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I Had Finally Been Fingered By The House Matron:

It was my last year @ boarding school and I had made many friends in the time that I had been boarding away from home, but I had recently discovered something about myself, which was that I was more attracted to girls than boys.

I had started to have these naughty fantasy’s while secretly watching the naked bodies around me while showering in the gym changing room. It was on one of these days, while I was slowly pretending to wash myself, but really more concentrated on the wet firm tits and the bubbled, soapy pussey mounds right next to either side of me, that someone finally caught me out perving @ there wet naked bodies, but it wasn’t one of my classmates, it was our gym teacher who was also our house matron who looked after all of the girls living away from home.

I wasn’t aware that I had been found out right @ that moment, it was later on that day once our studies were over and I was back in my bedroom getting ready to relax and watch some T.V before bed time.

Just as I had settled down in one of the lounging chairs in my room, there came a knock to my door. I looked @ my watch, it was half past eight @ night and I wondered who it could be @ this late hour, as I never had anyone come to my room that late before. I had already changed into my nightie, ready for bed and just had on a pair of fresh panties underneath, which were some thong ones that I purposely wore @ night, as the thin material in the crotch of them made it very easy for me to finger myself to sleep, as I lay back in bed with my knee’s pulled up so that the backs of my feet rested against my bare ass cheeks as I slipped a couple of my fingers into my pusseyhole.

A second, liter knock came again @ my bedroom door just before I was able to reach for the doorknob to open it. When I did, standing in the hallway was Miss our house matron. She was standing there in one of those fluffy white toweled robes which hung down to just above her ankles and I couldn’t help but notice the prominent outline of her large tits, as the robe cris-crossed them both, with a toweled band around her waist that was tied into a neat bow.

“I know its getting late Umi, but may I come in. I have a question to ask you, which I think I already know the answer to, but I won’t really know until I do ask.”, she said.

I stepped back away from the open door and gestured her in with a slight smile, but in my mind, I was now wondering what kind of question needed answering @ this time of night.

As she walked into my bedroom, she spoke again, “I am sorry for the intrusion Umi, I had wanted to catch up with you earlier on, but other matters came up, that I had to deal with first.”

I walked back to my chair, after having closed the door to my room again, as I didn’t want any other girl who might still be up, to know that I had our matron in my room, as it was always fair to say, that if she had been seen, that there would be plenty of loose lips the next day starting all kinds of rumors as to why she was here.

Miss sat in the other lounger chair opposite me and straight away, my eyes attention was diverted from staring @ her face. The lounger chairs were quite low to the ground and the centre of the chair was just a bit lower again, so when one sat down, it had the effect of making ones legs bend quite alot @ the knee’s, while your ass sat, perched slightly lower, as if you were half squatted standing up, but seated in the chair. When Miss sat down, her white fluffy toweled robe parted away from her legs and draped over the edge of the chair. From where I was sitting, I now had a clear view of her exposed legs, but that wasn’t what had caught my eyes attention. What it was, was that now the angle of her thighs up past her bare knee’s, were just @ the right angle, that a small almost triangle gap appeared between the underside of her white robe and the tops of her bare upper thighs. The light was bright enough in my room, that I was able to where her upper thighs meshed together and right in between, I could now make out the depression in her bare skin, of her pussey slit just showing itself above her legs. It wasn’t a total shock to be able to see her pussey bare of pussey hair, as there were a number of other girls who shaved their pussies bare, just as I liked to do as well. I had actually fingered myself to sleep on many occasions, as I imaged running my fingertips over some of them that I’d seen all bare in the hot steamy shower and had intense cums when I would image looking into their face, as I rubbed a slippery bar of soap in between there glistening wet thighs. I was surprised though with now seeing Miss’s pussey bare, as I’d never actually seen her naked or undressed before and she always wore quite conservative cloths, that an older woman would tend to wear compared to her age, which I guessed was somewhere in her mid to late twenties if not early thirties and not a day more.

I could just see the outline of her curved pussey mound just above her bare slit, but I was now trying to do my best to not show in my face, that I was able to see up past her bare legs.

