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Hi there thanks for the lovely submitted pic of @luvasianpuss

Hi there,

thanks for the lovely submitted pic of your beautiful wife.

When it comes to selfies, I love nothing more, than to see a beautiful pair of tits hanging free from their cupped restraints, especially when I’m standing behind and my hard cock is buried deep in their pusseyhole.

Your a lucky man indeed.

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From Paris, With Love:

When I first seen the start of the video on my step-sisters phone, I @ first thought it was footage of some talented artist which she had downloaded off from the net, but as the video progressed, the sudden thought hit me like a brick and I yell out HOLY FUCK!!!!!

The batteries had gone flat on my phone and I was in a rush to txt message one of my mates, when I remembered that she kept her back up, prepaid phone in the top draw of her dresser in her bedroom.

I thought that she wouldn’t mind if I used it to send just one txt message to my mate and I couldn’t ask her directly, because she was for the weekend with some of her friends.

After having entered her bedroom and found her spare emergency phone in the dresser draw which I knew she kept it in. I powered it up and shot off a message to me mate as I had intended to, but before placing it back, something in my head made me now want to see what she had saved on it. So in the next few minutes, I started to scroll through plenty of aimless girly pic’s taken of her and of some of her friends, then I spied her video media folder and began to scroll through those too,until I started to watch the one I was looking @ now.

I stood there in total disbelief @ what I was seeing. Surly not, was the first immediate thought, but the more that the video progressed, the more certain I became of who was in the video and it wasn’t from any web site off of the net that she’d downloaded it from.

About just over a year ago, our spare bedroom had been taken over by a foreign exchange student staying with us for a whole school year to study.

My step-sister had asked if we were able to put her up while she was studying @ our college. Her country of origin was France and she lived in central Paris. For a non Japanese girl, she was certainly an eye catcher to say the least and I have to admit that there had been more than one occasion where I had beaten the stick while imagining her grinding her hips up and down on it and cummed in copious amounts over my bed sheets.

It was soon evident, that she and my step-sister both had a passion for the arts and I would often see them both collaborating on a drawn piece of art, whether it be paints or penciled in drawings.

It wasn’t until now, that I suddenly realized, just how much more that they had in common, because right there on that small screen on her spare phone, I could make out and knew that the artist in question was Effie, that French girl. Another clog then clicked inside of my brain and that was when I shouted out in total disbelief. The artwork that Effie was drawing, it was being painted, not on paper, but my bloody step-sister.

I sat back on her bed and re hit the play button to watch it all over again and again and again. Each time watching it, I could feel myself getting pretty worked up over it and it wasn’t long before the rising stretch of my cock soon made its presence felt under my jeans.

I didn’t know which was more erotic, the skill in how Effie used that paintbrush to achieve the level of detail of the flower that she drew, or the body canvas of my step-sister that she was painting the image onto.

Soon my cock begged to be released and stroked and I now kept running back through the end half of the video, as once the flower had been completed, I watched as Effie then started to add some extra detail to the flower, by licking and rubbing @ my step-sister clit which had been made to look like the flowers centre stamen.

It didn’t take me long to get into a good rhythm, as I now watched Effie sliding in @ first, one finger, then two and then three as the seconds ticked by, in between her flower petals literally.

The way in which Effie was quickly now darting and flicking the tip of her tongue over the tip of my step-sisters clit, had now started to make it swell up into a hard little button and I could now make out the soft moans from my step-sister, Umi’s mouth. It looked to me that this wasn’t the first time that Effie had been licking out my step-sisters pussey and fingering her pusseyhole, as Umi looked to be @ complete ease and really over the moon.

Finally, the image that tipped me over the edge, was right @ the end. After hearing Umi screaming out @ the top of her lungs from the heart stopping orgasm that she had just had from Effie tongue and finger fucking her. The very end of the video then zoomed in on Umi’s flower painted pussey and I blew my hot thick cum out across Umi’s bedroom floor, as I watched Umi’s painted bare pussey muscles still rhythmically contorting and spasming from her orgasm.

After I had managed to recover myself and had thought about wiping up my white threads of cum across Umi’s carpeted floor, a thought then crossed my mind. A good thirty minutes had gone by and I knew now, that there would be enough charge on my cellphone again. I raced to get it, then got back to her bedroom. Once back, I went into my phones settings and quickly placed a tick on the bluetooth function of my phone, then did the same to Umi’s phone.

I then placed the two phones together until I seen the bluetooth link confirmed, then transferred the video I had just watched to my cellphone. Once the transfer was complete, I wiped the sent message I’d sent to my mate and placed her spare phone back into her dresser draw.

Now I had many unanswered questions floating around in my mind, like how long had my step-sister been attracted to other girls and was any of her other girlfriends now also playing hide the tongue and finger with her also. As there had been many of her girl friends who had stayed with us on weekends and some of them, more than once.

It was now driving me crazy to wonder just how many of her girlfriends had been sharing Umi’s bed, while holding their hands over their mouths to stop their screams being heard, as Umi rubbed, tongued, fingered or toyed their pusseyhole to an intense orgasm, or her friends doing the same to Umi’s pussey under the cover of darkness.

I do know one thing though for sure, that is, that part of the exchange student programme allows for a return exchange back to the first students country and Umi was lucky enough to be picked to go to France, Paris, France to be exact and guess who has offered to put Umi up in accommodation while she is there.

Yes, you got it, Umi is going to be staying @ Effie’s place for a whole year.

I bet it won’t take long, once Umi is there, that her clit is very soon going to start looking like the Eiffel Tower.

What a grand view that would be to savor.

After all, it is called the city of love, isn’t it?

That reminds me, I must remember to remind her, to take her spare phone and to take plenty of video footage while there, as when I find the opportunity once she has gotten back from her trip, I’ll be dying to get me hands on her phone and see what updates of videos she has on there, that she hasn’t shown the rest of the family of her trip abroad. 

Luvasianpuss when i happened to catch my teacher @luvasianpuss


When I happened to catch my teacher sneaking a peek up my pleated skirt, as he sat @ his desk.

I knew immediately that, just like the brand name of my white cotton panties which were named Sloggi’s, that it wouldn’t be long, before his hidden hand under his desk, would be having a nice hard, but slow Sloggi of his hard cock.

Later on, while sitting on the toilet and rubbing myself through my white cotton crotch, I then wondered just how many other times that he had managed to look up my pleated skirt, before I had finally caught him out.

God only knows, just how many secret Sloggi’s that he’s had, while casting his eyes slowly around the room while we have studied @ our desks.

Mmmmmmmmmmm, it’s making me so fucking horny again thinking about it.

Luvasianpuss the only rule for my new bar that i @luvasianpuss


The only rule for my new bar that I had installed @ home, was fairly simple.

If you were an invited guest, then you had to have one shooter @ the very start of the night, before drinking anything else.

Then another shooter @ the end before leaving.

My parties since, have been a huge success so far, no one has yet failed the break the one rule.

As they all like it when my wife dresses up in her maids uniform and greets them @ the door, upon them entering.

Are you ready to shoot er, if invited?

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If only my mother knew how much I had learnt from my music teacher.

Now I can cum to the fast and furious beat, of the musical piece, “Flight Of The Bumblebee”.

Though, when it comes to actually playing the piano, I still am having trouble playing in time to even a very basic song.

It’s just as well then, that she has paid for a whole years tuition for me, as I can see that my music teachers fingering skills are far superior to mine and that I’m going to need to improvement alot more.

Luvasianpuss when i went to start work the @luvasianpuss


When I went to start work @ the Hospital from the nurses training college.

I found out that I would have to undergo a physical examination by one of the Doctors, to prevent any possible transfer of bugs from the other Hospitals that I had been training in.

Once in the examination room, the Doctor told me to open wide and after twenty minutes, say………………,


Luvasianpuss when my step daughter said that @luvasianpuss


When my step-daughter said that there wasn’t much support for her soccer team when they played their games, I thought I had better then go and give her and her team the much needed lift to their game.

I can’t understand why I never gone to one of their games before now, as I was completely transfixed for the whole match. Not one of them was wearing a bra underneath their soccer tops, as they ran about on the field.

She then said later on, that my support had been very uplifting.

If only she knew by how much.

Luvasianpuss when taking those boring daily train @luvasianpuss


When taking those boring daily train trips into work, I soon found the very seat to be sitting in on the train to make my journey that much more uplifting.

Thank God, we have air conditioning on board, though there have been times where I have still boiled over from the heat my eyes have been seeing.

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今野杏南 写真集 more…


Have you ever been pulled over by an officer of the law in your own garage and then found yourself blowing well over the limit.

I have.

Luvasianpuss my step mother says that she has @luvasianpuss


My step-mother says that she has lost nearly two pounds in weight, since she bought some new innovated piece of exercise equipment, that was guaranteed to lose weight, or your money back if it didn’t work, when she was surfing the internet one day.

Apparently, she’s been using it daily, its so good and now you should see the figure on her, not to mention the new, short skimpy dresses that she’s wearing, with no hint of any pantie line to be seen under them.

I even overheard my step-sister asking her, if she could use it as well.

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Today in health education class, Miss was demonstrating the importance of good oral hygiene, when it came to preventing possible sexually transmitted diseases, or STD’s from one person to another.

Everyone got a turn to practice what she had told us in theory. Later, we all passed with flying colours.

White, that is.

Luvasianpuss some days i feel so sticky n wet @luvasianpuss


Some days I feel so sticky n wet, but today isn’t one of those days.

Japanese porn gif i will post a photo of @luvasianpuss


I will post a photo of japanese porn. You can be excited to japanese pussy !!!


When I came out of my post operation, @ first, I could hardly make sense of what I was seeing above me.

Firstly, I thought it was going to be one of those situations you read about in dirty porno mags and for a second or two, thought that a fantasy of mine was about to come true. That I was going to find myself getting a double glorious, tag teamed blowjob. The nurse seemed to be trying to up the ante, on who I would choose first out of the two of them, that would get the pleasure of sucking hard with their pursed lips over my shiny pink knob. 

Sadly though, as my mind finally then began to start making proper sense of it all. I finally figured out that the Doctor and nurse were doing paper, scissors, rock, to see who it would be, to give me my bed bath once wheeled back into the ward, as they both eager to go home after a long grueling, sixteen hour shift.

Funny how the mind can play tricks on you sometimes, isn’t.

Still, when the Doctor lost the challenge, there wasn’t no trick of my mind, when the wet sponge she was holding in her hand, then crept ever closer to my groin and I found myself hard as a rock.

