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- Untitled (@malefartsandshit)
Denverfaceseat strappyskink the more you @malefartsandshit



The more you struggle the deeper your face is going to be squeezed into my ass until you have zero room for air. Your choice, breathe my sweaty jeans and survive or squirm and SUFFOCATE

I might squirm…..?????

Facesit60 your farts are so strong sir @malefartsandshit


Your farts are so strong sir

Facesit60 i want to be his face seat @malefartsandshit


I want to be his face seat

Denverfaceseat wrestlemeat eat it but make @malefartsandshit



Eat It

…but make sure you sniff it out real good!

Raunchyfrat2 toilet noises watch video here @malefartsandshit


Toilet noises. Watch video here:

Josebautista28625 young office worker had to @malefartsandshit


Young office worker had to answer nature’s call, so he trekked down to the men’s room, entered a stall, closed and locked the door, unbuckled, unzipped, dropped his pants and underwear around his ankles, sat down on the pot, farted, relaxed his bowels, and began defecating into the toilet.  He’s busy working through a log jam, grunting and struggling to push out last night’s dinner remnants without making too big a scene lest others crapping nearby hear him.  Come on, man!  You can do it!

Dutchfartfetish stick ur nose into my asshole @malefartsandshit


Stick ur nose into my asshole! Send me urs, kik: daanuk61

Smear me in man shit psychofantasy2000 simonpw2 @malefartsandshit




I want to lick his hole

Me too

I want to rub my face in it

Raunchyfrat2 toilet noises watch video here @malefartsandshit


Toilet noises. Watch video here:

Messycub damn that is some sexy turd id love @malefartsandshit


Damn that is some sexy turd! I’d love to get messy together with that.

Kinkybear45 walking the dog and sharted myself @malefartsandshit


Walking the dog and sharted myself. Finished the walk feeling it between my cheeks. Anyone want to lick me clean?

Ubyot tebotre assim que é bomcu @malefartsandshit




Fresh from the oven , YUMMY !!!

Activomorbopatasdf buttsniffer1946 sniff @malefartsandshit



sniff sniff

Desearía poder olerle los pedos

Activomorbopatasdf buttsniffer1946 my face @malefartsandshit



my face is your chair

Quisiera ser la silla de esas nalgas

Facesit60 what i see as he sits down on my face @malefartsandshit


What I see as he sits down on my face

Facesit60 just before he sits on my face @malefartsandshit


Just before he sits on my face

Simonpw2 satanicfaggot666 yeah he loves my @malefartsandshit



Yeah… He Loves My Shit!

I love your shit too!

Scato anal fire 952 one of biggest turd @malefartsandshit


One of biggest turd

Philip7575 food comming @malefartsandshit


food comming

Regis38 manu @malefartsandshit



Simonpw2 a super meal @malefartsandshit


A super meal!

Nasty bluecollar man skid marks are always nice @malefartsandshit


skid marks are always nice to see when you pull down a buds jeans

Raunchyfrat2 shart in public watch video here @malefartsandshit


Shart in public. Watch video here:

Raunchyfrat2 watch video here @malefartsandshit


. Watch video here:

Raunchyfrat2 a cutie anon just sent me the @malefartsandshit


A cutie anon just sent me the video where another cutie farts in a library, some other anon asked for it (or was it the same?) Anyway THANKS! I couldn’t find it anywhere, I’m glad you did and took the time to submit it. Let’s not lose the video again :)

Anyway, watch video HERE

Fortheloveofmanstink you like the way that @malefartsandshit


“You like the way that smells, faggot? You like the smell of my sweaty ass?”

Smellmyassfarts sniff that dirty hole @malefartsandshit


Sniff that dirty hole

Raunchyfrat2 shitting on buds hands scat @malefartsandshit


Shitting on bud’s hands (scat warning). Watch video here:

I4u4brown snnnfffahhhh heaven on earth what @malefartsandshit


Snnnfff…AHhhh… Heaven on Earth! What a beautiful sight and heavenly, manly smell. Real man-to-man sex just doesn’t get ANY hotter than this. This image gives me a super-ultra hard-on with pre-flow every time I see it!

Smell my butthole takin a dump @malefartsandshit


takin a dump

Raunchyfrat2 just hanging around fart watch @malefartsandshit


Just hanging around (fart). Watch video here:

Raunchyfrat2 shitting in a can scat warning @malefartsandshit


Shitting in a can (scat warning). Watch video here:

Simonpw2 lunch is served yummy @malefartsandshit


lunch is served! yummy!

Denverfaceseat chroniclesofabrownnoser i @malefartsandshit



I expect all of my boys to relish in my stink from a hard day’s work. I work very hard for a living, and I can’t be bothered to shower for these faggots. I expect them all to grovel in the sweat of my crack and crotch, memorize the stink and begin to love it. Real men stink because real men know how to work hard.

