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A pretty girl in her underwear If there's anything better in this world who cares Contact: FAQ - lovely panties (@lovelypanties)
Electricsexdoll so i sadly missed the chance to @lovelypanties


So I sadly missed the chance to submit to the amazing Sextathlon who was definitely an inspiration for me to start taking photos, but at the suggestion of few people I took off my pants and jumped on my ottoman in hopes to snap pics in time. So this was what I was going to submit, me right after work, right before the shower. Those socks are knee highs but it got some warm out I had to push them down. (woo hoo!)

Self portrait 2013 by breelbourn @lovelypanties

Self Portrait 2013 (by bre.elbourn)

Americanapparel unisex see thru short sleeve @lovelypanties


Unisex See Thru Short Sleeve V-Neck: SHOP NOW

Meinmyplace how have you guys liked this @lovelypanties


How have you guys liked this collaboration with playboy MIMP fans? Want more jaclynbetham in the future?

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Girl by mashademianova @lovelypanties

girl (by masha.demianova)

Meinmyplace it looks like taraholt is up to no @lovelypanties


It looks like @taraholt is up to no good over here….

In collaboration with @Playboy Magazine, Me In My Place shoots with actress Tara Holt.   

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Weirdwild i should be packing but @lovelypanties


I should be packing, but

Terry richardson @lovelypanties

Terry Richardson

Richard bernardin @lovelypanties

Richard Bernardin

Andreagillmer geminimagcom @lovelypanties


Meinmyplace as part of a new @lovelypanties


As part of a new collaboration, Amanda Jas shoots @taramackeymusic for Me In My Place…  see more here

Meinmyplace oh man my wardrobe has changed @lovelypanties


Oh man… My wardrobe has changed so much since I’ve moved.  The majority of my New York “daytime sweaters” have now become winter coats out in LA.  Probably anything that I wore before September, 2011 is my least favorite thing I own.”

As part of a new collaboration, Amanda Jas shoots @taramackeymusic for Me In My Place…  see more here

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S v g holy fuck @lovelypanties


Holy fuck…

Meinmyplace i have an actual fear of @lovelypanties


“I have an actual fear of voicemail. I will have my friends listen to it for me before I will. I just hate it, just text me or email me, don’t make me deal with that.”

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Pussylequeer ela grego anastasia sushchenko @lovelypanties


Ela Grego & Anastasia Sushchenko: Flamingoes - On the Field Magazine by Boris Ovini, Fall 2011

By leo berne @lovelypanties

(by leo berne)

Two door cinema clubs beacon cover by leo @lovelypanties

Two Door Cinema Club’s “Beacon” cover (by leo berne)

Justinlovewithit perfect pull no6 @lovelypanties


Perfect Pull No6

Beautiful real girl @lovelypanties


“Most often I am mistaken for Irish (which I usually don’t correct), but I’m mostly German and Russian.  That’s right, I’m impervious to alcohol.”

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Studiojoe beautiful erotic nudeart zivity @lovelypanties


#beautiful #erotic #nudeart #zivity #studiojoe #sexy #fashion #art (Taken with instagram)

Michael j demeo @lovelypanties

Michael J. Demeo

Rosie huntington whiteley for gq uk by simon @lovelypanties

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley for GQ UK by Simon Emmett

Lingerie love cotton panties by roufe @lovelypanties


Cotton Panties by Roufe

Beautiful real girl @lovelypanties


“It’s a sad day when my local talk radio station (@Heritage_Radio) tries to get me dates, that i can’t get for myself… woah.”

mimp app

By jo ji @lovelypanties

(by *jo-ji*)

000021030002 by anna kharina @lovelypanties

000021030002_ (by Anna Kharina)

Youve still got a soul left to lose by @lovelypanties

You’ve Still Got a Soul Left to Lose (by KatieMaeDickinson)

Elena moscow by claudio oliverio by @lovelypanties

Elena, Moscow, by Claudio Oliverio (by CLAUDIOOLIVERIO.COM)

Woman by anna morosini @lovelypanties

woman. (by anna☆morosini)

Tutsi tutsiredcheeks submitted @lovelypanties


tutsiredcheeks submitted

Joeydaytona submitted @lovelypanties

joeydaytona submitted

Leopardlace cbautista submitted @lovelypanties


cbautista submitted

Anonymous submission @lovelypanties

Anonymous submission

Via hey summer @lovelypanties

(via hey summer)

Tryinggtoevolve submitted @lovelypanties

tryinggtoevolve submitted

Artakazo submitted @lovelypanties

artakazo submitted

Rawrrrr p daikerina submitted @lovelypanties

rawrrrr :p

daikerina submitted

Love your tumblr decided to make my own and @lovelypanties

love your tumblr! decided to make my own and submit =]

alwayswanderin716 submitted

Chillin out maxin relaxin all cool @lovelypanties

Chillin out, maxin’, relaxin’ all cool. Calmyertitz by Sean Bloemer.

calmyertitz submitted

Twipz submitted @lovelypanties

twipz submitted

Nl goodnay submitted @lovelypanties


goodnay submitted

Tryinggtoevolve submitted @lovelypanties

tryinggtoevolve submitted

The mrs hipstersdontdance submitted @lovelypanties

The mrs

hipstersdontdance submitted

Calmyertitz by sean bloemer calmyertitz submitted @lovelypanties

Calmyertitz by Sean Bloemer

calmyertitz submitted

Morningloryyy submitted @lovelypanties

morningloryyy submitted

Dapperdoll submitted @lovelypanties

dapperdoll submitted

3 mememem88 submitted @lovelypanties


mememem88 submitted

Katsakid submitted @lovelypanties

katsakid submitted