“Umi………., I’m not quite sure how to broach this question to you, so that it doesn’t come out sounding wrong, but I’ll do my best to try not to offend you in anyway when I have finished asking my question.”, Miss said, but now with a very strange look to her face, which was starting to unsettle me a bit.

“Umi…… rrrhhhhh ummm. I…, I was standing there in the changing room today after the gym class had finished, as I had wanted to see one of the other girls about something, but as I stood there by the entrance to the showers, I noticed something from out of the corner of my eye. Something which I have seen many times before now and something which most others would normally miss seeing all together, if it wasn’t for the fact, as I just mentioned, I have seen first hand on plenty of occasions, as I’ve done it myself.”, Miss said, while now slowing the words she spoke, along with softening her voice slightly.

All I could do was return the now searching look on Miss’s face, with a complete blank stare of not really knowing what she was now talking about, though I did start to feel my cheeks feel flush, as if I’d done something really bad.

A second or two passed in total silence, with only the dim noise of my T.V set still going, to break up the tension I was starting to feel.

I didn’t budge or move a muscle in my chair and was now actually aware that I was almost holding my breath, as one does when bracing themselves for some kind of shattering news or event that has gone bad.

Miss on the other hand, she now used her hands to pull herself up and forward out of the chair, as her wedged ass had been perched low in the seat. She pulled herself forward enough, that now her ass cheeks must have been right on the very edge of the chair. Another millimeter I guessed and she would slip right off it. Once she did this, the small gap under her white toweled robe, it turned into a gaping open cavern, as she parted her thighs, while reaching out and placing her right hand ever so lightly on my left knee.

The next words from her mouth, were so quite, it was like she was trying to say something to me in secret, but with a hundred people all around us.

“Umi…………, what I’m trying to say to you, is that I seen you standing there in the shower directly under one of the big flowing shower rose heads. What I noticed was quite clear to see, well for me @ least. What I seen, that no one else didn’t, was you standing there with your middle finger buried almost all of the way into your pussey, while I traced the line of your eyes to one of the girls next to you showering herself. She was bent over, facing away from you, while she soaped her bare feet, but it wasn’t her soapy feet you were looking @ was it now, Umi???? I know Umi, because I have done the very same thing myself on a number of occasions and witness quite a number of other girls over the years that I’ve been working here that have done the same too.”

Miss’s words were like a car smashing into me @ a 100mph, I was totally, right @ that moment stunned. My personal and until now, well kept secret was no longer so. I could now see in Miss’s eyes a confidence that wasn’t there before. The stunned expression on my face gave her the answer she was looking for, without me ever having to speak a single word myself in reply.

That was when I felt the ever so slight increase in pressure of her clasp hand over the ball of my knee, that she had placed there. Her fingers didn’t look to move, but I was sure, more than sure, that her fingertips were actually massaging my left kneecap.           

Miss was so close to me now, that I could smell the aroma of her perfume she had on her body. Instead of looking @ the floor in total shame, I then couldn’t help myself and I found my eyes held in a fixed position. I was staring right in between her now well parted bare thighs and I could now easily see the two outer, luscious, plump bare pusseylips well framed by her toned thighs as they drew together @ her waist. A long deep grooved line ran from her hidden clit to then curve backwards towards her well rounded ass cheeks.

The next thing I was aware of, was of her other hand. I hadn’t realized it, but in the short time that I had been googling @ her smooth, bare pussey, my nipples had hardened into sharp pronounced peaks. They were both poking well through the sheer thin material of my nightie that I was wearing, as I felt Miss’s hand slowly tighten its grip over my right breast.

“You don’t have to be ashamed Umi by what you have been and are feeling right now. The quicker that you admit to yourself of your inherant desires, the quicker it will be, that you will discover a whole new beautiful world that has yet to be explored.”, Miss said, as I now felt her thumb slowly flick over my aching hard brown nipple through my thin nightie.

The pressure of her thumb over my hard nipple was enough, that it was like someone had triggered a huge bomb inside of me. The shock waves quickly spread out to every square inch of my body, as I heard myself gasp out loud to her touch.

