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Hi! 23 year old virgin sissy in NYC, here to be humiliated and dominated, to degrade myself for the pleasure of my Superiors (almost everyone). Please spread my pics and send me a message anytime! Yahoo! IM - missysissyboi email - - Sissy Faggot Slut (@missysissyboi)
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Loads of fun for tgirls #crossdressing #ladyboy #shemale #sissy

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Kik- dick_bater

whiteboisub is my KIK NAME. .




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Wave after wave of hot cum is spurting down your throat, but you’re too afraid to remove your lips from his bulging cock. You were just a college kid looking to buy some pot. Wrong turn, wrong neighborhood, wrong glimpse at the wrong person, and you disappear. There is no more Kevin Jones. Nobody has heard of you for weeks. With each passing day being on cum diet and receiving anal training, you start to question whether the world has any use for Kevin Jones any more. You think maybe rebranding, reinventing yourself to save face isn’t the worst idea given your situation. Maybe Karoline. Karoline Cummings the anal whore and community cum dumpster. Yes, that’s perfect. No more Kevin. The big black guys want to fuck Karoline, because Karoline is a pretty girl.
You let out a faint moan as the crack dealer behind you forces himself deeper into your boipussy.

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peace of sissy with ‘Sissy Baby’

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Are you ready to become her for REAL men like me, Sissy?

Kaylynnx1 kaylynns sissy test @missysissyboi


Kaylynn’s Sissy Test

Karlacuriousity love to her job for some time @missysissyboi


Love to her job for some time

Bimbopharm get in line and join the bimbopharm @missysissyboi


Get in line and join the BIMBOPHARM sissy community!

Icelandicsissy caption for jackieslut 3 more @missysissyboi


Caption for Jackieslut <3

More captions at

Boysandmasters bertasthingsa warning to the @missysissyboi



A warning to the sissies

Your Exposure can´t be undone. If you wish to have your photo removed, then you should read the following section (again). There is no way to truly recover what has been shown to thousands of others. It is best to accept your exposure.

Why should a sissy faggot be exposed? – The Consequences

For you, it takes only two mouse clicks.

For a sissy fag it means a lifetime of public exposure, humiliation and disgrace. Just what a sissy fag wants or has to learn to love it. Once a sissy’s pictures are uploaded to the Internet, there is no going back! They will quickly be downloaded by hundreds (if not thousands) of horny viewers. Those viewers in turn will naturally save them to their computers, share them, post them elsewhere, and (of course) masturbate to them over and over again.

Are there certain kinds of sissies to be exposed?

All sissies should always be exposed, shared, and objectified. If a bitch that IS sexually attractive, then it should accept its role in its life as an sexual object.

When is the best time to expose a sissy?

Expose often, expose early. Preferably as soon as the sissy turns 18. Doing this will allow its exposure to last throughout its entire adult life and allow everyone to enjoy the sissy.

What shall be exposed?

No part of the body is private. Expose with face, tit’s(if it has any), sissy clit and ass. All private experiences of pleasure and exploration are to be shared.

How should a sissy faggot be exposed?

SAVE. If you find a picture of a good exposure candidate, such as a (closet) sissy or faggot, save it. That way the original poster loses control of the image and can no longer chicken out, which is really important as this often happens after a loser has jerked off or thought about the consequences of its exposure for a while.

RE-BLOG. Re-blog the picture immediately so even more people can see it and help spread it around. The original poster will helplessly see it is spreading, too. This adds both to its arousal and embarrassment at the same time and is way better than re-blogging it in a way that the original poster is not aware of it.

RE-POST. Re-post the picture in other locations (such as Twitter, Instagram, or at fetish and gay platforms, etc.). Be sure to include a text description when you post and tag as much as possible. So search engines will pick it up. Include all exposure details in the text. This helps increase the odds of exposure recognition online. Make the fantasy real. Real, full names, email addresses, phone numbers, any and all info and or personal details should be used. If you use NON-adult accounts the posts will be returned on searches more often.

Create Profiles. Create public profiles (Google+, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.) with all info. Always specify as non-adult material so will be returned in searches. Real, full names, email addresses, phone numbers, any and all info and or personal details should be used here as well

Information. Make sure that the original poster knows what you have done. Send links to the posts or profiles or even make screen captions of search engine results.

