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"Desire: the root of all suffering" @loveisalandfill

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NSFW. Scouring the web for the good stuff. Mostly pegging and femdom (as if you couldn't tell). . Tags I've used: Ass BJ CFNM Chastity Cock Cuckolding Cum Cunnilingus/oral Denial Dress/skirt Educational/ideas Emasculation Experiences/quotes Facesitting Feet Femdom Footjob Group Humiliation Humorous Illustration Lesbian Lezdom Lingerie Maledom Masturbation MILF Pegging Public Pussy Redhead Shoes Sissy Smart Smoking Stockings Strap-on Striking Tattoos Tits Training Vanilla Video - "Desire: the root of all suffering" (@loveisalandfill)
Sissyboy2264 i love it when my wife fucks me @loveisalandfill


I love it when my wife fucks me.

Thenewlovetobepegged pegginginpanties here @loveisalandfill



Here are some shots of the Mistress before she fucked my brains out :p

What a lovely!

Selinaminx i can peg my humanfootrest any @loveisalandfill


I can #peg my #humanfootrest any time I want. #safesex #dommelife #BitchInDC #dommelife #selinaminx

Seductivedomme dawn of the dick starring my @loveisalandfill


Dawn of the Dick (starring my cock)

New2thislove mistress gave you your own key and @loveisalandfill


Mistress gave you your own key and still you keep asking her to be unlocked.
Don’t you get the message…?

Pdxcuckoldcpl my beautiful wife set to take her @loveisalandfill


my Beautiful Wife set to take her cuck.

Sparklyprincessj had a delicious friday night @loveisalandfill


Had a delicious Friday night with my pet.

Her cock…

Sparklyprincessj just had to show off my subs @loveisalandfill


Just had to show off my sub’s delicious .. Panties.

…and his cock.

Thenewlovetobepegged squishtush just hanging @loveisalandfill



Just hanging around

Hang around any time, sweetie!

Tall but tiny if you had a real mans cock @loveisalandfill


“If you had a real man’s cock, instead of a little clit, you could be fucking these tits right now.”  That’s what my smokin’ Hot Wife said as she made me take this photo during our latest SPH session.  What exquisite torture!

Thenewlovetobepegged sheownsme someone was @loveisalandfill



Someone was excited to see me

So it would seem!

Hersubmissiveforlife its mistress here @loveisalandfill


It’s mistress here- Facesitting is one of my favourite things to do, as I am in control of the pace and the movement and my toy doesn’t have any say in what I do, I love pulling on his hair and also his collar which I know makes him feel even more submissive, he has been locked up for 3 days of the 2 weeks and is becoming more sexually frustrating, meaning most of his thoughts are now focusing on pleasure for both me and him, I love teasing him and sending him naughty pictures of what he could have but can’t right now😍

Chastimty my mistress has locked me up again @loveisalandfill


My mistress has locked me up again, who knows for how long

Jimcock33 damn wifey is going to destroy my @loveisalandfill


Damn! Wifey is going to destroy my ass with her big black cock :)

Femdomhotwifecuckoldinterracial if your guy @loveisalandfill


If your guy doesn’t drop down to his knees to eat your pussy whenever you snap your fingers… you need a new guy.

Who the fck is alice what makes his sexy little @loveisalandfill


What makes his sexy little slutty mouth water….

Heylaandpet morning sex with my hubby i allow @loveisalandfill


Morning sex with my hubby. I allow him to have a sex with me in chastity cage only!
And of course I don’t allow him to cum. Orgasm for BBC and white pussy only

Unkinkedcouple deployment sucks only 5 more @loveisalandfill


Deployment sucks - ONLY 5 more months till we can play together & I can fuck you like you want to be fucked. Kisses from your SK!

Modeltrillium i finally got a day off @loveisalandfill


I finally got (a day) off…

Thatlingeriecouple heres a little raw image of @loveisalandfill


Here’s a little raw image of us just before L. drove that wonderful strapon deep inside me while we wear matching lingerie. She moves it so well and loves pushing me over the edge every time. - M.

Losethekey you have been naughty im going to @loveisalandfill


You have been naughty, I’m going to have teach you a lesson.

