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"Desire: the root of all suffering" @loveisalandfill

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NSFW. Scouring the web for the good stuff. Mostly pegging and femdom (as if you couldn't tell). . Tags I've used: Ass BJ CFNM Chastity Cock Cuckolding Cum Cunnilingus/oral Denial Dress/skirt Educational/ideas Emasculation Experiences/quotes Facesitting Feet Femdom Footjob Group Humiliation Humorous Illustration Lesbian Lezdom Lingerie Maledom Masturbation MILF Pegging Public Pussy Redhead Shoes Sissy Smart Smoking Stockings Strap-on Striking Tattoos Tits Training Vanilla Video - "Desire: the root of all suffering" (@loveisalandfill)
Thatsmygoodboy nothing exhilarates me more than @loveisalandfill


Nothing exhilarates me more than the sight of @iamhergoodboy’s complete submission. It’s one of those nights where I needed to let out my frustrations, and he is always there on his knees ready to take it.

Sibyl vane is dead rebeca linares there @loveisalandfill


Rebeca Linares

There should be a term for that sex move at the top…

Ewtsl photo model kat and me photo @loveisalandfill


Model: Kat and me

Photo: @ewtsl-photo

Please do not remove credits - thanks :)

Sexualmayhem getting fucked @loveisalandfill


Getting fucked

Happycuckoldress 360sissyhopeful @loveisalandfill




In an interesting twist ending last night, She sent me one final pic of Herself before going to sleep alone in Her hotel room.  She also called and told me that she wanted to hear me cum.  She instructed me to use Her hitachi vibrator on myself, through the cage to cum, while she listened. 

It took me about 20 seconds I think, since I was so horny from all Her Hotwife action.

I sent her that pic, then we told each other our “I love yous” and went to bed.

Looks like I found another hotwife/cuckold blog with original content. PLEASE check them out.

that shit is sweet as fuck

Diarygirld a pet brought his own toy feeling @loveisalandfill


A pet brought his own toy… feeling powerful…

Diarygirld awwwyeaahhh whores only dgd @loveisalandfill


Whores only…

Thenewlovetobepegged marcuswolfe so much @loveisalandfill



So much fun!!!

Ain’t it just!

Ladyhellbound after i denied him i came back i @loveisalandfill


After I denied him I came back. I made him lay on his back and spread his ass for my cock again. I owned his ass and made him my little bitch. I pounded his ass so fucking hard and he loved every second of it.
This is a teaser from part two that I will post after I have made my next sales goal.
LadyHellbound - ELM -WISHLIST -ManyVids

Sissyjamie23 my wife fucking me with her cock @loveisalandfill


My wife fucking me with her cock.

Diarygirld does my strapon make my ass look @loveisalandfill


Does My strapon make My ass look phat? -DGD

Sexy jewels the longer you take to put it back @loveisalandfill


The longer you take to put it back on, the longer it’ll be before I think about letting you out again

Herrules this is the how white wives in a @loveisalandfill


This is the how white wives in a modern marriage have to get off with their husbands. His cock is useless to us and not deserving of any attention. She has real lovers for that. Her husband who hasn’t felt the inside of her pussy in months is relegated to a rough face fucking. I enjoy knowing I control his breathing. Hearing him gasp for air as I batter his face with a pussy he could never control. I love knowing my trimmed pubes are coarse on his soft face. As I he gasps and whimpers, I love admonishing him to “take it like a man”. Finally, knowing that he is not going to cum, makes my orgasm so much stronger. This is a modern marriage. Get used to it bitch. 

Thelat3xbitch even though im gagged and moaning @loveisalandfill


Even though im gagged and moaning like a bitch, Mistress likes to ask me if I’m enjoying my orgam for the month and then laughs at me when I start to moam loader into the gag trying desperately to beg for a real release.

Thenewlovetobepegged loveandathreesome the @loveisalandfill



the feel of this shaft in my hand, it’s nice and thick..i have to make sure not to get carried away and forget to ease into Aiden’s ass.. i like when i push him into the counter in the kitchen and bend him over…

There’s the “tell”, where’s the “show”?

Chastityknight that is me actually locker up @loveisalandfill


That is me. Actually locker up. The key has my wife… I am so horny!

Balloonscph ohhh a kinky night awaits us @loveisalandfill


Ohhh, a kinky night awaits us.
Bring on the rain and thunder, I’m so ready to play koebenhavn82

Balloonscph who is ready for some strap on @loveisalandfill


Who is ready for some strap-on fun?

Hubby is waiting for when I’m going to be ready to use it on him…Domina training agenda

Iamhergoodboy thatsmygoodboy one of my @loveisalandfill



One of my favourite views of iamhergoodboy.

Absolutely love submitting to her when she locks my head between her legs, and makes me dive right into her beautiful pussy. I can tell she’s having fun.

Diarygirld balls tight enough for you dgd @loveisalandfill


Balls…. tight enough for you?