I thought, maybe I should bet with her now, as she would surly lose again, as I’d never had a wet sponge, clenched blowjob ever in my life before and almost nothing beats a hard rock cock.

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ギルガメでお馴染みの壇蜜さんのケツがものごっつい - お宝エログ幕府


I’m not sure what shocked me more, the fact that I happened to catch my step-brothers Iphone pointed towards me under the coffee table, or of the sight of his 8 inch hard cock poking out from the open zipper of his jeans, with a thick trickle of pre cum dripping down off the head of his cock, then down his hardened shaft as he clenched it so tightly in his fist.

Mintiamintia misa yuuki luvasianpuss ive @luvasianpuss


Misa Yuuki


I’ve had this secret fetish now for quite sometime.

Where ever I am, if I happen to see any kind of well made wooden furniture, I just can’t help running my fingertips over the smooth, polished wooden grain and the contours of the edges.

It doesn’t take long, before where, I can no longer able to resist the urge inside of me. When the timing is right, I’m soon thrusting my hips, as I ground my pantie covered pussey mound on a smooth corner.

All the while, I’m glancing this way and that, to see if anyone is suddenly going to appear and catch me making myself cum.

People who visit my house, always make comment on how well polished my coffee table is.

If only they could see just how much work goes into keeping it like that.

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Collect Magic Moments …. not Things!

explore and be inspired…


It was the moment, when my heart felt like it was going burst out of my chest, not to mention the thick syrupy jets of white hot cum, which burst out from the end of my hard cock.

It was the sudden acknowledgement of my step-mother, while she showered her bare soapy body. That she somehow knew I was secretly standing outside of the bathroom window which had been held slightly ajar by myself, earlier in the afternoon that day. My cock now ached and throbbed in the darkness, as the trails of my thick cum slowly slid down the outside wall of the house.

The silhouette of her other hand now quickly rubbing in and out, between her soapy thighs suggested that I just might not be in the huge amount of trouble I had just initially thought.

This was then confirmed, when her fingertip then drew the shape of a love heart in the condensed water clinging to the side of the glass shower.

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One of my patients @ the Hospital I work in, he has been in a coma now for well over a year, but the daily stimulation therapy that I’ve been trying out, to get him to somehow respond, now seems to be showing signs of improved brain function.

The other day when I took hold of his hand and slowly rubbed his fingers between my thick, plump pussey lips, I was amazed to then see his cock start to swell up and become fully erect.

When I then took hold of his hard cock and began to suck it in my warm mouth, I could see his eye lids begin to flutter about. Moments later, the super thick white cum, which then exploded inside of my pursed mouth, was most probably the first time that he’d cum in ages since being admitted here from the car accident he was involved in.

Tomorrow, I’m going to straddle his head, then gently lower my pussey until my pussey slit is just barely touching the tip of his nose, as I’m keen to test out all of his different senses, one way or another.

It would certainly make my day, if I get to see him open his eyes, while I’m with him, but I’m sure he will think he is in heaven instead.

Luvasianpuss the supermarket chain that i work @luvasianpuss


The supermarket chain that I work for. They have random, secret inspectors who’s job it is. Is to act like any other high valued customer of ours and to see if the staff are providing them with the level of service the company expects from its workers @ all times.

Unfortunately, as I soon found out, this wasn’t an inspector, but the lady did leave with a smile on her face, as she told me that she was now going to cumm back for more in the future.

Maybe the inspector is that lady over there.

Excuse me Miss, I’ll be right with you in a moment, I just have to put out the wet floor sign in this isle, as there has been a bit of an accident that needs wiping up so no one slips over.

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Some of my special needs students are in need of a pointer in the right direction, or a bit of a guiding hand, which ever cums first.

Luvasianpuss id never felt an earthquake so @luvasianpuss


I’d never felt an earthquake so strong before, it was also the very first time, that one had hit while I had my hard cock buried deep into my step-mothers pusseyhole while in the shower.

I can still vividly remember the swaying of her huge tits, as the tremors continued to shake the whole house about.

Luckily, there was no tsunami reported, but there was one inside of her pusseyhole, when I myself began to tremor moments later.

That was a 8.5, on my cocks Richter scale of intensity.

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If there was one saying that I could quote off the top of my head, that my step-father says all the time, it would be.

“No matter how dire things may get, always try to make the best of a sticky situation.”

I’ve lost count now, how many times that saying has cum to reality.

Luvasianpuss i hadnt studied all for the exam @luvasianpuss


I hadn’t studied @ all for the exam and I just knew that I’d fail miserably.

So I thought, what the hell, I might as well get 100% in something else, while the exam was on, because I had done lots of study for this subject.

Luvasianpuss i thought you could only dribble @luvasianpuss


I thought you could only dribble balls in basketball.

That was, until my tennis coach showed me otherwise.

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Hi to all of my followers,

another big thanks for this wonderful submitted photo series of such a pretty girl. You sure do have one very cute girlfriend.

If there is one thing that makes my hot cum break the sound barrier as it flys through the air, it’s seeing a beautiful pair of very petite tits such as your girlfriend.

Wow, wow, wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I would guess, that you must find it difficult going to work each day, as I know if she were my girlfriend, I’d be starting to feel sick just after I’ve clock in for work, hehe.

Honey……., I’m cummming home, it’s the fifth time I’ve suddenly felt sick this week.

I think you have very good grounds to claim for a love sickness benefit, as I know I wouldn’t be able to keep my mind on the job, other than the job of pleasing that beautiful body 24/7.

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Studied In Secret, Or So He Thinks:

I’ve lost count now, how many times that I’ve sat @ my desk in class, with the cover of my desk for protection. Sitting there in my chair, with my slender legs splayed wide open, as I slip aside the crotch of my panties to expose my soft, plump pussey lips.

All the while, casting my eyes slowly about the classroom to see who of my students is secretly trying to guess what I’m wearing under my cloths.

It doesn’t surprise me @ the least, to feel the moisture in between my soft pussey lips, as it begins to coat the tip of my probing finger. It’s then that I see him, one of my students, Tobi is his name. He pretends to be sitting there @ his own desk doing his studies, but I know he is secretly hunting me with his own eyes whenever he thinks that I’m not aware. The heat and moisture coming from my velvet soft pusseyhole is increasingly becoming hotter, as my finger now squirms about inside of me. How tight his trousers must feel right @ this moment, as his rock hard cock begs to be released from its confines. I have played the hunting game too. I’ve given him numerous teasing glimpses up my short skirt when the opportunity has presented its self. The picking up of my chalk or a dropped ruler from another students desk, as I’ve felt his eyes burning right through me, in the elusive search of seeing something more, than just the tops of my stockings. A hint of suspender strap or the very edge of my lace panties is all that I have allowed him to see so far. I know if given the chance to, he wouldn’t hesitate to kneel right in front of me and bury his eager, darting tongue deep into the sticky wet cum that is building up quickly within my pusseyhole.

Now my clit burns, like a witch @ the stake. It throbs and its hard button of flesh now doesn’t yield against the pressure of my thumb repeatedly flicking over it. I now wonder, if he is able to see the tiny beads of sweat starting to break out on the brow of my face, as I try to retain my composure. I’m sure by now, its the hardest that he has ever felt his cock increase in size and is already able to feel the pre cum beginning to ooze out into his underwear because he is feeling so aroused.

I can feel the pulled crotch of my panties being twisted tightly up against my tight asshole, as my sweaty buttocks now stick to the wooden grain of my chair. How many times has he imagined the head of his hard cock, ever so slowly sinking into my sticky wet pusseyhole I wonder, as my slender middle finger makes effortless plunges inside of me between my wide open legs.

The many times that he has asked to be excused from class has made me even more hotter still. As I know that once locked in one of the toilet cubicles, that he is ferociously pumping the length of his harden shaft as he sits on the toilet seat and imagines me slowly stepping backwards, then lowering squatting down my bent hips until the head of his hard cock is pressing against my glistening wet pussey lips.

I find myself biting my lower lip of my mouth, as I’ve now wondered how high his first jet of hot thick white cum shoots straight up into the air above his tightly clenched cock. The tip of my delving finger now grazes my G-spot, the very place his slightly curved hard cock would dearly love to rub against, as he feels his hot cum explode deep inside of me. He doesn’t know it, but I have @ times, later left the classroom moments later and stood just outside of the entrance to the toilets. I’ve stood there, with my eyes darting in each opposite direction of any people who might pass by, while just barely hearing the guttural cries of his erupting cums from within.

The front wooden edge of my chair is now spotted with excess droplets of my pussey cum that have dripped off my plunging, probing finger. I can imagine his tongue flicking out to lash @ the sticky droplets, with his nose so close to my sticky entrance. The heady, musky aroma of my glistening pussey mere millimetres from his flared, open nostrils.

Now I’m on the very edged verge of cumming. The look and sight of the whites of his upwards looking eyes, as he now feels my guiding hands clasp the sides of his head, to bring his snake tipped tongue to bear along the length of my glistening wet, open pussey slit is a sight to behold. I can just see the shadowy movement of his hand rubbing through his trousers under my desk, as he kneels there from sight and starts to attack my wetness with his slivering hot tongue. He can see me now playing and pinching my taunt dark brown pert nipples. Seeing me torturing them both equally until my hips now start to spasmodically thrust forward on my wooden grained chair, to met his eager darting tongue.

All the seductive teasing and aroused feelings finally break deep inside of me.

The intensity of my cum is sharp and explosive, as my throbbing, burning hard clit is crushed under the tip of my thumb, AAAARRRRRRRGGGGGGGGHGHHHHH, I scream out in the total silence of the classroom in front of me.

Moments later, as the level of my shortened breath finally regains a more softer, regular air from my pursed lipstick covered lips,  the sound of the hall bell buzzing away, brings me back to reality. So too, does the creak of the classroom door and of shuffling feet.

“Good morning Tobi. Please………….., take your seat and get out your text book, ready for this morning subject.”, I tell him.

As I watch him then slowly make his way to his desk, he wasn’t to know of my sticky wet fingers were now slowly easing the crotch of my black lace panties, back over the curve of my glistening wet pussey mound, under my own desk.

That would be a subject that I would save for later on, as I now can see him sniffing the air in the classroom, of the lingering, strange musky sweet aroma filling his wide open nostrils.   

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japanese bitches here!!!


They say having lots of carrots is very good for improving your eye sight.

It must be true, because the paper boys eyes widened as big as saucers when he watched me pick one out from the fridge in my kitchen.

