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Transgender lifestyle. @my-transition-as-a-trans

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My name is Lauren, and I am pretty much your average nineteen-year-old girl. My life is full of obstacles, but I believe I can overcome them. This blog documents some of those challenges that I have tackled and conquered, along with many other things in my transition. - Transgender lifestyle. (@my-transition-as-a-trans)
Waking up and just wanting to lay in bed forever @my-transition-as-a-trans

Waking up and just wanting to lay in bed forever.

A really long time and no update i know im @my-transition-as-a-trans

A really long time and no update, I know! I’m going to give you all an update now.
Basically, I have two jobs now. I work at ColdStone and Hollister. 🍨🌊 I’m super happy about that. I’ve been single for awhile now. Not necessarily looking, but if it happens, it happens. I just want to be in a better place with myself. I would say I’ve been extremely emotional lately about myself. It’s really difficult trying to find someone when you constantly have to explain your situation. It begins to take a toll on me and makes me feel like there’s something wrong with me. Because guys are completely ready to jump the gun and be in a relationship, but once I explain my predicament, it’s like I have some deadly disease. 😓
My future plans are to soon get my own place and my own vehicle, then I should be set. Hopefully once I complete those tasks and become stable, I would like to go to college and earn my degree in Psychology. 🎓
I’ll try to post more on here, but feel free to follow me on my Instagram! My username is: unveilinglauren 🎀 I also have my other Tumblr blog:

It surely has been a really long time since i have @my-transition-as-a-trans

It surely has been a really long time since I have posted on here, but I am still alive and thriving, even though I’ve been pretty depressed recently. I’m hoping things are starting to turn more positively for me! I hope all is well with you!
For those who want to see more posts from me, feel free to follow me on Instagram: unveilinglauren
I’m not a meanie, I promise. 🌟👌

Happy 19th birthday to me all ready to go out @my-transition-as-a-trans

Happy 19th Birthday to me! All ready to go out. ✨😊

My boyfriend bought me a promise ring for my @my-transition-as-a-trans

My boyfriend bought me a promise ring for my birthday today, so you can say I’m a extremely ecstatic birthday girl. ☺️✨ I love him with all my heart and soul. Excuse my rough, wake-up and no make-up look, but I had to express how happy I am. 😊

Throughtheloooookingglass i love my boyfriend @my-transition-as-a-trans


I love my boyfriend. 💏 #love #couple #happy #smile #boyfriend #loungestatus #merp

Here are some more selfies ill try to post some @my-transition-as-a-trans

Here are some more selfies! I’ll try to post some more updated pictures for my Tumblr followers who don’t have an Instagram!
Also, if you wish to follow my stereotypical Tumblr blog, it’s: 😊 I post things that I like and pictures based on how I feel.

I left tumblr and went to instagram but i still @my-transition-as-a-trans

I left Tumblr and went to Instagram, but I still want to keep everyone updated! If you want to see pictures of me and what I’m doing, my Instagram is unveilinglauren.
As far as HRT goes, my one year anniversary will be this upcoming September 25, 2015! My gynecologist and I have officially decided to switch me to injections. I should be starting those soon! I couldn’t be more excited for the next step in my transition. I’m just taking everything day-by-day and focusing on myself.
I hope the best for all of my wonderful followers! 🌟💋

Wow it has been forever and a million days since @my-transition-as-a-trans

Wow! It has been forever and a million days since I’ve last posted!
I am doing more than alright. Things could to be better for me! I hope all of you are doing just as peachy, and if not, hang in there. It gets better. 💖💋
I’m never on Tumblr anymore, so if you want to keep up with me, follow me on Instagram! My username is unveilinglauren. 😊

I love my best friend to death she is always @my-transition-as-a-trans

I love my best friend to death. She is always there for me, and I will always be there for her, too. Without her I wouldn’t be who I am today. She helps me out in more ways than she could possibly ever imagine. I am unbelievably grateful for Jade. Best friends for life and beyond. 💖

Theyre turning out so well i love these @my-transition-as-a-trans

They’re turning out so well. I love these piercings to death 😍🌟

Black and whites have been expressing my feelings @my-transition-as-a-trans

Black and whites have been expressing my feelings perfectly lately. 👌

I want to be a better me especially for you @my-transition-as-a-trans

I want to be a better me, especially for you. Insecurities swarm my brain constantly. The only time I could escape the anxiety was when I was wrapped in your arms. You make everything better, and I am afraid you won’t stay because of how faulty I am. But please, if you stay, I promise I’ll treat you like a king and do everything in my being to make you happy. 💋