I slowly rose up my eyes from her bare pussey and met her eyes and to see in her eyes, the look I had imaged while I fingered myself to sleep many, many times  over. The look I’d imagined, when secretly watching and also wanting to touch those bare wet bodies in the shower cubicle.

I now felt Miss’s hand release its grasp of my left knee, then felt the tingling sensation of her fingertips as they now slowly slid up the inside of my bare thigh. Up under the hem of my thin nightie, until they reached the point where I could feel them slid slightly across to the curve of my own pussey through the crotch of my thong panties. Her other hand continued to gently squeeze and mold my right tit to her will, as her left hand now started to trace the outline of my pussey slit through the crotch of my panties.

I felt my eyes start to glaze over, as she manipulated her fingers over my body as if she’d done it a thousand times before. Minutes passed, as she quickly brought my aroused state to a level that I’d never ever had while fingering myself in my bed. I then, right @ that moment, I finally gave in to my desires which I had half been holding back in some uncertainty. It was right then, that I finally grew back control of my own hands, which I’d completely forgotten about and I started to let my fingers wander about. I cupped my right hand over her hand cupping my swelled tit and with my other, I let it down on the inside of her right knee and got to feel the spendid warmth of her body for the first time.

It didn’t take long before I too, repeated her efforts with her other hand and I felt the most softest, smoothest hot skin, as my fingertips finally slid over the curve of her pussey slit.

A few more minutes pasted away, but it felt alot longer, as if time were slowing right down so that minutes could actually be hours. Still, without a word spoken, Miss then suddenly let go of my tit, grabbed hold of my hand now gently touching her pussey and pulled me up out of my chair.

I was hardly able to stand up, as my legs both felt like rubber bands under my hips, as Miss then guided me over to where my bed was.

She then turned and pushed me backwards onto my bed and I lay there, as she then slipped open the top of her fluffy white toweled robe and let it fall to the floor behinf her. I gazed up @ her bare body as she stood there for a moment, then watched her lean over and grasp @ the hem of my nightie.

In two firm tugs of it upwards, my nightie was discarded off the tip of her index finger, as I now lay there in just my thin thong panties.

More ever so slow minutes then past, as Miss then started to kiss my body all over, from my feet, right up to the nape of my neck. I caressed her body in return, as I felt her moist lips plant soft lingering kisses on parts of my body which I never thought would ever be possible.

By now my pussey was a sticky wet mess of my pussey cum which was freely flowing out from between my shaved bare pusseylips. It was then that I felt Miss’s hand return to rub and teasingly probe @ my pussey slit through my thong panties, before then having them curl around and under the thin crotch.

Again, it was like she had done this to me a thousand times before, as she seemed to know just what I was feeling and most important, what I needed still.

Three of her long slender fingers all slowly slid into my sticky wet pusseyhole all @ once, then she wasted no time @ all in quickly jerking those long slender fingers in and out @ a rapid pace.

Suddenly, the world around me exploded, as she lite the fire deep within my pusseyhole. My eyes widened like saucers as my orgasm was about to break and split my entire body apart and then she said the words I’ll never forget to the day I die.

She said, “I bet you wished with all of your might, that you could have slipped your fingers into that girls soapy, shaved and bare pusseyhole while she was standing there bent over in the shower. Well, that was why I was in the changing room, because I was wanting to talk to that girl myself and arrange a time to met her. I just had my fingers buried deep into her soaking wet, sticky pusseyhole less than an hour ago in her bedroom, just before turning up to knock on your bedroom door. When I told her, that you wanted to finger fuck her yourself, she started to buck her hips and thrust her bare shaved pussey mound onto my squelching wet fingers as she came”

The dim sound of the T.V set, in the background of my bedroom was then inudible, as I started to scream @ the top of my voice, as my orgasm broke every fiber in my body. It was soon followed by the sound of Miss’s squelching fingers, as she continued to ram her long slender fingers into my body, as I bucked my hips up off of the bed below me, grinding and thrusting my pussey mound hard against her probing fingers.

The last words spoken by her, was minutes later, after I had come down from the plateau that I’d never been to before. I lay there on my bed, still trying to control my breathing, as she picked up her white robe, covered herself with it, then planted one last kiss on my own lips.