Mikeymyfreak honey with mrs dick getting ready @loveisalandfill


Honey with Mrs Dick. Getting ready for my pegging.

#strapon #realdoe #sexyfeet #anal #pegged

Curiouswife lockedhubby ive been locked while @loveisalandfill


I’ve been locked while running errands and going to dinner today. Very full balls and so horny… Cherished my baby all day.

Onlyshecums such a turn on that only she cums @loveisalandfill


Such a turn on that only she cums.

Bubbleman1972 i locked up this morning because @loveisalandfill


I locked up this morning because I was feeling especially horny. Mistress @bu33les rewarded me with her vibrating black cock and a few bubbles to go with it.

Lovemybooty1982 im ready for a fun saturday @loveisalandfill


I’m ready for a fun Saturday night, several towels are needed as I squirt.. A lot… 😈

#girlcock #lelowand #horny #masturbate #sex #sexy #pegging #fun #femdom

1kinkycouple we owe you two a submission for @loveisalandfill


We owe you two a submission for all the love you send us XOXO @tooplayful4you You two are sexy as fuck!!!

tooplayful4you sexy submission! Thank you, the strap on shot is amazing. Would love to play with you while you fucked Mr L with it! And that wet pussy of yours….mmmmmmmm 💋 ~ Mrs L ~ 💋
Damsltx sat am still locked and horny @loveisalandfill


Sat am…. Still locked and horny

Foxykittenn surprise him with what he really @loveisalandfill


Surprise him with what he really wants after a long day at work… girl cock😍 

Hwcuckoldlifestyle your desires are under my @loveisalandfill


Your desires are under my control. 

Looks that way.

Thecatsaysmeowmeow mskyleekeller this could @loveisalandfill



This could be us, but you playin’

Ugh goals!(: I need tits like yours too:p

Remember key parties from the 1970s keys are @loveisalandfill

Remember key parties from the 1970s? Keys are still involved in this picture, but it’s a “keyholder party” instead!

Kissmyshoes81 who wants to lick my shoes clean @loveisalandfill


Who wants to lick my shoes clean? Well….. join the queue, boys. 

Slutdoctress sexynmarried another style of @loveisalandfill



Another style of mmf

Did this a few weeks ago….minus my hothusband being there with me to enjoy it!

Look at the key.

Thenewlovetobepegged pussy2envy full body @loveisalandfill



Full body shot with my strapon!

You’re owning it, girl!!!

Litlekity today i was so lucky my owner @loveisalandfill


Today I was so lucky. My owner @warumkann let me suck her perfect toes and lick over all her feet. Caged of course …Love my Owner

Fearlessmff i spent the most amazing day with @loveisalandfill


I spent the most amazing day with My Girl today!!
We haven’t seen each other for a month so today was at first primal,brutal and desperate.
We then spent hour upon hour enjoying each other,we also had an addition to our toys,a chain mail glove which My Girl took to straight away and used expertly I would highly recommend it!!!!
The day ended with me going back in my cage,albeit only for a week but as it will always be My Girl asks My Girl gets,she is my everything and I love her and will for eternity.

Yetanotheradultblog we had an argument and @loveisalandfill


We had an argument and guess who won.

Lovelustsexandbunnies post halloween @loveisalandfill


Post Halloween festivities

Daninicki showing off my new injoyus @loveisalandfill


Showing off my new Injoyus.

Showyourtinydick my wife sent me the first pic @loveisalandfill


My wife sent me the first pic to remind me she doesn’t need my little dick to get off. I sent her the other to show her how much it turned me on. 

Livluvlaugh07 hes a natural sissy boy look at @loveisalandfill


He’s a natural sissy boy. Look at that ass. Delicious.

Chastefetish my princess sent this to my phone @loveisalandfill


My Princess sent this to my phone earlier today before I got off of work with the caption “Waiting for you to Cum home”…  I was straining in my cage all the way home.

Sexykinkybeauty i love how she grabs his hair @loveisalandfill


I love how she grabs his hair. She gets what she wants.

Balloonscph not a bad viewnext time in @loveisalandfill


Not a bad view…next time in combination with some bondage I think😈

Happy hubby 💋

Cumreservoir thenewlovetobepegged @loveisalandfill




Soirée improvisée part 2

My kind of party!

