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Filled with the unusual nice shot i would @loosepussyland


Nice shot. ;-)

I would play doubles with her.

Ruining her cunt for fun @loosepussyland

Ruining her cunt for fun

Slutworksl i was so loose after this i @loosepussyland


I was SO loose after this. I squirted twice and I LOVE to be fisted and stretched wide as possible and SUDDENLY have a guy just stop and yank his fist or whatever item he got up my cunt leaving a gaping chasm … finger bang the blank space with one finger….. most times I can’t even see you in there but it still gets me off real good to know I got a finger in my hole and can truly only feel by him wiggling his finger….

And sooo disappointed in the lack of responses to this post . :( I really wanted to comment on this one

Nasty dirty and I promise I’d prove my true slutty ways if you ever came to Hawaii where I live.

I fucking love this slut - a true whore. She wants to fuck random guys and get pregnant just because she likes the way cunts look after giving birth. Wow.

Cafenastycore i lust raisa wetsx wonderful @loosepussyland


I lust Raisa Wetsx wonderful meaty pussy and ass (Evil Angel- Pussy Acrobats 2- Scene 6 Billie Star and Raisa Wetsx). would love to see Raisa Wetsx in scene with her asshole being stuffed with cream cheese and pasta and have her prolapse it out on some sluts face.

You could wear her pussy like a gas-mask

Sigma72 lanky056 cafenastycore wow @loosepussyland




wow, amazing pussy of Raisa Wetsx in pussy acrobats 2 from jay sin

Beautiful prolapsed cunt, so sweet.


Mainstream professional porn just got interesting.

My sexy confessions to be honest penetration @loosepussyland


To be honest, penetration is good, but a guy just coming in my gaping pussy would turn me on and force me to climax faster than anything… and having multiple guys do that? I would be in heaven… 

Ha ha, great cartoon.

My sexy wifes pussy after a monster dildo fuck @loosepussyland

My sexy wife’s pussy after a monster dildo fuck!

Thanks for the submission, zeboworld

Another series of photos of my wifes cunt after a @loosepussyland

Another series of photos of my wife’s cunt after a good stretching! You could see how this dildo splits her pussy at the bottom!…Sexy!!!

Thanks for the submission, zeboworld, always nice to see a size queen who enjoys having her pussy blown wide open.

After two kids shes become a size queen she takes @loosepussyland

After two kids she’s become a size queen…she takes every inch of the extenders 7.5 inches of girth…working up to a fist :)

Thanks for the submission, like the commentary. Yep, birth does tend to destroy a lot of cunts. 3 is usually the magic number to turn a tight pussy loose. Two plus lots of stretching would do it too. I’m glad you are using a girth extender to give her what she needs. Their is no point having an ego about her needing something bigger than your dick. i hope you get her fisting soon.

My wifes 46 year old stretched cunt shes @loosepussyland

My wife’s 46 year old stretched cunt.  She’s getting a little looser lately, she’s seeing a bull right now that’s wider than me so she’s getting a little wider too! Lucky me!

Thanks for the submission. ha, I think you are the first traditional cuckold guy who has written into the blog. I’m surprised it has taken this long tbh. You need to get your wife into pussy stretching and fisting and buy some huge dildos. Stretch her out so she can’t even feel your inadequate little dick, lol. I’m sure it will improve both your sex-lives.

A nice big gape wouldnt you agree thanks for the @loosepussyland

A nice big gape wouldn’t you agree?

Thanks for the submission xkillacamx, looks very soft, sloppy and loose.

Thanks for the submission ol one nice natural @loosepussyland

Thanks for the submission ol-one, nice natural permanent gape.

Thanks for the submission nice meaty milf pussy @loosepussyland

Thanks for the submission. Nice meaty milf pussy with a big prominent clit, large lips and a used looking gape. Classic ‘mum’ pussy.

This was sent in by a 27yo anon girl desperate to @loosepussyland

This was sent in by a 27yo anon girl desperate to stay anon, presumably because she doesn’t want the whole world to know she has such a heavily pierced pussy - why would she be embarrassed about that? I hope she gets stopped at the airport metal detector and they end up giving her a cavity search (i.e., fisting her cunt with a rubber glove on to speciously ‘look for drugs’) every single time she gets on a plane, lol. Who’d like to see her get even more piercings and stretch out that pussy hole so it gapes nice and large?Maybe swap all those studs for rings to attach weights to stretch everything while her pussy is plugged up.


Please humiliate my trainwreck of a pussy im @loosepussyland

Please humiliate my trainwreck of a pussy. I’m only 29 and have never had kids, but I’m sure my hole tells a different story.

Hi Looseslut, Wow, what a fanstastic cunt. I really love it! I like how large your clit is and meaty and saggy your inner and outter lips are. Would need to spread you open and inspect your hole to establish just how loose and wrecked you are - I hope it is a gaping trainwreck and if it’s not, I’d love to make it one. I absolutely love telling girls they have big cunts - yours is unusually large and meaty. Have you been pumping your clit, or done any female body building, lol. If you want a nice big gaping hole that humiliates you and looks like you’ve given birth a lot when you are spread open, then stretch big and often. You need some big dildos, pussy plugs, and an inflatable dildo - and someone to fist you. Feel free to send in more, I like your big slutty cunt.

Wants2fist now those are some lips theyd look @loosepussyland


Now those are some lips! They’d look so great wrapped around my wrist.

If she was my girlfriend, I’d get those cunt lips pierced pronto and make her stretch her labia with weights attached to make them even longer. I’d fist her hole into a huge orifice and vacuum pump her clit to enlarge it. Might stop her shaving too just to cap it off so she has a massive unkempt bush. So much potential with abundant pussy lips like that.

Lalegagor cafenastycore qsbdsm hairy @loosepussyland




Hairy Apple

apple cunt pie




Esadollmisa im too gaped for this panties @loosepussyland


I’m too gaped for this panties.

You know your pussy is officially too loose when your panties can’t cover up your gape. Love this.

Rubys wrecked cunt is amazing @loosepussyland

Ruby’s wrecked cunt is amazing!


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