Continuity. Continue the cycle. It is your job to download, re-post, share, and (of course) jack off to the photos that have been posted. The sissy´s exposure has already begun. It’s up to you to make it better, more intense, more pervasive, and more complete.


An extreme exposure guide I found online:

1.     Get in contact with a local sissy faggot and arrange a meeting

2.     Wait till she unlocks her phone (or ask to save your number)

3.     Overwhelm her (they are not very strong) and mug the celly

4.     Search for the ID Card and social apps installed on the phone

5.     Fuck her lying on the back with spread legs and exposed entry

6.     Take whole-body photos while she is forced to show up her ID

7.     Publish them on an her installed apps (Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter)

8.     Check for hash tags and mark all of her friends in the post

9.     If she has an email client send them also to all of her contacts

10. Finish the slut leaving her gagged and tied to stall some time

11. Change the passwords and login data on the installed accounts

12. Ensure that she can´t erase the files anyhow via a desktop pc

13. Get rid of the phone and enjoy that you have destroyed a life

14. With enough time even the police can´t make the things undone

15. Soon you will find her on the local street workers´ patch for hire


Kitty clitty versetranchaser @missysissyboi




No touching… Bad sissy. Looks like someone needs to have their sissy clit locked up.

So fucking true. I’m buying one now

You have an amazing cock Versetranchaser…Sir.

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Check out the bois I have transformed into porno starlets on my sites…. OR

If you are interested in being a TRANNY PORNO STARLET —> Go to my website and fill out the form, “I want to be transformed.” Tell me about your porno starlet fantasies and send me a few pix of you enfemme. Check out the .gif files here to see if any of that action interests you. If it does and you want to see more stunning transformed TRANNY PORNO STARLETS PLEASE REBLOG THIS SO OTHERS CAN FIND OUT HOW!

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Lily Skips School to FUCK Mr. Smith 5 TIMES Click to watch the video at Fetish Mega Site

Wearing my panties to work today it is always so @missysissyboi

Wearing my panties to work today! It is always so exciting and humiliating! Hope I don’t get caught!

Please send me a message on kik! Degrade me, give me orders, make me send you pics!

Kik: missysissyboi

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Sissy ecstasy …

Boy to Girl change with the Sissy-Maker

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Your whole world could come crashing down all so easily…

Is that a bad thing?

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Dreaming> I made a roulette for all of you sissy sluts that are ready to take the plunge and fuck a real man. If anyone has trouble reading the text, I can try to make it easier to read. I plan to make more roulettes, so let me know what kind of things you guys want to see.

If i am going to please daddy i am going to need a @missysissyboi

If I am going to please Daddy I am going to need a lot more training

Sissycuckwannabe now you know who you really @missysissyboi


Now you know who you really are <3 tessafellatrix & cockwhore


Ask me anything… ♥

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Cum for me


Plug and thong @missysissyboi

Plug and thong!

My new toy i love him so much when i have the @missysissyboi

My new toy, I love him so much! When I have the full 9in filling my sissy pussy and the vibration is on high my whole body shakes! With enough practice and chastity maybe I can have my first sissy gams!

Also, I started a KIK account!
Send me a message at missysissyboi anytime!!

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How much do you need cum ?

Boy to Girl change with the Sissy-Maker

Dumbsissyfag sissyguru @missysissyboi


sissyguru: #Sissy #Faggot #CumDump in West Sussex england

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 littleyoungsissy ♥

I need a blackmail video of me sucking daddy’s hard cock:))

Fathernight your new daddy understands who and @missysissyboi


Your new Daddy understands who and what you are way better than your genetic Daddy and with the way he fucks you it’s obvious why you love him more.

Cocfs are you ready to meet your god @missysissyboi


are you ready to meet your god?

Bye bye keys hello obedience @missysissyboi

Bye-bye keys! Hello obedience!

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Boy to Girl change with the Sissy-Maker

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Never feel FEAR or EMBARASSMENT shopping for “HER” again.
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Please help me be a good sissy and take control i @missysissyboi

Please help me be a good sissy and take control! I love/hate my pretty pink chastity cage, but I have no one to hold my keys for me and I can’t control myself. So far I have only slept in it once and I haven’t worn it to work. I am begging for someone to take over control of my clitty! I still can’t send my keys away to someone, and I can’t use plastic numbered locks because my cage (a holytrainer) has a special internal lock. I was thinking I could send You pics everyday here or on yahoo messenger with a special message or detail you make me include in the photo to prove I am obeying. And while You have my clitty locked up, you can use me and train me in other ways, too :)
Please send me a message here or on yahoo and help me become a better sissy bitch!