She then said in a soft sultry voice, “I bet you will sleep well tonight, won’t you.”

I then watched her slowly walk out of my room and close the door behind her, as I touched myself between my still spread thighs and felt the swelling in my pusseylips from Miss’s rapid sharp thrusts of her fingers and the thick sticky coating of my pussey cum covering them.

Mmmmmmmmmmmm, yessssssss, I was going to sleep very well indeed. I thought to myself, as I then closed my eyes shut.

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ほんとにあったHな話 27
芦川芽依 中西愛美


When he mentioned about going for a walk. I thought he said, “Do you want to come to the forest park with me.”

It wasn’t until we were there, walking along the trail in the forest, that I then realized my mistake. What he had said was, “ I’m taking you to the forest park, but once there, he was going to cum in me.”

Luvasianpuss i was just getting into my uniform @luvasianpuss


I was just getting into my uniform in the station toilets, for my new job as a train ticket conductor, when I suddenly thought I had better get some practice in while standing in front of the mirror to say the correct words when talking to ones handing over their ticket to be punched.

“May I see your ticket please, to ride this bullet train you are on.”, I said and then repeated it over and over until I was happy that I had the right look and sound of authority to my voice.

I hope that I’m never too stern looking while doing my job, as I would hate it if they never ever came again and didn’t want to ride me…….., I mean ride with  me ever again. 

Luvasianpuss the dentist said that the dental @luvasianpuss


The dentist said that the dental work he had to perform, required for me to be put under, because of the length of time he needed to get everything just right.

When I came to, he said with a big smile on his face, “That went very well indeed. I’m happy to say, that I was able to get right in deep, into that small rooting canal and it looks and feels like brand new. I did have to put in quite a bit of thick white filler right @ the back though, to plug up that hole nice in tight. It won’t be long now, I’ve just applied some new polishing compound to your teeth and a quick buff and your teeth will be all purely white again.”

I looked up @ him and could see beads of sweat covering his face. He must have been under a lot of pressure @ one moment there, I thought during the procedure.

As for that polishing compound, I think he’s put a little too much in my mouth, as I can now start to feel it dribbling down the side of my chin.

When the moment is right and I have these mouth guards off, I’ll swallow it all down, as I hate to spit out into that small circular bowel of running, swirling water and then have to gargle out loud once sipped from the cup next to it.

Its not very lady like is it to do that, spit I mean, I’d definitely rather swallow everytime, won’t you???. 

Luvasianpuss when we went to check out the @luvasianpuss


When we went to check out the apartment that we were interested to buy. The agent selling the property took me to one side and said quietly into my ear.

I know the price of the apartment is a little on the steep side from the monetary budget you currently have in mind, but one of its most excellent features, is that the whole house is dripping in high end, quality HD security camera’s for peace of mind from being robbed.

All of the twenty scattered camera’s can be viewed and accessed from the private study.

I just thought I should mention that to you, when you introduced me to your beautiful step-daughter that you have with you today.

The man was right, after having had a look in the private study with its key coded access door, I was sold straight away, while my step-daughter waited in the kitchen with the agent, for me to return.

I knew, cum hell or high water, I’d somehow manage to find the extra money needed, as the extra money spent was going to be well worth it @ the end of each day spent, while living here.

Wouldn’t you agree???

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Ever since we have had our new maid started working for us, our meals have all of a sudden gone to the point where she serves bloody carrots in everything that she cooks up, though they do say having lots of carrots is good for your eye sight, don’t they.

@ the moment, I’ve heard she is busy preparing a huge carrot cake with lots of special, creamy icing to go on top.

I hope its really moist.

Luvasianpuss youve heard of spontaneous @luvasianpuss


You’ve heard of spontaneous combustion haven’t you, where a flame suddenly bursts into life from intense heat and friction.

Well, have you ever heard of spontaneous ejaculation???

I have. The same principles apply.

Luvasianpuss with all of the many men who would @luvasianpuss


With all of the many men who would regularly come knocking on her front door, it wasn’t surprising that my nextdoor neighbour, that she’d earnt the nickname of the “Fly’in Dragon”.

As many a hard cock would soon be spewing out its hot contents, as she waited for it to fly through the air towards her.

