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Happy masturbator @masturbatorsanctum

Happy masturbator

Submitted by pablit pablit1hit good @masturbatorsanctum

Submitted by Pablit (pablit1@h…it) :good vibrations

Submitted by lustfullbodies pre cum running @masturbatorsanctum

Submitted by @lustfullbodies : pre-cum running, loving the taste and sight of it.

Submitted by smoothleggyboy shooting my cum on @masturbatorsanctum

Submitted by @smoothleggyboy : shooting my cum on mirror…

Submitted by klubb20cm klubb20cmsse my 20 cm @masturbatorsanctum

Submitted by Klubb20cm (Klubb20cm@s…se) : My 20 cm dick is in love with my three Fleshlights…

Its hard to love someone else if you have a hard @masturbatorsanctum

It’s hard to love someone else, if you have a hard time loving yourself.

Submitted by nordlicht er love to masturbate and @masturbatorsanctum

Submitted by Nordlicht-er : Love to masturbate and see my cumshot on a darker t-shirt… 😉

Saintrichard masturbating is masturbating and @masturbatorsanctum


Masturbating is masturbating and sex is sex

I’m reblogging again, because of the comment above.

There are many kinds of ways to have sex, and masturbation is one of them. Masturbation is not something outside of sexuality. If you think like this, you are nowhere near factuality. On the contrary, masturbation is one way to express your sexuality, one way to satisfy your sexual needs, one way to thrive sexually, one way to enjoy sex. Without reservation, masturbation is an expression of sex, and thus : masturbation is perfectly valid sex.

Of course, sex is not limited to masturbation. But that is not what this image was trying to convey. This image was trying to break the mental cast restricting the concept of sex to intercourse only(1).

(1) I’m pretty sure @chadjamesxxx, the original poster of this image, would agree.

As michael relaxed in his bed his left hand @masturbatorsanctum

As Michael relaxed in his bed, his left hand unconsciously slid towards his crotch. He only became aware of this when his hand came into contact with his cock. Hm… It would be so good, wouldn’t it ? Just as he finished thinking this, he softly snickered. Who am I kidding ? It’s good already ! Indeed, before Michael could even finish his thought, his hand had gripped his semi-swollen penis and was toying with his quickly bulging cock. Ah ! Soon, his hand was sliding up and down his length. Oh yes, oh… With each motion of his hand, his well-being soared. Oh yes it was good, and no way was he going to stop. His consciousness was already beginning to fog with the pleasure, but it didn’t matter : with all those years of practice, his hand knew perfectly how to handle his cock. He didn’t have to monitor his hand, he didn’t have to think about what he was doing. He only needed to enjoy, while his hand manoeuvred Michael amongst the heights, rocking his soul with waves after waves of intense delight. And truth be told, at this point, Michael wasn’t really aware of the technicalities : all he knew was that it was good. So good. So unbelievably good. In the semi-darkness of his room, Michael’s muscular body was now a heaving shape, squirming on his bedsheets. Michael was in paradise.

Submitted by zzackblackk i masturbate by @masturbatorsanctum

Submitted by @zzackblackk : I masturbate by humping my pillow to completion.

Submitted by skyn50 skyn50ycouk that feels @masturbatorsanctum

Submitted by Skyn50 (skyn50@y… : That feels so good

Fucking his pleasure sleeve here a specially @masturbatorsanctum

Fucking his pleasure sleeve.

Here, a specially designed cushion is used to position the masturbator in an ideally angled placement. Having nothing to hold or to monitor allows the man to yield to his natural instincts. His brain now useless, he can allow himself to be fully subjugated by his shaft. And soon, under the command of his erect penis, he is fucking in an animalistic fashion. Fucking hard or softly, shallow or deeply, but unquestionably fucking. Fucking like his penis wants him to. Fucking like his body needs to. Fucking without second thoughts or even thinking. Fully experiencing his maleness, his pleasure. Quenching his needs. An emancipating sensation.

(Actor : Zack ; Source : Maskurbate)

Submitted by straightwanker solofunycom @masturbatorsanctum

Submitted by Straightwanker (solofun…@y…com)

Naked gunner rescue at rabaul 1944 in @masturbatorsanctum

Naked gunner : Rescue at Rabaul, 1944

In remembrance of the Armistice de Compiègne, enacted on the eleventh hour(1) of the eleventh day of the eleventh month of 1918 (hence 97 years ago), thus putting an end to the Great War, later known as World War 1, after 4 years of unprecedented violence and mass killings(2). The Treaty of Versailles, officialising the end of the war, would only be signed 6 months later after long and difficult negotiations.

Armistice Day later became Remembrance Day(3) in many countries as it was obvious that the sacrifices of the first Great War still needed to be remembered despite the even worst atrocities and the overwhelming death toll of the Second World War and other wars.

(1) Paris time
(2) Unprecedented, but the century would witness even worse violence afterwards.
(3) In the USA, the name became Veterans Day in 1954, at the end of the Korean War.
P.S. I know, this picture was taken during World War 2 !

