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Private Chambers: @marilynchambersarchive

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A Marilyn Chambers Photographic Archive About - Private Chambers: (@marilynchambersarchive)
Photo taken in las vegas for rolling stone 1975 @marilynchambersarchive

Photo taken in Las Vegas for Rolling Stone, 1975

Advertisement for never a tender moment 1979 a @marilynchambersarchive

Advertisement for Never a Tender Moment (1979), a Mitchell Brothers-produced heavy bondage/S&M short film starring Marilyn. It was only available through mail-order.

Photos from this session were used as the cover @marilynchambersarchive

Photos from this session were used as the cover art and for promos of Night on the Town (1982), a super rare softcore home video in the Electric Blue-vein made available through Club magazine. Marilyn acted as the hostess of the video and lip-synched her song “Shame on You,” the theme from Insatiable. You can purchase the tune here:

Today in history may 3 1973 the new york @marilynchambersarchive

Today in History: May 3, 1973 - The New York Times reported that the mother featured on the box of Ivory Snow detergent was, in fact, Marilyn Chambers, the star of the recently released pornographic film Behind the Green Door.


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