Ohhhh yesssss. -J

Mistr3ss l my real life ds relationship is @loveisalandfill


My real life D/s relationship:
Is your cock aching in that cage looking at my latex ass? I bet it is.
I know you just want to worship every inch of me you pathetic slave, but i’ll make sure you earn each lick.

-Mistress L

Thepureskin i love the motion in this photo @loveisalandfill


I love the motion in this photo. Her hair flipping. Gasping for breath. Please post anonymously.

thanks so much for sharing

Notrevieestunjeu énorme découverte scientifique @loveisalandfill


Énorme découverte scientifique :
On a trouvé le point P !!!

Sfla cuckclub my sweet cuckold was a very bad @loveisalandfill


My sweet cuckold was a very bad boy while away on a business trip for 8 days - he forgot to take his lock! His punishment is absolutely NO cumming (and he cums a lot numerous times a day!) and being locked all day - 12 hours minimum now that he is back home. Should it be longer, hmmm? Bad cuckold!!! ;)

Cumlovingkitten i love his tight little ass @loveisalandfill


I love his tight little ass 😍

Tightropelovers he sassed back to me the other @loveisalandfill


He sassed back to me the other day, so I taped his wrists, forced him to put on matching undies, and made him take his sass back. I can never get enough use of my favorite harness. - Maisy

Boyboygirllove a photo taken by hubby and i for @loveisalandfill


A photo taken by hubby and I for a challenge issued during my Kik dare week

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Cricketstonesbitch talk about dilemmas do i @loveisalandfill


Talk about dilemmas! Do I let her fuck my ass or accept the offer to fuck hers?! I chose both!

Flip a coin!

Mackin48 he likes it when i slap his ass while @loveisalandfill


He likes it when I slap his ass while I’m fucking him…but I love slamming his face down in the pillow while I fuck him 😉

Cheekydicks a little something from last @loveisalandfill


A little something from last weekend <3

Cheekydicks hey your panties match my bra @loveisalandfill


Hey, your panties match my bra ;)

Dutch cuck my georgeous wife getting ready for @loveisalandfill


My georgeous wife, getting ready for yet another date. I always love looking at her dressing up.

Is she wearing the key to your chastity cage on her necklace?

Wetspot87 my love works late tonightmissing @loveisalandfill


My Love works late tonight……missing him and his sweet ass ♡♡

Sourpatchporn i need drew to suck my cock a lot @loveisalandfill


I need Drew to suck my cock a lot when he’s here💕 he looks so good with my cock in his mouth!

Thenewlovetobepegged thenewlovetobepegged @loveisalandfill



People ask why we don’t post more pictures of us. We used to. And they all get stolen. Like this one that just showed up in the feed with no attribution back to us. So I’m stealing it back. Wanna know what I look like? Here I am. I would destroy you.


And this one too. I’m fucking magnificent.


Thenewlovetobepegged yay my first submission @loveisalandfill


Yay! My first submission as webmistress! And you are lovely, girl! Send me more, you guys!


Missa65 i chose this to be my new profile photo @loveisalandfill


I chose this to be my new profile photo it truly shows the food chain in my relationship of which I am at the top and Sissy Joey (lilonensbitch) is always at the bottom. It’s so sweet he was such a big tough strong biker when I met him lol oopsie he slipped and fell onto my cock now he’s my little puppet on a string. I love you little joey (lilonesbitch)

Cuckoldressfiancee mistress has a new bull who @loveisalandfill


Mistress has a new bull who is…well…very large.

Dutch cuck my wife never asks if im ok with @loveisalandfill


My wife never asks if I’m ok with her leaving the house to be fucked by her much better endowed lover.

She shows me.

Strapongirl thanks for this steamy hot @loveisalandfill


====Thanks for this steamy hot submission ====

Show us your strapon and pegging skills!

We would LOVE to post your hot pics !
submit here:

Fearlessmff my girl teased and tortured memy @loveisalandfill


My Girl teased and tortured me,my cock swelled so much that it removed skin!! I was so excited I was leaking pre cum everywhere!!
My Girl expertly cleaned it all up and kissed me kind and hard!! Sharing is caring.

Blazedone the locking and teasing begins @loveisalandfill


The locking and teasing begins..

She makes me insta hard