Luvasianpuss the other day i asked my @luvasianpuss


The other day, I asked my step-daughter, “Aren’t you getting a bit big for that single bed now that you are all grown up and working.

She just gave me a somewhat scorning glare, before replying that her bed still fitted her perfectly fine.

Who am I to argue the point then.

Supersubsubsubus iroha yanagi柳いろは @luvasianpuss


Iroha Yanagi,柳いろは


Have you ever found yourself where you have started to undress yourself, then gotten the strange feeling, that someone is secretly watching you slowly remove your cloths until you are bare and naked.

I have, many times @ night, when I have discovered my closet door is partly opened in my bedroom.

One of these nights, I’ll get around to finally discovering who’s actually in there, but for now, the intense cums I’ve been having once in bed, have been more heavily bearing on my mind to do anything about it.

Luvasianpuss whenever i have my best @luvasianpuss


Whenever I have my best friend/girlfriend Umi over for the weekend to stay @ our house and we go to use the outdoor shower together. I don’t know why, but it’s always me, that has to pick up the dropped bar of soap that has slipped out of her slippery butter fingers.

She is helpful though, when I go to bend over to pick it up for her, as I can feel her hand on the side of my bare ass cheek, holding and steadying me so that I don’t fall over by accident. Even though today, I felt and I thought the edge of her thumb was getting pretty close to the side of my plump pusseylips.

OMG!!!!!, she’s dropped the soap again, I don’t believe it.

Luvasianpuss do you remember back to your very @luvasianpuss


Do you remember back to your very first accidental voyeur experience and how quickly and rock hard your cock rose up inside of your trousers.

Of the near painful, but aching squirt of hot thick cum which then gushed out of the end of your rock hard cock, once you were able to find a moment alone to finally be able to jerk @ it.

I do and have had many times more since then, but now never accidental.

Luvasianpuss whenever my step mother goes down to @luvasianpuss


Whenever my step-mother goes down to the local car wash to wash her SUV, you can just about guarantee that if there are any males waiting to wash their cars, that they are already pre foaming in their mouths, even before they get to put money into the the money slot.

Though you can tell by the looks in their eyes, that they’d much rather be filling her slot and pumping her with a high pressured blast of their spray guns, if given half a chance.

Luvasianpuss the all boys college that i teach @luvasianpuss


@ the all boys college that I teach @, if my students were to know what kinds of underwear I wear under my cloths each day, then they’d never get any work done.

Though, if they did, then I bet if I were to then give them an exam on my different kinds of underwear. I bet that they’d all get a 100% pass mark without fail.

Hmmmmmmmmmmm, now thinking about it though, I could use that to my advantage, as I could then teach them how to convert the number of hard cocks present, into a percentage during maths class.

I’m sure that they would remember that lesson, wouldn’t you?

Flammie01gif 立花里子 riko tachibana @luvasianpuss


立花里子 (Riko Tachibana)


When it came to extracting  the biggest samples possible from patients in the sperm bank clinic. There was no other nurse quicker @ it, than nurse Shun Lo.

She could easily beat any other nurse hands down with her well practiced technique.

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everyday!!! japanese bitch!!!


It was the first time ever, that I’d literally had a pinch and poke for the first of the month.

I certainly will never forget that day, or the other eleven first days of each month for the rest of the year, that the paperboy called around after his paper run was done.

Luvasianpuss it always brings a smile to my face @luvasianpuss


It always brings a smile to my face, of the moment when I was finally asked by somebody, about the safety pin, pinned to the side of my pleated skirt, of my uniform and what it was used for.

I of course lied about its use, as I couldn’t possibly tell anyone, that the pin had been given to me personally by the Principal and that he handed them out to only, but all of the naughtiest ones to make an appearance in his office.

Though in saying that, no one, I suppose, would ever believe me anyway, if I were to tell them, that the safety pin was used by the Principal, to hold the hem of my short pleated skirt up @ the back. So that it was held in place while exposing the backside of my white cotton panties.

Nor would they believe, of the sharp stinging sensation of my ass cheeks turning a rosy red colour by his clasped hand, as I lay bent over @ the hips on his desk. I’m  sure also, that they’d never take me seriously, if I then told them, of his clasp hand on my stinging ass cheek, then feeling his fingers slowly slipping in between my parted legs until they brushed up against my curved pussey mound.

No one could ever believe, that I would be able to pin that kind of thing happening to the Principal.

I mean, you wouldn’t believe me if I were to tell you about it, would you now?

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My step-fathers train of thought, beats to a different drum an most, especially when ever we are alone together in the garden and he’s got his scissors out to trim back some overgrown bush that has got way out of hand.

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I still remembered that moment of hopping into the drivers seat for the very first time, for my first ever driving lesson. When I looked into the rear vision mirror, I soon discovered that I had a clear view of the rear seat of the car instead of the road behind me.

The very spot where I would usually sit when my step-father was driving.

I wondered then, if he has ever had a little accident, that he’s told no one about, while driving and not looking @ the road ahead of him.

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Have you ever found yourself becoming aroused, when you have picked up the bottle of suntan lotion and given it a squeeze. To then have the white creamy lotion suddenly squirt out of the bottle all over your bare chest.

I have.

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I remembered the time that I had had a shower, hopping in, straight after my step-mother had gotten out of the bathroom and of the copious wad of hot thick cum that I ended up spraying up against the tiled wall above the bath tub.

After having turn on the hot water, I found that the water wasn’t draining away and a pool of water was starting to rise around my feet.

I soon discovered the cause to the backlog of rising water. Looking down, I could see a thick black web, of over two inch long in length, black crinkled pussey hairs that had blocked the small circular drain holes, for the hot water to be able to escape.

I found myself quickly becoming hard, after having reached down, pinching some of the long black crinkly pussey hairs between my thumb and forefinger.

I then stood there in awe, as I furiously beat @ my hardness, while holding those super long pussey hairs for a closer inspection.

I could only then imagine what her super bushy pussey must have looked like, as she rubbed @ the fine black hairs, with her soapy hand held between her parted legs.

She must have been rubbing them pretty hard to have that many become dislodged and clog the drain.

Albenizdummy @luvasianpuss



Today in history class, Miss told us, that in the height of the great depression, that many starved to death, because they had nothing to eat.

I just took one long look @ Miss and just couldn’t believe that could be true, though I could see where the hunger for something would come into play.

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I was asked once by a paper boy, if I ever still played with any toys that I grew up with.

I just laughed my head off, before saying that I most certainly do.

He then couldn’t understand how a toy could last for so many years without breaking down, especially if it had been well used all this time

Luvasianpuss i stood there motionless for some @luvasianpuss


I stood there motionless for some reason, just staring @ the sight before me. It was the first time that I’d been so close to a woman’s bare, exposed ass cheeks.

I had been somewhat stunned, when my step-mother had called me into her bedroom and as soon as I got in there, I found her standing next to her bed. In her hand, she held a small plastic potal of something and she was peering @ the label just before turning her gaze towards me.

“Tobi darling, would you be so kind, as to apply some of this cream for me, as it is in a bit of a difficult place for me to reach and apply it properly as the instructions suggest.”, she said.

She placed the small potal in my hand, even before I could attempt to say, that I wasn’t sure what I was meant to do with it. She turned towards the edge of her bed, as she grasped @ the sides of her night gown. I then felt my eyes widen open, as she then knelt onto her bed, with her bare ass creamy cheeks exposed to my darting eyes.

The few seconds of silence while I intently stared @ her ass, with it framed either side by the strip of material running down, then nearly wedging in between the crack of her hidden asshole, was broken when she spoke again.

“Tobi!!!!!, has the cat got your tongue?”, she bellowed out to me to answer.

I looked @ the written instruction on the label and it read.

Apply cream, two to three times daily and if need, call for assistance if problems persist.

Looking @ the jar, I’d say there was enough cream to apply for @ least a whole week, if used sparingly enough of course.

“Hold still.”I said, as I scooped some of the cool thick cream up onto my fingertips, for me to then rub into her creamy ass cheeks.

Luvasianpuss my two identical twin step daughters @luvasianpuss


My two identical twin step-daughters were so alike, that it was always a job for me to be able to tell them apart from one another, as you can see.

I did @ one stage, could tell them apart, by the coloured panties that they wore, but they have this funny habit of swapping them every so often to confuse me.

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japanese bitches here!!!


I still remember the day when I couldn’t find the remote @ first for the T.V., to change the channels, but then moments later finally found it deeply wedged into my step-daughters sticky wet pusseyhole when I entered her bedroom to ask her if she knew where it was.

Since then, I thought it best to go buy her her very own remote to play with.

You would now think that she is a guy, because now, she is constantly pressing the buttons to the remote I bought for her, as I can hear her changing the loudness of her screams in her bedroom while I watch my T.V. programme in the lounge.

I’m now always finding myself, having to tell her to turn it down a little, so I can hear whats being said on the T.V.

Talk about hogging the remote.

Luvasianpuss when miss props herself up on a desk @luvasianpuss


When Miss props herself up on a desk like this, while facing us and reading from a book.

You can always guarantee that she has all of the boys undivided attention, as they all in turn, try to read between the lines of her exposed panties.

Whoever said that you can’t judge a book by only looking @ its cover?

They’re completely wrong, as we know, Miss would be action packed from start to finish, if we were lucky enough to open her up.

That’s one story you wouldn’t be able to put down and stop reading once you’ve started.

Luvasianpuss the evidence or truth was going to @luvasianpuss


The Evidence Or Truth, Was Going To Seep Through, One Way Or Another:

I remember when we had our house broken into yesterday evening while we were all out @ a social function. The detectives arrived the very next morning, to take photo’s of the damage where the burglars had broken into the house. They did a thorough job of noting what had been taken and then told us, that they would also dust the house for fingerprints.

They said that to eliminate any possible chance that our fingerprints might be mixed up with the burglars, that our fingerprints would be needed to be taken, as ours would be left on items all of the place since we lived here.

One of the detectives then took me aside and led me back to my bedroom. While there, he first took hold of my fingers and proceeded to cover my fingertips in a dark ink, then rolled each fingertip onto a piece of absorbent paper.

After that, he told me to slip out of my robe I had on, as he wanted to give it a brush, to see if the burglars may have left any DNA behind. He then told me to kneel down on my bed and when I did, I then felt the very fine bristles of a brush being slowly brushed over the back of my semi bare ass cheeks.

