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The perks of being black tori anderson a @mothermarygold


“Tori Anderson, a third-year Law School student, shows her support by adding a sticky note to the portrait of a black Law School professor on Thursday afternoon after black tape was found covering the photos in the morning. Anderson said, ‘This [the post-its] shows the outpouring of support for the faculty. I wish we had a greater and more robust response from the administration and a greater focus on creating, not only community inclusion, but institutional inclusion.’” Jennifer Y. Yao, The Harvard Crimson

“Black tape, stuck systematically across the portraits of black law professors, spurred on Thursday a police investigation into vandalism and a pronouncement from the dean of Harvard Law School that the school has a ‘serious problem’ with racism.

Law School students and teachers who walked into Harvard’s Wasserstein Hall on Thursday morning found pieces of black tape covering some of the faculty portraits that hang on walls inside the building—specifically on the faces of black professors depicted there.

The incident prompted outrage from Law School students who were quick to condemn it as racist vandalism, and police are now investigating.

Harvard University Police Department spokesperson Steven G. Catalano said Thursday evening that the investigation is ‘active and ongoing,’ and although he declined to comment further, Law School Dean Martha L. Minow wrote in a statement that police are investigating the incident as a hate crime….”

…Leland S. Shelton, the president of the Harvard Black Law Student Association, described it as ‘actually one of the most clear-cut, overt instances of very, very vile and disrespectful behavior from somebody’; second-year Law School student Michele D. Hall, who posted photographs of the vandalized portraits in a post on the website Blavity, wrote, ‘This morning at Harvard Law School we woke up to a hate crime.’

After the tape was removed from the portraits, students posted notes with words of support for the black professors alongside their photographs.

…The incident and subsequent hate crime allegations follows incidents at Yale and the University of Missouri at Columbia that have prompted protests against racism at colleges across the country, including a march and rally at Harvard on Wednesday.

It also comes as a group of Harvard Law School students who call themselves Royall Must Fall has requested the removal of the school’s seal because it features the crest of a family that owned slaves.

That group of students denounced the vandalism as ‘an overt act of racial hatred’ in an open letter published in the Harvard Law Record, a student publication. They also claimed in their letter that the Thursday incident could be a reaction to their activism: They had placed several pieces of black tape over several depictions of the school’s seal around campus on Wednesday night, they wrote, alleging that someone had removed those pieces of tape and then placed them on the portraits of black faculty members….” Andrew M. Duehren with Claire E. Parker, The Harvard Crimson

Read more:

The Harvard Crimson

The New York Times

The Boston Globe


The Root

The Huffington Post

If this isnt me i dont know what is @mothermarygold

if this isn’t me, I don’t know what is

Gif use 1010 @mothermarygold

gif use 10/10

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after reblogging this i opened up a card my great aunt gave me it has money in it

It could be a complete coincidence but I reblogged this yesterday and toda I fouund $40 at the fruit maket

Eh,why not

#this is dumb#but i’m desperate

when you got nothing you got nothing to lose

I got a job after reblogging this !

I GOT 40$

I GOT $1360! <3<3

I got a free trip to DC!!!! ❤️

ok but for real, shortly after the first time I reblogged this my husband got a promotion and a 6$/hr raise which is just crazy. We literally cried.

Here you go, everyone ~

This is dumb, but I’m desperate ©

#the story of my life


Oh my god I just realized that this worked. I went to deposit a check and found $150

Plz work


So as some ofyou guys know my dad died back in December. He had a 2007 Chevy Silverado that he LOVED, but since neither my mom nor I would drive it, she decided to let the bank come and sell it.

Today, she texts me around 3:00 pm with this:


we just got an extra $5,711.64 that neither of us expected.

Yeah, we’re surprised. lol

Well, fuck


Ok so I reblogged this a few days ago & yesterday I got an email saying that I won scholarship money

Deadass every time I reblogged this I got a new job lol 

Ok fine

Need that.

someone sends me money when i keep reblogging these 

Ashley nell tipton debuts her plus size collection @mothermarygold

Ashley Nell-Tipton debuts her plus size collection at NYFW 2015

*please do not remove caption
April kepner greys anatomy feminist moments @mothermarygold


grey’s anatomy feminist moments: cristina yang · this is how we do it

Is power @mothermarygold

is power

Micdotcom yale fraternity accused of white @mothermarygold


Yale fraternity accused of “white girls only” party policy

According to multiple reports, a member of the Yale University chapter of Sigma Alpha Epsilon turned away a group of women from a party Oct. 30 because they were not white. Neema Githere’s post (above) has received multiple responses in the comments section from young women of color who allege similar experiences with the chapter — including a heinous interaction with a group of Latino students.

