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I am a Black Dom and this blog is for those who love to play with(and in) a hot male ass just as much as I do. I claim ownership of none of the photos posted here. If you own a photo that I have posted and would like it removed, just let me know. This blog is intended for persons 18 years of age or older. - Mancunts (@mancunts)
Grover3 faggot cravings get in there faggot @mancunts



Get in there faggot and clean my hole. Do your job as my asswipe.

Being a Man’s asswipe is one of ultimate intimacy between a Man and his fag.   A Man does not allow just anyone to be His asswipe, only a fag he totally owns, that fully belongs to Him and Him alone.  Such personal service to a Man is an honor and privilege for a fag.  It makes feel owned and loved. A Man’s affection for a fag is expressed by allowing it to serve in such personal and intimate ways.

Buttholebuddies ive been getting a lot of @mancunts


I’ve been getting a lot of requests to share my own photos recently.

You can see a few if you search “my butthole” on my main page, but I figured I’d do a new post with a set of some of those plus a few I haven’t posted yet. Enjoy!

Tell me what you think! ;)

Now color corrected and sharper for an even better look me fingering my hole!

1gr8hole o sph ncter have you had yours @mancunts


~O~ Sph!ncter - Have you had yours today?

Niccorious86 3 3 3 @mancunts



Rapemelikeafaggot hotseedspreader open for @mancunts



Open for business

Ready for use

Mancunts jarvis chandlers pussy open for @mancunts


Jarvis Chandler’s pussy.  Open for business!

Pcniggablack you like it follow me because @mancunts


You like it? follow me because it has much more


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