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Curvesfrombigsky curvy wendy by ej merrick @mistersimon


curvy wendy by ej-merrick


So beautiful

Yes just yes @mistersimon

Yes, just yes!

Softcurveahead chloe extremely edible woman @mistersimon



Extremely edible woman parts…

Softcurveahead everyzig why yes those are @mistersimon



Why yes, those are lovely petals indeed


Ready to fuck great hair @mistersimon

“ready to fuck” - great hair!

Ready to fuck thanks for the submissions @mistersimon

“ready to fuck” - thanks for the submissions!

Dont like models @mistersimon




Everything about this person thrills me shes is @mistersimon

Everything about this person thrills me. She’s is simply beautiful

Not sure who she is but my goodness shes @mistersimon

Not sure who she is, but my goodness she’s gorgeous.

Textmesomethingdirty she is lovely @mistersimon


She. Is. Lovely.

Annie douglas at 40 aubreyb @mistersimon




This would be me looking at all the beautiful porn on my dash

you and me both babe #FingeringFriday - do it good ! get it WET !

If I wasn’t at my desk at work… This would be me too! Maybe it’s time to run to the ladies room at last?

Perfect curves abstract close up @mistersimon


Abstract close-up.

Im liking this blog a lot @mistersimon

I’m liking this blog a lot.

A beautiful body imaginatively photographed @mistersimon

A beautiful body, imaginatively photographed.

Just a sucker for long red hair @mistersimon

Just a sucker for long red hair.

Imalittleslut hearmeshout sunaszaft @mistersimon



Raphaella Lily

Woah, that body!

Vanfullersublime blue venus this is my second @mistersimon


Blue Venus

This is my second collaboration with Jorde, who previously was bathed in golden light. Here the light is blue, and it lovingly highlights the curves of a figure that would have been described as “buxom” in long-ago days; though the term preferred by artists is “Rubenesque.”

For me, the term is “pretty.”

Terminology, sperminology. She *is* pretty. Damn straight.

Brain food curvy pin up illustrations for jen @mistersimon


Curvy Pin-Up illustrations for Jen Oaks 2012 calendar titled “Cheeky” which you can purchase at her Etsy store. She also has a  tumblr.

Curvydelight warmest regardsive got @mistersimon


Warmest regards…I’ve got more…,maybe in a bit…

Desiree elyda villalobos @mistersimon

Desiree Elyda Villalobos

This is one of the the most beautiful photos i @mistersimon

This is one of the the most beautiful photos I have ever seen.




I don’t post things regarding size and health because I’m trying to promote obesity. I’m trying to promote thought and consideration. As cliche as it is, I’m trying to promote this idea that people aren’t always the way they appear. There is so much fat hatred in this culture and it is all a result of body hatred.

When I post a picture of my body, flabby arms, and sagging tummy and you can see confidence in my eyes… why do you immediately say I’m promoting obesity? Because I exist?

I don’t promote sizes. I promote size acceptance. 

Being fat can be unhealthy for some. But being thin can simply mask the health of others. I’m not even going to bother throwing out statistics because, honestly, it isn’t going to change your opinion. But thin, athletic people die of heart disease. And fat people live to be quite old. And when you go to your doctor and he says “you need to lose weight” instead of “you should eat healthier food and exercise” (which is overwhelming the case) it is not just an issue of health, but an issue of image. 

Really people just need to turn off the “fat is unhealthy” switch in their heads. They need to take off their blinders to reason. And they need to stop telling people they should be ashamed of their bodies because of perceived health issues. Because loving yourself isn’t just for healthy people. 

If we turned off the “fat is unhealthy” switch everyone would die of obesity at the age of 30. Fucking shit. I hate fat people so much. If you loved yourself you wouldn’t let yourself become that unhealthy in the first place. Please. 

You really just don’t get it. I mean… you must not have read anything I said. Your brain literally must have just shut down completely three words in. You can’t tell how healthy I am. You just can’t. You don’t know anything about me except what you see in a picture. You make such an ass of yourself by trying.

But also… “I hate fat people so much”. That just gives you away as being hugely ignorant. You sure do sound like you are just angry at me for not loving myself enough to be thin. You sound like someone who is truly worried about health. 

Oh wait.

(Last time I address this… I promise)

Crosspost from redditcomrcumsluts @mistersimon

Crosspost from

Justfuckyeah all appreciate her body as she @mistersimon


All appreciate her body as she walks by..naturally  

Kammystash she has it all @mistersimon


she has it all…..

