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Man Ass to Die For @man-ass

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Men have many wonderful assets. But this blog is for when all you want is ass. (NSFW. I do not claim ownership of any images posted here.) - Man Ass to Die For (@man-ass)
Encorealways nsfw 17 men body art series @man-ass


(NSFW) #17 - Men Body Art Series

Like my phat ass @man-ass

like my phat ass?

Cageboston tightgearguys this is one sexy @man-ass



This is one sexy looking couple. I want to do this!

i’d like to do that couple, too.

My ass all urs @man-ass

My ass all urs ;)

Tombianchiphotos new this week for members @man-ass


New This Week for Members: Deep Sex 354 - Patrick L - our playful visitor from France

As a guy with freckles, this is one of my favorite photoshoots now. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a freckled model before.

Mathewmason ive reached a new level every @man-ass


I’ve reached a new level 

Every self-respecting gay man should love this and follow Mathew Mason.

Smooth creamy skin and a hairy furry hole i @man-ass

Smooth, creamy skin and a hairy, furry hole. I like.

Couple more pics of my hairy ass sweaty and @man-ass

Couple more pics of my hairy ass, sweaty and hot….

For the jock lovers out there. Relish that hairy man ass!

Hairy and ready for eatin i cum buckets when i @man-ass

Hairy and ready for eatin’. I cum buckets when i get rimmed

From the stud who submitted last time. Feeling hungry? Dig in!

White trash hairy ass ready for eating and @man-ass

white trash hairy ass ready for eating and fuckin’

Mmmm! Hope I get more submissions from this guy.

My ass thanks for the submission @man-ass

My ass.

Thanks for the submission!

Gay male butt ankle socks thanks for the @man-ass

gay male butt ankle socks

Thanks for the submission. Woof!

Anyone know what porno this is from no of course @man-ass

Anyone know what porno this is from? No? Of course not.


This man has the thickest ball hair ive ever @man-ass

This man has the thickest ball hair I’ve ever seen. And such a sloppy hole. And nice eyes. Dreamy.

Thanks for the submission allbeautifulwomen @man-ass

Thanks for the submission, allbeautifulwomen. You’ve got a fine man ass ;)

Other hotties out there who want to share their asses, send me your pics!

Look at that cute boys tight little hole @man-ass

Look at that cute boy’s tight little hole.

I normally wouldnt reblog this for this blog but @man-ass

I normally wouldn’t reblog this for this blog, but I’m going to. Out of RAGE.

First of all, these wonderful shots are from the movieDavid’s Birthday (Il compleanno). It took me forever to find that out. So to everyone else who asked and never got an answer: You’re welcome!

To everyone who posts and reblogs shit on Tumblr without tagging, crediting, or providing ANY context at all whatsoever:fuck you!This looks like it could be an excellent movie that many Tumblr users would be interested in watching, but they would never know what it was or how to find it thanks to you assholes! Do you get off on people yearning and dying to know where your material comes from while you just sit there and hold out on them? Do you like to make other Tumblr users suffer? Do you just get a sadistic pleasure in withholding the knowledge of where to find nice things? What’s your deal?

Whatever it is, I’m putting the kibosh on it right here, right now. This is from the movie David’s Birthday. Go watch it, love it, and enjoy your lives.