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wet little pussy @make-me-drip

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i'm 19, female and bi talk to me. ask me questions. - wet little pussy (@make-me-drip)
I have nothing against really slutty ones @make-me-drip

I have nothing against really slutty ones ;)


this is really slutty of me, but hey

Needingit she looks eerily similar to one of my @make-me-drip


She looks eerily similar to one of my classmates.

Was that the last one or is there more to come @make-me-drip

was that the last one? or is there more to come? is he going to make me wait till I beg tonight? or will he not be able to hold himself back?

Eyes roll back its only the beginning @make-me-drip

Eyes roll back. It’s only the beginning. 


@JadaPattinson I’m sorry

Tonight i brought a friend kindlybeatingher @make-me-drip

tonight I brought a friend


You’re his for tonight slut

Arousingthemasses i absolutely love laughing in @make-me-drip


I absolutely love laughing in bed. <3

Id seduced her shed never even seen another @make-me-drip

I’d seduced her. shed never even seen another woman before

The shadows always add mystery @make-me-drip

the shadows always add mystery

Youve already relenquished power cant go back @make-me-drip

you’ve already relenquished power. can’t go back now. we’re just getting started.

there you go.

good girl.



Open your legs little girl

So delightfully exposed. 

When i start touching myself you know im enjoying @make-me-drip

When I start touching myself you know I’m enjoying it so much I can’t help but join in. 

Shes still thinking about modesty even now @make-me-drip

She’s still thinking about modesty even now ;)

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When she takes me from behind im in heaven @make-me-drip

When she takes me from behind I’m in heaven.

Slowly make me beg tease me till i cant stand @make-me-drip

Slowly. make me beg. tease me till I can’t stand it. Till the thought of you fucking me takes over completely and I’m soaked.


Poke nip love

Sometimes he surprises me from the shadow i can @make-me-drip

Sometimes he surprises me from the shadow. I can hardly bare it when I’m causght off guard. 

i’m immediately dripping for you to fuck me. hard.

The brunette looks like shes dancing can i have @make-me-drip

the brunette looks like shes dancing. can I have her for my birthday?



This makes me go wild @make-me-drip

this makes me go wild!

You said you wanted to go on vacation arent you @make-me-drip

you said you wanted to go on vacation. arent you happy about it?

I want to feel this all night long @make-me-drip

I want to feel this all night long.


Always like this one

Fuck me all night im horny and it needs to be @make-me-drip

fuck me all night? I’m horny and it needs to be taken care of. 

Now what did i do to deserve you two exquisite @make-me-drip

Now, what did I do to deserve you two exquisite things?



Whats in store for my next @make-me-drip

what’s in store for my next?

Arent you a pretty thing @make-me-drip

aren’t you a pretty thing 

Its time for a saturday afternoon study break i @make-me-drip

Its time for a saturday afternoon study break i think ;)

Myredbike she had trouble breathing her grip @make-me-drip


She had trouble breathing. Her grip on the leg of the bed started to slip, both from the sweat covering her entire body as well as her weakening hands. Her body was slowly giving in. There was only so much it could take of this abusive pleasure. She tried to push him away to catch a few seconds of rest but he wouldn’t have any of it. She felt her body being pulled along the floor and without hesitation his hard shaft split her open once again and penetrated her deeply. There was no fighting him off. All she managed was to close her eyes and let out a deep moan.

He was relentless. Pounding into her like a man possessed. Over and over. He knew that her body threatened to give in and collapse on the floor but he wouldn’t let her. Clamping her hips with his strong hands he pulled her up off the floor and slammed back into her. It was difficult to tell if he fully comprehended what was really happening. His eyes had a glaze to them which made him seem in a trance like state. His body had taken over control of him. There was nothing his brain could do to do stop him now.

Her yells became louder every time he hit her deep inside. She had regained some strength, most likely as a defence mechanism against his constant hammering, and laying on her back she pushed herself back into him now, meeting every one of his thrusts with her own. That only increased his ferocity. He took hold of her shoulder with one hand and the leg of the beg with the other one and increased his speed. The force of his pumps was never-ending. Sweat dripped from his chest onto her breasts mixing with her own. He leaned down to lick them then gave her a hard kiss. All along his hips kept thrusting, slamming into her.

She was getting close. Again. She had lost count of how many times orgasms had ripped through her. The longer this encounter went on the more painfully intense they became. Another one was building up. Her hands wrapped around his back. She wanted him deep when the wave flushed over here again. Then she heard him groan. That familiar sound he made when he was about to let loose. She opened her eyes just in time to see his clenched teeth and his head being thrown back before feeling the familiar sensation of his hot load filling her. Spurt after spurt shot inside her. Maybe I’m done after all, she thought as he fell on top of her.

She felt him slip out before their juices started to drip out of her, trickling down her body and onto the floor. She was ready for sleep right there and then when he rolled off her with a long sigh. She felt herself drift away when suddenly her legs were spread and his tongue began to lap at her soaked folds. Her eyes shot open as she lifted her head. She saw him spread her lips and his tongue enter her. Hearing him  slurp up their combined fluids made her head fall back to the floor. She took a hold of his hair and spread her legs further. His tongue on her clit using his own juices as lubrication drove her over the edge. She yanked at his head when yet another orgasm hit her, this one the strongest of them all. Yelling his name she raised her hips to meet his hungry mouth. Her hands didn’t let go of his hair until she was well and truly done.

“What’s gotten into you?” she asked breathlessly after a few moments, pulling the sweat soaked hair from her eyes.

“Just because I’m your husband doesn’t mean I can’t fuck you like you’re someone else’s wife,” he grinned, and breathing heavily, grabbed her ankles to pull her toward him again.

Copyright © MyRedBike - Dirty thoughts of a clean mind

Penthouse always donebutwitherrorsonpage @make-me-drip

Penthouse. always.


“Penthouse” slave and “basement” slave…

Which one are you?

Dr tarl those robo calls from the rolb are @make-me-drip


Those robo calls from the ROLB are really getting to me.

I need it now. come over

So what are you waiting for im ready @make-me-drip

so… what are you waiting for?

Im ready.

I hope all my wishes come true dr tarl i @make-me-drip

I hope all my wishes come true.


I promise not to be bad today.  

And i just need to feel it all over every ounce @make-me-drip

And I just need to feel It. All Over. Every ounce of my body. So don’t stop till I go numb and can’t take any more. Because tonight, I need it hard and fast. fuck me now.



And im feeling horny spankopera youd better @make-me-drip

and i’m feeling horny


You’d better be ready for action when she’s eventually untied.

Because tonight im feeling frisky @make-me-drip

Because tonight I’m feeling frisky

Fuck me baby make my eyes roll back @make-me-drip

fuck me baby. make my eyes roll back. 

Blushingviolet she looks mighty uncomfortable @make-me-drip


She looks mighty uncomfortable.  

But I’d also like to point out the little wet spot on the floor…

Sweatcumandsaliva bimbocandy annidoll @make-me-drip




love love love this

love having my arms pinned behind me during sex

Oh god, me too.

And I love doing it!

Hmmmm dont know what you want next maybe i can @make-me-drip

hmmmm don’t know what you want next? maybe I can help?

I like my girls dripping p @make-me-drip

I like my girls dripping ;P

She can always sense him in the room sense him @make-me-drip

she can always sense him in the room. sense him staring hole in the back of her head. but she never knows how long he will wait.