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My Wife The Slut @mywifetheslut

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18+ and NSFW (duh, with a title like that...). All the things I want to do to my wife (the slut), fantasize about or just find plain horny. I can do pretty much anything I want to her, and love to (ab)use that privilege. Don't get me wrong, I love her to bits, but damn she's a slut. And as I'm doing this tumblr site mainly to collect ideas to do to my wife (the slut), I figured I may as well add some fantasies to the site. They will be a mix of our regular sex play and stuff that may or may not ever happen.... If you like this stuff, or want to ask me stuff personally, contact me at ask me about my slut My friends on Tumblr: Harlette (my wife) BigJay EditorForAWeek My favorite porn: I make no claims that any of these pictures are mine. They are a collection of Tumblr reblogs and stuff I find freely on the Interwebz. - My Wife The Slut (@mywifetheslut)
Speedilydifferenttale fottute troie dio cane @mywifetheslut


fottute troie  dio cane

Well if you insist @mywifetheslut

Well if you insist…

Yes keep those eyes wide open @mywifetheslut

Yes!! Keep those eyes wide open!!

No dear its not a phone @mywifetheslut

No dear, it’s not a phone…

Sharingwifefl very nice yes dear give the @mywifetheslut


very nice

Yes dear, give the entire bar a nice view of that shaved twat…

Bareficker nrwehepaar56 bipaardortmund @mywifetheslut





schade es nicht meine Ehefrau ist.

So gehören Fotzen benutzt

Such a nice fantasy of mine, this…

Basecampfun riiight sorry but i @mywifetheslut



Riiight,,, Sorry, but I wouldn’t leave the house at all anymore..

Slut slave trainer where all cunts belong @mywifetheslut


Where all cunts belong!!

Yes, cunt: do this to me again one time.. I promise I won’t take too long to finish, and I’ll let you rinse with my cum ;-)

Say oink oink @mywifetheslut

Say: Oink oink..

Very nice undies especially with the bald pussy @mywifetheslut

very nice undies, especially with the bald pussy ;-)

I love it where you can just see those lips @mywifetheslut

I love it where you can just see those lips sticking out from under there…

Zendildos megafistingparty fist my cunt @mywifetheslut



Fist my Cunt!

Like dildo pics? You’ll like
Fat dildos and insertions in juicy chicks.


Throat slut objects when im done raping your @mywifetheslut


When I’m done raping your mouth, look at the camera and tell me you feel pretty.


Just so pretty @mywifetheslut

Just so pretty…

Fuckable bane from batman @mywifetheslut

Fuckable Bane from Batman

Bigjaysfavs thats mean its good to be @mywifetheslut


that’s mean! :)

It’s good to be bad….

Being the party favor at the retirement home @mywifetheslut

Being the party favor at the retirement home..

Pyrabliss piss and toilet sluts dont forget @mywifetheslut


piss and toilet sluts

Don’t forget the fact she’s fucking herself with a champagne bottle…

Balls are included in the price @mywifetheslut

Balls are included in the price..

And the proof is on her face @mywifetheslut

And the proof is on her face..

Feministcuntbreaker why more whores are @mywifetheslut


Why more whores are better.

That would make me last a full three seconds, I think…

Dicko2511 just a butt hole in the sand a @mywifetheslut


Just a butt hole in the sand?

A sitting duck for a deviant..

Wife4blks a little drool is expected but @mywifetheslut


A little drool is expected…

But did she expect his load too?

Smooth like this please @mywifetheslut

Smooth like this please..

No matter how much you drink there will allways @mywifetheslut

No matter how much you drink, there will allways be that faint taste of spooge in the end..

She was the party favor of the evening @mywifetheslut

She was the party favor of the evening..

If you wait long enough she can do that over and @mywifetheslut

If you wait long enough, she can do that over and over again..

Take note dear this is how you should behave as @mywifetheslut

Take note dear, this is how you should behave as much as possible ;-)

Kittensplayground кр sucking up air or @mywifetheslut



Sucking up air, or being in pain from that electrical doohicky?… Oh well, the deepthroat is always impressive..

