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Meet My New Boyfriend @mmnbf

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men and dinks and dads and fur and so on and so on and so on. DON'T SHAVE YOUR BUSH. - Meet My New Boyfriend (@mmnbf)
Yum @mmnbf


Blit blit blit @mmnbf

Blit blit blit

Thick @mmnbf


Worship it @mmnbf

Worship it.

Lets go swimmin or something @mmnbf

Let’s go swimmin.   Or something.

Handsome dads handsome dadstumblrcomarchive @mmnbf


Off with your pants @mmnbf

Off with your pants!

Smokin @mmnbf


I had a dream and you were in it @mmnbf

I had a dream and you were in it.

Off with the clothes boys @mmnbf

Off with the clothes, boys.

What are ya drinkin can i have some @mmnbf

What are ya drinkin?

Can I have some?

I dont blame her @mmnbf

I don’t blame her.

Stop i mean it @mmnbf

Stop.  I mean it.

Planesdrifter follow planesdrifter truethat @mmnbf


Follow planesdrifter: trueTHAT for all natural, wholesome, doctor recommended porn.

Check it out and the archive too.

You waiting for me @mmnbf

….you waiting for me?