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18+ Adult Content. NSFW! We are Jake and Mack, two bi, middle-aged, married men living 2000 miles apart. Tumblr is our sandbox for sharing our favorite sexy images. We like variety but are partial to masculinity. Wanna play with us? We love fan mail and questions. All images are hand picked by us from the world wide web. If you are the owner of any of these images and wish to have them removed from our blog, we will do so at your request. - MENzMEN (@menzmen)
Hugyerbud hugyerbud hugyerbud it was a @menzmen




It was a fleabag motel…room 220. I knocked and heard his voice reply, “it’s open.” Like his ad said, he was lying there naked…and blindfolded…everything anonymous. I was already hard, and quickly rolled a rubber down the length of my cock. I didn’t see any lube lying around so I spit on my hand and smeared his ass with it. His pussy was already loose and wet…doubt I was the first to respond to his ad.

I shoved my pants down around my ankles and lined up my cock with his hole…slid in easy, just like I thought…not the first. Started pumping away, fast and furious…working up a sweat,  and peeling off my shirt as I went.

“Fuck me harder.” he begged. I climbed up on the bed…and took that sonofabitch to poundtown…slamming and grunting, as he pushed back on me. Could feel my nuts tighten as my cock unloaded deep in his ass…a few moe tired thrusts and I pulled out…rubber sliding off as I did…flopping it’s spent load.

“Leave the rubber on the bed, champ,” he requested. So I did…dressed quickly and was on my way back to work before he had a chance to taste it, or smear it in his ass…whatever the hell he had in mind for it. Fifteen minutes after I got back to the office, I saw him get back to the office.

“Hey, champ,” my boss smiled, looking happier than I’d seen him in awhile. “Working hard?”

“Real hard, boss,” I smirked.

Reblog by request…one of my favorite photo series. Anybody got a link to the video?

found video…

Super beefy men source unknown @menzmen


source unknown

Dugout9 my light hair side @menzmen


My light hair side

Safetroy locker room relaxing @menzmen


Locker room relaxing.

Tripnight chubzilla @menzmen



Greenwichsnob how the bush should be @menzmen


How the bush should be.

Marriedjock8 the first time i was ever fucked @menzmen


The first time I was ever fucked, it wasn’t really by my choice. I didn’t know that some guys could get really controlling when they got boned up. I thought all gay guys were just into cock, which is why they were gay; but this guy wasn’t interested in my cock at all.

Thomasbromas how i say hi to your dad @menzmen


How I say hi to your dad.

Cutecubs uncut big dick cute muscle @menzmen


uncut big dick cute muscle 

Testohsterone tumbrl com test oh sterone on @menzmen


Test-Oh-Sterone  on Tumbrl    

Tom Chase, Eric Korngold   by Coltmen 

Cockdirect bigredatl atlversjock austin @menzmen





Fuck yeah eat that ass

Hunghairybear who needs a good a stretching out @menzmen


Who needs a good a stretching out?

Home from college and hot tubbing with dad just @menzmen

Home from college and hot tubbing with dad. Just us guys.

Gavilann where a bitch belongs in front of an @menzmen


Where a bitch belongs in front of an alpha ginger.

Cagedjock man body boy dick @menzmen


Man body, boy dick

Gayblender im horny but no one is @menzmen


I’m horny , but no one is interested. gayyyyy