A brief catchup i reckon first i have been on @my-transition-as-a-trans

A brief catchup, I reckon! First, I have been on HRT for almost seven months now. It’ll be seven months on April 25, 2014! Second, I am not in a relationship…currently. I have a sincere crush on someone at the moment, but that’s to be continued because I have to see where things go. 😏 Third, I’m getting ready to have my name officially changed legally. Once I get that done, I can get a lot more done in my life, thankfully!
Hmm, basically everything is the same-old-same-old. 🙈

A couple of my bikinis i bought for this summer @my-transition-as-a-trans

A couple of my bikinis I bought for this summer 😎☀️🌴

Holy cow i havent been on tumblr in ages so @my-transition-as-a-trans

Holy cow! I haven’t been on Tumblr in ages! So much in my life has changed. I am rarely ever on here anymore, but to those who follow me and wish to keep track with me, I use Instagram the most. My account name is unveilinglauren! (:

I can try to post a little more on here for you all :)
I hope that you’re all doing well!
XOXO- Lauren :)

2014 is definitely going to be my year 3 im @my-transition-as-a-trans

2014 is definitely going to be my year! <3

I’m sorry for all of you who have messaged me on here! I’m never on Tumblr anymore, since I really like Instagram more! Feel free to follow me on there, I don’t bite. My username is unveilinglauren :)

But to give you all a brief update, I am single, I have been on my prescription for HRT for a little over 3 months now (which I am finally getting the results that are expected from hormones, because before nothing was happening at all), and I just got my birth certificate today to move even further along with my transition! Things are going super well for me. I hope you are all have just as great of a year as I am! <3

This upcoming year 2014 is for tackling new @my-transition-as-a-trans

This upcoming year, 2014, is for tackling new obstacles. I’m so ready to get on with my life, and I think it’s about time I start trying harder to do so. <3

Happy New Year’s Eve, everyone! 

Got all dolled up to see chase i think he and i @my-transition-as-a-trans

Got all dolled up to see Chase! I think he and I are going out for dinner :)

Just went on a road trip to get my great pyrenees @my-transition-as-a-trans

Just went on a road trip to get my Great Pyrenees puppy! She’s so adorable, I am in love. 😍❤️
Posting more pictures through Instagram: unveilinglauren 😊

Follow me on instagram for photos of me everyone @my-transition-as-a-trans

Follow me on Instagram for photos of me, everyone! unveilinglauren is my username. :)

I take this as a good luck sign i adore @my-transition-as-a-trans

I take this as a good luck sign! I adore butterflies, and I like what they symbolize! It just made my day even better. :)

A semicolon represents a sentence the author @my-transition-as-a-trans

A semicolon represents a sentence the author could’ve ended but chose not to; the author is you and the sentence is your life! Stay strong and carry on. <3

Getting ready to head out going to run a few @my-transition-as-a-trans

Getting ready to head out! Going to run a few errands with my grandma. I’m shocked that I’m going out without any makeup on, except for a nude lipstick. I haven’t anyone to impress, so I didn’t feel like putting any on. :)
I hope you’re all having just as good of a day as I am! (:

A picture from last night i think i did a good @my-transition-as-a-trans

A picture from last night. I think I did a good job at not letting a bad day destroy me. c:

Off to my appointment ill tell you all how it @my-transition-as-a-trans

Off to my appointment! I’ll tell you all how it goes, wish be luck. :)

I went out with my two best friends this evening @my-transition-as-a-trans

I went out with my two best friends this evening. We went to see Tyler Perry’s “The Temptation”, and then we went to Taco Bell for dinner. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves tonight; tonight reminded us of how much fun the three of us can have! I love them to death. :)

I was going through my old phone and found all @my-transition-as-a-trans

I was going through my old phone and found all these old bikini pictures of me from the Summer! I really can’t wait until this Summer and for my body to change, once I begin my hormones.

This is so old but here is another picture of @my-transition-as-a-trans

This is so old, but here is another picture of Gabby and me! I was in sixth grade in this picture. d:

This is from my aunt danielles wedding from @my-transition-as-a-trans

This is from my Aunt Danielle’s wedding, from January 2012. This is one of my best friends, my most loved cousin, Gabrielle! She and I have had our ups and downs, but through thick and thin, we are always there for each other. She gets me like no one else could! We’ve always had this connection, this bond, ever since we were little kids. Maybe it’s because she’s not normal either; she is a lesbian, and if anything, it makes me love her even more. She understands what it is like to be different and face challenges every single day. I love my gorgeous cousin more than anything!

