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Ta ta for now @morphodite

ta-ta for now…

Dateline april 1959 the nations capital @morphodite

dateline April 1959, the Nation’s Capital: Tallulah Bankhead, well known in the legislative corridors of power for her family connections, and Peggy Cass bka the Comtesse de Gooch, testify before the House Ways and Means in support of unemployment benefits…noble ladies both…

By amg @morphodite

by AMG.

By amg @morphodite

by AMG.

By amg @morphodite

by AMG.

By amg @morphodite

by AMG.

By amg @morphodite

by AMG.

By amg @morphodite

by AMG.

By amg @morphodite

by AMG.

By amg @morphodite

by AMG.

By amg @morphodite

by AMG.

By amg @morphodite

by AMG.

Inside the well trafficked amg shower @morphodite

inside the well-trafficked AMG shower…

George naderuniversals sacrificial lamb to save @morphodite

George Nader…Universal’s sacrificial lamb to save Tab Hunter’s career after a Confidential exposé, or so the story goes…

That divine old bulldagger elsa maxwell living it @morphodite

that divine old bulldagger Elsa Maxwell living it up with, among others, the Windsors, Aristotle Onassis, and Maria Callas…

Novelist playwright essayist of mordant @morphodite

novelist-playwright-essayist of mordant brilliance–as well as misanthrope and misogynist, cynic and collaborateur, pederast and controversialist, Henry de Montherlant who–true to form, when it came time to end it all–took cyanide and shot himself in the head…

A sculptor by thomas rowlandson @morphodite

A Sculptor by Thomas Rowlandson…

That mischievous jimmy hatlo created little @morphodite

that mischievous Jimmy-Hatlo-created little hoyden, Little Iodine captured, after a fashion, in Reginald LeBorg’s 1946 c-picture…

Mark noble by pat milo @morphodite

Mark Noble by Pat Milo.

Moher and smith by pat milo @morphodite

Moher and Smith by Pat Milo.

By pat milo @morphodite

by Pat Milo.

Ed stevens by pat milo @morphodite

Ed Stevens by Pat Milo.

Ron shields by pat milo @morphodite

Ron Shields by Pat Milo.

Absurdly handsome henri vidal who died suddenly at @morphodite

absurdly handsome Henri Vidal who died suddenly at a mere 40, as the gladiator Rhual, in Alessandro Blasetti’s 1949 extavaganza d’aprés Cardinal Wiseman, Fabiola

The rutland vermont fair september 1941 @morphodite

the Rutland, Vermont fair, September 1941; photographs by the great Jack Delano.

Rod taylor gets laced up @morphodite

Rod Taylor gets laced up…

Princess daisy of pless attempts a jaunty pose @morphodite

Princess Daisy of Pless attempts a jaunty pose…

My zbigniew cybulski picture for today @morphodite

my Zbigniew Cybulski picture for today…

That gloriously irascible creature the sublime @morphodite

that gloriously irascible creature, the sublime operatic soprano and famously disastrous manager Mary Garden, at right, toasts her great good friend, the stage and screen star and eternal fag-hag, the ageless Fannie Ward, then a mere 64, on–appropriately–October 31, 1926…

By troy saxon studio of kansas city @morphodite

by Troy Saxon Studio of Kansas City…

La famille croque carottes @morphodite

la famille croque-carottes…

Ed lull by kris studio of chicago @morphodite

Ed Lull by Kris Studio of Chicago.

Lee crites by kris studio of chicago @morphodite

Lee Crites by Kris Studio of Chicago.

Richard mazure by kris studio of chicago @morphodite

Richard Mazure by Kris Studio of Chicago.

By kris studio of chicago @morphodite

by Kris Studio of Chicago.

Dinah washington cuts up onstage 1959 photograph @morphodite

Dinah Washington cuts up onstage, 1959; photograph by William Claxton.

At the roulette table monte carlo by edvard @morphodite

At the Roulette Table, Monte Carlo, by Edvard Munch.