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Love Your Labia @lovelargelabia

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A body-positive blog for women who may be seeking a little reassurance that their labia are normal! Spreading the news that large lips are just as normal as large noses, or hands, or eyes, or bums, or boobs, or feet - you get the idea - It's normal! The letters displayed show what a huge difference we've already made to helping those with larger lips realise that it's totally normal - despite what society/media/unrealistic pornography/narrow-minded people would have us believe. Tell us your thoughts, ask a question, submit a photo and be part of showing others with large lips that it's nothing worth losing any sleep over at all. The intention of this tumblr is to educate, inform and reassure; not as a source of pornography or an attempt to arouse. It is NOT a dating site/a lonely hearts column/an appropriate place to tell us your wildest fantasies. Supportive or constructive responses and contributions only, please. 18+ only, NSFW, Please certify 18+ with submissions or we will WILL DELETE & NOT post the item. - Love Your Labia (@lovelargelabia)
I am a 40 year old woman and as i grew older i @lovelargelabia

I am a 40 year old woman and as I grew older I became more and more self-conscious about my labia. I don’t know what started it, or when, and no lover of mine ever complained (I hid them as much I as I could), so I’m guessing it’s all about the media. It is so stupid society does this. I am tall, have long legs and fingers, large breasts also, so it would be only natural I would have large labia, but I thought I was a freak.
I just wish I had known this blog earlier. This is the first time I ever talk about this, and it feels great. I think I´m finally starting to accept and enjoy how I am, and by doing so I will also be able to enjoy sex more. 

Im 25 ive been very self conscious over my @lovelargelabia

I’m 25. I’ve been very self conscious over my naked body, not only do I have larger lips but inverted nipples too.. I’ve often considered surgery for both! (absurd i know!) But can I just say Thankyou for this site, and all your posts from my fellow larger lipped gals.. You’re all just so beautiful and I feel very supported and comforted to see I’m not alone. Lets embrace out beauty!

I am 25 years old i felt like there was something @lovelargelabia

I am 25 years old. I felt like there was something wrong with me and only in the past few years have I begun to research large labia thinking that I was the only one with big lips. I have grown to accept my labia as beautiful and I am happy to see that there are other women out there like me. Thanks in part to a guy that I was with who loved them. I have confidence in myself and my sexuality. Thank you for sites like this one, allowing woman to embrace themselves as who they are. Beautiful.

Im 38 and have been comparing my labia to others @lovelargelabia

I’m 38 and have been comparing my labia to others my whole life just like many others on here. It is such a relief to not be alone. Thank you for helping me start to feel normal and beautiful. 

Great news!!

Ive been extremely insecure about my vagina since @lovelargelabia

I’ve been extremely insecure about my vagina since I was 18. I’m 22 now. I hated how dark the outer part of the lips are, and how there is, what seems like, excess skin along the perineum. I felt like I caused this excess tissue from masturbation, which may be true. I still have days were I hate my vagina and feel dirty/ugly because of the coloration, and would be happy to have a surgery to remove the perineum tissue (what looks like skin tags), but never the labia!! I’m really happy to have found this blog, I feel better about myself, and everything I’ve seen here is unique and beautiful it it’s own way. Stay strong girls!!

I love the way my pussy feels and the way i can @lovelargelabia

I love the way my pussy feels, and the way i can make it feel. I like the color, tightness, and my high sex drive. As long as i can remember I’ve struggled to love my lips, I’ve considered labiaplasty, and although this blog has helped me to realize how unique & beautiful everyone is I still feel for me to fully appreciate my body i may have it done eventually before 30, I am 27 now, besides being cosmetic it can be uncomfortable sometimes during sex & other activities, and I feel self conscious in underwear bikinis etc…. Thank you for sharing this site, and helping women have a more realistic view on their bodies :))

Thank you. We thought it important to post your message because you’re not contemplating a labiaplasty due to being uninformed or or unaware of what normal labia look like. At the end of the day, a person’s peace of mind and comfort in themselves is what’s important. It’s easy to jump on the ban/forbid/prevent labiaplasty bandwagon - but that would be just as irresponsible and short-sighted. To have the operation when you’re young and subject to so many conflicting (uninformed) opinions is unwise, but as with any cosmetic surgery, once you’ve reached an age where you can make an informed, mature and rational decision it’d be silly to still insist that you don’t do it.

