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The dog days are upon us, and you know what that means: ice cream socials, bbq, and best of all, eating contests!  Why not celebrate this last month of sun and surf with a writing challenge: all your faves beating the heat with an end of summer eating contest!

Summer Chubbin’ Challenge 2k15: The (Hot) Dog Days of Summer

  1. Between August 1 and August 30, write your fave character(s) participating in a summer-themed eating competition. (Can be formal or informal - a hot dog contest at a fair?  Or two friends betting who can take down a watermelon? Possibilities are endless!)
  2. Post your fic with the tag “summerchubbin” for everyone to read (or submit it anonymously to “thickthighsmaketheworldgoround” if you’re shy!)
  3. August 31: A masterpost linking to all fics will be posted for everyone to enjoy

Now go forth and make Nathan’s proud :)

Everyone come play!!!


Noodlesandbeef foxbear noodlesandbeef @molly-ren




Going to Europe for a few weeks.

Setting up my automated romance spreadsheet to keep the pups entertained while I’m gone.

No.  No, you can’t just use a phrase like “automated romance spreadsheet” and not explain.  I mean, it sounds like a place where robots fuck on a picnic for cryin’ out loud.  You’ve gotta fill in the gaps a little more on this one, bub!

Automated Romance, or how robots fuck on a picnic

Minutes before my first-ever sexual encounter, I wrote a Dead Man’s Switch; a simple program that would send a message to my emergency contacts should I fail to deactivate it in 24-hours…you know, in case I died having sex.  My previous sexual experiences had not prepared me for actual sex, so I was convinced I would probably be raped, murdered, and my violated body disposed of discretely.  (Thanks, public school sexual education).

I’ve kept the program running on a couple redundant servers for the last 11-years, making small updates as I thought up new features for when I die.  This program was acting on my behalf…it could do so much more than forward my digital will or release those incriminating NSA documents.

I wrote a complex series of automated actions that would run over several years.  My physical life might have ended, but I would continue to surprise and delight the people important to me.  (And troll the noodlesandbeef haters).

When I had finished recording the videos for all shark-related end of life scenarios, I realized my obsession with mortality might be misplaced…I could be using this automation right now!


With a couple modifications, I could schedule all sorts of romantic gestures to automatically execute in my absence.  This is especially useful when I’m traveling and don’t have internet access.

While exploring Asia, I had romantic letters delivered to my pups with flowers, emails in the morning recounting our adventures, dinner prepared for them in the evening, framed photos delivered to their work, etc… 

Its no substitute for my actual presence, but they appreciate the thoughtfulness of these gestures knowing its the best I can do when being so far away.

Is noodlesandbeef real or is he a really awesome cyberpunk dream? XD

Holytolido ban1996 holytolido so for @molly-ren




- so for the first time ever I ended up on the other side of the camera and its invigorating honestly! the rush of someone capturing a moment of my existence and seeing my stretch marks is actually very exciting! to see the beauty of skin is amazing. I know larger people aren’t always seen as beautiful but to me anyone who uses their ability to love and give to people is beautiful! I have been told a lot recently that I inspire people and to think that just being confident and not allowing stereotypes to affect my happiness makes me inspiring is insane… thank you everyone for your love, thank you to everyone who supports my love of my body, and most importantly thank you to anyone who allows me to inspire them; I am truly honored ☺️
- be nice to people, make someone smile today, and love yourself 💕

Thank you for inspiring me to hit the gym.

you’re welcome 😊

Mirandatacchia dont pretend like you havent @molly-ren


Don’t pretend like you haven’t done this.

Thepurpleglass stevita fumbledeegrumble @molly-ren




TFW comic writers think fat guys shout “HOLY CUPCAKES” as an exclamation

kinda wanna club a comic writer over the head, kinda wanna become an ordained minister on the internet so when I bake cupcakes I can quite literally bless them tbh 

I think everyone should start using baked goods as swear words. It’s cute.

I mean maybe you think swearing shouldn’t be cute but holy banana nut muffins, that’s not gonna stop me.

Stevita thethetwistedone stevita @molly-ren







Marlon Brando at age 23 during a screen test for Rebel Without a Cause.