Amen young Sir!

Kuklapootblr dirtykinkypigs get your face @malefartsandshit



“Get your face in there and sniff, bitch. I know you want to.”

I wanna do more than sniff.

You haven’t taken a shit yet this morning, have you?

Itausapigs a faggots eyes view of his masters @malefartsandshit


A faggots eye’s view of his masters hole~

Piggybehr my husbear on the rim seat need a @malefartsandshit


My husbear on the rim seat (need a camera/video-pig here

Piggybehr woofalicious @malefartsandshit



Wolfss88 appetitlich @malefartsandshit



Richiejockp rickraunch force your fag to @malefartsandshit



Force your fag to learn your scent. Straddle his face for 15 minutes before each session and humble him completely by making him deep-sniff your ass smells, including your gas. A few long slow farts will put him right in his place and dominate him completely. Even if he hates it at first, hold him in place and make him thank you for each one, until he learns.

Tag your it

Stinkmyfaceup assholes4daze dirtyzdog @malefartsandshit




dirty dawgs

(via TumbleOn)

Come and get your nose wet, I’ve got some sloppy gas

Stinkmyfaceup dickandduane apes big ass @malefartsandshit



Ape’s big ass tears all of his boxers. 

When I see him like this I wanna scoot under him on my back so he can launch hot morning farts into my face

Hardonformanstink dirtyguysandholes hey man @malefartsandshit



Hey man, I just woke up. Make my day and lick that unshowered hole for me

Morning hole musk is awesome!

Chris metz kuklapootblr damn thats gotta @malefartsandshit



Damn that’s gotta smell nasty! Wish that was me receiving that bowel movement right now. I need to be punished for being a fag, and that’s the ultimate…

Very hot pig

Kinkyinga dont forget to breathe down there @malefartsandshit


Don’t forget to breathe down there, man. Wouldn’t want you to pass out.

Stinkmyfaceup jackuncut hairy hole @malefartsandshit



Hairy hole inhaler.

Breathe deep. Smell my funk. Get my fart all over your face and carry it around with you.

Stinkmyfaceup jackuncut fresh young butt @malefartsandshit



Fresh young butt cleaning.

I got a whole cadre of hot young jocks. One for each day of the week.

Shitsniffer27 what a stink whore @malefartsandshit


What a stink whore

Chroniclesofabrownnoser randy had still not @malefartsandshit


Randy had still not paid back the drug dealers’ share of the cut for going on three months.

The “Rancid Brothers” as they were called in the drug community, had a rather unique way of dealing with their street vendors, if you will. 

Poor Randy was beat around like a rag doll, and the brothers decided to add a little salt to the wound, so to speak. Randy didn’t dare protest, he was in deep enough shit with them as it was…no pun intended.

Jonstonius super hot @malefartsandshit


Super hot

Blackmeattrain oh i love this slut eating @malefartsandshit


Oh, I love this slut eating Black man’s ass!!!

Rimmingluv girls rimming boy action rimming @malefartsandshit


Girls rimming boy action #rimming #rimjob #asslick #analingus

Jmc985 just had to poo here is me before and @malefartsandshit


Just had to poo. Here is me before and my hole after. Now it’s time to jack off and get my fingers full of poo

Vodait lick his ass and then his feet @malefartsandshit


lick His ass and then His feet!

Shitsniffer27 nasy shit yum @malefartsandshit


Nasy shit yum

Dirty angel spain coach makes lick his smelly @malefartsandshit


Coach makes lick his smelly asshole when he is not happy with our game.
El entrenador nos hace comerle el ojal después del partido cuando no le gusta como hemos jugado.

Muskybro man love @malefartsandshit


man love

Sitonmydamnface told em to get up on that bed @malefartsandshit


Told ‘em to get up on that bed and show me that dirty ass. 

Otterfur thats it boy you like the way @malefartsandshit


That’s it boy, you like the way Daddy’s shithole looks? It’s winking at you, right from the middle of my big round, white, hairy rumps. 

I’ve been wanting to show off this side of myself to you and I figured today is the perfect day. What how daddy can make it wink. You like that? You should feel how it winks when you stick your tongue in it. It’ll wink real hard for you.

Daddy’s always like playing with his asshole… sticking things inside, a finger or two. I could use some help sometimes, though, and that’s where you come in boy. I’m going to need your help to polish this hole with your tongue… make it all brand new and spanking clean. I might want you to stick a finger inside too.

Don’t worry, you’ll like it - you’ll be surprised at how warm and tight Daddy is on the inside. Might catch you off guard considering my shithole is pretty loose right now… just got done having Uncle Bill stick his penis inside.