Maybe choosing the kitchen counter to masturbate @masturbatorsanctum

Maybe choosing the kitchen counter to masturbate wasn’t Florian’s best idea… but then again maybe was he secretly hoping to be found ? Tommy and Esteban couldn’t tell. Then again, they guessed that Florian was expecting to be alone all afternoon, because his ecstatic moans were filling the house without any attempt at discretion as they opened the house door.

And now, for sure, Florian was a sight to behold : his body sensually undulating, his shoulders heaving euphorically, his right arm jerking in a frenzy, riding up and down that dildo in a voluptuous and carnal motion. Tommy and Esteban were rooted by the kitchen’s doorway, spying Florian and looking forward to his obviously imminent orgasm.

Florian was indeed becoming more tense, thrusting his cock further and further ahead, his head tilting increasingly backwards. It was in this pose that Florian fortuitously opened his eyes, only to be shocked and startled by the unexpected presence of his roommates. The pleasure spell he was in was instantly broken. Florian attempted to sit straight, keeping an eye on his mates, uneasy yet still aroused. Florian’s face was priceless : Tommy and Esteban couldn’t help but giggle. Giggle also because they had tried real hard to keep silent up to this point. Giggle finally because they knew how they were going to tease him for the next few days. Oh yes !

“Please don’t mind us”, said Esteban, trying his best to look cool, yet secretly apprehending that he would not get to see his friend’s orgasmic explosion…

Submitted by adam adamhcom @masturbatorsanctum

Submitted by Adam (adam…@h…com)

Submitted by take tkadlgcom me and my @masturbatorsanctum

Submitted by Take (tkadl…@g…com) : Me and my lovely black Tenga Air-Tech

Masturbating to orgasm and ejaculation if @masturbatorsanctum

Masturbating to orgasm and ejaculation

If interested, the video this gif series come from can be seen here.

Ikurosilver i saw this cute game character @masturbatorsanctum


I saw this cute game character, Killia on tumblr soooo~~~
i decided to bara-ized him and here it is~~ >w<

I am also on


Please do not remove description

Happyoldmasturbator the myth of sex and @masturbatorsanctum


The Myth of Sex and Masturbation Addiction

I have written before and will continue to write about the myth of sex and masturbation “addiction,” even though most Tumblr users don’t do much reading; they’re just here for the images.

There are a number of you out there who claim to be “masturbation addicts.”  I don’t think you know what “addiction” means.  First of all, sex addiction (and masturbation is most definitely sex; it’s sex with yourself), has been rejected by the American Psychiatric Association, time and again, because there is no scientific evidence that it exists.  Sex is not like alcohol or drugs, no matter how much anyone thinks it is. Sex has no tolerance or withdrawal effects. No one has ever died from being unable to have sex, nor has anyone ever overdosed from sex.

Alcohol and drugs create changes in the chemistry of the brain, while during sex, the brain is working the way it is supposed to.

Does sexual desire affect our judgment? Yes, it does, but this is normal. Human sexuality is designed to make us want to have sex, and everyone has had the experience of wanting sex to the point that they get a little stupid. But it is a far stretch to reach from this mild effect of arousal to suggesting that sex takes away someone’s self-control.

See:  David J. Ley’s “The Myth of Sex Addiction” (Rowman & Littlefield).

Now, as regards these men who claim that they masturbate 14 hours a day or more….do they have jobs?  Or are they independently wealthy and so, can afford to do nothing but surf Tumblr and masturbate all day?  Look, unless you’ve been fired from a job for absenteeism (because you couldn’t resist masturbating) or unless you’ve been evicted for not paying your rent or mortgage (because you spent it all on porn or Albolene), you’re not addicted, Pee-Wee…’re just an enthusiast.

Now, I’m definitely more than an enthusiast when it comes to music; I’m an accomplished performer/writer.  But still, I can’t imagine doing it for 14 hours at a shot.  I’m an enthusiast when it comes to gardening, but Jesus Christ, not for 14 hours at a time.  And I definitely love to masturbate, but I do have other things (and other people) in my life to attend to.

Is there such a thing as too much masturbation?  Maybe.  If your penis starts getting chaffed from not using enough lube, or if your arm starts getting cramped from too much stroking.  But as regards the sensations themselves, is there such a thing as too much?  Well, I think that people should be passionate about activities they love.  That said, I love to eat.  I love prime rib.  But I can’t fucking imagine eating it every day.  By a week’s time, I’d probably be sick of it.  There is something to be said for anticipation, and you can’t achieve/experience anticipation without some abstinence.  Don’t get me wrong, now.  I’m not one of these conservative, right-wing religious nuts. I love my cock.  I love to Edge and cum.  But I don’t need to do it more than a couple hours a day.  Now and then, if I’m in the mood and the porn browsing is good, I might go a little longer, but as I said, I do have other things in my life.

