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Does the spartacub take submissions?

He will take this one

oh my

HOLY FUCK THIS PICTURE HIT 2000 NOTES?! I don’t even particularly like this picture. But thank you, everyone!


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It’s a ham sandwich

A pun for silentninjadesu

Rubyetc the guy is probably wearing matchy @molly-ren


the guy is probably wearing matchy matchy too, we will never know 

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reminder series: bleak yet comforting thoughts.

i specifically chose animals that are (or believed to be) extinct due to human influence: thylacine, great auk, baiji, west african black rhino, golden toad, dodo, passenger pigeon, and quagga. there are many other species i could have included. the plants are also based on extinct species, but i found much less information about extinct plants, unfortunately.

the text doesn’t necessarily relate to each animal or their extinction. it’s all basically the same idea: let’s all be nice to each other, because today, the universe is vast and incomprehensible, we are all suffering, we are all going to die, and we’re all in this together. for today.

i’m busy for a couple weeks with conventions, but after that i’m considering a companion series with ancient extinct animals, so feel free to send me your favorites :)

these are so beautiful

Just me and the tv did you ever get so mad @molly-ren


Did you ever get so mad you tore a fucking log in half

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copperbadge, it’s Punday Night.

Amazing greys. :D

silentninjadesu I finally found a tree pun
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Is this an app where you scan a cat and get a cute girl from it oh my god

not only that it turns them into RPG characters and each cat has a different  human form/skills

what the heck

okay I searched and apparently the game is call Nekomimi Survivor! for anyone who is wondering



silentninjadesu we’re going to need another cat
Look at this stupid lawn bag i found @molly-ren

Look at this stupid lawn bag I found

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Next up on Worth Reading: The other team should just fucking let me win when I play baseball. 

well this isn’t necessarily a bad point. there are games with great stories and really awful shoehorned fighting sequences. then you also have handicapped/disabled gamers who don’t necessarily have the dexterity to finish a game but would still like to be able to.

optional “cakewalk” modes aren’t that bad of an idea.

what if i want to just see the story of the game and dont want to actually play it? like??

as it is i would never pay for a bioshock game or a fallout game but i am very interested in the story. so i just watch youtube videos of it. they could get money from me if they sold the skip combat mode

i’m a games developer and an avid gamer and i really really think games should let you skip combat

honestly one of my favourite things about la noire was when you failed a sequence twice the game was like “yo do you just wanna skip this bit?”

the gaming industry/community has a huge problem with accessibility tbh. like, thank god for standardised control schemes (although bring back full customisation jfc not enough games have that anymore) but fights require time, literacy in both that type of gaming & in the individual game, you need to be able to navigate the system which can be anywhere from slightly difficult to hellish for people with visual/audio processing disorders. and tbh sometimes you just wanna enjoy the story and not get stressed the hell out doing the sAME FIGHT 700 times. it’s why i always put a game on easy/casual when I’m replaying unless i’m specifically going for difficulty based achievements.

not to mention SO MANY GAMES have either poorly designed battles or fights that have been shoved in for no reason other than to pad out the game (dxhr & da2 come to mind immediately) that sometimes it’d honestly improve the gameplay to just skip them altogether

Imagine if you were a gamer with arthritis or MS or some other disability that took away your ability to click buttons quickly, and every fight became as frustrating as THAT GODDAMN DA: ORIGINS OH FUCK I’M ON FIRE SLIDE PUZZLE. 

Yeah. Skipping combat might seem like a not bad idea then.

Mass Effect 3 has this:


[Screenshot from a Mass Effect 3 menu, with title: “Choose Your Experience”, showing the options ‘action’, ‘role playing’ and ‘story’.]

‘Action’ makes most story choices for you and conversations become straight up cutscenes. ‘Role playing’ is the default experience, both challenging gameplay and character/story building. And ‘story’ has the roleplaying but very easy combat, letting you breeze through it. (You also have a ‘casual’ difficulty setting that’s a bit more rewarding but still pretty easy.)

The thing about video games (particularly RPGs or in general games that allow you to explore or direct the story) is that the interactivity is what makes it different from movies or watching LPs on youtube. And I’ve played games that got FAR stronger emotional reactions out of me simply because I had to carry out the actions myself rather than just watching. And that experience should be more accessible.

Because SHOCKINGLY: games aren’t always about winning, or being good at it. It’s about having fun. This is kindergarten education here.

Yeah, it always baffles me when I see people react so negatively to a perfectly reasonable suggestion like this.

Why the hell shouldn’t games let you skip combat if you want to? Why shouldn’t there be a super-duper-easy-peasy mode for everything? No-one is gonna force YOU to play it like that if you don’t want to! Continue to be as hardcore as you like!

I just don’t understand the resistance at all. What we’re talking about is simply having more options for gamers. You’re adding something that would make games more accessible and fun for loads of new fans, and you’re not taking ANYTHING away from existing fans.

Like…do you…not want more people to enjoy these games?? Do you really hate the idea of other people having fun so much that you’ll rile against it even when it literally has no effect on you or your experience whatsoever?? Are you honestly that selfish??

The more people look to video games for compelling stories and entertainment, the more they actually want to participate in this new and growing medium, the more the old guard hisses like a cat in a rain storm and resists.

Gamers want to be taken seriously until that actually starts to happen.