Heres a picture of my mother and me throwback @my-transition-as-a-trans

Here’s a picture of my mother and me! Throwback Thursday! This is a little outdated, even though it’s from January of last year, 2012! She and I look so alike, for I take after her! I honestly wish my mother was closer to me, especially now more than ever. I know she and I have had our miscommunications, but I’d really like her to be there for me throughout my transition. I’ve always felt so distant from her, to tell you guys the truth, and that’s hurtful. Not getting to see your mom every single day can cause such unwanted agony! If only she knew how I truly felt, maybe then she’d come around and spend more time, or at least want to, with me. 

Throwback tuesday heres a picture of me doing a @my-transition-as-a-trans

Throwback Tuesday! Here’s a picture of me doing a back-handspring! This is from about a year ago, but I always enjoy it. I love gymnastics! 

I havent straightened my hair since this night @my-transition-as-a-trans

I haven’t straightened my hair since this night! This was back in November! I’m thinking once my hair gets longer, and I’ve started my hormones, that I am going to straighten my hair a little more frequently. c:

We decided to take a picture while we were @my-transition-as-a-trans

We decided to take a picture, while we were waiting on my grandma to finish checking out in Sam’s Club! 

My best friend and i on the way to the mall @my-transition-as-a-trans

My best friend and I on the way to the mall yesterday! 

I am wearing my new lip products from today i @my-transition-as-a-trans

I am wearing my new lip products from today! I figured my blog could use some new pictures. Tell me what you guys think of the lip color? c:

Another light painting photo i wrote my name this @my-transition-as-a-trans

Another light-painting photo! I wrote my name this time :)

This was when i made my last attempt at being a @my-transition-as-a-trans

This was when I made my last attempt at being a boy, to make sure that I was not just going through a phase nor was I confused about being transgender; however, it only proved to me that I was who I was and that I was indeed transgender. Ever since that point in my life, I have been motivated to become who I am today and who I’m going to be after all of my transition!

So to those of you out there who are having a trouble time embracing who you are, stay strong. Things will get better for you! I can assure you. Do not ever feel like there is something wrong with you because there is not. Every one is entitled to be their own individual; you are who you are and it is what it is. Learn to play with the cards you are dealt! Stay golden. <3

I just finished filling out the oversized packet @my-transition-as-a-trans

I just finished filling out the oversized packet of paperwork from the gynecologist office, for next Tuesday at my appointment. The questions were not that difficult to answer honestly, but it did make me stressed and a little upset because I realized how much I’m having to go through to be happy with myself and move forward in life. I am just going to stay strong, think positive, and keep pushing through! 

I cannot express how badly i want summer warm @my-transition-as-a-trans

I cannot express how badly I want Summer! Warm weather, swimming, tanning, sunsets, beaches, vacations, romance, shorts, smooth skin, bikinis, starry nights. <3

This picture was me just about a year ago ive @my-transition-as-a-trans

This picture was me, just about a year ago! I’ve changed so much and I’m only going to continue changing once I get my hormones! I cannot express how enthused I am about starting my hormones and finally having my body be in sync with the way I mentally visualize myself!

My two favorite people in the entire world my @my-transition-as-a-trans

My two favorite people in the entire world; my boyfriend and my best friend! 

Everything went extremely well tonight at my @my-transition-as-a-trans

Everything went extremely well tonight at my appointment with the therapist! I should be starting soon, depending when I get an appointment with the gynecologist! :)

A little more about myself im a @my-transition-as-a-trans

A little more about myself.

I’m a seventeen-year-old who lives in Virginia, and I’m a junior in high school. I have far too many favorite movies to list them all; although, my all time favorite would have to be Confessions of a Shopaholic or Pitch Perfect! They’re both so great. I like Harry Potter and The Hunger Games for books that have been made into movies! As for television shows, I like Fringe, Glee, and Charmed. My favorite book(s) are between Harry Potter and The Hunger Games, hence the reason why I like that they were turned into movies! My favorite color alternates from pink, blue, and purple. I have an obsession with collecting perfumes! I really like to keep my hygiene in tact! Alex Pettyfer and Max Thieriot are two actors who I think are attractive! Megan Fox and Mila Kunis are outrageously gorgeous actresses! I love to shop at Abercrombie & Fitch, Hollister, American Eagle, Gilly Hicks, and Victoria Secret. My hair is naturally curly, so there’s no need to ever curl my hair! I am trying to grow my hair out, so I’m avoiding using any heat on my hair right now! Hmm, I love to eat chicken! It has to be my favorite food, anything with chicken! Italian foods are exquisite! Well, that’s a little bit more about me! Bye-bye!

