your cock and NEEDS a fist to cum. Hopefully that will continue so your sex-life consists of ‘fisting first for her, fucking afterwards for him’, so you both get to have a great cum. And you’ll get off knowing your cock is no longer enough to stretch her mom-of-4-sized-pussy and that you did that together.

Daddyslilfuckslut i need to be filled and @loosepussyland


I need to be filled and stretched some more!!

OOff, that huge meaty pregnant gape, so hot! Spread it even wider next time. I hope giving birth wrecks your cunt even more! Looking so fertile and sexy.

Becky1 1 something to stretch me more nice @loosepussyland


Something to stretch me more

Nice gape Becky

Distantsubmissive casual fun in the bath @loosepussyland


Casual fun in the bath 💦🛀🏼

Lovely big gape.

Work to do on this meaty cunt yes lots of @loosepussyland

Work to do on this meaty cunt

Yes, lots of stretching needed, that hole need to be a LOT bigger. But having a nice fat juicy cunt with a big hard clit is always a good starting point for pussy stretching.

Postyournudewife my wife would like to know @loosepussyland


My wife would like to know what you would do to her loose pussy?

Nice fat gape. Punch fist her obviously.

Littlegem15 wizofaus no lube no problem @loosepussyland



No lube. No problem.

Mmmmmmmm! I want this! Xxx

Once you get gang fisted you never go back.

Themagicymuse heres some more of that nasty @loosepussyland


Heres some more of that nasty fuck slut.

Glorious big meaty cunt

Check out labiasluts blog great big meaty thick @loosepussyland

Check out Labiaslut’s blog. Great big meaty thick cunt lips, quite hairy, and clearly wants to have a nice big loose gape. keep stretching your hole!

Scumbagsco havent had sex in two months @loosepussyland


“ haven’t had sex in two months ” - every female.

pussy so loose you even have to put a condom on balls In case that slips in too


Cafenastycore menu drink yes please i hate @loosepussyland


menu: drink, yes please

I hate it when straws float up and fall out of my drink like that.

Distantsubmissive aftermath of a little bit of @loosepussyland


Aftermath of a little bit of ball popping today

Straight back to stretching practice after recently giving birth - good girl.

My wifes loose pussy 2 months after childbirth @loosepussyland

My wife’s loose pussy 2 months after childbirth

My wife and I had another baby 2 months ago and her pussy is still very big and stretched out.  She can take my fist inside her very easily.

Just Damn Kevin thanks for the submission, that is fantastic - how many has she had? She’s looking very large and loose in that last picture. Love it! Hope you can make use of that big hole, maybe get her double fisting.

Cant wait until i can fit a fist in my loose @loosepussyland

Can’t wait until I can fit a fist in my loose pussy

Thanks for the submission Suzie, I’m surprised you look so loose given you haven’t even had a fist in your pussy yet! - that is a nice gape. Keep stretching, it’s only a matter of time before you’ll be able to take even the biggest fists. And hopefully your gape will continue to grow with practice too.

Distantsubmissive pop more object birthing @loosepussyland



More object birthing - after a recent actual birth.

Lindseylove xoxo just some photos of me fisting @loosepussyland


Just some photos of me fisting myself! :)

Very nice. Love the hairy snatch too!

Hairypussypolska privat camp chorwacja @loosepussyland


Privat Camp Chorwacja Hollyday -:))))

Slut showing off her loose gaping cunt

Xoxoprincesslotus i was hiding a medium kong @loosepussyland


I was hiding a medium kong inside my pussy!!!

loosepussyland wants2fist

This 18yo little princess wants to have a big loose pussy so is using a Kong toy as a pussy plug. Not a bad start. Keep stretching!

Anotherdirtyblog large kong toy sorry it looks @loosepussyland


Large Kong toy. Sorry it looks so fuzzy, I took this pic in the shower and it was a little steamy.

Looking good. Lets see your gape.

Thanks for the submission nice big cunt flaps @loosepussyland

Thanks for the submission. Nice big cunt flaps. Keep stretching that hole.

