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Mistress Scarlet's Captions @mistress-scarlet-captions

4921 Images - Mistress Scarlet's Captions (@mistress-scarlet-captions)
Mouthsoaped doris mom lying sass bad @mistress-scarlet-captions



Lying?  Sass?  Bad language?  A thorough mouth soaping will work wonders before you go across your mother’s knee for your spanking.

Take the soap in your mouth big boy…  

Pansysissymaid its a pity my boots got so @mistress-scarlet-captions


“It’s a pity my boots got so muddy today but I’m sure you don’t mind cleaning them for me, do you sweetheart?”  

Pansysissymaid some lovely vintage sissy @mistress-scarlet-captions


Some lovely vintage sissy training…  

Pansysissymaid thanking mistress for correcting @mistress-scarlet-captions


Thanking Mistress for correcting his work in the kitchen….  

Pansysissymaid make sure you do a thorough @mistress-scarlet-captions


“Make sure you do a thorough job, stupid. God knows what I might have walked in this afternoon and I don’t want to tramp muck all over the floor!” 

Mlvssoumis nice autumnal scene of a loving @mistress-scarlet-captions


Nice autumnal scene of a loving couple enjoying the garden 

Broken by theprincessmadison her body language @mistress-scarlet-captions


Her body language and the knowing look on her face betrays a complete control over her slave. please ruin me, Mistress.  

Mistress justines slave @mistress-scarlet-captions

Mistress Justine’s slave

Brat princess2 she takes the virgin cucks @mistress-scarlet-captions


She takes the virgin cucks wallet from him, shoves his face in her toilet, and then empties his wallet.  She counts his money why he blows bubbles.  She will flush the toilet while holding his face in place with her sneakers.

Crystal - Virgin Wallet Slave Emptied and Humiliated 

 Crystal loves humiliating her virgin slave.  She has him locked in an extra tight chastity tube for over a month.   She loves taking his self-esteem away by shoving his face in the toilet and mocking him while he strokes on his knees.  Crystal locked him up on his birthday!  That was his birthday gift being locked up in chastity. How pathetic is that?  It got locked up in an extra tight chastity tube on its birthday.  Crystal has been hitting its wallet hard lately so she decides to let the cash cow out for a short time as a treat.  He doesn’t get to cum but it does get a little breather.  She shoves his face in the toilet and flushes it on it.  She then hits the cow’s wallet!  She makes it fetch the wallet the cow keeps its cash in.  She empties its wallet and shoves its face in the toilet.  She allows the virgin cuck to stroke.  This is real financial domination and cuckold domination!  She slaps his face while it strokes and she verbally humiliates it.  She keeps taking cash out of its wallet.  She even finds the secret compartment in its wallet the cow tries to hide cash from her when she rinses him.  It is on his knees stroking as she completely empties his wallet of cash.  She even takes a credit card!  Once the cash is gone she forbids stroking.  She is re-wiring him into only enjoying sexual pleasure while he is actively being rinsed.  If the cash runs out the stroking has to stop!  This clip is amazing because you see how Crystal is with her slaves in a real life rinsing session.  Crystal completely dominates this cuck financially.  He is a virgin who is being completely used up by this girl.  This clip is a chastity-humiliation-financial domination-brain rewire epic.  Highly recommended! (12:54 long) 

Brat princess2 cuck being yelled at princess @mistress-scarlet-captions


Cuck being yelled at.  Princess is angry.  "You are a Cuck not a boyfriend!“

The cuck hangs his head in shame while the girl berates him.  What a failure.


Brat princess2 1 she forces him to look at @mistress-scarlet-captions


1. She forces him to look at himself in the mirror while he strokes.  

2.  She fucks his mouth with her finger.  The cuck will learn to equate his sexual pleasure with sucking on things.  He strokes and sucks.

3.  The cuck collects his ejaculate in his palm.  It is ready to be recycled.

4.  The cuck recycles it by licking up every drop of his cum on his hand.  She spits in his face out of  her disgust she has for him.  The cuck keeps licking.  He has no self esteem left.  But this is his sex life.

Amadahy - Beaten Cuck Jerks Off and Eats its own Cum (720 HD)


Wolli6 du komsmt hier nicht mehr raus @mistress-scarlet-captions


Du komsmt hier nicht mehr raus  

Superiorblackdommes good white performing in @mistress-scarlet-captions


good white performing in public for his BLACK MISTRESS  

Httpsmsscarletukwordpresscom @mistress-scarlet-captions


Left in the cupboard for three hours now they @mistress-scarlet-captions

Left in the cupboard for three hours. Now they have a use for him. 

Bemyfootslavetonight letmekissyourfeet @mistress-scarlet-captions




Im going to entertain my girlfriend. 

you get to lick my toes and watch. 


good job😘😘
I have a feeling you’re going to be a good and obedient slave…
I’m going to have some fun with you😏
I’ll message you with further instructions..💁  

Cuckold sissy femdom womenwithwhips my @mistress-scarlet-captions



My mother law did not want me to marry her daughter.. She didn’t think I can make a baby

She has very valid concerns, maybe you should offer to be her cuck?  

Cuckold sissy femdom expatsub he forgot who @mistress-scarlet-captions



He forgot who was in charge just for 1 minute by answering back, now he’s naked in bondage and getting a full on humiliation session

Hotwife beating up her cuck 

Cuckold sissy femdom worship every inch of her @mistress-scarlet-captions


Worship every inch of Her before She goes out with Her Bull

Cuck Humiliiation  

Tease and denial girls born to be a queento @mistress-scarlet-captions


Born to be a be served and adored…female domination is real for so many women and men..can be a beautiful way to live

Goddesses, Cuckolds, Play Partners, Slaves..all at  

Cuckold sissy femdom cuckold provides ass @mistress-scarlet-captions


Cuckold provides ass licking duties as Mistress prepares for her night out. 

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