Thats an invitation thats hard to resist not @mywifetheslut

That’s an invitation that’s hard to resist.. Not that I need invitations, mind you..

Kens1964 saving herself for the right horse @mywifetheslut


saving herself for the right horse

LOL, right horse.. But seriously: Would you feel anything, fucking her?

You can see the humiliation appear on her face @mywifetheslut

You can see the humiliation appear on her face with that blob of spit..

Englishbondage cold showers are a wonderful @mywifetheslut


Cold showers are a wonderful method of punishing bad behaviour.

Grinning wildly while looking at this post, my wife shouts “not it’s not!” fearing I’d do this to her…

That blink when he lays that first line of cum on @mywifetheslut

That blink when he lays that first line of cum on her face.. 

Becomingtiger mastersubverter i lolled at @mywifetheslut


mastersubverter 🐯

I lolled at this one: I would love my wife to follow these ways, but then there’s reality ;-) Doesn’t mean I won’t try to make her follow at least a few of them ;-)

Hell yes i do @mywifetheslut

Hell yes I do

Kanasplayhouse on occasion i intercede in @mywifetheslut


On occasion, I intercede in kittens lesbian training

Wow, humiliating two women at once.. Some guys have all the fun ;-)

Inherplace humiliatedthings thats the way how a @mywifetheslut



That’s the way how a filthy slut should brush her teeth every night.

What, you mean she gets to have teeth? Luxury!

…just… wow.

Ultramagnus404 open wide slut thats it now @mywifetheslut


“Open wide slut. That’s it. Now, I know this probably wasn’t what you had in mind when you saw me arrive with the bottle of champagne is it?” … “I’ll take that gargling as agreement. You don’t mind though do you? At least you get to taste it even if it is second hand. And you’re clearly making good use of that bottle. Now don’t you fucking dare waste a drop. You know how expensive this stuff is.”

Holy cow, that is hot.. Not only is she opening as wide as she can to get at all that piss, she’s doing it while she’s fucking a champagne bottle! Try and stay limp from that, now.

Obeyingbitch thebrutalizer because few things @mywifetheslut



Because few things tell it how much you respect it better than slapping and spitting in its face. 

Lucky bitch

Blammo! And that’s not a little bit of spit either…

Being forced to take a piss is the least of her @mywifetheslut

Being forced to take a piss is the least of her problems right now ;-)

Whoreswillbewhoreswillbewhores to protect her @mywifetheslut


To protect her identity and dignity…


Whoreswillbewhoreswillbewhores @mywifetheslut



Sorta looks like my wife after taking one in the mouth;-)

Destroythewhore2 this is how she showers now @mywifetheslut


This is how she showers now.

Because sometimes you need to get clean…

Just wow @mywifetheslut

Just.. wow..

Sirrobertpayne the pleasure in payne @mywifetheslut


The Pleasure in Payne

Enjoying the taste, are we?…

Not a fan of tattoos but the slave thing makes @mywifetheslut

Not a fan of tattoo’s but the “slave’ thing makes it a nice touch ;-)

I have trouble doing this with just one person @mywifetheslut

I have trouble doing this with just one person. With two, It’d be impossible…

A little bush on top but smooth down under @mywifetheslut

A little bush on top, but smooth down under…

Cutiliaegifs when they went to the pornographic @mywifetheslut


When they went to the pornographic theaters together her husband would sit a few seats away and watch while his wife could do what she loves with total strangers.    

I’m feeling a little aroused now..

She knows youre watching them fuck @mywifetheslut

She KNOWS you’re watching them fuck….

Ooh wifey try it like this with me @mywifetheslut

Ooh wifey, try it like this with me..

Reminds me of how it looks when im done pumping @mywifetheslut

reminds me of how it looks when I’m done pumping my wife and pulling out..


This is what youll look like when ive whored you @mywifetheslut

This is what you’ll look like when I’ve whored you out to those older gentlemen.. well.. gentle..

Sexy as fuck @mywifetheslut

Sexy as fuck…

Old school pornos are the best just look at that @mywifetheslut

Old school porno’s are the best. Just look at that passion! Can’t find “main stream” porno’s anymore with women that look real and really look like they enjoy what they’re doing..