Mindofataurus october inspiration heres why @mothermarygold


October Inspiration: Here’s Why You Should Bet on You!

If you’ve been thinking about settling, don’t. Don’t settle on friendships, jobs, relationships, projects. Give yourself the opportunity to get what you want. Dream big. Be bold. Believe you are deserving. Believe in possibility. Position yourself to receive.

Mustard up the courage to take a chance on your dreams. There’s a reason why venturing out of your comfort zone is uncomfortable. There’s a reason why what you want is on the other side of it. Being uncomfortable is not a bad thing.

Uncomfortable, growing stages will always arrive. Now will you allow yourself to grow or will you resist the entire process? Take that next step. In the midst of the struggle, take a moment to praise because what’s coming is better than what’s been. The victory is already yours. You can translate your hobby into a full-time career.

Don’t take your passion half-heartedly. You may give your current job half of your attention, but make sure you give your actual dream your total commitment. Make the effort to follow through with your ideas. Allow your vision to manifest in the physical realm. Reminder: fear doesn’t mean stop. No investments means no returns. This week, bet on you. Bet on your dreams.

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Wrongism size l from guandong big girls @mothermarygold


“Size L” (from Guandong Big Girls Series #3, 1995) by Wang Yunpeng (王云鵬).

Euo rick owens replaced runway models with a @mothermarygold


Rick Owens Replaced Runway Models With a Step Team

Mentalalchemy hoodjab a greek doctor has @mothermarygold




A Greek doctor has photographed an extremely rare moment during a birth, showing a baby still encased inside the amniotic sac after it has been removed from the mother’s body.

Because the sac had not been punctured, Dr Tsigris said the baby did not even realise it had been born and behaved as if it was still inside the mother’s womb.


The doctor said there was no risk to the baby as it was still feeding off the placenta and would begin to breathe as soon as the sac was broken.


Me @mothermarygold


Katblaque huffingtonpost margaret cho trolls @mothermarygold



Margaret Cho: Trolls Who Call Me ‘Fat And Ugly’ Are Admitting Defeat

Margaret Cho has a simple philosophy for dealing with degrading comments about herself: If you’re debating a woman and you stoop to calling her “fat” or “ugly,” you’ve already lost the argument.

The comedian explains how to turn misogynist attacks into a “more palatable and pleasurable” experience.

Unoriginalityisdead this is important @mothermarygold


This is important.

90shiphopraprnb the illest club in new york @mothermarygold


The illest club in New York!! Let’s take it back to the Tunnel…”

Flyartproductions this is way too much i need @mothermarygold


This is way too much, I need a moment

Woman before the rising sun/woman before the setting sun (1818-1820), Caspar David Friedrich / Power, Kanye West

Prochoice or gtfo good guy bernie sanders @mothermarygold


Good guy Bernie Sanders.

Beharie nyongo the new h ms advertising @mothermarygold


The new H & M’s advertising campaign : “ There are no rules in fashion but one: Recycle your clothes”

Aube linda model haiti ig aubelinda @mothermarygold

Aube Linda
IG: Aube_Linda

Noahavidan nina simone and james baldwin @mothermarygold


Nina Simone and James Baldwin

Blacksnobbery whitetail music rootfish @mothermarygold





Now You Know (Source)

Now you know Adam Sandler is human garbage.

“The night before, Adam calls me on the phone and says, “Tamra, you know, tomorrow we’re going to do this dodgeball scene. I really want to hit these kids.” I’m like, “Adam, you can’t just hit these kids. They’re children.” He said, “No, no, no. Line them up, and ask who would be okay getting hit. Make sure you get the parents to say yes, and I’m really going to hit them hard.” I was like, “You’re crazy.” And he’s like, “No, hurting kids is funny. It’s going to be really funny.” I was like, “Adam!” And that’s what he did—he really hit those kids as hard as he could. And I cut right before you see the kids just fully start crying.”