However, bear in mind that once it’s gone, it’s gone: along with all of the benefits you mention in your first sentence. Is several thousand dollars value for money to slice off a normal part of your body that no-one but you and your lover will see, and with the benefits it also brings? If it were really that much of an issue, wouldn’t you have done it already by now?

Ive finally plucked up the courage to post my @lovelargelabia
I’ve finally plucked up the courage to post my “butterfly wings”. Having always thought that I was the only one with big lips I never appreciated how beautiful they are. Thanks to this great blog I am loving my lips more than ever. When I was younger I used to hide in PE class and tried to avoid showering with the other girls as much as I could. A few years ago I embraced  naturism but up until recently used to close my legs as much as possible whilst on the beach. Thanks to your blog and a few words of encouragement I now openly show my lips on the beach and love doing it. There’s nothing better than feeling the sun on them! I even get looks from other women which I am starting to appreciate too. I’m sure they feel a pang of jealously wishing they had lips like mine. I now think they are beautiful and having them I am extremly lucky. 
34 years old.

Another variation on a theme @lovelargelabia

Another variation on a theme

24 yr old woman here just wanting to contribute @lovelargelabia

24 yr old woman here, just wanting to contribute.

And thank you for doing so :)

Another view of lifes great tapestry @lovelargelabia

Another view of life’s great tapestry.

Sometimes a photo says a thousand words unknown @lovelargelabia

Sometimes, a photo says a thousand words. Unknown pro model. 

I am annabelle a french woman 40 years old @lovelargelabia

I am Annabelle, a french woman, 40 years old.


I am in my thirties and have always been paranoid @lovelargelabia

I am in my thirties and have always been paranoid that I have too much down there. This blog has done wonders for my self image.  If my photo is well liked I may submit others.

Of course your photo will be liked. Thanks for contributing.

19 year old female 140 pounds 58 im sexually @lovelargelabia

19 year old female, 140 pounds, 5'8

I’m sexually active, but I’ve never had actual vaginal penetration or let a guy touch me any farther than my underwear due to the fact that I’m extremely concerned about how my labia is supposed to look. Coming across this site has made me feel a lot better knowing that I’m not abnormal and that there are women that are even longer and/or bigger than me, labia wise. I’m still afraid that I’m going to turn some guy off if they go down on me or see it and say something rude and then not want me. But now I know that it’s just because they’re either immature or just an ass and don’t know that those words can hurt a female that’s worried about how they look down there. It’s like if you comment on how small their penis is, it’s going to hurt their pride or ego and then have them worried about their size.

Thank you so much for making this tumblr blog. You don’t know how much you’ve made a difference for some women.


The pleasure is ours! Thanks for being a part of our blog.

Hello i think your blog is a great @lovelargelabia


I think your blog is a great initiative! It is about time that somebody shows women that size doesn’t matter!:)

I am a woman of 37. I have always been very shy about my lips, although my boyfriends were never freaked out by them. I would like to contribute with my picture.

Thank you.

from Belgium

Great blog i just turned 30 and despite no @lovelargelabia

Great blog -  I just turned 30 - and despite no negativity from my husband whatsoever, I was beginning to feel (mostly from seeing porn) that I was a mess, getting saggy with age - all that stupid stuff. Porn has a lot to answer for in setting unrealistic expectations both in our partners and ourselves.

Seeing all these normal ladybits made me realise that I’m way off base. Normal women still look normal. I took a picture - and you know what, I think it looks pretty good on reflection!

Thank you. This is a fantastic resource for women

You’re very welcome - and we love compliments! Thanks for the lovely message and photo.

Age 34 2 kids thats all this contributor @lovelargelabia

Age 34, 2 kids. 

That’s all this contributor said.