While he was doing this, he asked me some questions as to where I was @ the time of the break in and if I had noticed anything @ all suspicious, in terms of any people that I may have seen in the neighbourhood acting suspiciously.

While I was explaining my whereabouts, I started to feel the very fine bristles starting to get ever closer to the crotch of my Sloggi branded white cotton panties. The way that the detective was ever so gently brushing on the fine powder which was meant to show up any possible fingerprints, was now starting to make me tingle in between my legs.

It wasn’t long, before he then started to brush those very fine soft bristles right over the curve of my pussey mound and I’m not sure why I really did it, but I found myself starting to lean back on my legs, so that my ass cheeks were pushed out behind me, until I felt the crotch of my Sloggi branded white cotton panties starting to bite in either side of my pusseylips.

Now the detective was making long slow brushstrokes with the brush, up and down the length of my cotton covered pussey mound. I started to get that familiar feeling I would get, when in my bed @ night and I had my fingers slipped in under my panties, as I slowly rubbed myself to sleep. I knew it wouldn’t be long, before I would feel the dampness in the crotch of my white cotton panties and wondered how long it would be before the detective was able to see the clear signs of my sticky wet pussey cum starting to seep through my panties crotch.

“We maybe in luck. I think I might have a possible print that I can up lift.”, I heard him say behind me. Now he was swirling the very fine soft bristles right over where my clit was and I had to place my hand over my mouth to stop myself from gasping out aloud. My clit now felt like it was on fire and the tingling was slowly spreading out across my entire body, as he then told me to keep completely still. Well his command was now easier said that done, as my pussey muscles were contorting and spasming under the white stitched cotton.

“Tell me. When did you put on these pair of panties Miss.”, the detective asked.

“Why do you need to know that.”, I replied back through between my parted legs.

“The reason is Miss, that quite often, we find that when burglars break into a house, that one of the places that they like to check out first, is a woman’s pantie draw. We have caught many a burglar red handed so to speak, because they have taken off their protective gloves, then left their fingerprints and or DNA on on a pair or pairs of panties that they picked up out of a draw.”, the detective replied back to me.

I then told the detective, that I had only just put this pair of cotton panties on this morning, only moments in fact before they had arrived, as I had only just gotten out of bed before they had knocked on the front door.

Now I could feel my sticky wet pussey cum starting to seep out from between my bare, shaved pusseylips. I wanted to bury my head into the soft pillow below me, so that I might be able to scream out without the detective hearing me. I looked back through my parted legs and could easily see the swelled bump of my hardened clit now protruding up through the white cotton, as he continued to swirl the soft brush bristles right over.

“Right now, keep still as I place the transfer paper over the dusted fingerprint I’ve just found.”, the detective said.

I then felt his fingers pressing the paper over the spot where my swelled clit was, then rubbing back along the length of my pussey slit. The pressure being applied now was too much and I had to bite hold of my hand, to stop myself from letting out a long loud moan. As I started to cum, I was sure that because the detectives fingers were pressing so hard up against my cotton covered pussey mound, that he would surly feel my pussey muscles squirming and grinding beneath his rubbing fingertips.

Usually whenever I would cum, I would start to spasm so hard, that I’d often start bucking my hips, as if I were mounted atop of a big hard cock and I was riding it like a wild stallion. Now it took every fiber of my entire body, to stop myself from shaking or making any moment which might alert the detective that I was in fact cumming under his fingertips.

As I continued to cum, the detective finally removed the piece of transfer paper from my now damp cotton crotch.

As I tried to regain my breath and composure for that matter, I then heard the detective say behind me, “Mmmmmmmmmmm, that’s strange, that can’t be right. Are you completely sure Miss, that you have only worn these panties since this morning?”

“Yes that’s correct. Why, is there a problem?”, I said in reply.

“Well I have just up lifted this print, but from my early judgement, is that its your step-fathers fingerprint that I have just found. That is, going by the fingerprints that we just took from him moments ago. It looks to be a perfect match”

The detectives words were like gun shots to my ears, how could this be, I now found myself asking myself silently inside of my head.

As I tried to make sense of it all, the detective then spoke again and said, “Well there is only one thing for it. I’ll have to ask you to remove those panties, so that they can be sent to our forensic’s lab for further analysis.”

My head was spinning, as I got back up off from my bed and it wasn’t from the unexpected cum that I had just had. I tucked my fingers in under the elastic waistband of my Sloggi branded white cotton panties, then slid them down my thighs. Once I had stepped out of them, the detective held out a clear plastic bag that was opened @ the top.

Carefully, I placed my white cotton panties into the plastic bag and as I did, I could now see the damp, wet line of my sticky wet pussey cum which had seeped out and soaked through the cotton crotch. The detective then sealed the bag and with a marker pen, wrote evidence item “A, Sloggi white cotton panties”

When the detective had finally left, I then reached into my pantie draw and slipped on another pair of panties over my bare, shaved pusseylips. All the while though, I was starting to wonder, just who’s DNA that the lab might find on my white cotton panties.

As it was looking highly likely, that my step-father just might be a burglar to, but the pantie kind.

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random asian girl


“……….. and how many copies would you like.”, I heard her ask me.

Let me think about that for a moment, I replied back.

Luvasianpuss the first ever luvasianpuss @luvasianpuss


@ the first ever luvasianpuss, “Pussey Pokies”,group strip poker competition, this team bet our team in the final play of the tournament.

We didn’t see it cumming, when they produced a winning five tit, same suit hand, to our three hard cocks and two cum spent soft cock combination.

I just knew afterwards, that I shouldn’t have thrown out those two bare pussies suits, before calling their bluff.

Luvasianpuss one of the secretaries our work is @luvasianpuss


One of the secretaries @ our work is nicknamed “butterfingers”, for good reason.

Luvasianpuss i made the mistake once of lending @luvasianpuss


I made the mistake once, of lending one of my white cotton tee’s to my step-daughter to wear.

I never was able to get those stretch marks out from the front of the shirt after she had given it back to me.

I ended up telling her to take it back and keep it, seeing as it fitted her so well.

Luvasianpuss when i started to strum my @luvasianpuss


When I started to strum @ my G-string, I was surprised moments later, when I then caught out my step-brother beating his hard cock in perfect timing.

The last beat of his hard cock ended up being a masterpiece.

Now I hear him playing with it every day in his bedroom, when he knows that I’m trying to practice my fingering technique..

Luvasianpuss isnt it great when you get to @luvasianpuss


Isn’t it great, when you get to finally see the light @ the end of a two tunnels.

That’s is when you know all the hard work has been worth it and you are about to cum near the end.

It’s always a very satisfying feeling indeed.

Luvasianpuss i just luv the chinese festival @luvasianpuss


I just luv the Chinese festival calendar.

The year of my birthday falls on the “Year of the dog.”

That year, I got to doggy her every night of the week for a whole long year.

As for her, as it happens, her birthday falls on the “Year of the cat.”

When that comes around, I’ll be licking pussey every night of the week for a whole year.

God help her, when it gets to the “Year of the pig.”, is all I can say.

Peachstreatman nozomi aso麻生希 luvasianpuss @luvasianpuss


Nozomi Aso,麻生希


It’s funny…….., the files that we use the most @ our company, the managers have them all filed in the very bottom filing cabinets, not @ the top, where you would think that they would be more accessible.

So that you don’t have to bend down all the time to retrieve or put them away again and again throughout in a day.

Those managers must know something that I don’t, as I nearly lost my job, when I went to change it all around the other way, without consulting them first.

Chinese slim beauty tsukasa aoi @luvasianpuss


tsukasa aoi


Everyone who I’ve ever spoken to, says that to be a cleaner, is one of the most boring, mindless jobs possible in the world.

I would now have to disagree, especially now, after having been given the task of sweeping this entire stadium floor with this broom.

I’ve cum @ least three times so far and I’m not even half way through completing it.

I hope my jeans aren’t too sticky n wet, by the time I’ve finally finished it all, as it is alot harder than it looks, to do.

Luvasianpuss i still remember the moment when my @luvasianpuss


I still remember the moment when my step-mother caught me out, starring up her short pleated skirt, as she packed one of our suitcases for the trip we were about to take abroad.

“Tobi, you dirty boy, what do you think you are doing.!!!!!!”, she screamed out loudly to me.

As I felt my face go flush red from embarrassment from having been caught perving @ her, she must have spied my aching hard cock now poking outwards from inside of my trousers, as she then said to me, “So………, its making you all nice and hard is it Tobi, seeing my panties exposed beneath my short pleated skirt and my pusseylips barely contain within them. Looking @ that hard cock, I bet your wishing right now, that it was buried nice and deep inside of my sticky pusseyhole, wouldn’t you.”

I couldn’t now seem to speak. All I could do, was nod my head up and down slowly, as I rested the palm of my hand over my hidden hardon.

“Well then, its looks like that I’m going to have to go to the supermarket and buy some extra condoms for the long trip ahead, as there is no telling, how many late night trips I might have to make past your bedroom, to go to the toilet @ night.”, she said.

She then turned back to her packing, but made no attempt to cover her exposed panties from my gaze.

Moments later, I blew a long thick jetting arc of cum, near halfway across my bedroom, as I imagined the though of being woken up from a deep sleep. To find my step-mother in her flimsy sheer nightie, with her soft lips wrapped around my hard cock.

I hope she packs plenty more of those thong panties in her suitcase, as I can see it’s going to be an achingly long trip to have to endure to the end.

Luvasianpuss the very first luvasianpuss @luvasianpuss


@ the very first luvasianpuss symmetrical, single and double rope group skipping competition, which is judged on the symmetry of all those involved in each group. There is also extra technical bonus points for competitors showing the ability to add in elements to their skip.

These competitors would have had the perfect leading score, had the girl in blue been abit more in time, so they lost a full point out of ten.

She did however, score bonus technical points for the added element skill of a double tit wobble per skip, that was worth three quarters of a point.

Their final score was 9 ¾

They’re now busting to improve on this score, in the double rope skip event that’s still to come.

As judges, you can well imagine, the level of skill in the competition is going to be stiff, very stiff indeed to mark and score.

In fact, of the eight groups of girls to have already completed their routines, there has already been an accidental cum shot from one of the judges, from out under the judges marking table.

This is going to be one high pressured and stiff competition for sure.

Japanesemusume 4026 luvasianpuss my first @luvasianpuss




My First Encountered, Candid Exposure:

When I walked onto the train platform and discovered this girl standing there totally naked, bar wearing only a pair of shoes, it was like a bullet train to the head.

