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I think ive rebloged this ass 200times so far @nakedez

I think I’ve rebloged this ass 200!times so far.

Real naked father and son at the wnbr @nakedez

Real naked father and son at the wnbr.

Manuelmoncayo naked boys reading berlin @nakedez


Naked Boys Reading Berlin, 29.Oct.2015

I took pictures at Naked Boys Reading Berlin for the second time, I do not like to publish images from my paid jobs and this is the first time I do. I am also realising that I have an audience here. And that what I publish ends up being watch. I am spending lots of time documenting for my new project and these days are hectic. I also lost my money on the sbahn, it’s the second time in less than 3 months. I guess someone needs it more than I do? 

A gay couples ordinary live @nakedez

A gay couple’s ordinary live.