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18+ Adult Content. NSFW! We are Jake and Mack, two bi, middle-aged, married men living 2000 miles apart. Tumblr is our sandbox for sharing our favorite sexy images. We like variety but are partial to masculinity. Wanna play with us? We love fan mail and questions. All images are hand picked by us from the world wide web. If you are the owner of any of these images and wish to have them removed from our blog, we will do so at your request. - MENzMEN (@menzmen)
Manuymarcosspain fucking hell i love a hairy @menzmen


fucking hell - I love a hairy ass and back pad with some spunk hair tonic

For Mack

Safetroy would love to see thisand fuck that @menzmen


Would love to see this…and fuck that hot ass hard.

Glazingthedoughnut vaclav mikula @menzmen


Vaclav Mikula

Nice farmer tan @menzmen

Nice farmer tan

Properfaggot sir always loved admiring his @menzmen


Sir always loved admiring His handiwork after destroying the bitch’s hole - nothing prettier than a gaping cum-filled faggot cunt.

Properfaggot fbharymis i do as i am told i @menzmen



I do as I am told.  I concentrate on keeping my asshole tight so he has to force his cock in each time.  

Good boy.