Luvasianpuss my step father works a big @luvasianpuss


My step-father works @ a big Hospital, where he is one of the head doctors there.

He is so highly skilled, that he’s used to performing complex keyhole procedures on a daily basis.

Luvasianpuss i just luv picnics especially when @luvasianpuss


I just luv picnic’s, especially when things are already well spread out and I get to cast my eyes over the bounty laid out in front of me, then all I have to do is lay down to eat as much as I can.

Anyone for seconds???

Luvasianpuss have you ever been laying down on a @luvasianpuss


Have you ever been laying down on a sandy beach, while your towel is held over your hips, as you secretly rub and finger between your pusseylips, but before you start to cum, you feel the need to go pee.

I’ve had plenty of those occasions myself and not once have I managed to get to the toilet on time.

Usually I’ll finger myself, just after having been in the sea water, so no one thinks twice, if they happen to see a small wet patch of sand where I have been sitting, while orgasming myself soaking wet.

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Don’t you just hate it.

When @ home on the weekend after a long hard week of work and while you are lounging outside on a patio deck chair under the hot sun, your just about to doze off to sleep, when you suddenly hear a voice calling out to you.

Its the nextdoor neighbour wanting her volleyball, that has come flying over the fence into your back yard.

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The Captain said that I needed to trim my wings, then adjust my flaps down, once his landing gear was locked hard in place.

He luv’s it when my approached landings are a little rough and bumpy on touchdown.

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When I sang to my step-father, my rendition of the Elvis Presley song, “Jailhouse Rock”, that I was rehearsing for an up coming Rock n Roll concert I was competing in.

As soon as I was finished, he gave me his rendition of, “I’m Nothing But A Hound Dog”

Now he’s saying, “I’m cumming all the time.”

I just luv Rock n Roll, don’t you?

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Have you ever been to the mall and asked someone for directions.

Only to find that they have given you a bum stare, as to where you want to find something.

It happened to me the other day and as it happened. I found myself going in totally the wrong place, but by the time I got to the top of the elevator, I found myself with one big aching hardon.

Luckily, there were some toilets on the top level nearby and I locked myself into one of the cubicles, as I intently studied the twenty seconds of video footage that I’d managed to take on my cellphone and jerked the living death to my hard cock.

The thick white cum which then hit the back of the cubicle door, as I imagined my hard cock pushing up between those creamy ass cheeks which had been just in front of me moments ago, was a sign that I’d found the right place after all.

Once I was cleaned up, I then spent the next hour while carrying my cellphone riding up and down the escalator, whenever I spied someone else who might point me in the wrong direction.

Luvasianpuss the whole time that i was bowling @luvasianpuss


The whole time that I was bowling with my step-daughter, my mind was completely in the gutter.

As you can guess, I ended up losing the game, as I started to wonder how I could get the perfect strike with my big hard pin, right up the middle of her tight alleyway.

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my open hairy Filipina pussy


Well well well, firstly, I do have an apology to make.

I’ve been sitting on these many photo’s submitted to me for a number of weeks now and haven’t had the chance to post them up until now.

A big huge THANKYOU!!!! for the wonderful photo’s that you have sent me, as I always luv, as you all well know. I just luv any sexy Asian woman and their beautiful bodies.

I’ve never been to the Philippines yet, but which I hope to do so shortly and if I were to keep seeing beautiful girls such as yourself in my travels, I may never want to leave again, hehe.

I just luv the length of your long jet black hair, as it cascades down over your shoulders. An image of your hair being held like a horses reigns, as your beautiful pussey is filled with a hard aching cock immediately springs to luvasinpuss’s dirty mind.

Mmmmmm, certainly a story I’ve yet to write about, but now seeing your pic’s, be sure to look out for a similar themed story in the not too distant future.

Thanks again for the beautiful pic’s, as I just luv receiving sexy photo’s like this from my many Asian followers. 


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I don’t know what has gotten into my step-father of late.

Everytime I go to finger my G-string, he suddenly has to leave the room and excuses himself saying, that he urgently needs to go to the toilet.

I never knew, my playing would have that kind of effect on him.

