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Esadollmisa my body is like upside down heart @loosepussyland


my body is like upside-down heart :3

You have an amazing body Misa, only surpassed by your beautiful large pussy.

Xxxkinkyduo55xxx wrstdeeppussy i love that @loosepussyland



I love that Tumblr has opened a new world of fisting and stretching. Everyday i see new mind blowing pictures and videos. Its jaw dropping to see the number of women celebrating their huge stretched out cunts. Without these awesome blogs and the kinky people behind them it just wouldn’t be the same fun world. Here are a few I would personally like to thank: Loosepussyland, Biggergapes-Betterbabes, Ditafist, Drippingopensluthole, Esadollmisa, xxkinkyduo55xx, xkillacamx, FoxxyFoxxy, Gatsbywhore, hascum, mart2159, ohiocouplessex, padmaporn, & wants2fist just to name a few. I know I’ve left out a bunch I apologize. All that being said I’ve put this off for a bit however I believe it is long overdue. Here is my personal play toy. Maybe my opinion is skewed but I don’t believe their is a sexier pussy in the world. It’s so full and meaty, yet lippy. Never given birth just naturally big even tho she is not. All it took was alittle bit of elbow grease and she was a double fister in no time. This is my contribution and way of saying thank you to everyone. ENJOY!

Wow!!! Its sooo nice to be recognized for your hard work! Thank you so so much :) i never thought this would be my thing but ive never had a better intimate feeling.. not just alone but with MyKing. Love this photo set! Thanks for sharing ;) and thanks for your constant support! -TheQueen♡♡♡

Very impressive for a girl who hasn’t given birth. And with those big lips and how her hole already looks, I have a feeling her pussy will age like fine wine and have a bigger better gape in years to come and some women’s lips and clit enlarge as they age too, so I hope it just keeps getting better and better for you. Also, thanks for the props to the tumblr pussy gaping community at large and the shout out to my blog. When I have a moment I’ll have to do the same because the blogs that pop up and amazing submissions are just mind blowing and the lifeblood of this community and it is worth celebrating from time to time.

Looseholes i cant get enough of her wow @loosepussyland


I can’t get enough of her

Wow, that chick does not have a small pussy. Hot.

Gapingallholes stretch my cunt please @loosepussyland


Stretch my Cunt Please!

Stretchedgapingcunts biggergapes betterbabes @loosepussyland


biggergapes-betterbabes: OMG! love this!


Wrstdeeppussy holy cunt she is so elastic and @loosepussyland


HOLY CUNT!! She is so elastic and stretchable. Looking at the one picture with the butterfly tattoo thing I’d never expect a gape like that. Damn.

That is a surprisingly large cavern. 

Gettingstuffed officially the top of my to do @loosepussyland


Officially the top of my to do list. Fill the wife up and get to actively participate in the fucking. Its seems like it would be like using a sleeve but that its meant to be fucked. Best of both worlds… And the mindfuck factor is awesome. The fantasy of replacing her pussy with a smaller one that hers entirely envelops so she’s in effect just my sex toy is awesome. Or that she’s stretched so big that she needs something huge now, like an entire other pussy and a cock in her.
Whatever kinky scenario we could play with, I have this mental image of fucking her into oblivion, thrusting and ramming into her maybe even embedding it inside her, watching all the while as she rubs her clit to bring herself off on the toy crammed inside.

My thoughts exactly

Looseholes godsinanalcove hei oh lets @loosepussyland



Hei, oh, let’s go!

Follow these guys! they’re definitely one of me and my ladies favorites

Boing! Tight pussies can’t do Vagception; a pussy within a pussy.

Today you are my stationary cupboard bitch stop @loosepussyland

“Today you are my stationary cupboard, bitch, stop complaining! Do you want this secretary job or not? Good. Now get ready for more pens. And don’t let any fall out, this table is expensive.” Her first day at work was not going as she expected, but she couldn’t deny it was both stimulating and challenging.

Esadollmisa flying toy wow as always @loosepussyland


flying toy :)

Wow, as always, impressive Misa. Love you and your gape. Such a tiny sexy body for such a big pussy.

Used up cunt hole sadly my 11 ½ hand just will @loosepussyland

Used up cunt hole. Sadly my 11 ½" hand just will not fit….. Yet.

Thanks for the submission, greeneyesnthickthighs, I’m still interested in seeing the video of this you talked about. Nice slack cunt. I actually love that even though she looks really slack and loose, she still can’t take your whole fist, partly because it means she still has some way to go, and also because when you are fisting her properly, it’s gonna be really brutal. It also highlights how fisting isn’t always easy and can take a long time, so beginners should not be put off - Look at these amazing results and without even full fisting her cunt - it looks so great!