Would you ever guess that this was a 19 year olds @loosepussyland

Would you ever guess that this was a 19 year old’s pussy?

Thanks for the submission. Not a bad gape for a 19yo. Based on how cute and innocent you look, no I wouldn’t have guessed you already have developed a ragged little gape like that. You have a great body, good booty, nice little tits, pretty face, but your gape is your best feature that makes you different to other girls your age. Keep stretching it, the bigger your hole gets the more of a sexy slut you will look and feel. Plus you’ll be a lot easier to fist.

Thanks for the submission sonia nice permanent @loosepussyland

Thanks for the submission Sonia, nice permanent gape.

My pussy after 6 kids what do you think thanks for @loosepussyland

My pussy after 6 kids what do you think

Thanks for the submission. Actually amazingly tight for 6 births! They say most pussies change radically after 3 births, so I am surprised how small your hole is. Little bit of prolapse going on, but otherwise your hole is relatively neat. Maybe you should try pushing out a few more babies? ;) Anyway, always like hearing from a proud mother showing off her cunt and saying how many she’s had.

Fingering my puss xx thanks for the submission @loosepussyland

fingering my puss xx

Thanks for the submission, nice cunt capacity by the looks of it.

Esadollmisa after tenga went out my pussy got @loosepussyland


After tenga went out, my pussy got warmer…with hot tears missing it :)

Esadollmisa’s spectacularly wrecked cunt. No one would ever suspect that fit young gorgeous babe would have such a blown out fuck-hole. Oh, and happy 1yr anniversary for your blog Misa!

Pussymodsgalore pussy stretching with a red @loosepussyland
Pussy stretching with a red plastic ball. It must feel great to walk about with that in place, particularly if it is heavy. It appears to be a homemade sex toy, and sensibly they have fitted a “screw eye” as a means of pulling it out. Nothing wrong with it being homemade, many of the best ones are, or are cheap items found in hardware stores, stationers, pet stores etc. and at the very least they are adequate substitutes for commercially produced sex toys. So keep your eyes open, experiment, and have fun! Anything used should be smooth, unbreakable, sterile, lubricated, and, yes, extractable!
The original poster says: “Here are a few of our Cannonball session. This was a fantastic session and her pussy was so swollen and wet. Love my baby’s clit too! Share the hell outta this post boys and girls so we can share some more!”
She is so proud of herself @loosepussyland

She is so proud of herself

Late night asphyxiation same nice creative @loosepussyland



Nice creative pen stuffing gif

Looseholes my favorite game looooool @loosepussyland


My favorite game

Looooool, instant classic.

Genitalgreetingsmature flesh flash @loosepussyland


Mature flesh flash
Stretchedloose thats it hold your fist at the @loosepussyland


That’s it, hold your fist at the widest point to really work out all of that tightness. It’s unwanted, unneeded, and unseemly anyway. A proper cunt on a slut like this is a loose baggy mess, best start work on making expectations match reality

Great caption!

Masterslavebdsm slave abigail 5525 871 465 in @loosepussyland


slave Abigail 5525-871-465 in all her open glory after a few days of torture and then a good hard fucken like she has never had before. Her orgasms racked her body time and time again as I beat her while she presented her ass in the air for more. Here she is shown in the state of bliss a good whore would even sale her oldest son for.. Have a look, feel free to comment on her lovely holes and have some decency to criticize her some. Sensual Pain Slave - moble - - - -

Hugeholelover biggergapes betterbabes @loosepussyland



Valentia Rush did a lot of pornos, you can see it without any problem at here worn out and well fucked loose hole.

HOT and slutty!

what a lovely lady with such a lovely oussy

Antisocial thug bitches be like my pussy @loosepussyland


Bitches be like ,, my pussy stay tight !!


The mezo the mezotumblrcom @loosepussyland


Daddyslilfuckslut im just so good at @loosepussyland


I’m just so good at multitasking 😉 I’ve been stretching my pussy for Daddy while making something for baby😎

Great housewife skills