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men wearing panties @menwearingpanties

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im just a guy that loves to crossdress. love the feel and look of panties either on men or plus size women. love plus size women as well along with looking a nice fat pussies. - men wearing panties (@menwearingpanties)
Shesuspects huevos jueves or ballzzeggs @menwearingpanties


“Huevos Jueves” or  “Ballzz/eggs Thursday” just sounds better in spanish

My sissy husband @menwearingpanties

My sissy husband

Curioustimus mmmmmmmmmm @menwearingpanties



Joli et tordu my pic of the day i hope you @menwearingpanties


My pic of the day.

I hope you guys like it. I know I have posted it before but I still love it.

I think it is the fact that the photographer caught my cute little ass in the reflection of the mirror.

As always, I love people to contact me via chat or email and tell me what a sissy little whore I am.

I am in South Florida so anyone local that wants to make me your bitch please contact me.

I, 2, 3 red light!  You’re supposed to stop J…mmm J. ..don’t stop …mmmmm

Danlooking42 james51games sirlacious oh @menwearingpanties




Oh J..i’m just wide eyed at the thought of mmmmm…now J, mmm now… Ohhh J just like …ohhhh..that

Soon to be cross eyed D!! 

I love it when you do that to me…blurred vision and mmmmm J

Allornuthinpanty message me and tell me how @menwearingpanties


Message me and tell me how girly my sexy girly panty ass is. I need a mistress with a vibrating strap on to fuck me like a real girl

Holeorpole i so want some and this really gets @menwearingpanties


I so want some and this really gets me hard

Dressed and readypic of me @menwearingpanties

dressed and ready…..pic of me