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I'm a gay, 28 year old New Yorker who enjoys looking at pics of (you guessed it) naked men. If you don't enjoy the same, or are under 18, then it would probably be best if you leave. All pics are found on the internet and the subjects are assumed to be 18 or older. If you are the copyright owner of any of these photos and want them removed, let me know and I'll do so ASAP. Obviously, this blog is NSFW. If you want to get in on the action, you can send me submissions at ;-) - Mostly Naked Men (@mostlynakedmen)
Doyoulovemymen oops youre obviously very @mostlynakedmen


Oops ! You’re obviously very happy to help me change my shirt.

Masturbatorsanctum man tensed and arched @mostlynakedmen


Man tensed and arched backwards, in the throes of a powerful orgasm.

Sexy follower submission from canada @mostlynakedmen

Sexy follower submission from Canada!

Anotherkindofhorse its not hard to be hard for @mostlynakedmen


It’s not hard to be hard for all of you ;)

Allforforeskin learnlovefuckhard 18 yo @mostlynakedmen


learnlovefuckhard | 18 y/o | Canada
“Love your blog 😉 thought I’d submit something too.”

Submissions are accepted on the sidebar where it says [Share Your Foreskin] or at [allforforeskin at gmail dot com]. And please include your name or blogname | Age | Location. Dick size or anything else you want to share about yourself is cool too!

Bdub gay porn beautiful brothers @mostlynakedmen


Beautiful Brothers

Mirecos mirecostumblrcom @mostlynakedmen



Ive blogged this before but this is a fucking @mostlynakedmen

I’ve blogged this before, but this is a fucking spectacular reveal!

Bite fr regram proibidomulheres @mostlynakedmen


regram @proibidomulheres

Brianzpopsicle still one of the best boy @mostlynakedmen


Still one of the best boy photo’s ever.  

Follower submission @mostlynakedmen

Follower submission!

Dudes at noon army cap @mostlynakedmen


Army Cap

Freeballingla freeballinglatumblrcom @mostlynakedmen


Freeballingla freeballinglatumblrcom @mostlynakedmen


Freeballingla freeballinglatumblrcom @mostlynakedmen


Dailydrool september 18th drool @mostlynakedmen


September 18th Drool