Jesus christ

He been human trash. He’s disgusting, he’s gross. Don’t support his shit, don’t go to his movies

who’s more trash, sandler or the kids parents who let him do this for a paycheck?

Primary yellow jean michel basquiat 1982 @mothermarygold



source: BASQUIAT (Hatje Cantz, 2010)

Ararejewelnjasmine thatdudeemu put this in @mothermarygold



Put this in the history books

Never Forget.

Whoaadreambigg todropscience usually i do @mothermarygold



Usually I do not post this kind of thing, but this surpassed me! 

Biologists Nathan Robinson and Christina Figgener shared these photos on facebook, in which the effects of marine pollution are shown in an olive ridley (Lepidochelys olivacea) of Costa Rica. In the pictures you can see how the scientists had to remove a 10 cm (4 in) plastic straw,  that was entirely embedded into the nostril of an olive ridley sea turtle. Lamentably, this is a consequence of the world of single-use, non-biodegradable plastic that we currently live in.

There is a solution and it lies in our own decisions. Please say no to all single-use plastic. Every plastic straw, plastic bag, or plastic bottle that ends up in the oceans could mean the difference between life or death for any number of marine animals.

Full Video

Lizzieborednow holystarsandgarters @mothermarygold







thick thighs problems 😖

I feel this on a spiritual level 😥



this is why i dont wear them anymore :(

i just fixed mine

how do you fix leggings?

Mothermarygold you cant sit with us @mothermarygold


“you can’t sit with us”

Mothermarygold jackie brown 1997 @mothermarygold


Jackie Brown (1997)

This be a lot of black tumblr when they dying for @mothermarygold

this be a lot of black tumblr when they dying for a drag

Papermag tbt lil kim on the cover of paper @mothermarygold


TBT: Lil Kim on the cover of Paper, 1997.

Mygayisshowing sips tea @mothermarygold


*sips tea*

Cihuanaba pang xunqin chinese 1906 1985 @mothermarygold


Pang Xunqin | Chinese | 1906-1985

The Girl on the Couch | 1930

Mothermarygold i never knew how gorgeous you @mothermarygold


(I never knew how gorgeous you were)

Mothermarygold shop online for your infamous @mothermarygold


shop online for your infamous “thighs fat, pussy fatter” tee from the original curator mothermarygold 

Crackahater floeticxpressionz did you know @mothermarygold



Did You Know??? This Is The First Time I Have Ever Heard Of Him… And I Plan To Learn More About This Ancestor!


crackahater thanks love!
Nervousalyssa hello i dont see enough @mothermarygold


Hello! I don’t see enough resources for mental illness being passed around in the studyblr community, so, with school coming around the corner, I thought I’d make one myself! This masterpost is full of resources to help you cope during the school year! This is my first masterpost, so feel free to message me with your suggestions on things I can include and how I can improve! I hope you all find this useful!

General Coping

Helplines and Hotlines

Transgender Hotline

Anxiety keeping you from being able to call? Here’s a text service

Mental Illness Apps

My Favorite App and The One that I Use: Pacifica

Online Therapy

Practicing Mindfulness

Self Care Masterpost

Positive Distractions

Dewey Decimal for Everything You Need to Know Regarding Physical/Mental Health


Understanding Depression

Battling School with Depression

Masterpost on Self-Harm and Suicide


Prepare for School When You Have Anxiety

Tips for When You Have an Anxiety Attack

Things to Help You Chill Out

Coping Tools

Help a Friend Who Has Anxiety

Bipolar Disorder

Everything You Should Know About Bipolar Disorder

“8 Things That Help Me Manage Bipolar Disorder” 

How University Can Trigger Bipolar Episodes

Bipolar Self Help Strategies Masterpost


Masterpost for Rough Times

If You’re Not Okay

Pulling Yourself Together After a Good Cry

Lot’s More Helpful Resouces for Various Mental Illnesses, struggles, and Trauma!


You Are Human. You Will Have Bad Days

You’re not going to be happy all of the time

Battling School + Motivation

Being a Studyblr isn’t all fancy pens, straight As, and aesthetics

Encourage Healthy Studying

Procrastination Does Not Define You

Morning Motivation

Manage Stress by Becoming a More Peaceful Student

Avoid Breaking Down During the School Year

Studying is Not Everything!

