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A couple months ago this wouldnt have been funny @mothermarygold

a couple months ago this wouldn’t have been funny though
everybody was screaming “fuck people who joke on Gucci, Young Thug, etc” fuck white people who act like they can’t understand these rappers, fuck people making fun of rappers dialects … but one rap beef and all these outsiders slide in and yall forgot what yall was saying a couple months ago

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Firefighter Tells 911 Caller To ‘Deal With It Yourself’& Hangs Up, Victim Dies

An investigation is underway after a New Mexico firefighter dismissively hung up on a caller reporting a shooting that led to the death of a local teenager.

Firefighter Matthew Sanchez was on dispatch duty last month when he got a call about the shooting of Albuquerque high schooler Jaydon Chavez-Silver, 17. The teen was at a house with around 10 other people when someone shot at the house five times, striking and eventually killing Chavez-Silver.

In audio first obtained by KRQE last Monday (Warning: Very Angering), a 911 caller, clearly distraught, can be heard saying she is trying to give the victim CPR.

Sanchez asks if the boy is breathing. The caller says “barely,” and can be heard encouraging Chavez-Silver to “stay with me.”

“Is he breathing?” Sanchez asks again.

“He’s barely breathing,“ the caller replies. “How many times do I have to fucking tell you?”

“OK, you know what, ma’am?” Sanchez responds. “You can deal with it yourself. I’m not gonna deal with this, OK?”

"No, my friend is dying!” the caller says before Sanchez hangs up.

A spokeswoman for the Albuquerque Fire Department told HuffPost that the department will not be commenting until it concludes its investigation of the incident. It is unclear when that will be. In the meantime, Sanchez has been placed on administrative desk duty, the spokeswoman said.

Albuquerque Fire Chief David Downe told KRQE that the investigation was initiated once the department learned of the “alleged misconduct.”

Alleged….we have a video recording, his job address and his name but it’s still “alleged”

The family is beyond themselves, and they say in the meantime, they’re trying to focus on catching the person who initially shot him.

A reward of up to $4,000 is being offered to anyone with information on Chavez-Silver’s killer, according to a Facebook remembrance page for the teen. Anyone with information is urged to call 505-242-COPS.

If you want to help These are the numbers to the two Albuquerque Fire stations, Call and Get his ass Fired:

(505) 848-1312 or (505) 291-6242

Source / Audio

#StayWoke #JusticeForJaydonChavezSilver

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Why is the United States so far behind? It’s time to #raisethewage

We’re that far behind because widespread poverty is highly profitable to the affluent and powerful.

wtf I just googled the US minimum wage and it’s equivalent to £4.68 that’s pretty fucking criminal

Worth noting that our FEDERAL minimum wage (that is a universal standard that all non-tip wages must be AT LEAST) is $7.25, but the minimum wage of different states can vary as long as it exceeds $7.25. My own State has a minimum wage of $9.00 per hour, and is raising to $10.00 in the near future. The city of San Francisco has set its minimum wage at $12.15 an hour as of May 1st. Meanwhile, Kansas is as low as it can possibly be at $7.25.

So the wage issue is more complex than this graph might make it out to be, at least in the United States where federalism can express law in many, varied ways at the different levels of local to federal government.

The thing is the cost of living is also higher in certain states, so the minimum wage is more likely to be higher than $7.25 in California and New York than in states like Kansas or Virginia. But it still won’t amount to much when it comes to supporting yourself (and a family if you have one) unless you’re pulling in *big tips. Especially not after taxes get taken out.

(*waiters/waitresses and such).


you’ll probably be better off at 7.25 in Kansas than at 12.15 in San Francisco. I don’t know why people don’t account for the variability in cost of living when they try to convince folks it’s not that bad… 

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a facebook friend shared this letter her 92 year old grandmother received from her church, removing her from ever worshiping inside of the church or taking part in any activities involving the church. she apparently became ill around april 2015 and since hasn’t been able to tithe, she got this letter this month which would make 5 months since any one has even checked in on her in her time of need. 

this is the shit I be talmbout! the church be kickin’ folk out for not having money?! when they’re sick and could use some of them tithes they been payin’ into y’all and your shit for the past 80 years. 

this shit is so gross and saddening - some older folks only have the church and what is that really if you ain’t got shit to give? 


