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Social and Economic Developments in North Korea - NAENARA (@naenara)
Newly developed section of majon beach resort in @naenara

Newly developed section of Majon Beach Resort in South Hamgyong Province. North Korea is attempting to develop this area of the country into a tourist zone which will attract visitors from all over Asia.

Kim jong un participating in the elections of @naenara

Kim Jong Un participating in the elections of deputies to the Supreme People’s Assembly. North Korean media reported that 99.97% of people participated in elections for the largely rubber-stamp political organ. It’s main function is to ratify decisions issued by the Worker’s Party of Korea and the Organization and Guidance Department. 

The construction of the paektusan songun youth @naenara

The construction of the Paektusan Songun Youth Power Plant is rapidly progressing. Workers have completed 88% of the concrete tamping and are in the final stages of various tunneling projects. The power plant will provide electricity to Samjiyon county and surrounding areas.

A new anchor has made his debut on kctvs nightly @naenara

A new anchor has made his debut on KCTV’s nightly 8:00 PM news broadcast. KCTV has started to introduce a younger staff in its various programs since Kim Jong Un came into power.

Hydroponic greenhouses of the pyongyang vegetable @naenara

Hydroponic greenhouses of the Pyongyang Vegetable Science Institute. The complex was built in 2011 and now produces over 8 million tonnes of vegetables per year. The institute has also played a leading role in acclimatizing foreign seed strains to North Korea’s climate.

Pyongyang style cold noodles @naenara

Pyongyang-style cold noodles.

Newly built pyongyang international airport the @naenara

Newly built Pyongyang International Airport. The facility opened on July 1st, with the terminal featuring various shops stocked with goods produced in North Korea and other foreign countries.

Newly refurbished jangchon vegetable co op farm @naenara

Newly refurbished Jangchon Vegetable Co-op Farm. The entire town was rebuilt, with a health complex, science center, sports park, and theatre constructed. The town’s buildings are all equipped with solar water-heaters, solar panels, and methane gas supply systems.

Teppanyaki at the newly built haedanghwa service @naenara

Teppanyaki at the newly built Haedanghwa Service Complex in Pyongyang. Japanese style cuisine has recently been re-introduced in the city, with sushi and yakitori among the styles of food now being offered.

Korean peoples army troops conducting night @naenara

Korean People’s Army troops conducting night artillery strike drills against a simulated naval intrusion by “enemy” warships.

The construction of mirae scientists street is @naenara

The construction of Mirae Scientists’ Street is rapidly progressing. It is on track to be completed by October in time for the 70th anniversary of the founding of the WPK.

Painting of changjon street at night @naenara

Painting of Changjon Street at night.

Transplanting season has begun in north korea @naenara

Transplanting season has begun in North Korea, with the whole nation mobilized to help farmers. This year in particular has been difficult for many farmers, 2014-2015 has been the driest time period on record in the country.

Sunday at the newly built munsu water park @naenara

Sunday at the newly built Munsu Water Park.

Control room of the sangwon cement complex north @naenara

Control room of the Sangwon Cement Complex, North Korea’s largest and most advanced cement factory. It was completed with East Germany assistance in 1989, and is now 50% owned by an Egyptian conglomerate.

Architectural rendition of the sci tech complex @naenara

Architectural rendition of the Sci-Tech Complex currently under construction in Pyongyang. It is scheduled to be completed in Fall of 2015.

Kctv has begun testing hd broadcasts the startup @naenara

KCTV has begun testing HD broadcasts. The startup and ending shot of daily programming, shown above, is for now the only thing being broadcast in high definition.

Sinchang fish farm in north pyongan province the @naenara

Sinchang Fish Farm in North Pyongan province. The farm is famous for producing giant sturgeon, whose caviar is exported around the world by companies owned by the Korean People’s Army. 

727 is north koreas most luxurious cigarette @naenara

7.27 is North Korea’s most luxurious cigarette brand. The numbers 7.27 represents July 27, 1953 - the date when the Korean War came to a halt after the armistice agreement. Although the war is technically not over, the DPRK celebrates this day as a decisive victory.

Kim jong un oversaw the test firing of a @naenara

Kim Jong Un oversaw the test-firing of a submarine-launched ballistic missle. This gives North Korea a credible second strike capability, as it’s extremely difficult to track and observe submarines. The launch came as a surprise to many analysts, who estimated that the country was many years away from this capability.