Thanks for the submission helpmefuckmywife nice @loosepussyland

Thanks for the submission, helpmefuckmywife, nice gape. Keep stretching her out, your wife could stand to be a bit looser still.

Good morning cc fitchick big clit good @loosepussyland

Good morning! - CC
#fitchick #big clit

Good Morning indeed. Thanks for the submission, ccw180. That is a hot  swollen used cunt. Looks like it gets fucked hard a lot.

Fuck i love her large loose open used cunt hole @loosepussyland

fuck I love her large loose open used cunt hole

Thanks for the submission, shadycowboybasement. What a great perspective to look at her beautiful huge completely loose cunt, this is a work of art!

Forever codependent for anon unexpected nice @loosepussyland


For anon

Unexpected nice gape

Wants2fist wow im pretty sure all 3 of her @loosepussyland


Wow! I’m pretty sure all 3 of her holes have been stretched!

I bet her pussy has no grip

Filledfille this plug slips out too easily i @loosepussyland


This plug slips out too easily. I think I need something bigger to fill and stretch out my pussy… Got any ideas?

It’s too small for you that’s the problem. Find a bigger plug!

Wifes gape thanks for the submission drew your @loosepussyland

Wife’s gape

Thanks for the submission Drew, your wife’s cunt is huge on her petite body. Good gape.

Fuck wow fuck wow indeed thanks for the @loosepussyland

fuck wow

Fuck wow indeed! Thanks for the submission, shadycowboybasement. Without a doubt one of the most unique cunts I’ve seen. Love the smooth clit-hood, engorged outer labia and large slack fuck hole. Such a loose cock-socket. Also what a great body! Very shapely, nice tits and I even like the stretch marks. Juicy. Sexy. Hot hot hot.

Esadollmisa i really care about big boobs @loosepussyland


I really care about big boobs sometimes, because I don’t have :( But when I realize it’s more rare that I can fuck the toy bigger than any dick…I feel happy :)

Big cunts are rare and unique, so yes, more special than big boobs any day.

Filledfille i finally got the new bodywand with @loosepussyland


I finally got the new Bodywand with the silicone head! Naturally, my greedy cunt couldn’t resist it…

I love this level of bush @loosepussyland

I love this level of bush.

Ethnicassholes wife from the barrio proudly @loosepussyland


Wife from the Barrio

Proudly showing off her loose gaping cunt

Damn thats a pretty decent pussy gape youve got @loosepussyland

Damn that’s a pretty decent pussy gape you’ve got hiding between those fat crinkly pussy lips

Filledfille i bought some slutty panties today @loosepussyland


I bought some slutty panties today… So cuuute

Wow, great panties fille

Justaboredslut loose ass pussy proud of @loosepussyland


loose ass pussy ♥

Proud of her loose cunt

Holy shit that is insane @loosepussyland

Holy shit that is insane!

Thepreachypeachbabe i look like a sexy tight @loosepussyland


I look like a sexy tight teen..until I spread my meaty lips for you to see xoxo 💕👑

Perfect. Tease all the boys. They see your youthful pretty face and get hard thinking about fucking you. What a surprise when you finally open your legs and they realise your cunt is so large they won’t be able to stretch you with their dick like they thought. Nothing hotter than a young sexy woman with a loose cunt and a desire to stretch it even more.

Barkinpumpkin during a fisting session with my @loosepussyland


During a fisting session with my girlfriend.

Penelope thanks for the submission penelope @loosepussyland


Thanks for the submission Penelope, lovely slack cunt

Lalegagor hugeholelover everexcessive a @loosepussyland




A fit blonde who really knows how to enjoy her wine…


Ann from FTV girls… fuck she’s amazing 😍😍

Damn, that is quite a stretch she can manage

Squirtingwife 44 min needed to help my clit @loosepussyland


44 min. Needed to help my clit just a little bit.

Bigclitsporn more hot stuff i fucking love @loosepussyland


More hot stuff

I fucking love girls with huge clits!

Thepreachypeachbabe those markets really @loosepussyland


Those markets really stretched out my pussy, I came so hard my insides tried to come out with all my cum!