So, if you’re reading this and you’re one of the people who claims to masturbate “all day” and considers themselves an addict, I would say this:

At least I hope you’re telling the truth and not bullshitting, because there’s more than enough misinformation and crap on the internet - especially regarding sex/masturbation.  And that’s just the kind of stuff that the conservative, religious wingnuts jump on.  They’re looking for every bit of junk evidence that enjoying sex for it’s own sake is bad.

And I would also suggest:  try taking a day off now and then.  Try - no pun intended - shooting for quality rather than quantity.  Sometimes, less IS more.

Submitted by absolver bought last year and @masturbatorsanctum

Submitted by absolver : bought last year, and still very intense

Submitted by straightwanker soloycom @masturbatorsanctum

Submitted by straightwanker (solo…@y…com)

Submitted by skyn50 skinycouk wanking in @masturbatorsanctum

Submitted by skyn50 (skin…@y… : Wanking in the hotel window

Happily eating his cum in a very suggestive way @masturbatorsanctum

Happily eating his cum… in a very suggestive way !

Submitted by jim jimmcom @masturbatorsanctum

Submitted by jim (jim…@m…com) 

Submitted by adam freeburn fucked by a cucumber @masturbatorsanctum

Submitted by Adam Freeburn : fucked by a cucumber

Submitted by b bkhcom @masturbatorsanctum

Submitted by B (bk…@h…com)

Submitted by balescosf who writes so happy @masturbatorsanctum

Submitted by @balescosf, who writes : So happy that you are back. Your blog is an inspiration for my own - a place dedicated to the art, practice and glory of masturbation. Thank you!

To which I reply : We need more blogs discussing masturbation, more blog showing how natural, good and prevalent male masturbation is. The men who don’t masturbate are the ones who are mentally sick and severely dysfunctional. Men of the world, unite ! You have nothing to lose but your chains !

Submitted by uncutfuzz whos being @masturbatorsanctum

Submitted by @uncutfuzz, who’s being controversial !

An undoubtedly satisfying ejaculation as @masturbatorsanctum

An undoubtedly satisfying ejaculation, as experienced by @fauxreskin.

Natural pleasures @masturbatorsanctum

Natural pleasures

Submitted by chronicstroker8 i masturbate so @masturbatorsanctum

Submitted by @chronicstroker8 :

I masturbate so much to your blog! Makes me so horny!

I’m proud of it !

Happy masturbator @masturbatorsanctum

Happy masturbator

Tales of the abyss dj 072150l0 pt 2 by 8 if @masturbatorsanctum

Tales of the Abyss dj — 072150L0 Pt 2 by

[If someone could translate the text, I’d be grateful !]

Submitted by ron rogers ronrogersycom lots @masturbatorsanctum

Submitted by Ron Rogers (ronrogers…@y…com) : Lots of cum. Age 63.

The first modern sex toy for men the inflatable @masturbatorsanctum

The first “modern” sex-toy for men, the inflatable love doll is quite obsolete by today’s standards. While traditional love dolls offered some kind of visual stimulation (although a rather dispiriting one, IMHO) and a mean to satisfy a man’s need to fuck, the penetration tunnels it purveyed were minimalistic and bland, a feeble simulacrum. Today’s masturbators demonstrate a much better understanding of the physiology and neurology of the penis and for most men, an inflatable love doll is a waste of money.

For those who’d like a visual cue, dolls are still available of course. The best ones are not inflatable as they are quite complex. Nevertheless, they offer visual stimulation as well as enjoyable and well-designed fuck holes. In this category, you’ll find brands like Meiki, Kourin or Magic Eyes. They are expensive (between 200 and 12000 $) because of their size (30 cm wide or more), weight (4 kg and more) and complexity, but their mass allow for powerful and gratifying thrusting and pounding.

The glassy eyed stare of a man lost in his cock @masturbatorsanctum

The glassy-eyed stare of a man lost in his cock

Masturbation is normal at all ages @masturbatorsanctum

Masturbation is normal at all ages

Submitted by johannes johannes18hde @masturbatorsanctum

Submitted by Johannes (johannes1…8@h…de)

Theres nothing wrong about masturbation you @masturbatorsanctum

There’s nothing wrong about masturbation. You don’t have to be embarrassed or sheepish that you masturbate. Unlearn what you have been told ; be confident, rest assured : masturbation is a healthy, self-respecting behaviour. Be at ease with your sexual needs and the fact you are mature enough to take care of them yourself without always relying of others.

Marks of relief @masturbatorsanctum

Marks of relief

Using a fleshlight for a nice and lengthy @masturbatorsanctum

Using a Fleshlight, for a nice and lengthy masturbation session. Taking his time to nourish his arousal until he feels ready to blow his load. What an intense satisfaction !

Man tensed and arched backwards in the throes of @masturbatorsanctum

Man tensed and arched backwards, in the throes of a powerful orgasm.