Blastronautilus a gorgeous girl in a pose that @mistersimon


A gorgeous girl in a pose that makes me drool

Clear enough this is the closest i could find @mistersimon


This is the closest I could find anon :)

Crowcrow this nude picture i posted of myself @mistersimon


this nude picture i posted of myself in january was reblogged on “thethickness” and now it’s all the sudden recirculatin’ on tumblr again.

always funny to see it pop up on my dash.

Sexysub a bit of mystery is often far more @mistersimon


A bit of mystery is often far more enticing than full disclosure.

Sexysub via sexual i absolutely love the @mistersimon


(via sexual)

I absolutely love the human form - every shape and size, every gender. What an absolutely beautiful woman!

Holy moly brittany how can anyone be so cute and @mistersimon

Holy moly, Brittany, how can anyone be so cute AND so sexy at the same time? I think I must’ve stashed a sledgehammer in my boxers.

Maximum zing @mistersimon

Maximum Zing!

I love a nice cock attached to a gorgeous woman @mistersimon

I love a nice cock attached to a gorgeous woman.

Udderlyamazing time to add a little flour to @mistersimon


Time to add a little flour to the gravy …

Thickwifes omg what a view 2 london andrews @mistersimon


OMG! What A View #2 London Andrews

Dirtythingsido my first gif wearing my lovers @mistersimon


my first gif wearing my lover’s hoodie. i miss her so much :(

Yes ten times yes udderlyamazing one of jms @mistersimon

Yes. Ten times yes.


One of JM’s mystery girls …

Trust nobody whoaaaaaaaaaaaa @mistersimon



Crikey @mistersimon


A slim girl that appeals to me rare but not @mistersimon

A slim girl that appeals to me - rare, but not unwelcome.



Luscious Suicide


I wish she would pay me a visit @mistersimon

I wish she would pay me a visit.

Ivy rider @mistersimon

Ivy Rider

Lovely breasts sunshine big smile @mistersimon

Lovely breasts + sunshine = big smile


My necklace is cute.

Last one of sunny @mistersimon

Last one of Sunny

This one is sunny wagner @mistersimon

This one is Sunny Wagner

Dont be nervous love the fuzz i feel we are @mistersimon

Don’t be nervous; love the fuzz. I feel we are getting closer to the true you


So nervous about posting this, I don’t do a lot of full body shots.

Ok ok hither id better come @mistersimon

Ok, ok… hither I’d better come.

Fuckyeahselfshooters boobies i have more @mistersimon


boobies :) i have more pics on my page

Submitted by dangerouskitten: Thank you sexy ladaaaay

Polaroidplumber white girl ass is just getting @mistersimon


White girl ass is just getting better and better.  I might have to venture into vanilla-villa for a week or two and sample it.  FUCK YEA!

Collegetits what a cute nose and cheeks @mistersimon


“What a cute nose, and cheeks!”

Yes that was my first thought when I saw this!

She’s a little less headless than I am, and I can tell the rest of her is probably really beautiful!

Thanks for the submission dirtysexychronicles!

Fuckin a collegetits so hard to find @mistersimon
Fuckin’ A.


So hard to find nice cheap work clothes.

I’ll just go to work naked.

Collegetits took this the other day forgot to @mistersimon


Took this the other day… forgot to upload it.

Mariabbw fayedaniels i find it kind of @mistersimon




How big girls can sometimes look at another big girl and think “omg she’s so beautiful, I wish I had her body” and then look at themselves and think “i’m so ugly.”

While I do understand that we all carry weight differently and have different shapes and that one can prefer one type of shape over another - are our bodies really that different?

Different enough to LOVE one and HATE another?

I honestly feel that it is about rocking what you have been given and I’m going to use myself as an example. Above is a picture of myself totally nude. I don’t post many of these, I post more teasing pictures than actually full on nudity. (In most cases anyways)

I do not have the most popular shape - which studies say is either hour glass or pear. I have a double belly, weird toes, freckles and beauty marks on my face, shoulders and arms. My breasts are large and natural and while I’m happy with them they’re not at all as perky as fake ones or natural ones that are smaller would be. 

But….if you ask me, I rock it. I’m proud of all my curves and I know how to how them off. I love being chubby and softy and great for cuddling. I love having tits and hips and ass and yes even a belly.

I am not ideal - even as to what the majority thinks is ideal for a plus size woman but I’m happy. I flaunt what I have - it’s always about showing off your best features because no one out there is perfect.

So stop hating your body and embrace it. It is a huge part of who you are and needs love just like every other part.

<3 <3 <3

Mynakedboobs i need a name or just the rest of @mistersimon


I need a name or just the rest of this photo set people :|

My idea of a 10 @mistersimon

My idea of a 10.