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girdles are not dated or old-fashioned, Girls. I try to show here how it can be beautiful, modern and sexy. you can read somewhere that men hate girdles. Be sure It's wrong , we love the way you put your body in value. we love beauty. Love girdles and wear them proudly! - love girdle (@lovegirdle)
Thelingeriefiles loving these lilac stockings @lovegirdle


Loving these lilac stockings and suspenders from Agent Provocateur.

Thelingeriefiles absolutely love these high @lovegirdle


Absolutely love these high waisted panties by Huit lingerie. I’ve also ordered the matching bra which will arrive in a few weeks so keep your eyes out!

Thelingeriefiles the beautiful park avenue set @lovegirdle


The beautiful Park Avenue set by Dita Von Teese! The moment I slipped into this set I felt like a showgirl, I needed no convincing, I marched right out of the change room and bought the set without hesitation! I would say that this is one of the best reasons to buy a piece of lingerie… Because it makes you feel something. Wether is because it makes you feel like a showgirl, special, slimmer or bustier, whatever your reason if it makes you feel good, it’s certainly worth while! What set makes you feel good about yourself?

Thelingeriefiles happy friday another @lovegirdle


Happy Friday!! Another gorgeous purchase from Dita Von Teese, the Black Dahlia full brief!

Thelingeriefiles this weekend i made a very @lovegirdle


This weekend I made a very special purchase. My very first piece by Bordelle!! I’ve been eyeing this particular piece for more than a year now and on Saturday I finally decided it was time, and it was well worth the wait! This piece, with all its straps and buckles, felt more like armour to face the world in, like nothing could stop me! I cannot wait to wear this gorgeous piece for a shoot… I just love everything about it!!

Thelingeriefiles so continuing on from @lovegirdle


So continuing on from yesterday’s post… This is the bra I turned into a little something more. The bra is just a simple plain black basic from Elle Macpherson Intimates I had for years. I got it on sale and ended up buying two for the price of one so I always had a spare. Late last year my boyfriend and I were invited to a 1920’s themed poker night. So I decided to make sure my lingerie suited the theme and added a little fringe to what otherwise would have been a basic black bra! Along with what I now call my 1920’s fringe bra, in this image I’m wearing my Kmart briefs (yes that’s right) Pleasure State suspenders and stockings by Leona Edmiston! This is such a strange combination of brands but somehow in the end I think it all worked out!!

Thelingeriefiles so excited and slightly @lovegirdle


So excited (and slightly nervous) to be modeling with the beautiful Lyrah Kendall tomorrow for The lingerie files website!! I’m ready for anything the day may bring and to remind me I’m posting my lingerie armour… Also known as my high waisted briefs by atelierbordelle which I’m wearing with my lagentbyap bra.
As some of you may know I don’t consider myself a model, for many different reasons. However, through my blog I’ve ended up inadvertently turning myself into one. I always get nervous before a shoot as I’m still getting used to the idea of being in front of the camera and my mind is well trained in flooding with doubt. However, the more I put myself out there, in these unfamiliar situations (such as photoshoots), the more I find I love being in these unfamiliar situations. They force me to really think on my feet, improvise and trust my gut!
Sometimes doing things that are out of our comfort zone can be terrifying because we have no way of anticipating how we will perform in such a situation. But the truth is these are the situations that are vital to us as they give us life experience. We learn more about ourselves when we’re out of our comfort zone than we do when we are in our comfort zone. So think about when the last time was that you stepped out of your comfort zone… If you can’t remember; then maybe it’s time for an exciting change :)

Thelingeriefiles tgif its been a long week @lovegirdle


TGIF!!! It’s been a long week and I seem to have gotten sick yet again! Sometimes our busy lives can get the better of us. With all of today’s social media, technology and expectations it’s hard to switch off and know when to stop! I love my busy lifestyle but sometimes between my family, long-term boyfriend, his family, friends, full time job and side projects it’s hard to have any time to myself. Sometimes I prefer it that way but I seem to be continually running myself into the ground and it’s just not okay anymore. I really need to take control of my life and turn it into a healthier lifestyle that my body can keep up with! Through winter I’ve weeded out almost all my forms of exercise and have been indulging in naughty foods to make me feel better about the cold! But Spring is on the way and I don’t want to spend the rest of the year sick every few weeks. It’s time to take ownership of my health… Gym membership has been reactivated and from now on I’m going to try to factor in one night a week where I’ll have a few hours all to myself for a little R&R! Here I’m wearing my favorite ditavonteese set, the black Park Avenue high waisted brief and soft cup bra!

