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Hey Guys and Girls, My name is Melanie and Im a foot fetish model. I just turned 19 yay, now you can worship my feet, soles, toes, buy my dirty socks.... My size is 9.5-10 US. You can say I want all of you to adore my Jewish princess feeties :B I want to... - MELANIETEENFEET.COM (@melanieteensoles)
Pose pic foot pose feetfetish youngfeet toes @melanieteensoles

Pose pic #foot #pose #feetfetish #youngfeet #toes #soles #naughtygirl #sexysoles

Hope everyones having a good week doing skype @melanieteensoles

Hope everyones having a good week!! Doing skype shows later tonight after the fireworks!! Email me naughty foot slaves

Love my feet im booking shows all day today so @melanieteensoles

Love my feet? I’m booking shows all day today! So email me to get ur time on the books ❀️

Selfie natural hair @melanieteensoles

Selfie natural hair

Correction 99 shut me down dont stop me ill @melanieteensoles

Correction 99% shut me down! Don’t stop me. I’ll find more open minded girls I don’t give upβ€οΈπŸ‘£

Hey i dont want everyone thinking im begging for @melanieteensoles

Hey I don’t want everyone thinking I’m begging for money it’s not what I meant, I really am just ambitious I literally hit up hot girls all over and give them my card tell about modeling and get shut down 90% of the time and we all know that’s not a surprise I’m just saying I’m going step up making more videos and sets to sell along with a lot more free video and picture post on my blogs and a I mean is if you guys wanna support what I trying to do if I had more money to bring to the table with these other girls I know I can get them down and more outfits and less hours at work more on here doing shows and videos, please don’t think I’m asking for charity I work for mine, all I’m saying is if you like me and my feet modeling and have the means buy something if not don’t feel bad please!!! I’m just saying with a little support from a bunch of people I know I can make something really cool. Look at the past models I have had and I’m just saying I’m going to put my part in and post more and make more videos and sets so if you buy just know most is going back into this thing! Which might bring you guys more hot girls and everyone’s happy if you don’t care, don’t like me or what I’m trying to do and/or can’t afford it I get it lol please don’t feel like I’m pressuring or imploring you to feel bad for me or feel bad you can’t buy I’m just asking those who want to and can to support the break taboo on feet fetish by getting hottest next door girls I can find to create create feet fetish material! Money is great and I need it to live but my ambition is higher then that ! Not just feet stuff either I really would love to start up a non profit organization one day and help a lot of people too many people hurting out there with no one to turn to and honestly in long run that’s my big dream but breaking taboo of loving feet especially teen feet is first and I may fail at both but I’ll ride the bus till wheels fall off ! And was just reaching out to you all cause you guys are what can make or break those dreams and in return get real +18 hotties doing all your fav stuff to best of my ability… Just wanted to clarify I just want your help towards my goal! Got to have dreams even weird ones lol

I missed my emo look and i love dress up hehe @melanieteensoles

I missed my Emo look…. And I love dress up hehe
Hope you all are having a good summer so far!! πŸ‘£πŸ‘£β€οΈ Mel

Took a little walk in the park @melanieteensoles

Took a little walk in the park πŸ‘£πŸ‘£πŸ‘πŸ»β€οΈ

I took a long time to do my make that day hehe @melanieteensoles

I took a long time to do my make that day hehe hope you all enjoy?

Naughty native american outfit topless and up @melanieteensoles

naughty native American outfit topless and up close toesΒ 

Hope everyone is having a great friday doing @melanieteensoles

Hope Everyone is having a great Friday!!!

Doing Skype shows all day today, if anyone is interested just email me at melanieteensoles@gmail.comΒ 

Prices on my site:

Hey guys hope everyones enjoying the day my @melanieteensoles

Hey guys hope everyone’s enjoying the day! ❀️ my πŸ‘£ #foot #naughtygirl #sexysoles #youngfeet #feetfetish #prettyfeet

Xoxotoes p love her soles shes so cute @melanieteensoles



Love her soles she’s so cute

Feetfetish feet soles sexy pose sexy foot @melanieteensoles

#feetfetish #feet #soles #sexy #pose #sexy #foot #naughtygirl #prettyfeet #sexysoles #youngfeet

I had fun last night hehe toes footfetish @melanieteensoles

I had fun last night hehe πŸ’‹πŸ‘£ #toes #footfetish #feet #feet #soles #foot #cute #sexy

Foot perv reblog if you love sexy soles i do @melanieteensoles


Reblog if you love sexy soles!

I do

Enjoying the summer heat and so are my feet @melanieteensoles

Enjoying the summer heat and so are my feet

Toes mel @melanieteensoles



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