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Mick and Dee Luvbight are a real life master/slave couple who document Dee's sex slave training through extensive photography on their web page Luvbight Photography (a free site with 9,000 images covering a decade of slave training). This Tumblr is a small selection of their images. Feel free to re-blog any of our images. - Luvbight's Photos (@luvbight)
Dee luvbight at hedo iii in jamaica @luvbight

Dee Luvbight at Hedo III in Jamaica

Dee luvbight at hedo 3 in jamaica @luvbight

Dee Luvbight at Hedo 3 in Jamaica

Keepingher with me she always has security @luvbight


With me she always has security.

Dee Luvbight, from… it’s better in color:

Dee luvbight from luvbightcom @luvbight

Dee Luvbight… from

Dee luvbight @luvbight

Dee Luvbight.

Vaginalchastity it was an extreme move but she @luvbight


It was an extreme move, but she was glad she got her cunt pierced to block access to it.

Still one of my favorite of our images. –Mick Luvbight

Therubberdollowner @luvbight


The mechanical whimsy of The House of Gord is still such an inspiration. Jeff’s inspiration is timeless and fuels my training methodology. (Gifs by Lipstixxx?)

Please note: I nor my rubber dolls are in this image nor did we create or claim ownership of this image. It will be removed at the owner’s request within 24hrs

The removal offer is amusing, given that Jeff’s been dead since 2013.

Thats dee luvbight at the old hedo iii in @luvbight

That’s Dee Luvbight at the old Hedo III in Jamaica.

Luvbight snow chains model dee luvbight @luvbight


“Snow Chains”

Model: Dee Luvbight

Location: Pittsburgh, PA

Chastity Belt by Access Denied

Thats dee luvbight from luvbightcom @luvbight

That’s Dee Luvbight from Luvbight.COM

Mypiercingstuff awesome ringed by mick @luvbight



“Ringed” by Mick Luvbight

Model: Dee Luvbight

Jewelry: Tribalectic

Mypiercingstuff thanks to a very talented @luvbight


Thanks to a very talented man.

“Three Lock Box” by Mick Luvbight

Model: Dee Luvbight

Jewelry: Tribalectic

(you’ve posted a smaller version of this image; this is as large as tumblr will allow)

Erectus luvbight is the credit i think yes @luvbight


LuvBight is the credit, I think.

Yes!   This was from one of our Spring parties. –Mick Luvbight

Not our pic but we always say real scenes @luvbight

Not our pic, but we always say “Real scenes require a towel”

Jawaja35 bdsm slaves public nudity join me on @luvbight


BDSM Slaves & Public Nudity
Join me on
or mail me at

Mr Jawaja is op zoek naar een onderdanige slaaf of slavin voor outdoor. Interesse? Mail me op

#slave #outdoorslave #publicslave #jawaja

That’s Dee Luvbight, rigged by me.

Thats dee luvbight full set available free at @luvbight

That’s Dee Luvbight, full set available free at:

Ecstasyinrestraints nice hardware thats dee @luvbight


nice hardware

That’s Dee Luvbight. Original available for free here:

Sirbindtumblrcom @luvbight

Dee Luvbight

Gadget the purple pony model dee luvbight @luvbight

Gadget the Purple Pony

Model: Dee Luvbight

Rigging: Mick Luvbight

Chastity belt by Access Denied

Location: Pittsburgh, PA 2005


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