Thelingeriefiles the image you see here is part @lovegirdle


The image you see here is part of a series from a photoshoot I did a few weeks ago. It was the first photoshoot I did in a studio and that made everything feel like it had been elevated to another level… And made me very nervous! Mainly because I’m still getting used to being the person modeling instead of being behind the scenes, it’s a strange feeling changing roles like that! It was also because, like most people, I’m not 100% sure of myself. I didn’t know if I’d look any good in the images and what the photographer would think of my ‘modlelling’. But with my @atelierbordelle armour near by at all times I was reminded of why I’m doing this and what I am trying to do. Aside from having an incredibly fun time I want to be able to help people. I love helping my friends find lingerie they love or how to wear it out and through and Instagram I’m being able to do that for others too. I live an incredibly blessed life and I want to be able to spread some of that happiness and love around with others. The main reason I created the website is to give people a fun, safe and girly space to go to and getaway from the world for a moment and just get lost in lingerie!

This beautiful shot is by Ojo Magico Art he is a very talented and lovely man who put me at ease during this shoot! I’m wearing my high waisted briefs by @atelierbordelle of course! What else can help a girl muster her confidence like atelierbordelle lingerie? You can view the full photoshoot at

Thelingeriefiles happy friday the lingerie @lovegirdle


Happy Friday!!! The Lingerie Files now has a new section on… Where to shop - Corsets! The ‘Where to shop’ section is something that will always be evolving, I hope to make it as easy and helpful as possible for those looking for brands to shop specific items or styles! The ‘Corset’ section is something I hope to grow as I learn more about corsetry and different brands! You can have a look at my list of where to shop for corsets at
This beautiful image was taken by the very talented Ojo Magico Art! I’m wearing a sheer top by Fl*sh You & Me, corset by Emma’s Corsets and suspenders by L'Agent by AP! I’ll also be posting a new article at the end of next week on corsets as outerwear!

Thelingeriefiles stockings or stay ups which @lovegirdle


Stockings or stay-ups… Which do you prefer? Each has their own benefits and drawbacks, you can find out more at

I’m looking forward to keeping things low-key this weekend as I have a big week ahead of me!
For this shoot the left me is wearing lingerie by lagentbyap and the right me is wearing agentprovocateur and stockings by jonathan Aston!

Thelingeriefiles last week i posted a pic in my @lovegirdle


Last week I posted a pic in my VS sports bra and a few of you asked that I share my fitness tips. I now have a new post online where you can read about my food/diet and exercise tips at

I’m by no means a fitness expert, in fact I’m far from it, but I have discovered a few handy exercise ideas along the way. This new post is part of my ‘It’s about the lifestyle’ series. In Part 2 (see link above) I talk about food/diet and exercise! This is an ongoing series I’ll be posting to my website about what I feel makes up a #lingerielife! For me this includes, fitness, food, hobbies, balance, stability and so on. So what does a #lingerielife mean to you?
In this image I’m wearing my victoriassecret sports bra, high waisted briefs by Fl*sh You & Me, suspenders by playfulpromises and boxing gloves by Everlast!

Thelingeriefiles corsets are such a staple item @lovegirdle


Corsets are such a staple item for any lingerie lover! The way they can change your shape and boost your bust is nothing short of spectacular! But wearing a corset as outerwear isn’t as simple as wearing lingerie as outerwear… There are few important things to be aware of that I’ve discovered along the way! So I’ve put together a post with a few checklist questions that I find handy to ask yourself before wearing a corset out to an event. You can have a read of my new post at

For this photoshoot I’m wearing @flashyouandme high waisted briefs and top along with @emmascorsets gorgeous overbust corset! This beautiful image was taken by the lovely @ojo_magico_art.