That pussy hole is starting to develop nicely. I love seeing a young girl develop into a slut as her pussy hole enlarges and becomes more blown out. I love thinking that every guy than sees your pussy and spreads it open will see a large ragged gape and the dirty thoughts that will invariably go through his head and yours. You wlll be a slut forever. The bigger your hole looks and feels the greater the effect. It’ll be so hot when you are in your mid 20′s and your cunt is so ruined it makes guys jaws drop open when they see.

Trueadventuresofsluttymom mmmmm i find anal @loosepussyland


Mmmmm…. I find anal to be so stimulating and calming at the same time. Like scratching an itch… With a penis.

A slutty loose wife & mom with a big gaping ‘mom sized cunt’.

Thanks for the submission loosepussylover very @loosepussyland

Thanks for the submission, loosepussylover, very impressive cunt. Huge loose, wrecked, prolapsing, double fistable, nice big lips. Beautiful and impressive. An inspiration to those starting to stretch. I hope you keep stretching it even larger, it can only get better as it gets more loose and ruined.

Ruinedslut i love how my ruined hole hangs out @loosepussyland


I love how my ruined hole hangs out all the time.

loose ruined cunt

Gapingcuntscorner gaping cunts @loosepussyland


Gaping Cunts!

Looks like her 9th pregnancy too loose cunted @loosepussyland

Looks like her 9th pregnancy too. Loose cunted bitch.

Wife collector she wasnt happy she had to pose @loosepussyland


She wasn’t happy she had to pose for this picture, but she was coming down and needed that hookup so bad.  Can you believe she sings in church every Sunday.

Yeah, she looks slightly reluctant to show off that huge gape of hers… maybe she isn’t proud of ow big her cunt is, maybe a little embarrassed…. oh well.

Rare to find a bbw with a big loose slack hole @loosepussyland

Rare to find a BBW with a big loose slack hole, because normally her pussy gets pushed closed. You can tell she’d be a good fuck and that hole is actually looser than it looks when you put your dick inside her.

Slutty little alien i love clear glass so much @loosepussyland


I love clear glass so much and this is why!!!!!!!! My cunt looks like a beautiful black hole. I can’t believe this whole huge thing is going to be inside of me all day! :3

Stretched myself a little farther just for daddy @loosepussyland

Stretched myself a little farther just for daddy, I love feeling my cunt spread open more and more with each pen that goes in.

Thanks for the submission. Not bad. Hope you keep trying with more and more pens, your cunt will get huge!

Smythersstuff all my favorite things in life @loosepussyland


“All my favorite things in life.” -The mister

Daddyslilfuckslut xoxoxo getting ready to @loosepussyland


Xoxoxo 😘

Getting ready to drop - practicing for the real thing.

Holy shit that is a chunky clit piercing i love @loosepussyland

Holy shit that is a chunky clit piercing! I love it.

Loose cunted hippie bitch @loosepussyland

Loose cunted hippie bitch.

Great gape @loosepussyland

great gape

That slop hole needs a fist in it @loosepussyland

That slop hole needs a fist in it.

Stretchedcuntsarena gaping cunts proudly @loosepussyland


Gaping Cunts!

Proudly showing off her loose cunt

Ohiocouplessex i was so wet @loosepussyland


I was so wet

Thepreachypeachbabe this is my biggest gape so @loosepussyland


This is my biggest gape so far, one day I’d like it to be permanent.

Looking good. Yes, does need to be permanent. Yes does need to be bigger. Forming a nice shape already. Keep stretching!

Sweet pink gape anon thanks for the submission @loosepussyland

‘sweet pink gape.’ anon

Thanks for the submission. Nice little gape. Helps that it’s framed by great thighs and hips. Need the stretch your hole bigger though. Keep stretching!

Gapingallholes gaping cunts @loosepussyland


Gaping Cunts!

Happygirlemilyp what is it called when your @loosepussyland


What is it called when your pussy looks like this? You know, with the slit for a hole and like puffy walls? I wanna know. My gynecologist is gonna be like whattt??!!? Lol! It’s way worse now than in this pic!! New pics soon :)!!

I call it delicious. Ha ha, your gynaecologist is gonna have to do the professional straight face thing while really thinking ‘look at this blown out slut hole, has she been birthing bowling balls?’. Hope it embarrasses you when you get checked Emily because I know that’d make you wet and puffy and yes the doctor always notices.

Happygirlemilyp i had the day off so im @loosepussyland


I had the day off so I’m spending it stretching my cunny !! My boyfriends gonna laugh when he puts his fingers in me later lol!! He can’t believe what a silly whore I am!! <3 I’ve had my cunny plugged for 6 hours lol!!!! Lolololool omg I totally did not realize it’s been that long!! No wonder my hole is starting to ache and the plug keeps falling out! Lololoo! I’m gonna keep it in even though my hole’s burning though. I feel like that’ll make it looser faster?! And I love the burn!! I love recking my cunny!! Lolo I’m a silly stuffed slut!!