I walked over to her and could see that she was looking this way and that, to see who else may have now already seen her, just as a connecting train came into the station.

I held out my over coat for her to put on, which she grabbed from my hand, as I could just make out many pairs of eyes pressed up against the glass windows of the still moving train behind her.

Just as she was able to slip on my over coat, I heard the noise of the trains brakes being applied more heavily to bring it to a complete stop.

“Fancy finding such a beautiful girl like you here all alone and,,,,,,,,, if I must say, totally naked. Would you like to accompany me, before we are swamped by the masses about to disperse from the in coming train.”, I said to her.

All I got was a confirmed nod of her head, as she then wrapped her arm around mine.

As we started to walk down the first lot of steps from the platform, I could just make out bits of people’s conversation’s in what they had just witnessed on the platform.

That was when, I reached down and then slipped my hand back up, the back of her bare thigh until I felt the curve of her bare ass cheek. I gave it a quick firm squeeze, just before then slipping my fingers between her creamy soft ass cheeks, to feel the amount of wet moisture coating the warm soft skin of her bare pussey lips, as she turned her head upwards to face me.

That was the very first time my wife had flashed totally naked in public and the strong feeling I had on from that moment, not to mention the rock hard aching hardon I had under my trousers. It was then the start of many, many other sudden nude exposures that I would get my wife to make, as I stood off @ some distance and scanned with my eyes, who there was around her, that were also taking candid looks of her completely bare nude body.

My cock was so hard that first time and I felt so aroused , that we only walked as far as the toilets which were less than twenty meters from the stairwell we had just come from.

A super quick glance to see that we were not going to be seen walking into the mens toilets together, was followed by me pulling her by the hand into one of the open cubicles.

Upon closing the toilet door behind us, I wasted no time @ all, in getting my rocj hard cock out, while she turned to face the back wall of the toilet and pulled the side of my over coat back around her slender waist to expose her creamy soft body from the waist down.

I spent the next thirty minutes pounding my hard cock deep into her wet, sticky bare pussey, as I remembered the look of her face back up on the train platform.

Every so often, we would hear footsteps of people entering the toilet and I would have to clamp my hand over her mouth to stop her audible moans from being heard, as I wasn’t about to stop fucking her for anyone.

Finally, with a half dozen, long length strokes of my hard cock, I felt the hot thick cum quickly rise up from my tight balls.

The feeling of her rock hard, taunt dark brown nipples as I cupped them both in my hands, pressing into the palm of my hands and seeing the tiny beads of lustful sweat starting to cover the small of her back and ass cheeks was all I then needed.

I gave one last surging thrust forward with my hard cock, as I felt my hot thick cum explode from the end of my cock, deep inside of her slippery wet pusseyhole.

I grimaced my face in complete lustful pleasure, as I drained all of my hot cum into deeply into her, as I pressed my hips hard up against her bare creamy ass cheeks with as much force as possible.

Once we finally both recovered, we caught another connecting train on the platform we had just earlier been on. I remembered that when we then went to leave the train, I remembered looking down to the floor of the train and If anybody else had taken the time to notice, they would have seen the sticky wet droplets of her pussey cum mixed with my own cum, which had still been oozing out from between her hot bare pussey lips, between her slightly parted legs as we held onto the above grip handles for support as the train moved along.

When we finally got home, there was another long fuck session, as we then viewed the candid photo’s that I’d taken, of her slipping out of the over coat I’d given her to wear just prior to stepping up onto the train platform totally nude.

While I was fucking her again, I was already thinking of where the next public spot would be, that I could show off my beautiful wife in all of her candid glory.

There was a golf tournament I was meant to be playing in next weekend and I could not think of anyone else but her, to caddie my clubs.

After all, she is the only who knows what my balls look like and I was sure that there would be more than one candid moment, somewhere along the 18 hole course, where she could have an opportunity to play with them.     

Now how can that be a handicap to my golf game?

Makisuke munrsrt001020jpg luvasianpuss @luvasianpuss




You’ll always remember the moment of your very first accidental near nipple slip and that selfish, lustful feeling of wanting to see so much more, as they jiggled about.

With them seemingly able to defy gravity’s hold on them to slip further and expose themselves.

I remembered my quickly rising hard cock, imagining the warmth surrounding my hardened shaft as those creamy tits were cupped around it, then the moment of seeing my hot thick white cum exploding out all over her neck and chin above.

Who would have thought, that the picnic I had with my step-daughter that day, it would have given me such a huge appetite to eat something which wasn’t prepared in the picnic basket that she had brought along. 

Heyangie 11je515 luvasianpuss ill never @luvasianpuss




I’ll never know why my father forgot to ring her while he was away on a business trip with his work, on the day of their 10th wedding anniversary.

When I seen the low look in her face, I went and her picked rose from the garden to try and cheer her up. It was then @ that moment, when my step-mother then burst into tears.

@ first I didn’t know what to do, but she soon, quickly wrapped her arms around me and hugged me tightly, while saying softly into my ear, how grateful she was, that @ least someone had managed to remember her special day.

When she finally let go of me, she looked into my eyes for a few fleeting seconds, as she held the perfumed flower petals to her nose.

It was @ that very moment, that the relationship between us both changed forever.

From that moment onwards, whenever I cut her a perfumed rose from the garden, she is more than willing, to show me her very own perfumed petals which she lets me gently caress, sniff and lick until the heady aroma fills me up to the point of bursting.

E r o g a z o u yamato2520 boing 本田莉子 @luvasianpuss




本田莉子 かすみりさ 北川エリカ 川菜美鈴


My team of legal secretaries that I have in court with me, are always ready to give a standout performance, especially if there is an adjournment through the course of a case.

That’s when you really feel the pressure @ its most intensity.

Luvasianpuss the captain concern for safety is @luvasianpuss


The Captain concern for safety is second to none.

Just before we left for the airport. He demonstrated to me, with his hard cock held in between my big huge tits, the importance of making sure, that if we have an emergency and have to deploy the inflatable slide for people to exit the plane. To make sure that they are heads up, rigid and squarely right in the middle of the slide before taking the plunge.

I just like how he is able to put it in such a way, in what he is teaching me, that it really sticks in my mind, not to mention his hot thick cum sticking to my bare chest, as you can always see in his eyes, that he practices every safety drill, as if it were the real thing happening.

This time, he had a really big accident, that I then had to clean up before buttoning up my uniform.

Luvasianpuss whenever we win our games our coach @luvasianpuss


Whenever we win our games, our coach is so happy, that he just luv’s driving us all home afterwards from the locker room.

The feeling he gives us all, is like hitting a home run, even if some of us haven’t managed to hit one during the game that’s just played.

He sure does know how to slide into one’s home plate without being caught.

Sisiiro momo mei hayama 10jpg luvasianpuss @luvasianpuss




I just luv beach combing with my step-daughter.

It’s when you start searching in all of the small cracks and hollows looking for things, that you start to then find the real hidden treasures.

Gsnhj5gsnhj5 街角パンチラ画像集 part14 ほぼにちエログ @luvasianpuss


街角パンチラ画像集 Part14 | ほぼにちエログ


Have you ever followed behind your step-mother on the escalator and then felt the sudden rise in your trousers, as you slowly rise up to another level.

While then wishing that the escalator would never stop going up.

I have.

Luvasianpuss my step mother always starts to @luvasianpuss


My step-mother always starts to giggle and laugh when ever we walk through the local park & play ground.

She always says that it takes her right back to fond memories of her younger days growing up.

As for myself, I just as happy to try and make sure our walks always intersect this area as much as possible every week.

As I sure do get to see a real transformation in her, right before my very eyes.

Igjeon lovely luvasianpuss whenever we are @luvasianpuss




Whenever we are out walking, my step-mother is always stopping and picking up things that spike her curiosity.

I soon discovered, that if I kept @ the right distance behind her, my cock would spike and hardened with its own curiosity.

Now I’m the one to point out things on the ground that she hasn’t spied yet, for her to pick up and take a look @.

Luvasianpuss the lady was rumored to have hidden @luvasianpuss


The Lady Was Rumored To Have Hidden Talents:

Even before I had taken delivery of my very first bag full of newspapers in the paper round that I was about to do. I’d already heard from some of my mates, who already had paper runs, that the lady @ 154 Tenaka St…….., was a lady, that if you got the opportunity and were lucky enough to be invited into her house for refreshment, that you would curse yourself for a thousand years should you ever say no to her offer.

It was a couple of months later, when I caught up with my mate Tobi one day, after having completed our paper rounds, that we happened to ride down her street.on our bikes.

The next thing I knew, Tobi was jabbing me in the ribs as he rode along side of me, as he nodded his head to across the road.

Tobi then waved me to follow after him, as he then swerved across to the other side of the road, then skidded to a stop next to a small white picket fence.

“Fancy a paper Miss. I’ve so happen to have a spare one left over from today’s paper run.”, I just managed to hear Tobi say, to the woman bent over digging some soil in her front garden, as I pulled up my bike behind his.

@ that point in time, Tobi wouldn’t have had to have said anything to me, because I could tell in an instant, that this was the lady in question, all of my mates had been talking about. It was also confirmed, when I seen the three shiny brass numbers 154, that were affixed to the bottom of her mailbox by the front gate.

I tried to hide my own excitement, but I was sure that she must have been able to see the whites of my eyes, as I felt them stretch wide open to take her all in.

As she stood up, then turned towards Tobi and me. I got my really first decent look @ her. As she now walked to the front picket fence my eyes were glued, taking in every bit of her body. She was wearing a pair of those lite blue denim shorts, where the edges to the legs were starting to unravel in the stitch, as each of her long suntanned legs appeared from the legs of her shorts. Those shorts were so tight, they looked like a second skin to her body. I felt like my eyes were about to pop out of their respective sockets, when I seen the clear detailed outline of her pussey mound wedged into the crotch of her denim shorts.

I could definitely say without lying, that was my very first cameltoe glimpsed moment. If that wasn’t enough, the thin white stretched top she had on, it was so short, it didn’t even manage to hide any of her hourglass waist and the bottom of it just barely covered below the two biggest pair of tits I’d ever seen.

They had to have been somewhere in the DD range in bra size, not that she was wearing one right @ this moment. Her thin white top looked like surface snow on some world class ski jump, as the thin material clung and stretched around her huge tits. Two ten cent piece sized nipples then protruded outwards in front of her and then there was @ least an inch and a half gap exposed just under the roundness of her huge full tits and the bottom edge of her stretch top, so that the bottom edge of her top never actually touched up against her chest, rather it looked just barely draped over her tits.