It would also be nice, though admittedly far more effort, to have games with multiple forms of combat, so you could pick the one you can actually do and still feel accomplished.

I’ve found puzzle games (sometimes!) can hit the sweet spot between “good story” and “actions leading to a feeling of accomplishment” without having to worry about combat. 

So this picture was my computer background for a @molly-ren

So this picture was my computer background for a long time because it’s as close as I’ve ever gotten to seeing one of my characters in real life. 

This guy looks so much like how I imagine Rufus Hex that when I first saw it I felt an actual shock. So many perfect details come together, like how has a strong “manly” jaw and visible chest hair, and yet there are all these Romantic/femme details like his long eyelashes and the dreamy gaze and the floofy white shirt. His hair is perfect, dark and wavy. And he’s wearing leather pants!

If you know anything about music you’re probably cracking up right now, because this picture is of motherfucking Jim Morrison. You know, the guy who started THE DOORS and whose face is on one of the world’s most recognizable record albums:


If you’re ever tempted to think I’m unique in any way, remember that my taste in men is so unoriginal that I managed to reverse engineer a rockstar character to look like Jim Morrison and didn’t notice until years later. It’s like thinking you’ve made an awesome new drink by putting Jack Daniels in Coca-Cola, instead of doing the same thing that college students have been doing since time began.

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so I’ve only had this account holytolido for about a month almost and I have loved every bit of owning my body. you guys are all so tremendous and I thank you all so much! here are some shots where I remain in profile!
to extend on myself, I am very adventurous and I love to go on hikes and explorations and I love to read and I love to cook and bake and there’s so much more I can’t wait to share with you all!

holytolido is gorgeous!

ahhhh thank you so so much 😍😭💕 you have my heart


Hehe :P

holytolido me fighting for your hand ^

Holytolido so ive only had this account @molly-ren


so I’ve only had this account holytolido for about a month almost and I have loved every bit of owning my body. you guys are all so tremendous and I thank you all so much! here are some shots where I remain in profile!
to extend on myself, I am very adventurous and I love to go on hikes and explorations and I love to read and I love to cook and bake and there’s so much more I can’t wait to share with you all!

holytolido is gorgeous!

Fancybidet toad wizard has pre ordered its fat @molly-ren



🐸 🐸

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New Releases: Ozz On - ドラゴンストライプジャケット - 2712307

Colors: Red, Black 

Price: 17,064 Yen

Ooh… forget the business attire, constellationtree, everyone needs RPG gear for the roadtrip, lol


GOD those are beautiful.

Yeah this is something Six would wear

Xplodan ricegainer i hope you guys like it @molly-ren



I hope you guys like it. It took me almost 20 seconds to take it.

…but many thousands of seconds and thirds to make it.

Ive opened an etsy store for my feedist erotica @molly-ren

I’ve opened an Etsy store for my feedist erotica PDFs! (Etsy and Tumblr play together much better than other sites I’ve used in the past.) 

To celebrate, I’ve published a new story from my Feedee Boys Series: Snack Machine.

Snack Machine is a story about a lady feeder who is just learning how to stuff her pretty boyfriend. As in any new relationship, there are a few moments of uncertainty as the feeder finds herself tongue-tied in the presence of her boyfriend’s big, beautiful belly. Fortunately, both of them are quite eager to learn… and they have an entire vending machine’s worth of snacks to practice with! 

Buy it now… and if you like my stories, be sure to reblog! :D

Mattbors im not in the classiest bar ever @molly-ren


I’m not in the classiest bar ever.

Are you kidding these should be in every bar in America

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Talking to a friend and wanted to share a point I made

Keep in mind this is just my pov. I don’t speak for every person in the FA community

This perspective is SO important!! A lot of people in this community forget that, regardless of sexuality, these are living humans that are more than their sexuality. This is a lifestyle, not something that goes away when you come.
You’re either with the person through their struggles, or not at all. If you want to choose when to be supportive because it’s convenient to you, eat a cock.

Amen! I am not a doll, I’m a person!

This is soooooo important


Shire kaiju my piece for the @molly-ren


My piece for the stuckydsartexchange! My exchange recipient is missvoncheese / caravaggiart and they prompted “skinny Steve, dom!skinny Steve, trans and non-binary characters, queer sexualities, and in the Army.” I did my best to mix those. 

So we’ve got Modern No-Powers AU Steve and Bucky, where Steve is a trans guy and Bucky is a big nonbinary femme. (credit for this idea goes to faun-songs, who has drawn tiny trans guy Steve and big nonbinary femme Bucky a number of times.) I figure Bucky used to be in the army, lost the arm there, got discharged, then came home, got involved in anti-militarism politics, and thus met this guy with the online handle of Captain_America. That turned out to be Steve, of course, they worked together on anti-War efforts, fell in love, and after a year of dating Steve asked Bucky to accept his collar.   

(In case it’s unclear, Bucky’s hand is amputated just above the wrist. I was obviously inspired by Furiosa.)

The D/s in this one is more implied than stated, but I figure that’s okay. I’m gonna do more obviously kinky works other than this one. :)

Hey shire-kaiju would you ever be interested in doing some cover art commissions for me? Because “big nonbinary femme” Bucky is perfect, and the whole mood of this piece is what I want people to feel when they read my Feedee Boys Series.


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