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men wearing panties @menwearingpanties

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im just a guy that loves to crossdress. love the feel and look of panties either on men or plus size women. love plus size women as well along with looking a nice fat pussies. - men wearing panties (@menwearingpanties)
Carlainpanty omg this is hot @menwearingpanties


OMG! this is HOT!

Carlainpanty such a pretty sissy girl @menwearingpanties


Such a Pretty Sissy Girl

Carlainpanty wonkywilly pink satin @menwearingpanties



pink satin panties..

Baby Girl you make them look so Hot

Laila2626 kik me dirtytalkme2345 @menwearingpanties


Kik me dirtytalkme2345

Thepantieparlour sissy rachel @menwearingpanties


Sissy Rachel

My brothers girlfriends panties @menwearingpanties

My brothers girlfriends panties

Kinkysubboi where can i get those panties @menwearingpanties


Where can I get those panties?!

Frenchtribute ce que jaime très beaucoup et @menwearingpanties


Ce que j’aime très beaucoup!  Et ma femme aussi…

Sur la plage c’est un régal ;-)

Gaynnylons fucking hot @menwearingpanties


Fucking Hot!

Scottley66 shesuspects bump day its @menwearingpanties



“Bump Day”

it’s always better to have someone play with you when your in panties

Yoursissyfag its fuck a slut wednesdaytake @menwearingpanties


it’s fuck a slut wednesday…take your pick

Henryoscarr77 cockylingerie everyday @menwearingpanties



Everyday PantyBoy ~HO77~

Pattie you’re such a sweetie thanks for the post….OXOXOXo ~HO77~

Henryoscarr77 such a nice bulge @menwearingpanties


such a nice bulge

Shesuspects bump day @menwearingpanties


Bump Day

Luvmysissypanties ho77 i see the stars have @menwearingpanties



I see the stars have aligned for me to get another yummy submission from HO77!  Sissy playtime with her would leave me seeing stars and her little man would be the star of the show!  I’m starry-eyed after staring at this, my friend!  This is what I’d wish for if I could wish upon a star tonight!  Thanks for the submission, my yummy friend! - LMSP 

Faontk benefits of male chastity 1 it prevents @menwearingpanties


Benefits of Male Chastity

1. It prevents him from masturbating. Male masturbation is a filthy habit. It’s addictive, selfish, and disrespectful to women. Chronic masturbation has the effect of substantially diminishing a man’s natural sexual desire for his wife of girlfriend. It unfortunately teaches him that his orgasm is primary, and hers is secondary.

2. Because he can’t even get an erection without her permission, it instantly changes the dynamics of the relationship.

3. It keeps his sexual focus and energy on his wife or girlfriend.

4. It will substantially increase his desire to orally service his wife or girlfriend.

5. It serves as a constant reminder to him of her authority.

6. Because it makes his orgasms entirely dependent on her generosity, it positively incentives him to honor her, respect her, and motivates him to please.

7. It gives him the time and opportunity to substantially improve and perfect his oral skills.

8. It reinforces the idea that pussy is a precious gift that must be earned, and is to be savored and appreciated on those rare occasions when he does get it.

9. It teaches him that sexual activity with his wife or girlfriend doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with his penis.

10. It deepens his submission to her, and will cause him to worship the ground she walks on.

11. It will significantly improve his attitude, and make him more generous, caring, kind, respectful, and loving. It will help soften the sharper edges of his me-first masculinity. It will make him more of a listener than a talker.

12. It helps prepares him for the eventuality of anal penetration, and getting the strap-on. Because his penis isn’t being sexually stimulated, it has the effect of gradually turning other parts of his body into erogenous zones, particularly his anus and his prostate. With patience and persistence, he can be trained to orgasm from stimulation in that region via your finger, or the strap-on.

13. If his orgasms are consistently controlled and severely restricted, he will eventually get to the point where he will do just about anything to cum. You’ll be amazed by what he’ll do for you.