Yahoo: missysissyboi

Lyndseygurl the gift @missysissyboi


The gift

Pathetic sissy loser with my date on valentines @missysissyboi

Pathetic sissy loser with my date on Valentine’s Day

Trannies slut @missysissyboi


Move up to the weight and feel of reat Breasts -

Sissystable you want to have you photo taken like @missysissyboi


You WANT to have you photo taken like this, don’t you !?

Sissies prissys @missysissyboi

Sissies ❤️ Prissy’s!

Mistresstrixie69 no granny panties for my sissy @missysissyboi


No granny panties for my sissy bitch!

Yoursissygirl you want to be a girl so badly @missysissyboi


YOU want to be a GIRL so badly, don’t you Sissy Fag?

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Follow my tumblr—> Pretty Pink Sissy Perv

Every single pretty little pink sissy faggot should post this in every room of their home, have it on every electronic device, wallpaper on your laptop and speak the fuckin words at least 3 times a day.
-Alpha Male Daddy

Chastity panties and a tutu @missysissyboi

chastity, panties, and a tutu

Hardcock4sissies i love when a sissy bitch @missysissyboi


I love when a sissy bitch keeps her eyes open even when my load is seeping into them - showing me how obedient she is, not cleaning it into her mouth until I say she can. A cunt like that deserves two loads, but the 2nd would have to go in her little faggot cunthole - I love trying to breed my princess, her worthless body should always be filled with my thick wet daddy sperm from both ends. I bet you’d be begging like such an eager little cumslut for my 2nd load. I’d make you work for it, teasing you and edging my cock in your hole, letting it leak a bit as I pound you, the warm leaky throbbing cock getting you so horny, your whole body rippling and squirming under me on every thrust. You’d be bucking back into me a slight bit despertly trying to get the most friction possible to get my load out, but I wouldn’t let you ride me, I’d keep you pinned down like that holding down your thighs as I fuck you harder in super deep long strokes. After I came I’d leave you pinned on your back to ensure it leaks further into you where it belongs. My load would be so warm and hot you would know right away when it coated your insides, feeling the squish of my hard throbbing head forcing it up deeper into you. Then I’d let you suck up my first sticky load off your face and swallow it into your belly as you imagine all my sperimes swimming inside both your holes. When you were done lapping it all I’d spit onto your face and bring my hands off your thighs as you came up to your knees and then I’d lightly slap your face, both of us on our knees. Id kiss up your neck to your ear and with hot breath say “good little girllllllll” licking inside your ear a bit as you feel my cum sloshing around deep in your cunt. You’d smile and giggle, so happy that I gave you some praise, then we’d kiss deeply as I tweaked your nipples. mmmmmmmmm :)

I bought a pair of girls jeans that sir didnt @missysissyboi

i bought a pair of girl’s jeans that Sir didn’t like, so I made them into my first pair of daisy dukes!

Sissybubbles omg erase my ugly boy costume @missysissyboi


OMG. Erase my ugly boy costume with surgeries and hormones Daddy.

Hardcock4sissies i love my princess dirty lil @missysissyboi


I love my princess’ dirty lil mind :)

One step closer to full exposure @missysissyboi

One step closer to full exposure!

Caged pantied and plugged @missysissyboi

caged, pantied, and plugged

My clitty tucked away in chastity and panties like @missysissyboi

my clitty tucked away in chastity and panties like it should be forever!

Sissypuppygurl oh my god yes @missysissyboi


oh my god yes~

I am sorry about my ugly hair i am now owned @missysissyboi

i am sorry about my ugly hair. i am now owned property and will be shaved by next friday

My last cum @missysissyboi

my last cum

Daniboigurl heavenlyshegods sissy destroyed @missysissyboi



sissy destroyed by two black cocks

Great set.

Sissynikkipriss well trained bitch checklist @missysissyboi


Well Trained Bitch Checklist

Send me requests, comments, and questions! Or send me contact info (kik, skype, etc) and I’ll add it to the Sissy Spot! The Sissy Spot now has more than 50 users, so go check them out! Everyone is welcome to join no matter your gender or sexual preference!

