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My Ass Fetish. @maleasskisser

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Just your average twenty year old gay guy from California. Horny as fuck, all the time. Asses just happen to be the best way to jerk off. The best part is getting my face up close and personal with an another dudes ass. It's a fucking turn on. Rimming, facesitting, stinkfaces, you've got it all. Every ass needs another man's face to worship it. The bigger, the better. The hairier, the better as well. Also submission's are always welcome. 18+ NSFW. Fantasy Stories Submissions Rikishi Stinkface - My Ass Fetish. (@maleasskisser)
Electricunderwear id eat that all day and @maleasskisser


I’d eat that all day and night

Thestinkface everything was amazing when @maleasskisser


Everything was amazing when Rikishi wrestled in Japan. His ass was the biggest it’s ever been, he still wore the thong, AND he always pulled it up higher before punishing his victims

Masterworship his big bodybuilder ass swallows @maleasskisser


his big bodybuilder ass swallows your face “ PFFFT, SNIFF MY PROTEIN FARTS deep into your nostrills fag , your face is gonna smell like my sweaty ass and rank farts for weeks”.

Suffocateinmyass my fantasy @maleasskisser


My fantasy

Storjocke a thong stimulates but a jock strap @maleasskisser


A thong stimulates, but a jock strap frames my ass!


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