Hi there took me ages to decide whether to send @lovelargelabia

Hi there… Took me ages to decide whether to send in a pic. At nearly 30 I’ve never really liked the way I look, never had any negative comments from partners, never positive, it’s just the way I feel! I think it’s the fact my right labia is much bigger than the left… Feels like it ‘gets in the way!! Anyway, after finding your blog I’m trying my best to like them :0)

Anonymous UK 

I have always been very self conscious of my lips @lovelargelabia

I have always been very self conscious of my lips. I would never be intimate with anyone unless the lights were out. After looking at this site and seeing I’m not so different, I have come to accept and actually love my lips. It seems there are a smaller percentage of women with lips and I now feel privileged to have, in other words, a little more to offer. My boyfriend started calling them my butterfly wings, which I don’t mind at all! I am the first woman he’s been with that had lips and as far as I can tell he enjoys them.

Thank you for all you have done for women like me, it really does help to know you’re not weird and alone. I am 21 years old and love my labia!

Im 24 years old and my labia has always looked @lovelargelabia

I’m 24 years old and my labia has always looked this way and although no one has ever said anything I feel extremely insecure during sex. This blog has really helped and I feel a lot happier :) anonymous x

If youre feeling shy about your large labia let @lovelargelabia

If you’re feeling shy about your large labia let your man or women spread them and get their tongue on them . It’s an amazing feeling . When I was younger I never wanted my labia seen I thought there was something wrong with me. I used to be so shy but now I wouldn’t have it any other way …. I love this blog . 

Anonymous, 24, USA

Here are my lovelies i am 24 years old my @lovelargelabia

Here are my lovelies :).   I am 24 years old.  My first boyfriend asked me “What is that?” with a concerned look on his face, and said he’d pay to have them surgically removed.  However, he also thought women urinated from our vaginas!  Now that I’ve been with other less ignorant and more mature men, I know that they are lovely and natural, but it is still difficult to overcome those first insulting remarks and to learn that some women’s inner lips are smaller.  Thank you so much for making a page like this.

With your wonderful contribution you help to showcase the supreme ignorance and tactlessness of many men (and women it should be said also) 

Hello there first off i wanted to say i love @lovelargelabia

Hello there,

First off I wanted to say I love your website. Vaginas have always been quite weird to me. But I’m definitely beginning to see their innate beauty.

I grew up being very self conscious of my lady parts. I suppose I’ve become a lot more comfortable with myself since college. The thing that did it for me was a naked party my close friends and I threw. Seeing so many different womanly body shapes was simply inspiring. And the best part… many of my friends had longer labia too! One of the things I love the most about “down there” is my intimate birthmark. In my opinion, it’s very sexy.

And who are we to disagree with anything you say! Thank you.

Hiya came across your site a few months back @lovelargelabia

Hiya, came across your site a few months back. Spent so many years hating how mine looked. Seeing the pictures of other women made me feel so much better about it and i appreciate the wide variety of shapes, colours and sizes. 

If I’m at the gym or swimming and changing infront of others im not embarassed about what I have. I cant say enough how I commend your site for showing how every woman is different and not all the same and standard.  

Thanks again for helping me, im sure you have helped hundreds of others also, many not brave enough to thankyou. 

Keep up the good work,

Claire, UK

Hello i recently came across your website and am @lovelargelabia
Hello, I recently came across your website and am happy to
contribute. Your website is really great! So many women will be spared the pain of
Here are mine long and pink and flappy 22 @lovelargelabia

Here are mine! Long and pink and flappy. :) 22

you took the words right out of our mouths! 

Im 24 years old ive been with the same guy for 7 @lovelargelabia

I’m 24 years old ive been with the same guy for 7 years. My husband has told me that my vag turns him off and he doesnt like going down on me for that reason. He has made med feel incredibly bad about myself and ive lost so much confidence from this. I really want assurance that others would find me desirable. I dont want to feel like im less than because i dont have small lips. Im really happy ive found this site as it makes me not feel alone but its hard to accept something about yourself when you have your spouse telling you that you’re ugly down there.

Well, hopefully the comments you receive here (keep it decent people) will help you find that reassurance. There are no words to describe how insensitive your husband is with his words. Maybe you should give him a taste of his own medicine and point out the odd thing you don’t like about him. Only once you enter into a discussion about it can you make him realise how hurtful he can be.

