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Mutantbearman @mutantbearman

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Pics from the internet. Erotica from Mutantbearman. - Mutantbearman (@mutantbearman)
Country folk @mutantbearman

Country folk

This is it @mutantbearman

This is it

Hunky chunky love @mutantbearman

Hunky. Chunky. Love.

Pan up close @mutantbearman

Pan, up close

Going polar @mutantbearman

Going polar

Nice warm and hard @mutantbearman

Nice, warm, and hard

Harnessed @mutantbearman


Stogie daddy @mutantbearman

Stogie Daddy

Ready to blow @mutantbearman

Ready to blow

Hairy invitation @mutantbearman

Hairy Invitation

Sexy antichrist @mutantbearman

Sexy Antichrist

Where he belongs @mutantbearman

Where he belongs

Hairy boss @mutantbearman

Hairy Boss

Ready to lick @mutantbearman

Ready to Lick

Ever fuck in the sea @mutantbearman

Ever Fuck In The Sea?

Truckers invitation @mutantbearman

Trucker’s Invitation

Officer uncut @mutantbearman

Officer Uncut

Jdcoccola tonkabear got to love my @mutantbearman



got to love my husband 

tomorrow I get to do this in person - can’t wait ….:)

Something to look up to…

The grizzlys here @mutantbearman

The Grizzly’s Here

An indecent proposal @mutantbearman

An Indecent Proposal

Beach bear @mutantbearman

Beach Bear

Yes x 3 @mutantbearman

Yes x 3

Fur beast @mutantbearman

Fur Beast

Touching fur @mutantbearman

Touching Fur

Red bulge @mutantbearman

Red Bulge

Tank top tease @mutantbearman

Tank Top Tease

Daddys got a great smile @mutantbearman

Daddy’s got a great smile

Cub and bear make out session @mutantbearman

Cub and Bear Make-Out Session

Blue tattoo @mutantbearman

Blue Tattoo

Bearditorium bb damn @mutantbearman




Fuck with him @mutantbearman

Fuck with him

Do it @mutantbearman

Do it!!

Big seduction @mutantbearman

Big Seduction

Going grey @mutantbearman

Going grey

Perfection @mutantbearman


Worry @mutantbearman


Good pillow @mutantbearman

Good Pillow

Bear neckin @mutantbearman

Bear Neckin’

Redwrestle its mer man daddy dive @mutantbearman


It’s Mer-MAN, Daddy!


Come get some @mutantbearman

Come get some

Fuzzy bj @mutantbearman

Fuzzy BJ

Doré @mutantbearman


Dog tags @mutantbearman

Dog tags

Shivers me timber @mutantbearman

Shivers me timber

Smokin hot @mutantbearman

Smokin’ hot

Whatever he tells me to @mutantbearman

Whatever He Tells Me To

My vote for sexiest man alive françois sagat @mutantbearman

My vote for sexiest man alive: François Sagat

Latin daddy in need @mutantbearman

Latin Daddy in Need

Scorpio @mutantbearman


Tall dark furry @mutantbearman

Tall, Dark, & Furry

Camo @mutantbearman


You ready @mutantbearman

You ready?

And on dec 26th @mutantbearman

And on Dec. 26th…

Whats in the cup @mutantbearman

What’s in the Cup?

Hair floats @mutantbearman

Hair Floats

After the ocean @mutantbearman

After the Ocean

Daddybear covered in puppys cum @mutantbearman

DaddyBear covered in Puppy’s cum

Need something @mutantbearman

Need Something?

Silver daddy bear @mutantbearman

Silver Daddy Bear

Reds the first to go @mutantbearman

Red’s the first to go…

The jinn from the bottle @mutantbearman

The Jinn from the Bottle

Private @mutantbearman


Public @mutantbearman


Perfect @mutantbearman


Ready for service @mutantbearman

Ready for Service

Makes me drool @mutantbearman

Makes me drool

Red trunks @mutantbearman

Red trunks

Besos @mutantbearman


Seatbelted bear @mutantbearman

Seatbelted Bear

Christian goes swimming @mutantbearman

Christian goes swimming

Good night guys @mutantbearman

Good night, guys

And then late one night @mutantbearman

…and then, late one night…

Ranchers ready @mutantbearman

Rancher’s Ready

Sticky @mutantbearman


Feast @mutantbearman


White briefs and fur @mutantbearman

White Briefs and Fur

My dick and a few admirers @mutantbearman

My dick and a few admirers

A very nice pillow @mutantbearman

A Very Nice Pillow

My cock @mutantbearman

My cock

No dont shower first @mutantbearman

No, don’t shower first…

Frosted sex @mutantbearman

Frosted Sex

Atlas @mutantbearman


Your wish is my command @mutantbearman

Your Wish Is My Command

Superman @mutantbearman


Peek a boo @mutantbearman


Dangerous curves ahead @mutantbearman

Dangerous Curves Ahead

A private moment @mutantbearman

A Private Moment

Red underwear @mutantbearman

Red Underwear

Watching you strip @mutantbearman

Watching you strip

Licking the artwork @mutantbearman

Licking the artwork

Strong man @mutantbearman

Strong Man

Where to start @mutantbearman

Where to start?

A deep hairy rutting @mutantbearman

A Deep, Hairy Rutting

Going at it @mutantbearman

Going at it

Papas waiting @mutantbearman

Papa’s waiting

Big mans ready to go @mutantbearman

Big Man’s ready to go

Three for me @mutantbearman

Three for Me

Burly and furry @mutantbearman

Burly and Furry

What he saw in the cab @mutantbearman

What he saw in the cab