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Transgender lifestyle. @my-transition-as-a-trans

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My name is Lauren, and I am pretty much your average nineteen-year-old girl. My life is full of obstacles, but I believe I can overcome them. This blog documents some of those challenges that I have tackled and conquered, along with many other things in my transition. - Transgender lifestyle. (@my-transition-as-a-trans)
Waking up and just wanting to lay in bed forever @my-transition-as-a-trans

Waking up and just wanting to lay in bed forever.

A really long time and no update i know im @my-transition-as-a-trans

A really long time and no update, I know! I’m going to give you all an update now.
Basically, I have two jobs now. I work at ColdStone and Hollister. 🍨🌊 I’m super happy about that. I’ve been single for awhile now. Not necessarily looking, but if it happens, it happens. I just want to be in a better place with myself. I would say I’ve been extremely emotional lately about myself. It’s really difficult trying to find someone when you constantly have to explain your situation. It begins to take a toll on me and makes me feel like there’s something wrong with me. Because guys are completely ready to jump the gun and be in a relationship, but once I explain my predicament, it’s like I have some deadly disease. πŸ˜“
My future plans are to soon get my own place and my own vehicle, then I should be set. Hopefully once I complete those tasks and become stable, I would like to go to college and earn my degree in Psychology. πŸŽ“
I’ll try to post more on here, but feel free to follow me on my Instagram! My username is: unveilinglauren πŸŽ€ I also have my other Tumblr blog:

It surely has been a really long time since i have @my-transition-as-a-trans

It surely has been a really long time since I have posted on here, but I am still alive and thriving, even though I’ve been pretty depressed recently. I’m hoping things are starting to turn more positively for me! I hope all is well with you!
For those who want to see more posts from me, feel free to follow me on Instagram: unveilinglauren
I’m not a meanie, I promise. πŸŒŸπŸ‘Œ

Happy 19th birthday to me all ready to go out @my-transition-as-a-trans

Happy 19th Birthday to me! All ready to go out. ✨😊

My boyfriend bought me a promise ring for my @my-transition-as-a-trans

My boyfriend bought me a promise ring for my birthday today, so you can say I’m a extremely ecstatic birthday girl. ☺️✨ I love him with all my heart and soul. Excuse my rough, wake-up and no make-up look, but I had to express how happy I am. 😊

Throughtheloooookingglass i love my boyfriend @my-transition-as-a-trans


I love my boyfriend. πŸ’ #love #couple #happy #smile #boyfriend #loungestatus #merp

Here are some more selfies ill try to post some @my-transition-as-a-trans

Here are some more selfies! I’ll try to post some more updated pictures for my Tumblr followers who don’t have an Instagram!
Also, if you wish to follow my stereotypical Tumblr blog, it’s: 😊 I post things that I like and pictures based on how I feel.

I left tumblr and went to instagram but i still @my-transition-as-a-trans

I left Tumblr and went to Instagram, but I still want to keep everyone updated! If you want to see pictures of me and what I’m doing, my Instagram is unveilinglauren.
As far as HRT goes, my one year anniversary will be this upcoming September 25, 2015! My gynecologist and I have officially decided to switch me to injections. I should be starting those soon! I couldn’t be more excited for the next step in my transition. I’m just taking everything day-by-day and focusing on myself.
I hope the best for all of my wonderful followers! πŸŒŸπŸ’‹

Wow it has been forever and a million days since @my-transition-as-a-trans

Wow! It has been forever and a million days since I’ve last posted!
I am doing more than alright. Things could to be better for me! I hope all of you are doing just as peachy, and if not, hang in there. It gets better. πŸ’–πŸ’‹
I’m never on Tumblr anymore, so if you want to keep up with me, follow me on Instagram! My username is unveilinglauren. 😊

I love my best friend to death she is always @my-transition-as-a-trans

I love my best friend to death. She is always there for me, and I will always be there for her, too. Without her I wouldn’t be who I am today. She helps me out in more ways than she could possibly ever imagine. I am unbelievably grateful for Jade. Best friends for life and beyond. πŸ’–

Theyre turning out so well i love these @my-transition-as-a-trans

They’re turning out so well. I love these piercings to death 😍🌟

Black and whites have been expressing my feelings @my-transition-as-a-trans

Black and whites have been expressing my feelings perfectly lately. πŸ‘Œ

I want to be a better me especially for you @my-transition-as-a-trans

I want to be a better me, especially for you. Insecurities swarm my brain constantly. The only time I could escape the anxiety was when I was wrapped in your arms. You make everything better, and I am afraid you won’t stay because of how faulty I am. But please, if you stay, I promise I’ll treat you like a king and do everything in my being to make you happy. πŸ’‹

A brief catchup i reckon first i have been on @my-transition-as-a-trans

A brief catchup, I reckon! First, I have been on HRT for almost seven months now. It’ll be seven months on April 25, 2014! Second, I am not in a relationship…currently. I have a sincere crush on someone at the moment, but that’s to be continued because I have to see where things go. 😏 Third, I’m getting ready to have my name officially changed legally. Once I get that done, I can get a lot more done in my life, thankfully!
Hmm, basically everything is the same-old-same-old. πŸ™ˆ

A couple of my bikinis i bought for this summer @my-transition-as-a-trans

A couple of my bikinis I bought for this summer πŸ˜Žβ˜€οΈπŸŒ΄

Prepare for a bunch of selfies @my-transition-as-a-trans

Prepare for a bunch of selfies πŸ’‹πŸŒŸ

Holy cow i havent been on tumblr in ages so @my-transition-as-a-trans

Holy cow! I haven’t been on Tumblr in ages! So much in my life has changed. I am rarely ever on here anymore, but to those who follow me and wish to keep track with me, I use Instagram the most. My account name is unveilinglauren! (:

I can try to post a little more on here for you all :)
I hope that you’re all doing well!
XOXO- Lauren :)