You should do more self posts emily, I love seeing you stretch out your big bimbo cunt.

Britishslutwife awsome gaping pussy update @loosepussyland


Awsome gaping pussy update.

God damn thats a loose cunt!

Naughtylittlegirlxxxxx a great night being @loosepussyland


A great night being stretched naughtylittlegirlsdaddy

Please reblog my naughty pussy

decent gape

Naughtylittlegirlxxxxx love all your naughty @loosepussyland


Love all your naughty requests xxx

Another pretty loose Scottish girl

Biggergapes betterbabes theharlotbabylon i @loosepussyland



i Love how much of her pussy meat is showing and how pink it is in contrast to her dark cunt lips.

Ladies, that´s how pussies look like if you ride your BAM every day. Sexy used and slutty gape

Jasmine from Denni-O. Not easy to find much of her stuff. She is amazing.

Gapingallholes gaping cunts @loosepussyland


Gaping Cunts!

Candicox richarmi omg lips for life and @loosepussyland



OMG lips for life and pleasure - one could live of these

So sexy. Perfect lips

Daddyslilfuckslut a big belly a big pussy @loosepussyland


A big belly & a big pussy💕

Your puffy cunt looks almost at large as your heavily pregnant belly, that is fucking ridiculous. You look really ready to give birth with that big open cunt hole. Can’t wait to see what it’ll look like after you’ve pushed your baby out and continue stretching.

Looseandtender just finished with my pussy @loosepussyland


Just finished with my pussy plugs in the shower, I’m ready to fuck some dildos and my bf

Fistmynurse you asked for us to attempt double @loosepussyland


You asked for us to attempt double fisting again. We do this regularly - still with no success, obviously, else we’d show you photos straight away! This attempt was probably as close as we’ve ever got. Rufio managed to get his whole fist plus our largest dildo inside me. The insertion was pretty intense, and I felt stretched to my limit. The best part though - after this huge dildo inside me, Rufio managed to fist me and fuck me at the same time. Photo tomorrow!

~ Tink

Check out Tink’s Wishlist here

Isnt she pretty oh look a bottle @loosepussyland

Isn’t she pretty. Oh look a bottle!

Fistmynurse i didnt even move my cock just @loosepussyland


I didn’t even move my cock.  Just held it there and jacked off inside Tink’s pussy - obviously fisting her and masturbating until I filled her hot pussy with my cum.

~ Rufio

Check out Tink’s Wishlist here

Loosepussyland fistmynurse drives me crazy to @loosepussyland



Drives me crazy to watch Tink fist herself.  Inevitably though I end up replacing her fist with mine because I want to feel the warmth of her pussy wrapped around my wrist. 

~ Rufio

Love a girl that can self-fist. Good warm up for a bigger hand to go in.

Kinkygal312 l572309771 veneisse the girl @loosepussyland



Veneisse - the girl who fisted herself with both hands at the same time

Love her

She’s not the only girl who does this, but it’s always nice to see.

A sweet gape anon thanks for the submission a @loosepussyland

“a sweet gape.” anon

thanks for the submission, a nice gape on that slut

Realwideopenpussies only open pussies ha ha @loosepussyland


Only Open Pussies.

Ha ha ha, yes, my cunt is basically a ruined mess. I’ve been a fisting whore for so long I can’t even feel dicks. Would you like to fist me? Don’t bother with any lube, I need the friction. As you can tell, I like it rough. Use both hands please. But take your watch off or you might lose it - lol, only joking. But really though.

Dailyphica only amateurs enjoy follow and @loosepussyland


only amateurs enjoy follow and repost

God damn, talk about mom sized cunt - that thing is HUGE

Devkatcny a few pics after a bam session @loosepussyland


A few pics after a BAM session today:). Please comment! We live to hear your dirty thoughts!

Your cunt is looking pretty loose. Keep stretching it make that gape even bigger.

Ultrahiheelslut baseball bat and squirting how @loosepussyland


Baseball bat and squirting! How much fun can one Slut have?

nice slack pussy

Daddy and kittys pleasure page she finally did @loosepussyland


She finally did it for me. Kitten dug her whole fist deep inside her stretched out pussy after her huge dildo. All for daddy


Biggchipper shaftman77 got a feeling things @loosepussyland



Got a feeling things are gonna get messy!