Hello there your web page is really helpful for @lovelargelabia

Hello there, 

your web page is really helpful for me, still feeling uncomfortable, how I look down there, but it helps, that I´m not alone. I´m 28, have a lovely husband and two kids. He does not care, that my lips are so big, even if I do, we never really spoke about it, I think/hope because it is just normal, how it looks. Even if I do not like myself down there - I´m not just that one part, I still look good.

Yes, it is normal, that’s why there’s nothing to talk about except to say that they’re wonderful!  Thanks for the contribution.

I have always been self conscious about my vulva @lovelargelabia

I have always been self conscious about my vulva in general. With my ex/first partner, I dreading having sex with the lights on or receiving oral. Smaller labia has always been more appealing to me for whatever reason. However, I have recently started to accept my vulva for what it is and am on the road to loving it as well. It’s such an incredible and beautiful thing to know that every vulva is different from the next. Finding blogs like this and seeing/reading posts on tumblr has helped me so much with my journey, and I am extremely grateful for it. 

Ive been comparing my own labia to the images you @lovelargelabia

I’ve been comparing my own labia to the images you see all over the internet for years now thinking that I was abnormal and not “pretty.” Looking here at the other women’s pictures and then taking photographs of my own, I think my labia are beautiful. I hope you do too.

I don’t think you’ll find anyone here will disagree with you! Thank you.

I am a spanish girl 35 years of age and when a @lovelargelabia

I am a spanish girl, 35 years of age and when a man tries to dig into me, he always first has to spread my labias to the outside.

I never had a boyfriend who didn´t like this! 

I would even not mind to have them longer, maybe I can pull them frequently in the near future!

Lovely to have a contribution from someone who loves them so much that they want more!

Beautiful @lovelargelabia


Thank you for this wonderful contribution @lovelargelabia

Thank you for this wonderful contribution.

Im a 20 year old college student with large @lovelargelabia

I’m a 20 year old college student with large labia.

thank you for the contribution

Im 22 years old and didnt realize i had large @lovelargelabia

I’m 22 years old, and didn’t realize I had “large lips” until last year. I was in a four year relationship with a guy and he never said a word about down there. then last year after our breakup..I was with a guy and he said I had the biggest lips he’s ever seen & i felt like an ass. ever since I have seriously been looking into a labiaplasty but I came across this site and it’s just refreshing 

Hi i just want to say first of all i love your @lovelargelabia

Hi I just want to say first of all I love your blog! 

      I am 26 years old and have been considering surgery since I was 18. I have always thought my large lips were unattractive and am still self conscious about them at times. I am so glad I stumbled upon this website. I see now that large labia can be beautiful and every women is different. Thank you.

spread the word, and thank you!

Hi i want to contribute with your page with my @lovelargelabia


I want to contribute with your page with my spanish large labia! ;)

And we love your contribution! Thank you. Large and beautiful lips.

Love this site it has given me so much @lovelargelabia

Love this site, it has given me so much confidence. I now love my labia

Huge beautiful and totally normal @lovelargelabia

Huge, beautiful and totally normal. 

Im 25yrs old and have always disliked my vagina @lovelargelabia

Im 25yrs old and have always disliked my vagina. Now im so happy with its size..

And you should be happy, it’s beautiful!

I am 27 years old and finally coming to terms with @lovelargelabia

I am 27 years old and FINALLY coming to terms with my large inner labia. I have never had a sexual partner comment in a positive way about them - it had always been no comment at all or a negative comment. My first boyfriend even asked “why don’t you look like other girls down there?” I am looking for reassurance. Thank you so much for your blog! I have learned so much on here :) 

Hey im 20 ive been really insecure about my @lovelargelabia

Hey, I’m 20. I’ve been really insecure about my labia my entire life. Your blog has really helped me be more confident. Thanks!

Hair lips normal @lovelargelabia

hair, lips, normal.

If yours look like this then youre normal too @lovelargelabia

If yours look like this, then you’re normal too.

A different view darker wrinkled lips @lovelargelabia

A different view - darker, wrinkled lips.

Ive been so embaressed of minethanks to this @lovelargelabia

I’ve been so embaressed of mine;thanks to this blog i am more confident. -angelina

We’re here to do just that.

I used to think my lips were ugly but now i @lovelargelabia

i used to think my lips were ugly, but now i wouldn’t trade them for anything. :)

Brilliant news!