Being left out in the park for anyones amusement @mywifetheslut

Being left out in the park for anyone’s amusement… and enjoying it..

Sharingwifes wouldyoufuckmywife do you like @mywifetheslut



Do you like amateur swinger pics?

Because sharing is caring…

Dogging sluts are hot @mywifetheslut

Dogging sluts are hot..

Cumwithasmile the one thing my wife still @mywifetheslut



The one thing my wife still hates… the taste of cum.

Fucked shoved out of the car and now realising @mywifetheslut

Fucked, shoved out of the car and now realising she has to walk home naked..

So horny that you cant help but fuck the @mywifetheslut

So horny that you can’t help but fuck the bedpost.. THAT’s how horny I want you..

Amatuerukswinger huddersfield amy the way a @mywifetheslut


Huddersfield Amy

The way a good slut is supposed to be..

Tiger eight master made me lick the toilet @mywifetheslut


Master made me lick the toilet while masturbating to remind me that my place is wherever my betters say it is. He was kind enough to allow me to cum if I licked the toilet bowl rather than the seat. I am a disgusting filthy slut, and I am grateful to Master for showing me my place… and the orgasm! englishbondage


Tiger eight the one thing that could make @mywifetheslut


… the one thing that could make licking toilets even greater.

Oh wow, what a great idea!!

Ultramagnus404 that ropes going to leave a @mywifetheslut


That rope’s going to leave a mark.
None of that soft ‘bondage’ rope here, this looks like good old fashioned hemp.
Rough and strong and perfect when you want to make a point.

You know the great thing about my wife? I showed her this picture, and she nodded willingly.. I love that woman!

Devotionaltraining humiliationwhores a good @mywifetheslut



A good piss-whore keeps her funnel by the bed so her owner doesn’t have to walk all the way to the bathroom.

Devotional Training: Always keep that funnel handy.

*wonders if his slutty wife would be that devoted…*

Normalised1 when the party guests arrived we @mywifetheslut


When the party guests arrived, we explained that we’re an eco-friendly household, so we generally use the water-free toilet.

Oh wow..

Evolkont swallow it you fuck lol nice one @mywifetheslut


Swallow it you fuck

Lol, nice one for my slutty wife.. she hates to swallow (or even to taste) ;-)

Alice is wet normalised1 its not about her @mywifetheslut



It’s not about her enjoyment. Not at all.


Uhm, it’s about MY enjoyment, not hers..

Dingdingding we have a winner @mywifetheslut

Dingdingding!!! We have a winner!

Quite inventive i should see what ive got in my @mywifetheslut

Quite inventive. I should see what I’ve got in my toolbox ;-)

Youshouldapologise remember how all those dirty @mywifetheslut


Remember how all those dirty things you wanted to do lose their appeal after you’ve orgasmed?

Well, you can use this to add just an extra little touch of humiliation to the next time you finally allow your cunt to masturbate and cum.

Make sure she has taken as many cum loads from your cock as possible to ensure there’s no way you are getting hard again for the short foreseeable future.

Decorate the cunt with cum.

Then allow her to fill her twat with dildo and fuck it out till she cums in front of you.

Of course by now you’ll have no sexual interest and it will show.

She’ll be left to realise how pathetic and needy she looks, diddling her snatch like an overheated primate, covered in cock effluent (look it up cunts). In fact realise that she is cunt-driven hole only capable of thinking out of the hole between her legs.

That she’s willing to forgo orgasms for weeks for no other reason that to amuse you. Willing to perform masturbation in front of you like a monkey. Willing to cum covered in your cock release. And finally when she’s brought herself this low, just to cum, and is about to, in front of you…

You don’t even care.

That’s just evil, but so fucking awesome..

Dat look @mywifetheslut

Dat look..

Pure art @mywifetheslut

Pure art..

Rapedolls epic eyes of desire is so hot @mywifetheslut



Eyes of desire is so hot…

Some pussy pinching is always hot @mywifetheslut

Some pussy pinching is always hot.

