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Loveatfistsite sorry for being inactive for so @loosepussyland


Sorry for being inactive for so long! But, I’m back with a lovely update :) look who’s getting a bigger gape ;) ♡ Also, I am now able to almost completely take my man’s hand (I’ll have to take a picture comparing our hands so you all understand the challenge I’m trying to undertake aha!) Anyways, keep calm and fist on! ✊👊 P.S. If you’re looking for my first update, search my blog for “progress update 1”

Love it. Look forward to seeing your stretching progress

Upthesnatch ginormous 1l bottle heaven in a @loosepussyland


Ginormous 1L bottle. Heaven in a bottle.

good stretch

Upthesnatch stretching is so much fun @loosepussyland


Stretching is so much fun.

Filledfille playing with my largest toy the @loosepussyland


Playing with my largest toy: The Naughty Alysha Dildo from Crystal Adult Pleasures! Look, you can see leftovers of Master’s cum in me as well as my IUD strings! I felt so nice and loose afterwards that I spent another ten minutes casually fisting myself. :-)

Biggergapes betterbabes before after a good @loosepussyland


Before & after a good fisting session

So pretty. Nice big ass and cunt.

Daddys slave cunt amazing first day with my new @loosepussyland


Amazing first day with my new plugs 😍
First I spent all day at work (8 hours) stuffed with my medium kong and my new princess plug (the small)! I love wearing the princess plug even more than I thought I would and can’t wait to try the larger ones!
Then, after work, I went and parked in a mostly empty lot (about 4 people walked by me though ☺️) and got working on my new pussy plug (the small doc johnson shellshock) and holy fuck does it feel amazing. It perfectly pulls open Daddy’s cunt hole and ugh…I love fucking it into me and then, when that last insertable bit goes in, I just feel like I need to cum. It puts this pressure on my pussy that makes me feel like I’m about the cum the whole time it’s inside me…can’t wait to wear this around all the time and have to move up to larger things! Daddy was so proud I got it in all the way the first time I tried 😇❤️😊
Can’t wait to work more tomorrow!!!!

If any young women out there are wondering how to have a big loose cunt - how to get results, this is a role model to look up to…

I can’t wait til you get a bigger plug because this one seems effortless.

Scaredfeminist deactivated20150 it feels good @loosepussyland


It feels good knowing I’m going to start my sophomore year of college with the gaped out cunt of 40 year old mother of 5.

To me, this is one of the hottest posts I’ve seen on tumblr. I saw it and read what she wrote and thought…perfect. She’s 19 in her 2nd year at uni studying gender studies. She’s a strident feminist, but secretly (and to her shame) all of her sexual fetishes revolve around being degraded, objectified, humiliated and used - so far so normal - and look how stretched and loose she has managed to make her cunt! That is really impressive for a 19yo, and yes, it really does look like the cunt of a 40yo Mother of 5. I can’t think of a better compliment! And I can’t wait to see what her cunt looks like when she graduates from University with that gender studies degree, lol. Maybe she should keep stretching until she gets her PhD, what do you think?

Foxxxyfoxxxy love the feeling of my pussy being @loosepussyland


Love the feeling of my pussy being stretched!! Could sit on this bottle for hours and just enjoy the feeling!

Foxxxyfoxxxy filled with warm water then shoved @loosepussyland


Filled with warm water then shoved SO deep!!! Feels fantastic!!!!!

Really impressive

Beautiful face beautiful pussy @loosepussyland

Beautiful face, beautiful pussy.

Orgasmicsince94 forecast this morning horny @loosepussyland


Forecast this morning: Horny with a chance of drippage


Daddyslilfuckslut i hadnt stretched my pussy @loosepussyland


I hadn’t stretched my pussy in a while, but I knew Daddy would want me to while he was away <3 The first thing he did when he got home was bend me over, and I could barely feel his little dick when he was fucking me :) He loved it<3 He said it felt like I had been getting gang banged while he was gone… all I was missing was my loose fuckhole full of cum…maybe next time huh ;)

Beautiful! Your cunt is looking huuuge. No wonder his dick felt small in you.I hope you can keep stretching all the time before you give birth.

Upthesnatch baby doll birth she just loves @loosepussyland


Baby doll birth

She just loves giving birth.

Brutalfistinggifs brutal fisting gifs yet @loosepussyland


Brutal Fisting Gifs

Yet another model type chick with a humongo-cunt.

Filledfille playing with my new clit pump @loosepussyland


Playing with my new clit pump!

Playing around with clit pumps can permanently enlarge your clit - good!!

Padmaporn cum join me and see my gape in @loosepussyland


Cum join me and see my gape in action! I love stretching myself! I am LIVE right now! Sign up is absolutely free! Let’s play!

Sexyfuncpl when i first fucked my wife i always @loosepussyland


When I first fucked my wife I always wondered why she had such a big loose and gaping pussy. Then she admitted that her ex fuck buddy before I hooked up w her had a really big and long cock that curved down and he was hung around 8” even soft! He also had a giant mushroom head. He used to pop his huge head in and out and bury it deep and poke her cervix and give her the most intense orgasms ever! Then it all made perfect sense….😮

So thats how it got like that…