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Morning Boners @morning-boners

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- Morning Boners (@morning-boners)
Beachboner @morning-boners

Another beach boner for ya.

Heregoesnothing me and virginia were out for @morning-boners


Me and Virginia were out for lunch, and we just could not help ourselfs. Seriously, it’s his fault for wearing such tight shorts. BONER ALERT.

Hugeboner @morning-boners

Here’s a guy with a huge boner on the beach .. but i think it looks photoshopped

Mandressedlikewoman @morning-boners

Here is a funny man dressing like a woman with a boner . This really caught us off guard!

Bobster855 those exercise machines were fun @morning-boners


Those exercise machines were fun, but did they really help you lose weight?

Jean claude van damme gets a boner on live tv @morning-boners

Jean Claude Van Damme gets a boner on live TV. Watch the video by clicking the link.

Wow is this actually real footage @morning-boners

Wow is this actually real footage?

Nickjonas @morning-boners

Okay, so apparently Nick Jonas gets a boner on live TV. Click the link if you want to see the full video. We thought it was hilarious!

Itsnotwhatitlookslike @morning-boners

We thought this was so adorable…

Hey, it’s not what it looks like !

Omg so freakin cute @morning-boners

OMG, so freakin cute!!!

Halfboner @morning-boners

Two studs with a half boner ..

Codyleeheyveld on of my favorite pictures @morning-boners


On of my favorite pictures!!!

Here are some sexy public bulges for ya these two @morning-boners

Here are some sexy Public Bulges for ya. These two studs are definitely hot!

Sportsbulges @morning-boners

All these men lined up for Tennis, with obvious Sports Bulges … Wow

A subway situation you dont want to get yourself @morning-boners

A subway situation you don’t want to get yourself into..

Unwanted Boners

Ladygaga @morning-boners

Scroll down for this funny Lady Gaga Boner

Egret @morning-boners


snowy egret (by christianhunold)


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