So now, it’s your turn to pleasure my crap hole. You up for the challenge boy? Daddy likes to take it slow and easy… I like to spend hours in this position, asshole exposed, with a nice penis or tongue teasing it.

That’s it, see, I knew you were eager. Good boy…. good boy!

Otterfur daddy took me out into the woods to @malefartsandshit


Daddy took me out into the woods to show me how a man shits in nature.

Daddy took his pants off all the way and made me sit on the ground, indian style.

He made sure to tell me that I need to pay attention to everything his butt and private parts were doing.

Daddy took off his pants and asked me to hold them. I could see his hairy body. Boy was daddy hair.

Daddy turned around and squatted down, exposing even more of his hairy private parts.

Daddy started to breathe heavier and I could see his butthole twitching.

A shit was about to come out!

Daddy almost seemed to be holding his shit in. For a while, his asshole kept puckering in and out… in and out…

Then, Daddy shifted a bit in his squat and he moaned.

A fat log of shit started emerging from his hairy private part asshole butthole cunt.

I could see it hit the ground and a part broke off. Daddy seemed to try to keep the shit in his rectum as long as possible, but he couldn’t stop his anus from puckering and cutting off his fresh logs.

Oh Daddy, I love watching you be a man in nature and take a shit. Can I get closer next time? I don’t think I understand how to get my own asshole to pucker so much while there is shit inside. I want you to show me Daddy… make me into a real man. Show me your hairy private parts and maybe even let me touch them. I like seeing you pull your pants down. It makes me excited. It makes me want to see you squat in front of me again and show me your manly butthole, full of fresh logs for the forest floor.

Otterfur thats it son take a good look at @malefartsandshit


That’s it son, take a good look at Daddy’s hairy private parts. You see how there is so much hairy around my asshole and penis? You’ll probably be like this one day. Italian men always get really hairy down below.

Now come over here and sniff my asshole. You’ll like it, I promise you. I want you to savor this moment with me, son. Daddy is vulnerable right now exposed to you, with my asshole out in the open and my balls spread out in front of you.

Get nice and close so you can see how the hairy folds of man really look… and really smell. That’s it… now… Daddy is going to let out a little fart for you. Just take a little smell, boy… tell me if you like it.

I just want to make sure you know what a fresh fart smells like coming out of Daddy. Alright… here’s a little fart boy… Sniff it!


Ahhh… that feels so good boy… had to release some of that fart. And it was wonderful to see your face down there ready to take it in. See, this is what becoming a man is all about… sharing your hairy private parts and your hairy shithole farts with other men… I hope you enjoy this, son, because we are going to have many more days like this.

Isniffmanbutts hungry little fucker knows his @malefartsandshit


Hungry little fucker knows his place.

Denverfaceseat daddyscent dont worry son @malefartsandshit



“Don’t worry, son! It’s nice and clean! But you still will have a shit-eating grin when your done sniffing and licking Daddy’s hole!”

Thank you Sirs…..

Humiliationverbale open your filthy mouth i @malefartsandshit


open your filthy mouth, I will empty MY bowels in it, fag

Rob1200 sluttymcnastyloads im horny and @malefartsandshit



I’m horny and need to get my tongue into a hairy hole.

beautiful holes for the slave to savor

Denverfaceseat servicemarriedmen eating your @malefartsandshit



Eating your straight buddy’s hole is guaranteed to keep him coming back for more, especially as he’s not getting that kind of service back home.

… and ya know he’s not getting this kind of service from his woman! 

Denverfaceseat thismisterman whereas most @malefartsandshit



Whereas most guys don’t mind walking around the house shirtless on a hot day, my roommate Rick had a thing for going bottomless. He said his balls and ass would sweat way too much in the summer, so it was just easier for him walk around naked from the waist down instead of always having to peel off his sweaty underwear at the end of the day. 

I moved in with him in late October, so had no idea he liked to do this. But once June rolled around, and the temperature hit the 90s, it only took 3 days of him strutting his hairy legs and ass around for me to become completely submissive to the sight of his hairy ass and thick, uncut cock. 

He loved to ask me if it bothered me, him walking around like this. I tried to play coy for a while, but like I said, after only three days I couldn’t contain myself.

“You wanna taste it, don’t you?” he asked one day as he bent over to pick up the remote off the ground as we were watching TV.

“I…I kinda do,” I said, looking down at the ground.

“Alright, but I want you to sniff it first,” he replied as he got down on all fours in front of the TV. “I smell great after a long day like this one, and I want you to enjoy it.”

I could only wish he’d sit down on my face and squirm to be able to take all of it in!