Isnt it cute how the tide flushes into the @my-transition-as-a-trans

“Isn’t it cute how the tide flushes into the shore, only to leave and come back for more.”

This cute little fella is my kitty named tinker @my-transition-as-a-trans

This cute little fella is my kitty named Tinker, also known as Tink! When I first got Tink, I thought he was actually a she, but there came a time when I was bathing him and surely found out he was certainly not a she. How coincidental, but either way, I love my little best friend more than anything. c:

This is probably one of my most favorites of our @my-transition-as-a-trans

This is probably one of my most favorites of our pictures! I just think it’s adorable. 

Im entirely grateful to have such an @my-transition-as-a-trans

I’m entirely grateful to have such an extraordinary best friend! Her name is Jade and without her I wouldn’t have had as much courage as I do today to pursue who I am. She showed me that there’s nothing wrong with being yourself and that it’s not about what anyone else thinks. She’s the most beautiful, most good-hearted, best friend ever. I absolutely love her! BEST FRIEND FOREVER. <333

This was our very first kissing picture from over @my-transition-as-a-trans

This was our very first kissing picture, from over the summer!

This is my marvelous fantastic boyfriend his @my-transition-as-a-trans

This is my marvelous, fantastic boyfriend. His name is Chase and he’s 18. We’ve been together for just about four months; our four months is February 6th, 2013. I’m super excited to have a Valentine this year for Valentine’s Day. <3

He and I started dating June 27 and almost got to our three months, but we took a break, only to found out that we really wanted to be with each other. That’s when we got back together on October 6th, 2012, and we’ve been together happily ever since! I don’t know where I’d be with out him, he’s the anchor that keeps me weighted from losing it all! He’s my sanity and keeps my head clear when I get lost. I love him!

This is my story i was born september 7 1995 as @my-transition-as-a-trans

This is my story.
I was born September 7, 1995, as a genetic male. My birth name was Thomas, but I now go by Lauren. I enjoyed my childhood dearly; however, I always had this feeling of not fitting it, that something was not right. I was a gymnast and cheerleader for a few years, but then I began to realize that I wasn’t the same as other girls, that my body wasn’t the same as theirs, so I quit the sports that I once loved so much, due to the overwhelming feeling of uncomfort I felt. When it came to school, I began feeling unbelievably insecure about my body in sixth grade. I started staying home and sleeping throughout the days, I didn’t know what was wrong with me. The following year, in seventh grade, I went into a terrible depression: I skipped almost every day of school to stay at home and be alone, I cut myself, I developed anorexia, and could never be happy. Finally, I realized, in eighth grade, I was at my friends house one night, sleeping over, and we were watching Degrassi. At the end of the episode, it had a little infomercial about Transgender people. My friend and I looked at each other in utter shock, for it was in that moment that we both realized I was a Transgender male, an MTF.

A few years passed and as I got into my sophomore year of high school, I began feeling more comfortable with who I was. I had a lot of friends who supported me, as well as my loving family. I never hid who I was because I am not ashamed of who I am, and I had so many friends that it wasn’t really likely for anyone to want to do something negative to me, since they’d get so much drama started for it. I met the perfect guy for me in the summer of 2012, the summer I went into my junior year of high school. He completely accepts me for who I am and what I want to do with myself. Whenever I am down, he lifts me up and makes it all better again. At the beginning of the school year, in September, I decided to switch into online homeschooling. 

Therefore, I figured it would be possible and more simple for me to transition without any altercations. I pursued that thought and went to my general physician, and I told him about how I was wanting to begin HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy). He understood and has did everything in his ability to help me. He referred me to a therapist to get the therapy that was required before beginning my treatments. The therapist, without a doubt, agreed that I was definitely a good candidate to begin. 

So here we are, currently, I am about to embark on my journey! I just have to get the report from my therapist diagnosing me with Gender Dysmorphia and take that to the Gynecologist/Urologist, in order to get my first prescription! I’m super excited to start my life and finally have my body be in sync with my mind.