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My Wife The Slut

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18+ and NSFW (duh, with a title like that...). All the things I want to do to my wife (the slut), fantasize about or just find plain horny. I can do pretty much anything I want to her, and love to (ab)use that privilege. Don't get me wrong, I love her to bits, but damn she's a slut. And as I'm doing this tumblr site mainly to collect ideas to do to my wife (the slut), I figured I may as well add some fantasies to the site. They will be a mix of our regular sex play and stuff that may or may not ever happen.... If you like this stuff, or want to ask me stuff personally, contact me at ask me about my slut My friends on Tumblr: Harlette (my wife) BigJay EditorForAWeek My favorite porn: I make no claims that any of these pictures are mine. They are a collection of Tumblr reblogs and stuff I find freely on the Interwebz.

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