The lady in question looked to be in her early to mid forties, but I wasn’t about to ask for a definite age, as I remembered my father saying once, that that was one of those man traps that guys should never ask of a woman.

As the lady reached out, to take the paper from Tobi’s hand, she spoke, as she now seemed to be eyeing us both up.

“It’s certainly a very hot day today boys. I think it’s about time to head inside for a cool refreshing drink to quench my thirst. Would you boys care to join in having a drink with me, as a repayment for the free newspaper.

The next two hours that we were there inside of her house, then changed my life for ever more. I found out two things that afternoon, one, that the lady was everything and ohhhh so much more than what had ever been said about her and two, that I finally figured out that this wasn’t Tobi’s first time here @ her house.

I worked that one out pretty quickly, because she wasted no time @ all, in pulling out Tobi’s hard cock from his shorts as I stood there stunned in her lounge. she then started devouring Tobi’s hard cock into her soft warm mouth, while she then spread her bare thighs wide apart. As I then heard the repeated slurps of her lips sliding around Tobi’s hard shaft, I was then knelt down on my knee’s between those bare wide open thighs.

I had a ring side seat to one of the greatest shows on Earth, as she then truly showed just how talented she really was.

Since that first time in her house, I’ve gone through numerous girlfriends, as I’ve still yet to find another girl with the same amount of talent as the lady @ 154 Tenaka St.

When I do, you can bet that she is going to have me held just as captivated as I was all those years ago. Captivated just long, before then blowing my hot thick load deep into an equally talented, massaging, sticky wet pusseyhole.

I know she’s out there somewhere.   

Qs8 优衣库视频 @luvasianpuss


优衣库视频 大家别再讨论优衣库事件了,相关视频和照片也被删了。优衣库视频女主的父母已经把她赶出家门,跟这视频男主也已经分手,视频流出的原因是这女的劈腿有小三,男的使出杀手锏,找来另外一个人来调戏这女的,女的也不是什么好鸟,一勾搭就中招。但是女的不知道这个男的是艾滋病病毒携带者,现在这女的已经要崩溃了,不要问我怎么知道的,因为我感觉这样编比较精彩~~


The Doctors can’t understand how all of my male patients have such high blood pressure when I go to check them out for their pre op test.

Heyangie 13je572 luvasianpuss i still @luvasianpuss




I still remember that moment of having the task of disciplining my step-daughter for the very first time, for un-excusable behavior.

As the colour of her exposed ass cheeks started to turn a rosy red seconds later, I just happened to notice, that there was something glistening in between her exposed thighs.

Right there, just above the inner crotch of her panties which I had pulled down, there was the undeniable sign of her pussey cum starting to seep out from between her shaved pussey lips.

I was then sure, that she must have felt the almost instant rise of my hard cock then pressed against her belly of her thin dress, as I held her over my lap.

What happened next seemed to be pure instinct. While I then cupped one of her rosy red ass cheeks firmly in the palm of my large hand, I then slipped my the tip of my forefinger into the sticky wet pool of pussey cum.

Never in my life, in my most wildest dreams, had I ever then heard the most erotic sound of someone’s voice change from a low sobbing, to a then long, low gasping soft moan.

It was then confirmed, as I slowly pushed the tip of my finger back towards the source of flow and the absolute ease of non resistance, as my finger slipped in between her shaved pussey lips.

It was that moment, where I then knew and understood my future role.

From that day onwards, she became a very naughty girl indeed and was in need of being disciplined on an almost daily basis.

As they say, there can be no pleasure, without @ first, a little bit of pain.   

Luvasianpuss ive lost count now just how many @luvasianpuss


I’ve lost count now, just how many times the tennis ball has landed by my feet after I’ve won my service and the ball boy has crouched down right in front of me, while looking up to see if I need another firm ball to play with.

Surly he must be able to see that I already have a spare ball tucked in under the hem of my tennis dress.

Japanesemusume 194 im going for a walk @luvasianpuss


194: “I’m going for a walk. Coming?”


As the head greens keeper of the golf course I worked @. It was my job to teach my new greens keeper apprentice, the finer points of keeping things finely trimmed.

So that there wasn’t any undue resistance to one’s balls centering in on the small hole, that was guided by the club they were holding in their hand.

I think she now knows just how hard of a job it’s going to be. As I heard her gasp @ how razor sharp my tool was, that I showed her in the maintenance shed @ the back of the clubhouse for trimming the finest hairs………, I mean blades of grass..

Japanesemusume subaru 1 luvasianpuss it @luvasianpuss


Subaru 1


It wasn’t until my step-daughter had mentioned it, that I knew that I had finally found the right standout water feature for my pond @ the back of our garden.

I could stare @ that all day long and take in its sublime beauty.

Wouldn’t you agree?

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japanese bitches here!!!


The double overtime rate that we pay our secretaries for staying longer @ work, in the company that I own.

It more than compensates for the inconvenience of them not getting home on their normal finish to the day.

I’ve not yet, to hear one of them complain.

Luvasianpuss when i was planning the outlay of @luvasianpuss


When I was planning the outlay of the new decking I was going to make, I wanted to incorporate as much seating space as possible in the small area that I had to work with.

There then, was a reason why I made the fall of each step so minimal. It wasn’t to stop people from possibly tripping over, it was because where I had planned to have the BBQ, which was right @ the very bottom of the terraced slope.

I could keep a close eye on all of my quests as I cooked and to be honest, I think they are the best seats in the house.

Don’t you agree?

Luvasianpuss went i asked my step father how he @luvasianpuss


Went I asked my step-father how he managed to grow just about any kind of plant cutting available and keep it growing and healthy, he took one look @ me and said, “First, one takes a sapling, making sure everything is completely moist, then add some fertilizer. You’ll then be surprised @ just how big things get in such a short space of time.”

Wise words those, as I later found out in his glasshouse one day, while bent over watering his large green cucumbers.

That’s when I really got to feel how big and experienced, his green thumb really was.

Workinglady 川島莉穂 luvasianpuss the principal @luvasianpuss




The Principal was wanting a de brief on what I was teaching in sex ed class to my students.

So far, he seems to think everything that I’m teaching, is in order

Luvasianpuss the captain said to me that the way @luvasianpuss


The Captain said to me, that the way in which I was wearing my uniform, was first class.

Now I’ve been promoted and get to serve him, the co pilot and engineer in his tight cockpit @ 30,000ft.

Just as well, that there is an autopilot to fly the plane, as the following explosions in the cockpit might put the plane off course.

Luvasianpuss the key to getting into her pants @luvasianpuss


The key to getting into her pants, was actually where I was to discover, where she kept the spare key to the house to get in.

Nestled in between her bare pussey lips, it certainly wasn’t a place that I would have ever thought about looking, if I was wanting to gain entry.

It sure beat the normal place of finding it under a mat or pot plant by the backdoor.

Max07min rbd00377jp 2jpg luvasianpuss we @luvasianpuss




We all noticed how quite Miss was today, from her normal, bubbly, talkative self.

Something must have been probing deeply on her mind, as her thoughts seemed to off in some other kind of world other than the classroom.

You could clearly tell, that she was starting to get a bit emotional about something.

Fuckyeahmizunarei 美痴女 変態女医の淫語治療 @luvasianpuss


美痴女~変態女医の淫語治療~ - みづなれい 2014-08-16



The thought of getting a big injection really starts to make me super horny.

I’ve had plenty of large barbs pushed deep into me and not once has it ever stung.

Luvasianpuss forbidden fruit have you ever had @luvasianpuss


Forbidden Fruit:

Have you ever had one of those fruit craving days, well I had one. I always eat plenty of fruit on a daily basis, so it wasn’t unusual for me to keep an eye out on the fruit bowel, to see and make sure that there was some on hand, but on this particular day, all that was left was a solitary banana.

I wasn’t the only one in the house that liked eating alot of fruit, my step-daughter had just about as big an appetite as me, so I didn’t hesitate to pick it up and place it in one of the kitchen cupboards for safe keeping later on, until my wife went out and replenished our supply of fruit.

Later that afternoon, I opened the cupboard up and to my dismay, that banana was gone. Right!!!, it had to be only one other, I thought to myself and I stormed off down the hallway to my step-daughters bedroom to inquire if she knew anything about its whereabouts.

Well, I was in such a peeved state, I didn’t think or bother to knock on her bedroom door before opening it, so when I then burst into her room, you could have near knocked me over with a feather, @ the sight that then greeted my bulging eyes.

Sitting back on her bed, my step-daughter was totally naked, apart from a pair of stripped pink & white thong styled panties. She had pulled her legs back up to her chest and had them both pinned down under her armpits, while she had one hand clasped over one of her tits, with her hardened nipple showing through between her fingertips and the other hand was reaching further down to those thong panties.

The quickness @ which I felt my cock rise up under my trousers would have to be a Guinness book of world records time, as her fingertips grasp hold of one of the most horniest sights I’d ever seen. Right there, wedged tightly into her pusseyhole, was that missing banana I had thought I’d hidden well enough. Now she had it hidden inside the depths of her pusseyhole and was thrusting it in and out with its curved end wrapped under the crotch of her stripped panties.

She was going so fast with it, that I managed to see her thrust it up and down @ least three times before she realized that I was standing there and watching her.

I half expected to see her instantly jump up off of the bed in embarrassment, but all she did was let go of the end of the banana and then started to rub @ the front of her stripped thong panties where I imagined her clit would be.

The stern, pissed off look I had on my face very quickly dissipated, as I now was somewhat @ a loss for words to excuse myself for not knocking before entering her room.

She must have been fucking that banana for a good while before I came across her, as her eyes had that super glazed lustful look to them, as she continued to rub @ her, still hidden from view, swelled clit.

Seemingly, she knew what it was that I was after, as she would have known that where I had placed it from retrieving it from the fruit bowel, that some had done it on purpose to keep it for them self to eat.

The silence was then broken, as my step-daughter spoke up and said, “Errrrrhhh, sorry, I didn’t think it was going to be eaten, so I took it. I hope you aren’t too angry with me, are you” The look of a white lie showed in her face for but a fleeting moment as she said it.

Before I could attempt to give her a reply, I watched as she then tugged @ the crotch of her panties, pulling it aside, so that now I could easily see the last inch of that curved yellow banana, poking up out from the opening of her pusseyhole, with her stretched pusseylips clasped around it. She took hold of the banana’s tailed end and pulled it upwards ever so slowly. Inch by slow inch, that banana slowly pulled out from within her moist, wet pusseyhole until it finally was released and her pusseylips slipped towards one another to form one of the most beautiful cameltoe pussies I’d ever seen.

