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All about males playing with their natural toy. - Masturbator's sanctum (@masturbatorsanctum)
Masturbation an integral part of his healthy @masturbatorsanctum

Masturbation : an integral part of his healthy lifestyle

A very assertive grip by this helping hand try @masturbatorsanctum

A very assertive grip by this helping hand : try saying no to such a persuasive stroke ! No wonder the recipient’s muscles are tensing. He must be moaning uncontrollably too !

Submitted by straightwanker solofun y com @masturbatorsanctum

Submitted by straightwanker (solofun…@y…com)

Submitted by alex 22 uk alexxcummer @masturbatorsanctum

Submitted by Alex, 22, UK ; AlexxCummer
Kik/Snapchat: alexjohnsy121

I see his face and i totally relate ah the @masturbatorsanctum

I see his face and I totally relate.
Ah, the powerful caress of the yielding sleeve wrapping closely around the cock.
Ah, the sensual stroking of the carnal sleeve holding tightly on the shaft from all sides.
Ah, feeling dumbed down as the tool slides heavily on to the wet dick.
Ah, being enticed into fucking, sensing the muscles contract and relax spontaneously as the body attempts to slide the shaft in and out the deeply welcoming sheath.
Ah, dazed by the intricate pattern closely kneading and guzzling on every spot of the penis.
Ah, being engulfed by pleasure, left speechless yet moaning like a jerk.
I see his absent-minded face and tensed left hand and I totally relate.

I love being objectified, manipulated, controlled, masturbated by my toys too.

Relaxedly masturbating on his bed glassy eyed by @masturbatorsanctum

Relaxedly masturbating on his bed, glassy-eyed by the pleasure storm nurtured in his heads.

Beautiful dream @masturbatorsanctum

Beautiful dream