Newyrye stripper in clearwater fla showing the @mothermarygold


Stripper in Clearwater, FLA showing the judge that her bikini briefs were too large to expose her vagina to the undercover cops that arrested her. The case was dimissed.

Micdotcom phoenix rules all dogs sold in pet @mothermarygold


Phoenix rules all dogs sold in pet stores must come from shelters 

A federal judge in Arizona upheld a Phoenix city ordinance last month mandating all dogs sold in pet stores come exclusively from animal shelters and not the much-maligned “puppy mills.”  The ruling should slow the flow of dogs from puppy mills, even though said mills are 100% legal.

Spaceexp saturns hexagonal storm system in @mothermarygold


Saturn’s hexagonal storm system in it’s north pole

Huffingtonpost why we need to talk about white @mothermarygold


Why We Need To Talk About White Feminism

Have you ever wondered what White Feminism is? Are you vaguely familiar with the term, but still unclear on what it actually means – and how it affects you?

WATCH the full video for give you a brief, basic introduction to White Feminism, and explain why we need to start talking about it more.

Jaymariephotos this picture makes me so happy @mothermarygold


This picture makes me so happy

Gumaasaat i wish to melt ice blue pamela @mothermarygold


i wish to melt (ice blue), Pamela Phatsimo Sunstrum, 2009

Til the baby is poor @mothermarygold

*til the baby is poor

Gahhhdamn tarynel @mothermarygold




the 90’s / early 00’s were a good time for rappers in horror movies

They all lived! Bring this back lol

omg what was the name of that Shark movie with LL Cool J ?

deepest bluest my head is like a shark’s fin!

Gahhhdamn tarynel @mothermarygold




the 90’s / early 00’s were a good time for rappers in horror movies

They all lived! Bring this back lol

omg what was the name of that Shark movie with LL Cool J ?

deep blue sea

Resistance 2014 streaming on netflix this @mothermarygold

Resistance (2014) *streaming on Netflix
This documentary explores the declining efficacy of antibiotics and the recent alarming rise of drug resistant microbes–so called “superbugs.”

Meanwhile your ignorant ass is writing paragraphs @mothermarygold

meanwhile your ignorant ass is writing paragraphs about people who make less than $30,000 a year and telling us about why you don’t think they pay enough taxes annually please explain why that energy isn’t focused on why these companies (and the plethora of others) aren’t paying ANY taxes

I’ll wait..

(We’re Not Broke, 2012)

Blackingzz first we now know that ferrell was @mothermarygold


First, we now know that Ferrell was not just shot 12 times by Officer Kerrick, but that he was first shot four times, then began to crawl and cry in pain, in which he was shot six more times while crawling, then two more times after he stopped. How the hell is this not cold-blooded murder?

Secondly, the EMT who arrived on the scene made it painfully clear in his testimony that police had no desire to see Ferrell cared for.“

And you know, of course, they dragged out their Old Reliable: HE SMOKED THE MARIJUANA Defense. White folks are getting high as fucking kites on marijuana in Colorado, Washington, Alaska and Oregon. But if a black person once smoked it somewhere at sometime, it’s grounds for execution by the state. Link Link

Naijacurls detangling natural hair after @mothermarygold


Detangling Natural Hair After Removing Braids

This weekend, my little sis removed her box braids and needed help detangling her hair, so I offered to help. I thought that doing so would be a great learning experience and experiment for the both of us. 

Before the take-down:

  • Told my little sis to deep condition the night before to make taking the braids down the next day easier, and to make her hair less susceptible to breakage 

After the take-down:

  • Her hair was pretty matted at the roots (as you can see in the third picture above). So, I decided to mist water on the section I was working on and then gently separate the matted hair to get the dirt to come apart.
  • After that, I used a combination of water, Trader Joe’s Tea Tree Tingle conditioner (for slip), and organic apple cider vinegar to finger detangle my little sister’s hair. I added the ACV because it acts as a natural detangler. It also helps to melt much of the dirt/buildup away.
  • After all sections were fully detangled, I trimmed her ends and applied coconut oil to each section for an overnight pre-poo to prep her hair for wash day in the morning. 