Yeah thin’s greatawesomewhatever, but have you seen him fat?

Wait he was fat?😍.

WHERE *grabby hands*

He gained a ton of weight before the filming of ‘Apocalypse Now’. So much so, that they had to manipulate the lighting to hide how big he gotten

welp I know who lise’s new celebrity crush is

(she also really had a thing for orson welles)

Marlon Brando gaining weight was viewed as such a fucking TRAGEDY that PEOPLE STILL MENTION IT IN SERIOUS ARTICLES ABOUT HIM

It’s also very hard to find pictures of him that aren’t either ripped/sort of terrifying/some poor older guy who probably isn’t Brando at all, but look at these:

Don’t ask me why he is playing bongos…

In “Apocalypse Now”.

Lizawithazed thehumon for a moment i felt @molly-ren



For a moment I felt like I was in the Twilight Zone.

this is exactly how it went down with my cardiologist

Regcommathe adult life tip did you know you can @molly-ren


Adult Life Tip

Did you know you can buy those cakes at the grocery store without it being your birthday or any celebratory thing? Like you can just walk in and grab a cake and buy it and nobody’s gonna say anything. You can even walk in and get like one of those little kid batman themed cakes (or character of your choice depending on availability) and everyone there is just gonna assume that it’s totally for some small child in your life and meanwhile you get a batman cake all to yourself. Yeah, it’s not gonna be a super fantastic cake since it’s just from the grocery store, but that’s not the point. The point is cake. Cake.

Proud2bmeus there isnt a thin person in here @molly-ren


There isn’t a thin person in here crying to get out. It’s just me shouting for my right to love the body I have.

Honeyed in case you missed it yesterday heres @molly-ren


In case you missed it yesterday, here’s that sexy lobster print I got, this time not draped across my lap in a car. I still can’t get over it. It’s a reproduction (i knew that the instant I picked it up because it didn’t crumble to pieces) and has water damage, but it was a dollar and is a Victorian print of a woman who clearly just had sex with a lobster, so I don’t care. I can’t seem to find any info on the image.

Sablerabbit editorincreeps fallible lotus @molly-ren







Artist Riikka Hyvönen from Lapland in Finland, has spent the last year collecting photographs of roller derby girls’ bottoms and converting the athletic injuries and bruises – which she calls ‘kisses’ – in giant pop artworks, some of which currently make up part of an exhibition at the Finnish institute in King Cross, London.


thats metal as fuck!

Pretty sure the bruises were about 60% of the reason I have always wanted to do derby

Tag: everyone. Everyone come here and give respect.

“Glory, glory! What a colorful bruise I’ve got!”

Molly ren biijacz happens every time we try @molly-ren



Happens every time we try something on 😁😍

I love this photo

Still love this photo

Ithankthevirgin saint jude thaddeus thank you @molly-ren


Saint Jude Thaddeus, thank you for the happiness you gave me—for The Cheeky. Every day on my way to the bakery, I saw a guy who stared at me. I always looked away and ignored him but one day I noticed that he was following me. Another day he slapped my ass. I felt embarrassed and became very nervous. That’s how I met Sotero and we became a couple.

Isaias Lugo
Guadalajara, Jalisco, 1960

Oh my god

Wtfplus wifigoth marina abramović the artist @molly-ren



Marina Abramović: The Artist Is Present March 14 - May 31, 2010 at the MoMA. Portraits by Marco Anelli. 

I believe so much in the power of performance I don’t want to convince people. I want them to experience it and come away convinced on their own.

do you guys want to hear something sad? i love marina abramovic, and i went to see her retrospective at moma, and i stood in the same room as her and watched people sit down with her, and it wasn’t THAT crowded, i could’ve had a turn, but i didn’t do it because they were photographing everyone and i didn’t want a picture of me, a fat person, online for people to mock. 

i’ve done a complete 180 since then (like, there are NAKED pictures of me on the internet and i have not felt even a moment of self-doubt or felt ‘ugly’ or whatever in over 4 years), but i will never get the opportunity to participate in ‘the artist is present’ back, and i hate fatphobia for making me miss out on so much of life. never again !


Feedergrrrl ahhhhhhhh @molly-ren