Besttgcaptions008 related content source @missysissyboi


Related Content:

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Stockings @missysissyboi


Dressed today @missysissyboi

Dressed today

Degradedsissy1 eternal shame it is a feeling @missysissyboi


Eternal shame!

It is a feeling that follows a sissy around all of its life.

From the moment of its first, ‘innocent’ experiments with stockings and panties and high heels, through its first nervous, trembling steps into public in women’s clothing; from its first climax into a pair of pantyhose, thro ugh the first time another man pushes his organ between your painted lips, to that first soul-destroying time your lie facedown in tears as a man gushes his manly juices into to your loins - the shame is always there.

Even now, 6 years after you moved in with a man to be his live-in sissy, the shame is still there.

You’ve been wearing women’s clothes exclusively now, for 10 years.

The neighbours have seen you go down the street and at the local mall in your pantyhose, high-heels and mini-skirt. They’ve seen you hang out the washing and take out the trash in your frilly pink maids uniform and lace-top stockings.

Your family and former friends know and have seen the pathetic, limp-wristed, emasculated little fairy you have become.

Even at work, where you try to present some unconvincing, half-hearted image of masculinity - the know they’re women’s slacks and women’s loafers you’re wearing; the darts and the general cut of your plain business shirt ensure no one is deluded that into thinking it’s a men’s shirt; the 40 denier pantyhose encasing your exposed ankles could not be mistaken for men’s socks in anyone’s imagination.

And of course then there are the arched eyebrows; the long, manicured, clear polished nails; the outline of your lace-trimmed silk chemise, that is sometimes visible under your shirt, and the unmistakably feminine fragrance of your ‘aftershave’.

You’re not kidding anyone.

You know it.

They now it.

You are tolerated because you are good at your job and your employer prides himself on being an equal opportunity employer.

But the shame is there. Every moment of every day. As normal as the others try to behave in your presence, you are always aware of the effort they are having to make to treat you ‘normally’.

You are aware of the stares and whispers they think you don’t notice.

You’ve been working there for years - five days a week. But the shame is still there -every minute of every day.

Even now, as you stand I front if the man you’ve served for 6 years, the shame is still there.

You’ve washed and ironed his clothes; you’ve cooked his meals; done his cleaning and his errands; you’ve served his friends and guests;you’ve crawled, abjectly, on your knees before him in shackles and hoods and other degrading apparel and devices.

As you stand before him in high-heels; white stockings with diminutive little bows on them; a frilly pink sissy dress with ruffle petticoats and lacy pink gloves; ultra feminine pink high heels; your face panted effeminately - even though you have stood before him like this most nights over the eight years, you are still a roused by the girlie feel of what you are wear, but also the intense, ever present, red-faced shame.

As you feel the remnants of your earlier delusions of manhood stir, impotently in their permanent steel chastity prison you realise that the shame has become a source of arousal in itself, over the years.

Despite having done this so many times before, you stand there meekly submissive, red-faced with shame.

You know that very shortly you will be on your stockinged knees, as he forces his throbbing manhood between your lips. You know that, after that you will be on face-down on the floor, your hands cuffed behind you, as he brutally pumps his juices into your body, like he has done almost every night for eight years.

You know you will, as always be left lying there, probably in tears, filled with a feeling of total emasculation, worthlessness, self-loathing and degradation.

You know also that it will fill you with an intense arousal that you know can never be satisfied, as the only climaxes you have experienced in years are those he has inside you.

It maybe routine, by now, but the shame never goes away.

It never abates.

You’ve learned to live with it, but it doesn’t go away.


Sissyhumiliation sissy truth @missysissyboi


sissy truth

Jenni fairy sissy slut @missysissyboi


Sissy Slut

Sissyhaleycray for more of my captions follow @missysissyboi


For more of my captions follow Princess Haley!

Missysissyboi love mistress mindy jades @missysissyboi


Love Mistress Mindy Jade’s captions! You have to check them all out at

Reblogging for one of the best sissy captioners ever! Please Miss Mindy Jade, open your account again for all of your pathetic sissy servants!

My nails look so cute mademoiselle by essie @missysissyboi

my nails look so cute! Mademoiselle by Essie!

Missamberwaves follow me here for more @missysissyboi


follow me here for more;)

Fully dressed and feeling slutty last time i @missysissyboi

fully dressed and feeling slutty! last time i posted pics of myself i got scared and took them down after i played with myself, please help me lose control of my pics!

Sissytimecaps and this one @missysissyboi


And this one.