And that is it! The detangling process after the braid removal took a total of approximately 3 hours–and no combs were needed. I’m really happy that we were able to successfully detangle her hair. It was actually painless. This method should also work for twists, and other types of styles requiring the use of extensions. I hope this helps!

A couple months ago this wouldnt have been funny @mothermarygold

a couple months ago this wouldn’t have been funny though
everybody was screaming “fuck people who joke on Gucci, Young Thug, etc” fuck white people who act like they can’t understand these rappers, fuck people making fun of rappers dialects … but one rap beef and all these outsiders slide in and yall forgot what yall was saying a couple months ago

Krxs10 attention if you @mothermarygold


!!!!!!!!!!! ATTENTION !!!!!!!!!!!


Firefighter Tells 911 Caller To ‘Deal With It Yourself’& Hangs Up, Victim Dies

An investigation is underway after a New Mexico firefighter dismissively hung up on a caller reporting a shooting that led to the death of a local teenager.

Firefighter Matthew Sanchez was on dispatch duty last month when he got a call about the shooting of Albuquerque high schooler Jaydon Chavez-Silver, 17. The teen was at a house with around 10 other people when someone shot at the house five times, striking and eventually killing Chavez-Silver.

In audio first obtained by KRQE last Monday (Warning: Very Angering), a 911 caller, clearly distraught, can be heard saying she is trying to give the victim CPR.

Sanchez asks if the boy is breathing. The caller says “barely,” and can be heard encouraging Chavez-Silver to “stay with me.”

“Is he breathing?” Sanchez asks again.

“He’s barely breathing,“ the caller replies. “How many times do I have to fucking tell you?”

“OK, you know what, ma’am?” Sanchez responds. “You can deal with it yourself. I’m not gonna deal with this, OK?”

"No, my friend is dying!” the caller says before Sanchez hangs up.

A spokeswoman for the Albuquerque Fire Department told HuffPost that the department will not be commenting until it concludes its investigation of the incident. It is unclear when that will be. In the meantime, Sanchez has been placed on administrative desk duty, the spokeswoman said.

Albuquerque Fire Chief David Downe told KRQE that the investigation was initiated once the department learned of the “alleged misconduct.”

Alleged….we have a video recording, his job address and his name but it’s still “alleged”

The family is beyond themselves, and they say in the meantime, they’re trying to focus on catching the person who initially shot him.

A reward of up to $4,000 is being offered to anyone with information on Chavez-Silver’s killer, according to a Facebook remembrance page for the teen. Anyone with information is urged to call 505-242-COPS.

If you want to help These are the numbers to the two Albuquerque Fire stations, Call and Get his ass Fired:

(505) 848-1312 or (505) 291-6242

Source / Audio

#StayWoke #JusticeForJaydonChavezSilver

Christel thoughts jemandthediazepams @mothermarygold







Why is the United States so far behind? It’s time to #raisethewage

We’re that far behind because widespread poverty is highly profitable to the affluent and powerful.

wtf I just googled the US minimum wage and it’s equivalent to £4.68 that’s pretty fucking criminal

Worth noting that our FEDERAL minimum wage (that is a universal standard that all non-tip wages must be AT LEAST) is $7.25, but the minimum wage of different states can vary as long as it exceeds $7.25. My own State has a minimum wage of $9.00 per hour, and is raising to $10.00 in the near future. The city of San Francisco has set its minimum wage at $12.15 an hour as of May 1st. Meanwhile, Kansas is as low as it can possibly be at $7.25.

So the wage issue is more complex than this graph might make it out to be, at least in the United States where federalism can express law in many, varied ways at the different levels of local to federal government.

The thing is the cost of living is also higher in certain states, so the minimum wage is more likely to be higher than $7.25 in California and New York than in states like Kansas or Virginia. But it still won’t amount to much when it comes to supporting yourself (and a family if you have one) unless you’re pulling in *big tips. Especially not after taxes get taken out.

(*waiters/waitresses and such).


you’ll probably be better off at 7.25 in Kansas than at 12.15 in San Francisco. I don’t know why people don’t account for the variability in cost of living when they try to convince folks it’s not that bad…