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Tied and bound girls @mykinktube

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Welcome to my Tied and Bound Girls blog! Here i will post pictures and sometimes video of beautiful women all bound and tied in rope and steel. Hogtied, suspended, basically awesome bondage models all tied and bound My intention is to try to find high quality sets and make it easy for you to find the full set and full length video of the pictures you are watching here by providing a direct link under the post . Please comment and let me know what you think! And please feel free to add your own pictures or stories. They must be about Bondage, Fetish and BDSM. And must not infringe on any copyright. Enjoy. - Tied and bound girls (@mykinktube)
I love a girl that can do a reverse prayer @mykinktube

I love a girl that can do a reverse prayer possition! Awesome

Thexpaul2 thats a wrap @mykinktube


That’s a wrap!

Subnancy a very stressful position just to keep @mykinktube


A very stressful position just to keep her buttocks available for whatever.

Very nice breast bondage with tught rope just the @mykinktube

Very Nice breast bondage With tught rope, just the way i like it!


Lacemetiter i love reverse prayer ties the @mykinktube


I love reverse-prayer ties. The higher and tighter, the better. I’d love to see a steel apparatus, with an intergrated self-locking configuration, that could secure the hand and arms in a tight reverse-prayer, that would be impossible to escape without the required key!

The bishop-inspired gag in this photo is tops too.

Love it!


Sexy slave girl on her knees visit mykinktubecom @mykinktube

Sexy slave girl on her knees


This to must be an classic devonshireproduction @mykinktube

This to must be an classic devonshireproduction photo! Love the way her breasts are tied up!


Not sure where this is from anyone knows all i @mykinktube

Not sure where this is from. Anyone knows? All i know is that i like it! Beautiful ropework and a beautiful model. To bad she’s not naked..


Sexy whipping in bondage photo @mykinktube

Sexy whipping  in bondage photo

Another hot picture of a sexy women with big @mykinktube

Another hot Picture of a sexy women With big breasts tied up!

Love those breasts and the ropework @mykinktube

Love those breasts! And the ropework

Hot hot hotlove tightly tied elbows @mykinktube

Hot Hot Hot!Love tightly tied elbows.

Just adorable @mykinktube

Just adorable!

Some superhot bondage pictures i found @mykinktube

Some superhot bondage Pictures i found!

Brilliantly awesome @mykinktube

Brilliantly awesome