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Television was a major influence in my formative years. Its vast variety of characters became my friends. - my third parent (@mythirdparent)
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Cable, HBO and The Hitchhiker: How Cable TV became the place for excellence in drama

The Hitchhiker series on HBO was one of the first dramas made for cable.  The evolution of cable from that point on has presented itself as the most viable and commercially effective format for presenting unabashed dramatic works. Present-day cable programming gives both viewers and producers the best outlet for the presentation of quality drama. Its viewership expects strong storylines produced with high production value. These expectations make it harder for traditional broadcasting constrained by standards that prevent certain content and major movie studios who have switched to the blockbuster model of production in order to ensure commercial success overseas.             

Cable television started in the late 1940s primarily as a delivery system to rural areas where broadcast television systems had weak signals. It was not until the 1970s that cable became a viable format to present unique content that could not be found on broadcast TV. [more]

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Julie Benz, JoBeth Williams, John Larroquette + Taran Killam in Payne

That is not Taran Killlam. That is Rick Batalla. 

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44 years after joining the show, Sesame Street’s Maria is retiring

At the recent American Library Association Annual Conference, actress/author Sonia Manzano, who has played the beloved character Maria on Sesame Street for more than 40 years, let it be known that she’s retiring. (Manzano joined the show in 1971, and was promoted to series regular in 1974.) During her tenure on the show, Manzano was nominated twice for an Emmy Award for Outstanding Performer in a Children’s Series, but lost both times. As a Sesame Street scriptwriter, however, she had better luck, winning a total of 15 Emmy Awards. She and TV husband Luis also fixed countless toasters while co-running the bustling Fix-It Shop.

More at

Thank you, Maria/Sonia

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Jack Carter (June 24, 1922 – June 28, 2015)  Comedian, actor and host.

He hosted an early television variety program called “Cavalcade of Stars" on the DuMont Network. He was lured to NBC to host his own program titled The “Jack Carter Show. Carter” recommended Jackie Gleason take his place as host of “Cavalcade of Stars”. The “Jack Carter Show” appeared under the banner of the “Saturday Night Revue“, NBC’s two and a half hour Saturday night programming slot. Carter hosted his show for one hour each week followed by the ninety minute “Your Show of Shows“ starring Sid Caesar, Imogene Coca, Carl Reiner and Howard Morris. Carter remained friends with Sid Caesar his entire life and delivered the eulogy at his funeral.

He made appearances on many television series, including “Diagnosis: Unknown“, “The Dick Van Dyke Show”, “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington”, “The Rockford Files“, “The Wild Wild West“, “The Kallikaks”, “7th Heaven”, “The Road West“, “Sanford and Son”, “Tattletales“, “Monk“, “Desperate Housewives“ and “Shameless“. His last round of work included a cameo on “New Girl“ and a voice on “Family Guy“.  He was also a frequent panelist on the game show “Match Game“  - Wikipedia

Just watched him in an odd episode of Tales From The Darkside this morning.

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Remember kids, just because your favorite show didn’t win an Emmy doesn’t mean it’s not great.

Damn right!

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Remembering Rod Serling on the 40th anniversary of his departure from this world into The Twilight Zone.

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“RCA GIVES YOU THE RAINBOW–ENJOY IT!” (Color television advertisement, Life magazine, Nov. 14, 1955)


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