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Meet My New Boyfriend @mmnbf

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men and dinks and dads and fur and so on and so on and so on. DON'T SHAVE YOUR BUSH. - Meet My New Boyfriend (@mmnbf)
Looks refreshing @mmnbf

Looks refreshing!

Hello @mmnbf


Thatsnotwhatimasking me flirting @mmnbf


Me flirting.

Stop now @mmnbf

Stop. Now.

Hey @mmnbf


Hi honey im home @mmnbf

Hi honey, I’m home!

Nice hog shame about the shave job @mmnbf

Nice hog, shame about the shave job.

Take that silly hat off no leave it on no @mmnbf

Take that silly hat off.   No leave it on.   No take it off.  

I know you @mmnbf

I know you!

Nice beard @mmnbf

Nice beard.

Fuckin hell id never leave the house @mmnbf

Fuckin’ hell, I’d never leave the house.

Shhh sleeping @mmnbf

Shhh, sleeping!

The great curve @mmnbf

The Great Curve

Come into my office now @mmnbf

Come into my office, NOW.

I love coffee @mmnbf

I love coffee.

Omg @mmnbf


I need one of these in my bathroom @mmnbf

I need one of these in MY bathroom.

Sissythatart even wrestlers want some ucc two @mmnbf


Even Wrestlers Want Some UCC

Two Male Nude Wrestlers (mid 19th Century) Unknown Italian Artist + Willam + Rhea Litre

Nice beard @mmnbf

Nice beard!

Smokin @mmnbf


Fuck me @mmnbf

Fuck. Me.

Should we take him back to the room i think @mmnbf

“Should we take him back to the room?”

“I think so”

“What are we gonna do with him?”

I know that butt @mmnbf

I know that butt.

We have to do something about that wallpaper @mmnbf

We have to do something about that wallpaper.

Arrrrrgh @mmnbf


Plug it up @mmnbf

Plug it up.

Yjust chillin @mmnbf

Y’just chillin?

Those farmers @mmnbf

Those farmers!

Im hot hit me with that stream big fella @mmnbf

I’m hot - hit me with that stream, big fella!