Thenewlovetobepegged pcleric the sexiest @loveisalandfill



The sexiest woman on the Earth (and I am the luckiest man).

And when she puts on this - I want to bow my knees and worship her beauty and power.

Lucky, lucky fellow for sure.

Mistr3ss l my real life ds relationship my @loveisalandfill


My real life D/s relationship:

My helpless fuck toy being put to use after making him suck my rubber cock.
I love seeing him bent over like a little bitch and fucked, hearing him moan for my cock.
His slutty hole is still trying to adjust to my new big strap-on but for his sake i hope he adjusts quickly because they’ll only get bigger and thicker.

-Mistress L

Mistr3ss l my real life ds relationship im @loveisalandfill


My Real life D/s relationship:

I’m glad i was able to capture one of my favorite moments.
After our scene, once all the latex and bondage is put away, my slave gets very eager to thank me. He buries his face in my ass and licks every inch of me. Nothing feels as nice as having him worship both my holes until i cum all over his face.
He knows exactly how to make me moan with his tongue exploring every inch of me, such a good boy.

-Mistress L

Milchastity a wonderful tease from a beautiful @loveisalandfill


A wonderful tease from a beautiful KH.

Seducedknight2 a caption i made from one of our @loveisalandfill


A caption I made from one of our “Wedding Pics”…

As it should be!

Wyckedjasmine spiked heels protecting his @loveisalandfill


Spiked heels protecting his chastity key!!!

Yestryitall reblog if you want to see how she @loveisalandfill


REBLOG if you want to see how she used this..

Masterandpup pet some of the fun last night @loveisalandfill


Some of the fun last night, this is post multiple orgasms for masterspup-pet and one very torturous cage orgasm for me.
Sometimes its fun to switch up the roles

Dutch cuck this my beautiful wife she loves to @loveisalandfill


This my beautiful wife. She loves to seduce other men and have sex with them while keeping me locked and totally aroused. I love her with everything I have.

Treasures70 you naughty naughty boy if i @loveisalandfill


you naughty, naughty boy. If I catch you wearing my knickers again…….x

Brucecambellxxx my beautiful goddess wearing @loveisalandfill


My beautiful Goddess wearing her new necklace. Photo taken today. I get hard every time I see the key dangling above her cleavage.

Off to a good start.

Hotwife uncensored homemade humbler for hubby @loveisalandfill


Homemade Humbler for hubby 😈

Altobagoo en souvenir dune soirée strapon @loveisalandfill


en souvenir d’une “soirée strapon”, bien débridée….et à vite reproduire  ❤  👸

Double trouble.

Txtrails first time @loveisalandfill


First Time!

Femdomhotwifecuckoldinterracial its one of @loveisalandfill


It’s one of those beautiful mysteries of the universe… how locking up a man’s penis in chastity dramatically improves his pussy-eating skills, and significantly drives up his desire to do it.

10timessexierthanyou i love it when my fella @loveisalandfill


I love it when my fella comes home from fires. We get a chance to reconnect. We get an opportunity to show each other how much we mean to each other. And I get a chance to strap on my black beauty and fuck my fella in the ass as hard as my little body is capable.

Bbc couple1989 bustybabe89 loves to tease @loveisalandfill


bustybabe89 loves to tease tc6569 . He’s so close but so far lol . His little dick needed to see what it’s missing 💋

Mistr3ss l my real life ds relationship @loveisalandfill


My real life D/s relationship:

Come here little bitch, i’ve been waiting for you to come come so i can use your ass. You’ve been begging me all day to fuck you, sitting at work thinking about how desperately you need to be turned into my fucking faggot. Now that you’re finally home let me lock you in your straight jacket and fuck you like a good anal whore.

-Mistress L

Our secret lust life my new strapless dildo @loveisalandfill


My new strapless dildo gives fantastic pleasure to me. It presses exactly my G-pont inside my vagina. I’m so excited to try it on Daddy.

Nasty cpl part 2 the new strap on felt so @loveisalandfill


Part 2. The new strap on felt so good mmmm

btw sorry for quality
Goddessandhersissy thank you everyone for @loveisalandfill


Thank you everyone for following us and getting us to 700 followers! Here’s a picture of Goddess in her dominatrix outfit and sissy in his maid outfit waiting to be fucked. Like and reblog if you want to see pics of Goddess fucking me!

Amateurslutcouple ready to take her big cock @loveisalandfill


Ready to take her big cock deep and my ass and cum so hard I think I’m going to pass out

Thenewlovetobepegged atx88 my wifes cock rdy @loveisalandfill



My wifes cock rdy to fuck me. If I’m lucky. #pegging

Be lucky!

Amateurslutcouple she has the key and the big @loveisalandfill


She has the key and the big cock, I do as I’m told and love every minute of it.

Herdirtylittleheart leave your pretty little @loveisalandfill


“Leave your pretty little dress on.”
(Post orgasmic up-skirt)


Not to be tamed snow whites stitching @loveisalandfill




It’s gonna be a long night.