She now had that curved yellow banana dangling just above her bare waist, as she then said, “Here, take it. It’s all yours to eat.”

I looked @ the banana and could easily see the glistening sheen on its yellow flesh, from her pussey cum which had coated it in a copious amount of wet, sticky fluid. She now shifted her arm across and gave the banana a little jiggle towards me, to  offer it to me as one would when giving something away they wanted you to have.

Words still failed me, but I found myself stepping towards her and reached out to take it from her grasp. Now that I had it, I could easily smell the sweet musky aroma of her pussey cum which coated near all of its entire surface. I actually felt my hardened cock give a twitch under my trousers, as I then retreated back to the open doorway to her bedroom.

The last thing I got to see, just as I was about to close her bedroom door, was the sight of her now shoving in three fingers into her wet pusseyhole, to replace the girth of the banana I now had in my hand.

Minutes later, as I sat @ the kitchen table, I had slowly peeled back the soft fleshy skin to reveal the fruit within and as I took the very first bite, all I could smell, was her still fresh pussey cum’s aroma filling my nose, as I held up the banana to my mouth and the distance sound of my step-daughters lustful orgasmic cries as she finally must have cummed.

Now, since then, I have instructed her mother, my wife, to buy the biggest, longest and thickest banana’s that the fruit vendor has on offer to sell and to buy plenty of them.

Now when I see my step-daughter walking off with one of those banana’s in her hand from the fruit bowel, she’ll glance my way, to give me a cheeky wink of the eye and I just know then, that later on, there will be a sticky pussey cum coated banana left in the kitchen cupboard, which is going to leave a long and lingering sweet taste in my mouth, not to mention, the ball aching jets of my hot cum shooting out the end of my hard cock, as I lock myself in the toilet and imagined where the banana had been minutes ago, before being eaten.  

Luvasianpuss when my step father showed me how he @luvasianpuss


When my step-father showed me how he gripped his fingers tightly around his hard shaft, before letting off a powerful shot straight out ahead of him. I then quickly followed suit and straight away, I could see the improvement in my technique.

As when I then played my next shooting stroke with his balls, you could see the flight of his balls was straight up my fairway and it ended up being a hole in one.

It must have been good a good shot, as I even heard the greens man gasping from behind some bushes not far away from us.  

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I will post a photo of japanese porn. You can be excited to japanese pussy !!!


Never once, have I not made a shortlist for a job interview.

It’s just a case of knowing what not to wear.

Japanese porn gif japanese bitches here @luvasianpuss


japanese bitches here!!!


Miss had her own unique way of disciplining naughty girls in her class.

We would have to stand in the corner of the room and not make a sound.

It was always easier said than done.

Luvasianpuss i knew it was wrong but when my @luvasianpuss


I knew it was wrong, but when my step-son Tobi had moments before, had walked past me in the kitchen and cheekily grabbed hold of and squeezed my ass cheek under my skirt, a sudden rush of electrical like energy coursed throughout my entire body.

I tried not to show my sudden rush of feelings, as I quickly excused myself and headed down the hallway to my bedroom.

Once I had closed the door, I nearly tore the zipper to my skirt, as I tried to undress myself as quickly as possible. Soon, a pile of my cloths was laying on the floor below me, with just my panties left, but I just let them slide part way down my thighs as I started to let my finger wander all over my now exposed body.

Within minutes, I felt myself cum in one of the most intense orgasms that I’d ever had, as I wedged my two fingers either side of my burning wet clit, as I imaged that instead of grabbing hold of my ass cheek, Tobi had actually shoved his fingers up between my thighs and I’d felt his fingertips delve into my sticky wet pusseyhole.

Maybe tomorrow, I’ll wear one of my shorter skirts and see if he takes any notice of the bottom of my ass cheeks sneaking out below the hem of my skirt, or of the fact that I won’t have any panties on underneath as well.

Luvasianpuss all you have to do is lick and @luvasianpuss


“All you have to do, is lick and suck right here.”, she said to the paperboy, as he felt her hands push down on top of his shoulders, so that he was now kneeling down between her bare exposed thighs.

Luvasianpuss my step son tobi was very bright @luvasianpuss


My step-son Tobi was very bright academically and had a very high IQ, but he did say that it was some what distracting while he tried to do his studies. When I would pop into his bedroom and try to grab his attention from his books.

Luvasianpuss when it came to people collecting @luvasianpuss


When it came to people collecting things, my step-daughter would have to have one of the largest pen collections that I’ve ever seen.

She also tells me that she uses each and every one of them @ some point in time.

Luvasianpuss i always thought that the fake @luvasianpuss


I always thought, that the fake fruit that was placed in the bowl, that was the center piece on the lounge table was a bit tacky.

That was of course until I happened to try one.

Now they are more than just a static display and if you were to touch them with your fingers, then you would know that they really are tacky now.

Luvasianpuss our company there had been a @luvasianpuss


@ our company, there had been a recent sharp spike of staff complaining of heart attack like symptoms, but we are fortunate to have, one of our staff, who is one of the best, highly trained first aiders.

She says that she can tell in the first few seconds, if the person is really having one, or is faking it, as she says that she can spot and detect the slightest of signs of movement if a person starts to come to suddenly come to life.

I just hope, the number of slips and falls doesn’t reach those kind of levels as well, as they have been starting to track upwards as well.

Luvasianpuss i usually hate to travel long @luvasianpuss


I usually hate to travel long distance in a car, especially if its in a van and jam packed with people and smelly bodies, but the other day I had to go on a trip to visit family and I was stuck in the back with my step-mother and sister, along with some of our other extended family.

It wasn’t long into the trip, as I tried to cocoon myself in another world by listening to my Ipod to blank out the chatter of endless girl talk, when something caught my eye.

I blinked and refocused my attention ahead of me, as my step-mother was sitting opposite me. She and my step-sister were sitting in the first bench seat which faced back towards the rear of the van, with the rest of the seats facing forwards. I took a quick glance up while still keeping my head down and I couldn’t believe my eyes. Right there, less than a foot away from me, I caught sight of a flash of something glimmering. I quickly darted my eyes up higher and noticed that my step-mother was pointing across, out to the window of the van, with her arm held out past my step-sister as she spoke. In reaching across, she had shifted her body position and now her thighs had parted enough, that I was now able to see the front of her panties she was wearing under her skirt.

The glimmer seemed to be some kind of shiny thin thread which had been stitched into the lace panel which covered the prominent curve of her pussey mound. The colour of her panties was a very pale pink and the shiny thread had been stitched into many tiny roses all over the front of her panties.

We were so close to one another, our knee’s were almost knocking one anothers as we sat in our respective seats.

I then pretended to swipe my finger across my Ipod’s screen, as if I were scrolling for more songs, but I did it so that if anyone glanced my way, they’d hopefully not notice my now voyeur peeks straight in front of me, were now more interesting than the music playing from my earphones.

It was a four hour long trip that day and for three and a half of them, I sat there with a rock hard cock under my jeans, as I secretly spied and took in the sight of the most beautiful curved triangular piece of material I’d ever seen in my life and the odd moment where she really opened up her thighs and I caught sight of a few random strands of jet black pussey hairs which had managed to creep out from under the elasticated leg bands of her panties, with a few other sparse pussey hairs which had somehow managed to weave their way through the lace and now crossed and curled their own weave with those glimmering ones I had noticed first of all.

It was just as well that she didn’t ask me for my selfie stick, to take a picture of her and my step-sister while along the journey, because if she’d grabbed hold of mine, it would have been an epic photo, one to truly remember that trip by.   

A beautiful g aoi luvasianpuss ill always @luvasianpuss




I’ll always remember the saying my step-father says to me all of the time, whenever he see’s me.

That is, that the smallest of things done or shown, no matter how small or finer the detail. It can make a huge difference to someone elses day in more ways than one.

He even has that saying written on the inside of the toilet door and I can hear him repeating it over and over again to himself while in there.

He always is though, very handy with words.

Luvasianpuss even though there is heightened @luvasianpuss


Even though there is heightened security now @ most airports, my step-mother knows how to get through arrivals entry in the quickest time.

By wearing the right fitting cloths, the customs officers are near fighting one another to get her in their queue. Though there was a time when one customs officer asked her if she had anything to declare and when she said that she didn’t. He looked @ his X-ray machine to scan her suitcase, then gave her a very strange look.

The officer then waved over one of his fellow officers and the two of them started to quietly whisper a conversation between themselves as they now both looked @ the image screen, before the officer then asked her to open her case.

Once it was opened, he then asked why she had so many panties in her suitcase, three dozen pairs to be exact and her collection of vibrators and big black dildos. My step-mother, without blinking an eyelid replied, saying that it was all for personal use.

He then slowly proceeded to pull them out one by agonizing one and placed them on the counter top, then stopped. When he got to the pairs of panties that she had already worn, you should have seen his face go red, when inspecting them for drugs, he suddenly realized that the whitish looking residue covered all over them wasn’t drugs, but the semi dried stains from her pussey cum and the cum I had added to them myself. He then carefully inspected all of her vibrators and dildos for any kind of hidden cavity, but the only hidden cavity that could be associated with them, was the sweet musky cavity between her legs, when I had the job of toying her in the hotel room, that we had been in prior to this flight we had been on.

Again, I could see his face go red, as he held up one of her big black dildos, with its prominently raised random lines on its surface which were made to look like big thick blood vessels. It was so big and long, that it started to actually look like a whip on the end of it, as he gave the other end he was holding a slight jiggle about. It too, had a film of whitish residue all over it, but he got no reaction from the sniffer dog, which they’d now brought over beside them.

When the officer was then finally satisfied that she wasn’t concealing any drugs, he then replaced all of her items back into the suitcase and gave her a customs smile, as he nodded with his head in a gesture of goodbye.

Once we were finally home and had got around to unpack our things, I heard some coarse words coming from my step-mothers bedroom. Curiosity got the better of me and I walked to her bedroom to find out what had gotten her so angry.

Upon entering her room, I found her with all of her panties laying all over on her bed.

“What’s up?”, I said to her.

“I’ll tell you what’s up Tobi. I packed 36 pairs of my panties and now there is only 35. The missing pair, was a pair that I’d just had on this morning and were soaked through with my pussey cum after you had plugged me with that big black dildo from behind, I’ll tell you where it is. That spineless, two legged customs sniffer dog has them. I bet he has been sniffing them all afternoon while in the toilet.”, she said in a loud and irritated voice.