Most churches don’t do that. This is a scam.

if you are forcing people to donate you should lose your tax exempt title

this is definitely not the lords work to say the least

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The internet is outraged over tragic loss of #CeciltheLion and for a very good reason – He was illegally poached by American, #WalterPalmer. Walt is a rich older white guy, a dentist, a big game hunter and – you guessed it – a major fucking douchebag. Here’s why:

1) He paid $50K to kill, skin, and behead a treasured African icon. Walt is apparently flush in murder money.
2) Palmer and team lured the great animal out of a protected reserve with bait and spot light to kill him. Illegal? You can say that again.
3) Cecil suffered for over 40 hours before Palmer tracked him down and finally killed him – for a trophy. Sickening.
4) Palmer was previously sentenced to a year of probation after lying about where he killed a black bear in Wisconsin a few years back. Walt clearly isn’t new to this game.
5) Palmer often goes after endangered big game, even killing a WHITE RHINO.
6) There are tons of photos circulating of Palmer posing with his dead endangered trophies. Google it if you want to see a grown man hugging bloody animal caucuses.
7) Cecil was part of longterm Oxford study and a major tourist attraction in Zimbabwe. The already hurting economy will surely suffer more.
8) Conservationists say that Cecil’s 5 cubs will likely be killed by the new Alpha male. So Walt really killed 6 lions in this illegal endeavor.
9) Locals serve 2-5 years for illegal poaching, but charges against Palmer have yet to be served.
10) There’s currently a manhunt underway in Zimbabwe to find Palmer. Why are you hiding, Walt?
11) According to a spokesperson for Palmer, he’s “upset” over the internet outrage and that the hunter has become the hunted. Sorry, Walt. You’re just a cruel asshole. It was a only a matter of time.

Just because you’re an old rich guy, doesn’t give you permission to do this heinous shit like this. Sign the petition to demand justice for Cecil and to end trophy hunting in Zimbabwe:

#endtrophyhunting Photo: Paula French

I mean, if it’s to stop an old white guy…

If they locked up Michael Vick for some dog fighting then his ass needs to be thrown in jail too, BUT can we first get some damn justice for black people who are hunted down and murdered by white america before we lose our shits over an animal…

why can’t we do both?
i thought we were all about focusing on more than one thing at a time and multitasking?

at the rate the earth is being destroyed, if we do one thing at a time there won’t be a home for us to go to once we have our justice

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July 28 2015 - During an arrest in Brooklyn a man is held down by multiple police officers who then start beating him. The many bystanders, who were just looking on out of interest befre, start telling the police exactly what they think of this instead of just accepting the police brutality, yelling at them to stop hitting the man, and several even move to stop the officers from attacking the man. [video]

This should be the standard by now to do this to police abusing their “power”, and the irony did you see the response. The Pigs get scared when the sheep stand together & fight back.

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Sandra Bland. 

Kindra Chapman. 

Rexdale Henry. 

Ralkina Jones.

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Zimbabwe’s beloved 13-year-old lion Cecil was killed by a Minnesota dentist for fun 

Walter Palmer (above right) was identified by the Telegraph as Cecil’s killer and according to sources reportedly spent more than $54,000 for the privilege. Cecil had been a major tourist draw at Zimbabwe’s Hwange National Park, where it is illegal to kill a lion. Palmer had no trouble getting around the law though.

White people love killing shit. They don’t even need a legit reason.

white savages

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Laurence Fishburne in Boyz N the Hood (dir. John Singleton, 1991)

Marinatednightwings like i really dont like @mothermarygold


Like, I really don’t like this. Why are we the sex toys of the female gender?