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When my step-daughter took me by the hand and walked me down to the back of our section. She quickly pointed out, from all of the over growth, which bush was in need of another little trim.

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Some Books, Speak Volumes About A Person:

I luv reading books so much!!!

So much so, that I’d heard of a private library that the Principal had, which held many volumes of books that weren’t privy to display and being read in the main library. They were his very own private collection.

The temptation got too great for me and I just had to see, just what was contained in this collection of books.

One afternoon, I managed to sneak into his office unnoticed, as I knew the Principal was out and attending today’s sports events which I had managed to get out of, saying that I was unwell to compete in. The Principal always followed any sporting event with great interest and it was common to see him with his camera taking photo’s of the competitors as they competed in the various events of the sports meeting.

I felt my heart pounding in my chest, as I neared the closed door to the back of his office, as I reached out to turn the round brass doorknob. Luckily the door wasn’t locked and it pushed open with a slight creak to the hinges.

Upon entering the dimly lit room, my eyes slowly focused to the small room and managed to spy a light switch on the wall to my right. With a flick of my finger, a bright light instantly beamed down from the ceiling and I stood in awe, @ rows in rows of books all closely bound together, there were so many of them, on thick wooden selves.

I started to slowly run my fingertips across the bindings of each book, as I strolled along the first row of books. I could tell straight away, that these were very expense books, as they nearly all had golden gilded written words on each of them, with thick hard covers to them. Some of the volumes were complete and others looked like they were still being collected as the missing volume numbered books clear absence made gaps in some of the rows.

I was stopped in my tracks, when I spied a large old book which was about an inch thick and the size of an A3 sheet of paper in size. The binding was all tattered and torn, like it had been very well used. What had caught my eye, was the fact the cover of the book had no words on it what so ever, it was like an artists blank canvas yet to be filled with colour.

I pulled the old looking book from the self and placed it down on the floor below me, then knelt down to open it up.

As I lifted the frayed front cover, my eyes widened up like saucers as to what was showing on the very first page. The first page was actually completely blank with no writing on it @ all, but laying atop of it, were a scattered pile of photo’s in a jumbled disarray and in no order what so ever.

My heart now felt like it was going to pound and leap out of my chest, as my eyes quickly scanned the many photo’s laying about the page. Right @ this point, I wondered if I should just put the old book back where I had found it and leave the small private room before I was caught, as I now knew this book was only meant to be seen by one set of eyes, the Principal.

Somehow, something inside of me said to continue looking. I was now too curious to leave what I had just discovered. I ran my fingertip across the many photo’s, to ease them apart more and as I did, I actually heard myself gasp out loud in the small room, as more layered, hidden photo’s came into view.

All of the photo’s now spaced out more in front of me, were from past sporting events that we had had. What it was that had made me gasp, was the way in which the photo’s had been taken. There, right @ the top of the pile, was a close up photo, of a girl bent over @ the start of a sprint race. The photo had been framed, so that her entire ass filled the photo, with the blurred painted lines of the track visible behind her. The image showed her firm, toned ass cheeks highlighted by the skin tight running shorts she had on and because it was framed so close, I could clearly see the outline of her pussey mound showing though the crotch of her track shorts. The next photo to it, showed another girl in mid air, with her legs splayed out very wide, after having jumped high into the air, before she would have landed in the soft sand of the long jump. Again, the photo was taken up very close and I could clearly see the visible outline of her pussey lips in a well formed curve, as the double stitched vertical seam of her skin tight shorts dug deep in between her plump pussey lips. The next photo, it was of another girl, again seemingly flying through the air, but the photo was captured as she was about to go over the small rounded bar of the high jump. You could see the strained look in her face, as she used all of her physical energy to lift herself up off from the ground, but it was the moment in time, where her entire body was arched over backwards, as her ass cheeks just barely grazed over the small rounded bar held in place. With her legs still to clear the bar, because of her arched back, her pussey mound clearly rose up, again in a well formed curved line within her tight shorts.

