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Men in Socks @meninsocks

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Men in Socks | Gay Male Sock Fetish | Guys in Socks | Gay Porn | a site dedicated to the gay male sock fetish."A sock fetish is an erotic attraction to socks or to someone wearing socks."Warning: This blog is intended for adults 18+ only & is NSFW! - Men in Socks (@meninsocks)
Ian jacob by mariana bellot flores @meninsocks

Ian Jacob by Mariana Bellot-Flores

Me likey @meninsocks

me likey

After a game @meninsocks

After a game!

Swivel down on that pole @meninsocks

Swivel down on that pole.

Use your tongue @meninsocks

use your tongue…

Jaxton wheeler is an overwhelming column of @meninsocks

Jaxton Wheeler is an overwhelming column of muscle, that beard! yum

Climax @meninsocks


Working there hips as one they grind deeper @meninsocks

Working there hips as one, they grind deeper!

Work play @meninsocks

Work play

Getting more than a tattoo @meninsocks

Getting more than a tattoo!

Impressive the way he handles that cock @meninsocks

Impressive the way he handles that cock.

Brent corrigan taking it like a man @meninsocks

Brent Corrigan taking it like a man…


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