Thelingeriefiles the other day i stumbled @lovegirdle


The other day I stumbled across this beautiful illustration by @kezvenner which was inspired by one of my images of me wearing the Stone set by @themissap! It was such a lovely and unexpected surprises that got me thinking about all the positive aspects of social media! So many people focus on the negatives now, cyber bullying, safety and so on.
But when used in a positive way social media is rather incredible… The way you can connect with people, share ideas, culture and much more! You can read the full post and more about the artist at

To see more of these lovely illustrations follow @kezvenner! 💋

Lingeriely repost from thetechnicolorlover @lovegirdle


repost from @thetechnicolorlover
New review of the Vanessa set by @velvette_paris (link in profile) 🌸 #velvette #velvette_paris #instalingerie #lingerieaddict 

Lingeriely repost from kayleighpeddie the @lovegirdle


repost from @kayleighpeddie
The Joan red fishnet range, both the high waist thing and bodysuit are available with 6 detachable garters. All handmade to order in any size.

#kayleighpeddie #instalingerie #lingerielove #lingerielife #mtl #montreal #garter #garterpanty #fishnets #redlingerie #babe #model #thighhighs #stockings #retro #vintageinspired 

Lingeriely repost from missdeadlyred love @lovegirdle


repost from @missdeadlyred
Love the shape of this awesome corset by @valkyriecorsets such pretty colours as well 😍 #redhead #ginger #corset #waisttraining #tightlacing #pale #pinup #eyebrows #extremecurves #stockings #holdups #piercings #inked #bodymods #altmodel #makeup #mua #lingerie #redlips #vintage #retro 

Lingeriely repost from thelingeriecourtier @lovegirdle


repost from @thelingeriecourtier
Flashback to about 6 months ago wearing the Dita Madame X bra and AP Ilya Big Briefs as well as a cheeky tail. I’ve been quite unwell over the last year and there’s been barely a day go by where I haven’t felt sick after picking up some mystery illness. It’s still day by day but I finally feel like I’m getting somewhere… I’m five kilos heavier than I normally am, but my skin is starting to get a glow to it, I’m back in the gym and I feel great. Part of that for me is lingerie. Even on my worst days lingerie gave me a little bit of something that made me feel good. I finally starting to make plans again with out the constant worry I’ll have to cancel because I’m sick and those plans are definitely starting from my underwear out ;)
#allswellthatendswell #springishere #addictedtolingerieandstillcantgetadate #myunderwearissonotworkappropriate #fucksgivenarezero 

Lingeriely repost from undonelingerie emily @lovegirdle


repost from @undonelingerie
Emily showing off today’s details. ________________________________ #todaysdetails #details #fleurdumal #lingerieblogger #lingerie #instalingerie #health #beautyblogger #blacklace #blackandwhite

Lingeriely repost from lingerieaffair does @lovegirdle


repost from @lingerie_affair
Does anyone else play dress up when they’re stuck at home on a Saturday night? I’m putting on way too many pieces haha just one more… #lingerielife #lingerielove #lingerieaddict #lace #honeybirdette #corset #blackandwhite #thighhighs #stayups #stockings #suspenders #suspenderbelt 

Jolenebrody fuck yo smile i like my bitch to @lovegirdle


“fuck yo’ smile! I like my BITCH to show her teeth!” Hahahahaha

Getwiththe40s in love with my new corset @lovegirdle


In love with my new corset 😍😍 #corset #vintage #1950s #1940s #lingerie #vintagefashion #suspenders #underwear by xellenjanex

Tijuanamakemehappy dylan diablita @lovegirdle


Dylan Diablita

Tijuanamakemehappy tamara kamikaze @lovegirdle


Tamara Kamikaze

Tijuanamakemehappy lady scarlett @lovegirdle


Lady Scarlett

Sophialabelle miss legs @lovegirdle


Miss Legs

Bfueb she makes me hard mature but highly @lovegirdle


She makes me hard, mature but highly fuckable

Stocktonjohnson maria modern weekly september @lovegirdle


Maria, Modern Weekly, September 2011

Exclusivelyselectedlingerie adina reay lingerie @lovegirdle


Adina Reay Lingerie AW2015 ~ ‘Ava’ Bodysuit

Please don’t remove the credits ♥

Adinareay32ddto36g adina reay 30dd to 36g @lovegirdle



Adinareay32ddto36g fran red at adina reay @lovegirdle



30DD to 36G

Adinareay32ddto36g adina reay fran black 30dd @lovegirdle




30DD to 36G

Exclusivelyselectedlingerie @lovegirdle



New Victoria’s Secret Lingerie from the Very Sexy Collection

Lucyreturns russian assault guard @lovegirdle


Russian Assault Guard