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Hi! 23 year old virgin sissy in NYC, here to be humiliated and dominated, to degrade myself for the pleasure of my Superiors (almost everyone). Please spread my pics and send me a message anytime! Yahoo! IM - missysissyboi email - - Sissy Faggot Slut (@missysissyboi)
Icelandicsissy caption for jackieslut 3 more @missysissyboi


Caption for Jackieslut <3

More captions at

Boysandmasters bertasthingsa warning to the @missysissyboi



A warning to the sissies

Your Exposure can´t be undone. If you wish to have your photo removed, then you should read the following section (again). There is no way to truly recover what has been shown to thousands of others. It is best to accept your exposure.

Why should a sissy faggot be exposed? – The Consequences

For you, it takes only two mouse clicks.

For a sissy fag it means a lifetime of public exposure, humiliation and disgrace. Just what a sissy fag wants or has to learn to love it. Once a sissy’s pictures are uploaded to the Internet, there is no going back! They will quickly be downloaded by hundreds (if not thousands) of horny viewers. Those viewers in turn will naturally save them to their computers, share them, post them elsewhere, and (of course) masturbate to them over and over again.

Are there certain kinds of sissies to be exposed?

All sissies should always be exposed, shared, and objectified. If a bitch that IS sexually attractive, then it should accept its role in its life as an sexual object.

When is the best time to expose a sissy?

Expose often, expose early. Preferably as soon as the sissy turns 18. Doing this will allow its exposure to last throughout its entire adult life and allow everyone to enjoy the sissy.

What shall be exposed?

No part of the body is private. Expose with face, tit’s(if it has any), sissy clit and ass. All private experiences of pleasure and exploration are to be shared.

How should a sissy faggot be exposed?

SAVE. If you find a picture of a good exposure candidate, such as a (closet) sissy or faggot, save it. That way the original poster loses control of the image and can no longer chicken out, which is really important as this often happens after a loser has jerked off or thought about the consequences of its exposure for a while.

RE-BLOG. Re-blog the picture immediately so even more people can see it and help spread it around. The original poster will helplessly see it is spreading, too. This adds both to its arousal and embarrassment at the same time and is way better than re-blogging it in a way that the original poster is not aware of it.

RE-POST. Re-post the picture in other locations (such as Twitter, Instagram, or at fetish and gay platforms, etc.). Be sure to include a text description when you post and tag as much as possible. So search engines will pick it up. Include all exposure details in the text. This helps increase the odds of exposure recognition online. Make the fantasy real. Real, full names, email addresses, phone numbers, any and all info and or personal details should be used. If you use NON-adult accounts the posts will be returned on searches more often.

Create Profiles. Create public profiles (Google+, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.) with all info. Always specify as non-adult material so will be returned in searches. Real, full names, email addresses, phone numbers, any and all info and or personal details should be used here as well

Information. Make sure that the original poster knows what you have done. Send links to the posts or profiles or even make screen captions of search engine results.

Continuity. Continue the cycle. It is your job to download, re-post, share, and (of course) jack off to the photos that have been posted. The sissy´s exposure has already begun. It’s up to you to make it better, more intense, more pervasive, and more complete.


An extreme exposure guide I found online:

1.     Get in contact with a local sissy faggot and arrange a meeting

2.     Wait till she unlocks her phone (or ask to save your number)

3.     Overwhelm her (they are not very strong) and mug the celly

4.     Search for the ID Card and social apps installed on the phone

5.     Fuck her lying on the back with spread legs and exposed entry

6.     Take whole-body photos while she is forced to show up her ID

7.     Publish them on an her installed apps (Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter)

8.     Check for hash tags and mark all of her friends in the post

9.     If she has an email client send them also to all of her contacts

10. Finish the slut leaving her gagged and tied to stall some time

11. Change the passwords and login data on the installed accounts

12. Ensure that she can´t erase the files anyhow via a desktop pc

13. Get rid of the phone and enjoy that you have destroyed a life

14. With enough time even the police can´t make the things undone

15. Soon you will find her on the local street workers´ patch for hire


Kitty clitty versetranchaser @missysissyboi




No touching… Bad sissy. Looks like someone needs to have their sissy clit locked up.

So fucking true. I’m buying one now

You have an amazing cock Versetranchaser…Sir.

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Wearing my panties to work today it is always so @missysissyboi

Wearing my panties to work today! It is always so exciting and humiliating! Hope I don’t get caught!

Please send me a message on kik! Degrade me, give me orders, make me send you pics!

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Sissy ecstasy …

Boy to Girl change with the Sissy-Maker

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Your whole world could come crashing down all so easily…

Is that a bad thing?

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Dreaming> I made a roulette for all of you sissy sluts that are ready to take the plunge and fuck a real man. If anyone has trouble reading the text, I can try to make it easier to read. I plan to make more roulettes, so let me know what kind of things you guys want to see.

If i am going to please daddy i am going to need a @missysissyboi

If I am going to please Daddy I am going to need a lot more training

Sissycuckwannabe now you know who you really @missysissyboi


Now you know who you really are <3 tessafellatrix & cockwhore


Ask me anything… ♥