Candicox sorry have not posted in awhile this @loosepussyland


Sorry have not posted in awhile. This is for my fans. Wet kisses to you all. Tributes would be nice. Fill my inbox 💋

Lovely gape

Everexcessive some girls are born with long @loosepussyland


Some girls are born with long lips, others stretch for years to get the same result, with the added pleasure it brings. Either way, this cutie’s going to be feeling a lot more stimulation from what’s between her legs…

Labia stretching ftw.

Daddy and kittys pleasure page i asked my @loosepussyland


I asked my kitten to stretch herself with pens, it’s a good start;)

Love the pen challenge, such an easy way to get into stretching as a beginner, everyone has pens, and you can work your way up to a quite advanced stretch.

Look at my kitten already taking her 8 inch thick @loosepussyland

Look at my kitten, already taking her 8 inch thick dildo like a good girl. Such a naughty girl for wanting to be so stretched out

Wow, thanks for the submission! That is a really slack cunt for a 20 year old! Must have taken a lot of work. Look forward to seeing how big you can stretch her cunt.

She loves her daily stretch thanks for the @loosepussyland

She loves her daily stretch

Thanks for the submission Jay, good team effort breaking her cunt. Enough stretching exercises like that and she will be huge in no time.

Gapingallholes gaping cunts always love @loosepussyland


Gaping Cunts!

Always love BerryMaybe’s cunt

Based on the pubes she hails from the asian @loosepussyland

Based on the pubes… She hails from the Asian continent, probably East Asian, Chinese or something. Maybe she’s a Beijing Olympics athlete! Maybe they doped her up with a little testosterone to win a gold medal and she had to hide that huge enlarged throbbing clit under a skimpy leotard in front of the worlds assembled press. She had to be immaculately waxed back then and keep her clit flattened in her little compression panties. Since she won she enjoys freedom and hasn’t shaved a pube once or put that revealing leotard back on to compete again. She just wants to be left alone, a shy pretty girl with an enlarged clit. Or maybe she’s just a one in a million girl out of billions with a natural monster clit. Either way, fucking beautiful. And god damn, that bush, what a dirty bitch!

Looking nice and slack beautiful @loosepussyland

Looking nice and slack… Beautiful

Sloppycunt one big hot sloppy wet mess of a @loosepussyland


One big hot sloppy wet mess of a cunt…

Big loose cunt

Justaboredslut showing off my big ol pussy @loosepussyland


showing off my big ol pussy ;)

Proud of her big loose cunt. What a slut!

I love stretching out my pussy when im bored @loosepussyland

i love stretching out my pussy when im bored ;) This is my first submission pic! ♥

Thanks for the submission. You must get bored a LOT because your pussy looks really stretched out, loose and used. Your blog looks amazing, want to see more from you!

Youngkinkycouple2 her pussy is getting bigger @loosepussyland


Her pussy is getting bigger every day! That gape looks amazing!!

For an 18 year old that is a really solid gape. Nice that you can see her cervix already. Keep stretching her, she’s getting huge.

Her name is gutter cunt thanks for the submission @loosepussyland

Her name is gutter cunt

Thanks for the submission Jeff. Nice pussy stretching training. Keep it up and she will develop a really nice large permanent gape.

Ditafist licking and gaping we love it @loosepussyland


licking and gaping, We love it

Dita’s beautiful prolapsing pussy walls. She wants to have a ruined bucket cunt.

Ditafist fisting on fistingchair fisting @loosepussyland


fisting on fistingchair

Fisting chairs are a must for anyone into serious fisting. And just look at that sexy wobble when the first rips out of Dita’s cunt. That slackness is how you know she is really loose. No tightening back up when the fist leaves her cunt. Just a quivering gape that won’t close. Fucking sexy.

Totally stretched masterslavebdsm it isnt @loosepussyland



It isn’t all suffering for slave Abigail 525-871-465. Her piercings have multiple uses but one main goal is to stretch her outer pussy lips to a more beautiful look for me to enjoy. Heavy weights on a regular bases will do the trick nicely. She enjoys the sensation and slight pain that comes from this type of training. Her rear hole is stretching out perfectly for my use without lube, with the use of the heavy stainless steel plugs and eegs I can take her, use her at any time when I feel the need. Have a look, feel free to comment on her efforts and progress. Sensual Pain Slave - moble - -

Cross posting to

This is the best way to permanently enlarge inner and outer pussy lips - attach weights to them, stretch them all the time… result : bigger more beautiful pussy.