As I flicked through the many photo’s, they were all similar in subject matter. There were tight tops showing dark brown nipples protruding through the white cotton tops. Fleeting, micro second glimpses of cotton panties revealed, as the leg opening of running shorts flapped open, with out stretched legs of ones running around the track. Bra’s showing through tops which had become saturated with body sweat and even the odd photo, of wispy black pussey hairs peeking out from the edges of white cotton panties, as competitors laid down on the ground while seemingly doing stretching exercises before or after events.

My heart now felt like it was going to explode, but I was so entrance by what I was seeing @ the same time. I couldn’t quite explain it, but seeing all of these candid caught moments was actually starting to make me hot and flushed.

Now, as I turned each page in turn, more and more photo’s filled each one, right through the entire book almost. All of firm, toned bodies caught in moments one would not normally expect to see or remember, other than the act of the event itself. By the time I had gotten midway through the book, I actually did, without @ first realizing it, had now placed my right hand over the crotch of my own panties and my fingertips were slowly grazing the soft cotton panel of my panties, as my eyes continued to slowly scan over each taken photograph.

Now my breath was feeling heavy, as I felt the outline of my own pussey lips hidden under the cotton fabric and the small circular bump of my clit just above.

I was now so aroused, I could actually see the small dimpled outline of my clit showing through the cotton of my panties crotch. Making slow, soft circular passes of it, it only made me even more horny as to what I was now seeing.

My fingers now slid along, back and forth the forming vertical groove in my panties crotch and could feel the increased heat from my body rising, as I also then felt the first signs of my wet pussey cum start to saturate through the thick gusset. It wasn’t long before the tips of my fingers got covered in the wetness seeping through. I still didn’t know why, but I was getting more excited by the second while looking @ these forbidden, candid pic’s.

I knew it wouldn’t be long, before I would feel myself start to cum, as the tingling sensation building up within my body rose @ an almighty pace.

As I got to the last lot of photo’s, my breath was now raggered and raw. Now I had slipped my hand in under my cotton panties and was freely rubbing my fingertips over my bare, shaved pussey mound. My sticky, hot, wet cum was now a stream oozing out from between my bare pussey lips and my hard beaded clit felt like it was on fire, as I used my thumb to press over its hard tipped point.

Just as I was starting to feel that I was @ the point of no return, where I would feel my body start to shudder and shake as my orgasm broke over my entire body. I heard myself gasp out loud again, but it wasn’t from my impending orgasm.

I had just turned another page, when I seen it and knew straight away what and who I was looking @. The photo below me, was a closeup photo of me. I knew it was, because of the outfit. Tight, bright pink running shorts with a white cotton top. I was the only one with that coloured pair of shorts. I looked @ the image and tried to remember the moment it had been taken. A few seconds passed until I did. It was from a couple of sports meets ago where I had been competing in the long jump, not long after having run a long distance race out on the track.

It had been a particularly hot and humid day @ that meet and I now remembered how hot and sweaty I had gotten after finishing the 1500 metre race. I thought I had enough time to cool down before I was about to compete in the long jump event, but as it happened, I was waved over by the event official to be one of the first to jump.

I now deeply dug my sticky wet fingers into my soaked pusseyhole, as I gazed @ the captured photo. It was a closeup of my bright pink running shorts, with me in a frozen moment in time. The photo had been taken just a second or two, after I had landed in the soft, grated, leveled layer of slightly wet sand. My hands were held out to each side, with my feet and ass cheeks buried into the craters left upon impacting down from having jumped through the air. As I sat there in that frozen moment in time. The photo showed everything in crystal clear detail. Both my legs were splayed out wide from having tried to keep my balance while falling. Right there in the center of my tight, bright pink running, was the clear outline of my shaved, bare pussey mound showing through the crotch of the shorts. A slightly darker shade of pink circled an area around my pussey mound, from where my body sweat had soaked the crotch of my shorts. Added to that, my large tits were also clearly outlined through my white cotton top. I could see the two circular, darkened spots of my dark brown nipples and the semi hard tips of each of them poking through upwards through the cotton material of my sweaty white top.

The sight of my well formed outline of my sweaty, shaved and bare pussey mound though, then tipped me over the edge and I screamed out loudly in the small private room, that I thought the entire school would hear me. My nipples now burned as much as my aching clit, as I started to rock my hips in unison to my delving fingers still rapidly plunging into my sticky wet pusseyhole.