“It’s gonna be a long night,” that phrase feels me with such dread and excitement. That realization that the scene is going to go on for a long time, has always been a scary. Knowing it won’t end until I’ve been pushed to my limits. Knowing that my release may not be part of the plan. The terrifying feeling that I maybe left wanting more. Those scenes are amazing, they are what my nightmares and deepest fantasies are made up of.

Wonderful caption. 

Not to be tamed peggingisforlovers @loveisalandfill




So I took a shower.

For us? I’m flattered.

Actually, yes, for you. 😁 when you’re addicted to taking selfies you’re constantly looking for situations to take them in.

Nice girl cock upgrade there.

Welovekinky today i was trying to have a sex @loveisalandfill


Today I was trying to have a sex with F but I’m still locked and it seems to be impossible…She said that she will continue to have sex with another guy and she will keep me locked for next week. So I’m hanging on!

Попытался заняться сексом с женой в этой штуке, но это нереально. Жена сказала, что продолжит ходить налево, а я останусь в клетке до конца следующей недели…как то так!


04phuxache janet in action strapon pegging @loveisalandfill


Janet in action #strapon #pegging #amateur #selfshot #POV

Ashleysinferno fun fun fun scene to shoot @loveisalandfill


Fun fun fun scene to shoot

Mackin48 hubby locked up and no where to go @loveisalandfill


Hubby locked up and no where to go :) :) love to be a tease to him when he’s locked up.

Hotwifey4u wifey luvs role reversal lucky me @loveisalandfill


Wifey luvs role-reversal… lucky me

Welovekinky that photo perfectly illustrates @loveisalandfill


That photo perfectly illustrates how we spent Saturday’s evening. I was locked in chastity and I was able only to lick the F’s pussy or to do something that is not connected with the use of my cock. But F…she gave our lover a lot of attention!


Hotwifemalin i just love the power and @loveisalandfill


I just love the power and excitement of caging my cuck before I meet other men.

Bowsandbondage just a fun mirror photo i was @loveisalandfill


Just a fun mirror photo, I was seeing how it would look as I fuck my dolly boy. 

Looks good!

Bowsandbondage my dolly boy loves something @loveisalandfill


My Dolly boy loves something hard and long up his cute ass, I can’t wait to get a strap-on so I can make him scream as I plow him hard and fast. I love the thought of him crying, begging me to stop… I won’t. I won’t stop… My beautiful Dolly boy will be tied up just in case he tries to get away. 

Reblog & Like this if you want to see him get fucked. <3


Mistr3ss l after locking his cock up for this @loveisalandfill


After locking his cock up for this long, this is what i come home to now, him hungry to taste me, satisfy me. Thats what happens when you lock up that useless cock, he gets his priorities straight, my pleasure is the priority, and he gets his satisfaction through me from now on. The hornier he gets, the more he wants to make me cum.

Anafuntymes anafuntymes finally bent daddy @loveisalandfill



Finally bent Daddy over, pulled down his shorts, and gave him Kittys big pink cock. Just his moans alone were enough to make me cum. And now he knows what it’s like to be the bitch. 🌸

Last but not least, number 1! This was back when we first started our pegging adventures.

Flrchastitynl my lovely wife sends me all kinds @loveisalandfill


My lovely wife sends me all kinds of pics while i’m at work.

Naughtywifensubhubby decided hubby needed to @loveisalandfill


Decided hubby needed to get pegged last night, or better put, I needed to take his ass hard. 😈

Secretlustcouple fishnets high heels and a @loveisalandfill


Fishnets, high heels and a cock cage.

Perfect combination.

Not thenicegirl letmedothis our tribute to @loveisalandfill



Our tribute to woohoowithyou . Hope everyone enjoys it as much as we did. 

Raven Yates // Everett Scott

Can’t wait to do this again


Onthekneesnow the risky threesome you could be @loveisalandfill


The Risky Threesome 

You could be humiliated a lot if you take part in a threesome with two girls using strapons and yourself as the receiving part. The girls will most certainly laugh at you while you’re in a very vulnerable position - they are having a power rush so just let them dominate you and have some fun.

Decnew she enjoyed herself i enjoyed being @loveisalandfill


She enjoyed herself. I enjoyed being allowed to watch.

Mypetskeyholder locked him up before sending @loveisalandfill


Locked him up before sending him to work and after using and denying him

Pegme4real i made this photo for you with @loveisalandfill


I made this photo for you with pleasure Mr T.

I watching it with pleasure ;)
Chastityknight i love having my bf locked in @loveisalandfill


I love having my bf locked in chastity! At first it took sometime for him to get use to, but I barely let him out. I love having him as my play toy! I have even started to make him a sissy, making him wear panties. Any ideas of how I can continue to make him less of a man? Or humiliate him? I just love the control and he says he likes it too.

Thrilledbytease dont you just love a woman who @loveisalandfill


Don’t you just LOVE a woman who gets right to what she wants?