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Meat Log Mountain @meatlogmountain

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Our tumblr account for keeping you up to date on what we're working on. This feed should only be viewed by those 18 years of age or older (21 in some states). Do not view this feed if you are under the age of 18/21 years. Our main space is - Meat Log Mountain (@meatlogmountain)
My god we still use this thing some wip art from @meatlogmountain

My God, we still use this thing. Some WIP art from some of the naughtier parts of the game.

The Thingie in the Basement, coming… eventually. Hopefully Summer of 2012.

More info on our blog

Big thingie update on the blog check it out here @meatlogmountain

Big Thingie Update on the Blog. Check it out here 

Finally an update check out another exclusive @meatlogmountain

Finally an update. Check out another exclusive preview pic of Thingie in the Basement, including some very sweet Jacob Mott art on our blog

Another entry for our fan art contest this time @meatlogmountain

Another entry for our Fan-Art contest. This time from Shirobear with cute chibi versions of some of our guys.


Last days to get your fan-art in for our fan-art contest. Also the last days to get in your “color-a-cock” entries too :3. All entries must be submitted before Midnight PST on Saturday the 9th.

More info HERE

But i thought i was special who hasnt heard @meatlogmountain

“But I thought I was special?” Who hasn’t heard that one before? 

Hope everyone enjoyed Pride, and congratulations to NY for passing Gay Marriage :3

Info on our 18+ games is available, by visiting out blog 

Our first original art entry in our fanart contest @meatlogmountain

Our first original art entry in our fanart contest running now. From the talented SSJVegeta83

Draw some fanart of your favorite character or characters from Meat Log Mountain and get a chance to win some cool t-shirts :3

More details on our blog post here

Breakfast of champions happy fathers day @meatlogmountain

Breakfast of champions.

Happy Father’s Day, everybody ^^

Want to learn more about the NSFW games for our SFW comic? Check out our blog where you can find free demos for our games and more info :3

Everyones favorite cantankerous mailmain from @meatlogmountain

Everyone’s favorite cantankerous mailmain from Second Date. More commission art that Grisser did of the Meat Log Mountain characters. 

Find out more about Mr. Kytenz and our other fantastical studs in the game Meat Log Mountain by checking out our blog .

Just some art that grisser drew of kurt as part of @meatlogmountain

Just some art that Grisser drew of Kurt as part of a commission. Some of you may have seen it before. Posting it for those who haven’t.

Find out more about Kurt and our other fantastical studs in the game Meat Log Mountain by checking out our blog .

And now page 6 why do i smell training montage @meatlogmountain

And now page 6. 

Why do I smell training montage coming up

Its an annual tradition page 5 we should have @meatlogmountain

It’s an annual tradition. Page 5. We should have Page 6 up tonight as well. 

This week is a 2 parter :3

Our SFW comic for our very NSFW game. Find out more on our blog

Twin pecs continues our last page this weekend @meatlogmountain

Twin Pecs continues. Our last page this weekend. We’ll start on our normal weekly schedule later this week.

To find out more at our completely NSFW site: click here

And page 3 where we reveal the title of this arc @meatlogmountain

And page 3, where we reveal the title of this arc: Twin Pecs

Our SFW comic for our NSFW game. More details on our blog

Pg 2 why people in their 20s should never @meatlogmountain

Pg 2. “Why people in their 20’s should never haggle with people twice their age. You’ll lose… everytime.”

The SFW webcomic to go along with NSFW game.

Our website

Meat a palooza month begins kicking off with @meatlogmountain

Meat-A-Palooza month begins.

Kicking off with page one of our new weekly webcomic. Chronicling the adventures of the residents of Meat Log Mountain.

Read up more about Meat-A-Palooza by clicking here

Like any good horror movie were not going to @meatlogmountain

Like any good horror movie, we’re not going to show you all of our creatures.

So, have a quick peek at one of the many monsters in our next game “The Thingie In The Basement” and ask yourself: “Are you ready to have the spunk scared out of you?” D:

All art is WIP at this point. 

If you want to find out more about our games and other products for adult gay geeks, click HERE!

Its a lot easier being green when you have a cup @meatlogmountain

It’s a lot easier being green when you have a cup of coffee :3

Nice day outside so we took some better shots of our Durk T-shirt.

Available now with free shipping in in the US for $20 ($23.25 for 2XL/3XL)

More info here

Were cranking away on t shirts over here d a @meatlogmountain

We’re cranking away on t-shirts over here :D

A batch of Demonos caliente shirts :3 

You can get your own too for only $20 including free shipping in the US ($23.25 for 2XL/3XL)

Check out this blog post and this blog post to see our available designs and ordering info :3

We’ve got some extra t-shirts left over from out last bulk order of t-shirts. So we can turn around some sizes and designs in the same week :3

Hey everyone just wanted to give you guys another @meatlogmountain

Hey everyone, just wanted to give you guys another sneak peek at our next game. This time it’s the same puzzle but with Kupopo’s art dropped in it. Still a WIP/draft. 

To find out more info about this and our previous games and ordering info, click here.

Our last and final design in the round 1 of meat @meatlogmountain

Our last and final design in the round 1 of Meat Log Mountain t-shirts. 

Dr. Cub spouting the closest thing he has to a catchphrase.

 More info and ordering instructions HERE

* also it’s the only t-shirt that’s highly ironic if you happen to have an uncle in Kentucky