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some nice photos altered to fit my (very special) taste... - mamo1leg (@mamo1leg)
I want to see her naked to compare the size of her @mamo1leg

I want to see her naked to compare the size of her stumps and boobs

Beauty @mamo1leg


Wonderful lady even though she is only a fantasy @mamo1leg

Wonderful lady, even though she is only a fantasy

I got another anon question for es of emma watson @mamo1leg

I got another anon question for ES of Emma Watson. Well, there are some very good ES pics of her floating around. Too much work for me to search them, but I know I’ve got them on my HD. So I did two quick manips. I hope you like Harry’s best friend after he used his wand for her limbs

Here she is beautiful in every way i dont know @mamo1leg

Here she is, beautiful in every way. I don’t know which pic I like most.

Oh, by the way, those celebrity manips will not be included to my next update. They’re here on my tumblr exclusively. But as always - like, reblog and comment!

Ampbeauties es i dont think that this is es @mamo1leg



I don’t think that this is es.

For the anon asker @mamo1leg

for the anon asker

Amputee porn world high heels just for one @mamo1leg


High heels just for one leg.

beautiful amputee girls

well known es by me, watermark was cropped.

that pic was the “entree” to my yahoo group until yahoo installed the “neo” groups.

Werner peter universe 5 000 eintrage love @mamo1leg


5.000 Einträge!

Love the high heels

Wonderful @mamo1leg


Amputee porn world amputee girlfriend posing @mamo1leg


amputee girlfriend posing. she is hot.

es by me. Someone cropped my watermark 

Prosthetic life beckas leg beckas leg is @mamo1leg


Becka’s leg

Becka’s leg is sexy.

Yntbresay repost iamkeishagreen with @mamo1leg


#Repost @iamkeishagreen_ with @repostapp.
What do U do with two bad amputees @baddrosie

Nice little girl @mamo1leg

nice little girl…

A sweet girl as requested by an anonymous @mamo1leg

a sweet girl, as requested by an anonymous follower.

Id love to explore her short beautiful body @mamo1leg

I’d love to explore her short, beautiful body

Hot girl @mamo1leg

hot girl

Mamo1leg turned 3 today @mamo1leg

mamo1leg turned 3 today!


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