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Meet My New Boyfriend @mmnbf

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men and dinks and dads and fur and so on and so on and so on. DON'T SHAVE YOUR BUSH. - Meet My New Boyfriend (@mmnbf)
I love opening a guys shirt and finding this @mmnbf

I love opening a guy’s shirt and finding this…

I need to switch gyms @mmnbf

I need to switch gyms.

Omg @mmnbf


Can i help you @mmnbf

Can I help you?

Whatcha thinkin about @mmnbf

Whatcha thinkin’ about?

Go team @mmnbf

Go team!

Im here @mmnbf

I’m here!

Daddyandcubby this man should never wear @mmnbf


This man should never wear clothes


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