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All PICS, all DICKS! 18+ and open minded ONLY, please. A positively GRIPPING tumblr for men, women, straight, bi, gay, or curious SOULS who enjoy cock-to-cock contact. You only need ONE HAND to navigate this site! - Maximum Frottage (@maximumfrottage)
Hi friends sorry there have been no posts for @maximumfrottage

Hi friends. Sorry there have been no posts for months. There is a running issue with my account, I can’t access old posts or even post some of the great submissions I’ve gotten. I can’t use the mail function! I owe several people a reply. It’s fairly maddening! An all-around equipment overhaul so I can maintain my erotic tumblrs is unfortunately not in the cards, so please forgive my inability to respond for now.

I’ve tried many workarounds and this is one of them: posting via mail. So this is just a test. This temporary solution still won’t allow me to share others’ posts, which is half the fun of tumblr, so posting may continue to be sporadic as I get things sorted out. I’m definitely keeping this account and one day it may regain its past glory! Apologies for the very long wait.

Underfreekin get in touch with nature @maximumfrottage


Get  in  touch  with  nature

Havnfunwithit my firefighter friend asked for a @maximumfrottage


My firefighter friend asked for a booty call yesterday so I stopped in on
my way home from work. He was waiting bent over the end of the bed. (Top
pic) I immediately went for his nice balls. After teasing a bit, he had me
lay on my back at the edge of the bed so he could suck my cock. Then he
straddled me so we could frot a bit. Then I spun around and let him fuck
my mouth while he bent over to 69. His cocksucking pushed me over the edge
(I had a three day load saved up). In the bottom pic, he’s the hairy one on
top of me ;)

Goldstarhomo seriously i dont know what it is @maximumfrottage


Seriously, I don’t know what it is about this, but do it to me and I’m yours.

Whipoutyadick me cruiser128 on top yet @maximumfrottage


Me (cruiser128) on top

Yet another submission. All slippery, in full frottage.

Gbm1955 oil underwear frot frott frottage @maximumfrottage


Oil Underwear Frot / Frott / Frottage