Rapedolls attaboy she was taking it like a @mywifetheslut



She was taking it like a champ until he took it out…

Rapedolls perfect @mywifetheslut



Brutal whore degrader thinking about white @mywifetheslut


Thinking about white cock 

Hot. Should make my wife masturbate more in the car..

Rapedolls get it down your throat you cumrag @mywifetheslut


Get it down your throat you cumrag.

Lol, cumrag…

Wow such ease @mywifetheslut

Wow, such ease..

Scarlett cheeks shes straight huh the @mywifetheslut


“She’s straight, huh?” the dark-haired woman asked. “A shame. See, I’m a red-blooded dyke, and the poor thing will be eating more clam than a seagull. Would you consider knocking off 10% from her sales price?”

“I’m afraid not,” the older blond replied. “I was hoping to sell her to someone who looked on that particular challenge as an asset.”

“I confess that’s true,” the dark-haired woman replied. “But you can’t blame a girl for haggling. Do you mind if I ask why you specified a single woman as her owner?" 

"When I caught the little slut cheating on my son, I swore it was the last cock she’d ever ride.”

“Hmmm-” the dark haired woman purred. “As you know from my emails, there’s only one thing that I love as much as getting my pussy eaten - I’m into toys. I intend to discover new ground in her so to speak.

"That’s precisely why I offered her to you first.” the blond replied with a wicked smile.

Ashley, poor Ashely, managed to stay silent as they talked about her as if she wasn’t there, though she trembled in fear.

“Do you mind if I try her out?” the dark-haired woman replied. “I’m guessing there isn’t a return policy. I’m afraid I didn’t bring any of my larger toys.”

Ashely couldn’t help but gasp when she caught a glimpse of a wicked dildo as big around as her wrist. If this was small, big would kill her. She turned her pleading eyes to the woman who had enslaved her. Please, she willed, I won’t ever cheat on your son again. I’ve learned my lesson.  But she knew better than speak. 

“As long as I get to watch.” the older blond replied.

Wow, such wonderful writing!

Wifey loves reading horny stories too so this @mywifetheslut

Wifey loves reading horny stories too, so this resonates with me ;-)

Aww so sweet her master gave a stool to sit on @mywifetheslut

Aww so sweet: Her master gave a stool to sit on.

C a r n e v i v a barrythickk every hole is @mywifetheslut



every hole is a urinal hole for you.


are meat, meat alive.

Good aim..

Dildoslaves more orgasm pics shes enjoying @mywifetheslut


More orgasm pics

She’s enjoying the view.. I would enjoy that view too ;-)

Filled with the unusual fisting her holes @mywifetheslut




Yeah, you have to concentrate to get that one out (and in, of course)..

Filled with the unusual oh look 50 @mywifetheslut



oh look: 50 shades of grey ;-)

Nomoreideas fetishismofchoas good little @mywifetheslut



good little devil

You need to train your hole pig. Learn.

She’s quite skilled already I see..

Cambridge misogynist 2 feminist rapebait she @mywifetheslut



she deserves to be hate fucked for wearing tacky walmart lingerie


Lol, did not know the term “hate fucked”, but it’s going in my vocabulary ;-)

Brutal whore degrader happy birthday whore @mywifetheslut


Happy birthday, whore

Hm, my wife just made some chocolate cake too.. Gives me a great idea for a topping on her slice..

In a case like this my wife would be the one on @mywifetheslut

In a case like this, my wife would be the one on her knees…Yes dear, you would be doing the licking too.

Touchmywife i watch the old men @mywifetheslut


I watch the old men enthusiastically seize their opportunity to fuck my fit young wife - they can’t believe their luck!

I have used this as a fantasy to get my wife all wet and horny..

Nomoreideas wonderful hot @mywifetheslut




Zonelux dlm studio would not mind watching @mywifetheslut


DLm * sTUdiO

Would not mind watching that for a while..

That should be his job not yours @mywifetheslut

That should be his job, not yours…

Epicbate god shes so hot wow @mywifetheslut


God, she’s so hot.


Amatuerukswinger submission fucking hot @mywifetheslut



Fucking hot…