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18+ Adult Content. NSFW! We are Jake and Mack, two bi, middle-aged, married men living 2000 miles apart. Tumblr is our sandbox for sharing our favorite sexy images. We like variety but are partial to masculinity. Wanna play with us? We love fan mail and questions. All images are hand picked by us from the world wide web. If you are the owner of any of these images and wish to have them removed from our blog, we will do so at your request. - MENzMEN (@menzmen)
Jamesmathews27 glad2bhere gareth thomas @menzmen



Gareth Thomas, nicknamed “Alfie”, is a retired Welsh professional rugby player, who represented Wales in both rugby union and rugby league. With 100 test match appearances he was the most capped Welsh rugby union player until he was overtaken by Stephen Jones in September 2011. He is currently ranked 12th among international try scorers and is the second highest Wales try scorer behind Shane Williams. He also won 4 rugby league caps for Wales, scoring 3 tries.  Gareth is pictured here on the 2012 Attitude Magazine Naked Issue.

Very hot

Sicfux1974 this actually feels good after being @menzmen


This actually feels good after being fucked all day

Neverenoughmeat perfection @menzmen



Daddiesbyeze enjoying ginger dad @menzmen


Enjoying Ginger Dad.

Xxxfamilyfun jesus did i have it bad for my @menzmen


Jesus, did I have it bad for my Uncle Bryan. I knew he was gay, but I hadn’t mustered the courage to come out to my family yet. Well, while Uncle Bryan was visiting my mother I overheard him telling her about some restrooms over at Mile Square Park where guys would hook up. “You pervert,” yelled my mother as she giggled. I think he liked to tell her stories like this just to shock her. Still, it got my mind racing. I knew Uncle Bryan would go regularly go by that park on his morning run. I decided to check it out for myself to see if my hot uncle ever patronized the restroom. For about a month I would show up around 8 a.m. and wait in the stall at the end of the restroom. It was the only one with a glory hole. Each morning a different assortment of men would show up, mostly for a quick blowjob (probably before they had to go to work). While I’d been with my fair share of guys, this helped me get some practice under my belt. Still, I was kind of bummed that Uncle Bryan didn’t show up.

Finally, one Monday morning I was greeted by a familiar voice on the other side of the glory hole. “Hey there,” said Uncle Bryan, “everyone’s been talking about you… and that magic mouth of yours. You’ve made a name for yourself.” Suddenly my uncle stuck his enormous cock, hard with anticipation, through the hole. It was so huge. The hugest I’d ever had. I was determined to worship my uncle’s cock like none before it. I lathered it up with saliva and took as much as could down my throat. I could tell from the moaning that Uncle Bryan was enjoying my performance. “Oh fuck! Take that cock you little slut… oh fuck, this is so much better than Bradley promised!” Holy shit! Did he mean my Dad? He must have. I can’t believe I sucked off my own Dad in a filthy restroom. The idea of it was making me even hotter. 

“I want you to fuck me,” I whispered, still concealing my voice. Uncle Bryan pulled his cock back for a moment to reveal it again, now with a condom glistening across it. I turned around and pushed my uncle’s thick rod against my asshole. He hadn’t loosened me up, so it was going to take some work on both our parts to push it inside of me. We were up for the job. My uncle started fucking me intensely and I met him with equal enthusiasm. He was shouting obscenities and then I let it slip: “Oh yeah… fuck me! Fuck me Uncle Bryan!!!”

“Eddie?” said Uncle Bryan, pulling out of me and coming to the other side of the stall. “Wow. Kid… you have some fucking talent.” We kissed passionately for a few minutes, I’m sure Uncle Bryan was getting a good taste of his own musky cock. Finally he pulled me down on top of him and started fucking me even more furiously than before. Maybe now, knowing that we were committing some pretty serious sins, was a turn on for my uncle. “Fuck kid… you’re so tight! Just wait til your dad gets a piece of you!”

Thanks to That Gay Gif for the stunning gifs!

Its about to go down after six years the @menzmen

It’s. About. To go. Down.

After six years, the planets are aligning and your Menzmen hosts, Jake and Mack, will be meeting each other in the same physical space for the first time. Tonight!

It’s overwhelming and unbelievably exciting. After meeting on Flickr in 2009, we have become best friends and have enjoyed sharing the smut we enjoy with all of our followers here on Menzmen. We rely on each other for support through all life’s joy and pain - marriage, kids, careers, etc.

Tonight it all becomes real.

It’s. About. To. Go. Down.
Kirbybears enjoying the partner @menzmen


Enjoying the partner

Themightytrustkrusher housebearsofusa @menzmen




Ever have that moment looking at porn and realize..I’ve had sex with him!..Yeah I have :-)

(via britishbeef)

Beardcarecub just lounging around after the gym @menzmen


Just lounging around after the gym

Hugyerbud cole money and jj swift take turns @menzmen


Cole Money and JJ Swift take turns…

Hugyerbud feel better now sport dad grinned @menzmen


“Feel better now, sport?” Dad grinned from the doorway.

Brodeome pitchers and catchers report @menzmen


pitchers and catchers report

Inchargedad daddy m makes good use of a pretty @menzmen


Daddy M makes good use of a pretty boy.

Redneck417 bros fuck brosits natural @menzmen



Thehappybucket did someone steal my photo and @menzmen


Did someone steal my photo and then morph it? Why do I look so wide? 🍔

Thehappybucket tea party official reminds me @menzmen



Reminds me of thehappybucket, maybe it is


Thehappybucket having a night @menzmen


Having a night.

Thehappybucket thehappybucket its friday @menzmen



It’s Friday, hah!


Thehappybucket gaymenwonderland isnt this @menzmen



Isn’t this thehappybucket

It’s a'me!

Todaysdirtysecretis i had had sex with guys @menzmen


I had had sex with guys before. Experimenting with guys in college, I even took my high school best friend’s dick once, at his bachelor party. But when I felt my big brother’s cockhead reach deep inside of my hole, I understood what real sex felt like, and that no other man than my older brother could make me feel this good…

Filthyoldfag one of my favorite things about @menzmen


One of my favorite things about Laborers is the frequency with which Their ass cracks show (maybe due to the weight of Their toolbelts?) Wouldn’t i love to sneak up behin’ Him an’ stick my nose in the indentation showin’ jus’ above His underwear? Either He’d like it or He’d slug me (or both) … another win/win/win for me. 

Joes1026 dad told me that whatever i wanted to @menzmen


Dad told me that whatever I wanted to be, he’d stand behind me.
But I guess that’s after I kneel in front of him.
Gotta say I’m itching for the “stand behind me” part, too.

Hired a crew to clean up the yard @menzmen

Hired a crew to clean up the yard

Erogenousmanliness in the sauna all my @menzmen


In the sauna… All my pictures together for the first time. Tell me what you think.