I didn’t say it, but the thought came quickly into my mind, that if one looked @ it in a different why, that the lingering sweet musky smell and aroma of her pussey cum soaked into those panties, might just be classed as an addictive drug, couldn’t it.

It then occurred to me, that in the course of his job, I bet that those weren’t the first pair of worn panties that he had managed to pull aside and sniff for drugs.

Luvasianpuss my step daughter walked into the @luvasianpuss


My step-daughter walked into the lounge and asked me what I thought of her new cocktail dress that she had designed.

I looked up from my newspaper and immediately noticed how short it was, as the hem of the dress didn’t even manage to cover the tops of the black lace and nylon stockings she had on her long slender legs.

I then near dropped my jaw to my waist, as she then twirled around so that she was now facing away from me and could hardly believe what I was seeing.

It was then, that I realized that there was only half a dress and that the hem of the short dress had suspender belt straps attached @ the sides, which then clipped to the tops of her black nylon stockings.

Her entire back was bare, not to mention her bare ass cheeks. She then bent over @ the waist, while keeping her legs held slightly apart. Now I had a birds eye view of her bare, shaved pussey framed in between her supple thighs, when she then said to me, “The name that I’m going to give this dress, is a “Screaming Orgasm”, cocktail dress. All it needs is for someone to lick her, then add some thick cream to finish it off.”

“Do you think I’ll sell many of these dresses if I were to put them into production.”, she then asked me.

Well, I then spent the rest of the afternoon R&D testing it for her and by the time that I was finished, I couldn’t pick out any obvious faults with it what so ever.

It certainly lived up to how she described it would function, that’s for sure.

Luvasianpuss i couldnt believe it i had just @luvasianpuss


I couldn’t believe it. I had just gotten back to class, after having showered from gym class, when I discovered that I’d left my sweater top back in the changing rooms.

As I got near the doorway to the changing rooms, I could start to hear someone inside making a moaning kind of noise. I wasn’t sure who would be in there, as I was one of the last to leave only minutes ago.

When I took a few steps more towards the second internal doorway and popped my head around the corner of the open door frame, I had to put my hand over my mouth instantly, to stop myself from letting the gasped breath I exhaled, sound and give away my presence.

There, atop of one of the benches for changing, was our gym teacher. My eyes were like saucers, as I watched her thrusting her hips up and down on one of those suction cup type dildos. I watched as her pusseylips shifted, as they slid over each of the thick rippled lines that were formed all the way down the thick length of rubber.

I was about to discretely retreat and leave her to what she was doing and get my sweater later on, when she then happened to look back behind herself and that’s when she noticed me peering around the doorway.

I then half expected her to stop once seeing me, but she didn’t even bat an eyelid and continued to fuck that dildo really hard with her grinding hips.

I have to admit, I was kind of turned on by what I was seeing and the look on Miss’s face suggested that she was now loving the fact that she had an audience watching her.

Soon, I found my hand wander down and start to rub @ my pussey through my white cotton panties under my navy pleated skirt, as Miss now showed in her face, the lustful pleasure that that dildo was doing to her pusseyhole.

Not long thereafter, the crotch to my white cotton panties was soaked right through and I almost timed it perfectly to be able to cum as Miss did on that thick rubber dildo.

Now, since that first encounter in the changing rooms, I’m always the last to leave the showers after gym class, as it isn’t long before I hear Miss slowly walk through the doorway and begin to slip out of her gym sweat trainers, to reveal her supple, firm body.

I’ve now found out, that the thick dildo I first seen her with, it isn’t the only rubber item contained in Miss’s changing locker. Miss had me straddle the changing bench, then fucked my sticky pussey from behind with another dildo which was double the length of the first and completely black all over. It had a cock head molded into each end and she plugged my pusseyhole with one end, then curled the other end around and pushed the other cock head into my asshole, then started to fuck both of my holes @ the same time.

I hope no one else happens to forget their sweater top and come back looking for it right @ this moment.

Spidergifshen @luvasianpuss


Jukujo-4999独占公開 親子の一線を越えた母と息子 前編 母の射精介助

如果想和我閑聊。詢問啥請到這裏這 地址


It was bound to happen sooner than later, my step-mother discovered my pile of porno mags that I’d had stashed under my bed.

When she had looked through some of them, she had discovered that most of the mags that I had hidden, were of older women with big large tits, with most of the photo spreads showing their big tits getting creamed in thick white cum by younger guys.

When she then, later on confronted me with my stash of mags, I expected to get a right old telling off, but to my surprise, she didn’t @ all look pissed off with me.

Instead, she reached out with her hand and placed it over the front of my jeans and gave my cock a firm squeeze, as she said to me, “Mmmmmmmmm, so Tobi, you like older women do you with big large tits. You like seeing them all covered in thick white hot cum do you.”

Even before I could return a reply, she spoke again and said, “I think so, as there were a number of pages that were all stuck together, but when I did manage to pries them open, they showed photo’s of a young man having his big hard cock fucked between an enormous pair of creamy tits.

The squeezing of her hand on my cock soon had it standing @ full attention, as she then reached with her other hand and I watched her squeeze one of her own big, large braless tits through the stretchy sweater she had on.

The whole of that afternoon, was then spent with her manipulating my hard cock between her exposed big tits, which I could hardly believe was happening.

She made me cum a number of times, until there wasn’t anything left within my tight balls  I laid back exhausted, as she then used her fingers to wipe up my spent cum from her big creamy tits and suck my thick cum off from her fingertips, as she used her mouth like she blowing another aching cock.

Since that first time, I’ve had no need to buy anymore porno mags, as there isn’t a day that goes by, that I get to see my jetting cum spew out and across her bare, exposed tits.

If I’m super lucky, she will let me watch her as she rubs and fingers her pussey after making me cum and I can hear the squelching of her three fingers rapidly being rammed into her wet, sticky pusseyhole until she screams out loud with her orgasm and tells me that I’m a dirty perverted individual for wanting to cream an older woman’s big large tits like hers.

One day, just one day, I might just get to feel my hard cock in that sticky wet tunnel, as I’ve seen the determined resolve of not letting me fuck her, ever so slowly fading away, as she watches me continue to stroke my cock in front of her.

She still hasn’t found my other stash of porno mags that I had hidden the closet. The ones showing older women tied up in thick knotted ropes, then having their asses and pussies fucked hard, until thick cum starts to dribble out of their open mouths.

If she manages to find them while cleaning my bedroom, then I think I’ll be in absolute seventh heaven.

Nukimaru hgmo 淫乱女教師 エッチな補習授業 朝丘まりん @luvasianpuss



淫乱女教師 エッチな補習授業 / 朝丘まりん


The other day, I had forgotten something from my locker @ school, when I had left for home. It was one of my study books, which I needed for an exam I was to have the next day, so I cursed @ myself, as I turned around and headed back to retrieve it.

When I finally got back to my locker, I could hear voices coming from my classroom. I could clearly make out my teacher and the Principals voice coming from within.

My teacher was one of those temp teachers that they bring in, to fill a gap in the remaining year, until a new full time teacher could start in the new year.

As I got the study book that I was looking for, I suddenly heard what sounded like loud crying. I then heard my teacher say, “Yes…….., yes I really, really want this.”

We all knew that she only had a couple of more weeks to go, before school broke up and it would be the end of her time here, then she’d more than likely be reassigned somewhere else to another short teaching stint @ another college.

I edge myself as quietly as I could, till I got close to the closed door to my classroom. There was no way of seeing in, as it had one of those frosted window panes mounted into the upper half of the door.

I now heard the Principal talk as he said, “ Come on now!!!!! You need to put a bit more effort into it, if you think you are going to impress me enough, that I might give you a longer extension.”

His voice sounded rather stern like and again I heard her loud crying @ what he had said to her. I crouched there by the wooden door and couldn’t but help think that she was getting a rather hard time of it. As temp teachers went, I actually thought she was half ok, in how she was able to teach us all.

Now her crying was near constant and I could even hear the erratic gasps of her breath, as she seemingly had lost all kind of professional composure.

Suddenly, the hallway clock alarm went off to chime the hour mark and I got jolted back to my senses.

“Holy shit.”, I said silently to myself. It was four O’clock in the afternoon and I was meant to be home @ half past four. The journey to home was another good twenty minutes more on top of the thirty minute mark, so I knew that I’d have to beat feet, to have any chance to get home on time.

As I crept away from the closed door to my classroom, I wished that there had been @ least a keyhole that I could have spied through, to see what was happening between them both.

As I was about six or so paces from the door, I suddenly heard the Principals loud stern voice again bellow out. “YEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS THATSSSSS IT!!!!!!!!!!!. The Principal I was talking to the other day, where you were last @. He said that you had made a big impression on him when you were there. NOW COME ON!!!!!! Show me something of this special talent that you had, that he was talking about.”

His words near echoed inside of the hallway, as I reached for the door to the outside of the building.

As I left, I couldn’t but help feel sorry for her, as her crying now almost sounded like she was about to scream.

The Principal was certainly one of those people, who expected to get lots out of not only the students, but his teachers more so.

I can then tell you, that I was then really surprised, when I came back @ the start of the new year and who should be seated right next to the Principal @ assembly.

It was my last years temporary teacher.

Obviously, she had made some kind of big lasting impression on him, that she was now back as a full time teacher.

Clearly, the Principal must have thought that she was able to fill just the spot after all.

Luvasianpuss the last time that i had seen my @luvasianpuss


The last time that I had seen my step-daughters pussey, grazing against a round metal bar, was when I had to take her to a local sports competition.

On that occasion, I watched as her pussey just barely grazed the horizontal bar of the high jump, as she hoisted herself up into the air in a scissor leg kick to try and get over it.

I remembered the sight of her back leg to the jump being pull up as high as she could get it, then seeing the curved outline of her pussey lips through her thin lite blue track shorts protruding out between her ass cheeks. It was the slightest of contact, as her track pant, covered pusseylips just grazed over the round metal bar. The round metal bar then started wobbling about, as if it was about to fall down, but then it somehow held and her jumping attempt was then counted.

I knew then, @ that moment, that she had clearly been practicing heaps in her own time. Practicing for just how much pressure she could apply to a round metal bar, before it would send her crashing down into a gasping, limp heap onto a foam mattress below her.

As they do say, lots of practice does make perfect.

Doesn’t it?