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Tease and denial girls hes trying to adapt to @mistress-scarlet-captions


“he’s trying to adapt to his new role as slavedaddy, but it’s not going well for him. His little penis keeps trying to break out of it’s cage whenever he licks my perfect feet”

Goddesses, Cuckolds, Play Partners, Slaves..all at  

Cuckoldingnl chastity permanent chastity but @mistress-scarlet-captions


Chastity. Permanent chastity, but that doesn’t mean that guys aren’t fun anymore.

Here’s a private moment, when my wife decided to ‘pull some strings’.


Cuckoldingnl orders start slowly easy but @mistress-scarlet-captions


Orders: start slowly, easy. But prove to me that you will even destroy them balls. Your husband won’t be able to have sex with you nomore. Prove it and you’ll win the bull. MODERN MARRIAGE 

Faontk all male slaves should learn to @mistress-scarlet-captions


All male slaves, should learn to deep-throat before initiating strapon sex. 

Anndees amazons full mp4 movie in 720 x 576 @mistress-scarlet-captions


Full MP4 movie in 720 X 576 size at
He told me, that he was in fear in this situation… He felt helpless…her grip around his neck, her oversized hand over his mouth and partly covering his nose… and she had a never before experienced such a feeling of superiority, 188 cm tall Daggi told me after the production.  

Expatsub maletoserve oh dear god yes shes @mistress-scarlet-captions



Oh dear God yes

She’s a professional Babysitter for adult boys, She has more work than She knows what to do with an will carry out any requests from wives.

This is always her favorite assigment though it pays a fortune and lasts all week, while his wife is away on holiday he has had to spend a week of his own to be totally controlled at home, her only instructions were to humiliate and use him in any way she wants, this is his nap time though she won’t let him sleep, between the bondage and her taunts that his wife will be on the beach with her boyfriend right now he will not rest, in an hour he will be put back to work 

Femaleledworld remember i bought you but i @mistress-scarlet-captions


- Remember, I bought you but I have a 30-day money back guarantee. So, if you don’t rise to my expectations, you will be without an owner. Again!  

Willingboy she showed me my place now she is @mistress-scarlet-captions


She showed me my place. Now she is letting all her friends show it to me once more.  

Willingboy missdannisdesires willingboy @mistress-scarlet-captions




It is one of my strongest fantasies that Miss is touching herself while I am humiliating myself at her feet.

And you don’t DARE look up to see if I am. ;-)

I sure don’t. But the thought is making me kiss your shoes more passionately than ever …   

Mistresss35 cocklockedslavehubby @mistress-scarlet-captions





Yesterday I received what my wife calls “The Suffer in Silence" punishment again. It’s her way of disicplining and punishing me with what she calls “minimum effort".

Reason: Forgot to buy x-mas giftwrap paper on my way home from work. On top of that she had received a reminder from her Telco on her phone bill from last month. I can’t recollect ever seeing the bill but the bills are my responsibility.

She was furious.
I was told to go straight to the bedroom and lose my clothes. The kids were home and doing homework. I knew she didn’t want to spank me. It’s just too noisy with the kids around. She tied me up on my back in the bed, spread eagle. Chastity cage was removed. My heart started racing. I knew what was coming. It hurts like hell and I always end up crying. Because of the upcoming pain and kids in the house she attached the muzzle-gag to keep me silent and added the spandex hood without any openings for good measure. To increase the feeling of solitude she told me later.

With everything rigged she brought out the the BenGay cream. I couldn’t see anything but soon felt the cream being applied to my balls. She applied lots, making sure to cover the entire ballsack, the perineum area and my asshole. She even slipped her cream covered finger into my ass a couple of times. I heard her put away the cream, then some steps, the door being closed and then locked. I was alone…..and then the burning pain kicked in…

I lost track of time. Everything was just pain for a long long time. I know from earlier experiences that the pain lasts for 30-40 minutes but I was in the room alone for much longer. The kids had gone to bed when my wife finally entered the room and wiped off remaining cream from my crotch with a wetwipe. The chastitycage was locked onto my cock again and the bondage removed.

“Did you learn anything today, honey?”

I guess I did…



Now that’s what I’m talking about cocklockedslavehubby 

Polyfetishist they enslaved their @mistress-scarlet-captions


They Enslaved Their Former Husband Chaste, Punished, Humiliated by His Ex-wives Artist? Two women had found him a lousy husband. Happenstance brought them together at a bar. 

Polyfetishist you fetishist you @mistress-scarlet-captions


You … Fetishist

You … Fetishist, Arnold Astin I have been told this is a Femdom novel of remarkable quality. I have never read it. Have you?  

Sissyprincessjennifer inspection time with @mistress-scarlet-captions


Inspection time with Mistress and her friend  

Castration clinic his stiff little peeny only @mistress-scarlet-captions


His stiff little peeny only amuses them.  

Sissybimbodolly completely sissified and @mistress-scarlet-captions


Completely sissified and bound.. Just the way I love it! 

Pansysissymaid prisoners are treated very well @mistress-scarlet-captions


Prisoners are treated very well in the OWK dungeons and receive regular nourishing meals… 

Pansysissymaid its a pity my boots got so @mistress-scarlet-captions


“It’s a pity my boots got so muddy today but I’m sure you don’t mind cleaning them for me, do you sweetheart?”    

Flamineo perform well enough and you might even @mistress-scarlet-captions


Perform well enough and you might even distract me from X-Factor. 

Her rz slutprincecraving snowwhitedesires @mistress-scarlet-captions




mmm delightful

sooo hot

Objects in mirror are closer than they appear
I hope sooo!  

Spanked2tears post orgasm spankings are the @mistress-scarlet-captions


Post Orgasm Spankings Are The WORST!!! 

Pansysissymaid so nice to see a lady amusing @mistress-scarlet-captions


So nice to see a Lady amusing Herself with an otherwise useless male slave…  

Slavelatrina a well trained sissy maid remains @mistress-scarlet-captions


A well trained sissy maid remains impassionate at such proximity to her Mistress. 

Ichbrauchehiebe overherknee your butt is @mistress-scarlet-captions



Your butt is going to get redder and redder, buddy!

Oh yeah…this is was i need…a long and painful hairbrush spanking otk… 

Arrogantmistress leggy ladies a must for @mistress-scarlet-captions


Leggy Ladies

a must for slaves and leglovers….go to forum!

LeggyLadies at 

Urdominatrix males are destined to be dominated @mistress-scarlet-captions


Males are destined to be dominated by females  

Menareslavesfemdom taming the male with the @mistress-scarlet-captions


Taming the male with the remote control ball shocker.  

Otkfme i know you will do a better job of @mistress-scarlet-captions


I know you will do a better job of pleasing me now that you have felt the consequences.  

Otkfme now do you think you can obey and please @mistress-scarlet-captions


Now do you think you can obey and please me without any questions or do you want to continue.  

Via cornertime naughty husbands are dressed as @mistress-scarlet-captions

(via cornertime)

Naughty husbands are dressed as little girls for punishment time!  

Demut1 officedominatrix you may be the boss @mistress-scarlet-captions



You may be the boss at work, but at home she corrects your mistakes…

Leggy Ladies

a must for slaves and leglovers….go to forum!

LeggyLadies at 

Htpsmsscarletukwordpresscom @mistress-scarlet-captions


Malemaid2slave submissivestephen siscuc @mistress-scarlet-captions




takes practice to get it perfect!

Learning to curtsy is very important for a boy to actualize his inferior status.