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Private Chambers: @marilynchambersarchive

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A Marilyn Chambers Photographic Archive About - Private Chambers: (@marilynchambersarchive)
This photo was part of a series to advertise @marilynchambersarchive

This photo was part of a series to advertise Insatiable (1980). This particular shot also was used on the cover of the VHS for Sex Surrogate (1983), the home video release of the filmed version of Marilyn’s one woman show of the same name. The filmed version aired on the Playboy Channel too.

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Animated gifs from insatiable 1980 marilyn @marilynchambersarchive

Animated gifs from Insatiable (1980), Marilyn Chambers’ Private Fantasies #2 (1984), and Marilyn Chambers’ Private Fantasies #1 (1983)

Club magazine september 1984 photo on the right @marilynchambersarchive

Club magazine, September 1984; photo on the right is from Up ‘n’ Coming (1983)

Club magazine june 1986 photo from up n coming @marilynchambersarchive

Club magazine, June 1986; photo from Up ‘n’ Coming (1983)

Up front with the giants 1979 san francisco @marilynchambersarchive

“Up-Front with the Giants,” 1979, San Francisco Giants

Photo taken in las vegas for rolling stone 1975 @marilynchambersarchive

Photo taken in Las Vegas for Rolling Stone, 1975