As I continued to have my first orgasm while laying there on the floor, I had this image form inside of my head, of the Principal standing there @ the end of the long jump pit with his camera held up and his finger on the small button, ready to capture me @ the right moment. I then wondered just how hard his cock was, when he finally focused the camera well enough, that he was able to click the shutter button and capture my sweaty plump pussey lips contained inside of my tight, bright pink running shorts.

As I was just about to slip my fingers back out from inside of my sticky wet pusseyhole, after having felt my pussey muscles contort and contract around them, I noticed something else with the photo. Just below my sweaty crotch, there were a number of blurred spots and a long blurred trail to the bottom edge of the photo.

OMFG!!!!!!!!!, I just realized right @ that moment, these blurs in the photo was the wiped remaining traces from the hot thick cum which must have shot out onto the photo from the Principals rock hard cock, as he made himself cum.

I’d never had an orgasm straight after another before, but now I was.

I tortured my hard beaded clit, as I ripped and pulled @ my top to exposed my aching tits with my other hand. As I rolled into my next orgasm, I pinched @ the coned peaks of my two large tits in turn and felt my entire body stiffen up as every muscle in my body strained and tightened with the pleasure I was feeling. It was so intense, as I then wondered, just how many times that the Principal had been in this private room and had cum over my frozen in time body.

Then it happened!!!

I heard a slight noise behind me, before then hearing a voice, the Principals voice speak. “Mmmmmmmm, what do we have here then. Here’s me thinking that all of the action was out on the sports field, but I guess that I was wrong”

I quickly spun my head around and there standing in the open doorway to this private room, was the Principal.

My eyes stretched wide open again, as I then realized that he had his camera held up to his face, with his finger sitting over the small shutter button, then of the flash of bright light, as I feel drips of my sticky wet pussey cum drip away from my glistening wet pussey lips, to land on the un-worded page of that old tattered, well used book.

I could see by the look in his eyes, that very soon, I was going to become another volume in his private collection.   

Luvasianpuss i now know why they are called @luvasianpuss


I now know why they are called glasshouses.

With the extra intense heat from the sun streaming through the glass panes, it wasn’t long before things started to quickly rise up and I could feel my orgasm starting to grow.

Luvasianpuss make sure it is three fingers @luvasianpuss


“Make sure it is three fingers @ least, that you slip into my pusseyhole.”, I said to the paperboy, as he awaited my instructions.

Luvasianpuss was it wrong of me to be fantasizing @luvasianpuss


Was it wrong of me to be fantasizing of my step-son Tobi’s rock hard cock pounding into my soaking wet pusseyhole every afternoon once I’d gotten home from work.

Luvasianpuss i really love my food especially @luvasianpuss


I really love my food, especially when my step-daughter offers to get takeaways and orders a smorgasbord meal and I get to eat all that I want until I’m absolutely bursting. .

Luvasianpuss when i rung home from work the maid @luvasianpuss


When I rung home from work, the maid we had answered the phone.

“I’m the only one here @ the moment and I’m currently preparing tonight’s meal for you. Its your favourite, three mixed vegetables and steak, with plenty of sauce.”, I heard her say on the other end of the line.

I finished the call quickly, as the maid sounded a bit stressed as she talked on the phone to me.

I hope she isn’t going to too much trouble just for my account.

Luvasianpuss i always have my phone set to @luvasianpuss


I always have my phone set to vibrate for in coming txt messages, as I usually receive well over 500 of them a day.

Mmmmmmmmmm, there’s one now.

Luvasianpuss do you know just how hard it is to @luvasianpuss


Do you know just how hard it is, to try to go out and play a solid round of golf, when you suddenly find your step-daughter playing with your favourite wedge in a deep bunker.

When she was finished with that club, she took hold of my “big daddy” driver, gripping it tight as she guided it to a hole in one.

Maybe I’ll get to golf tomorrow?

Luvasianpuss my tennis coach always gets me to do @luvasianpuss


My tennis coach always gets me to do some stretching exercises before going out to play on his private court, so that my muscles are all warmed up.