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Get Naked. Stay Active. It's Only Natural. Inspirational photos of naked people in an active and natural state. Most photos are of naturists or nudists, but I'm not going to follow these labels "religiously." I will also post fine art nudes if they fit within the general theme, but will steer clear of overt sexuality. I'm interested in your feedback so please feel free to comment, ask a question, or submit material. Thanks. - Naktivated (@naktivated)
Catch me if you can @naktivated

Catch me if you can.

Cutting in @naktivated

Cutting in.

Taming the garden @naktivated

Taming the garden.

Cooling off while checking on the crops @naktivated

Cooling off while checking on the crops.

Meditate in nature @naktivated

Meditate in nature.

Get closer to nature @naktivated

Get closer to nature.

Trekking over the hills @naktivated

Trekking over the hills.

Heave ho @naktivated

Heave ho.

One with nature @naktivated

One with nature.

Never let go @naktivated

Never let go.

Ultimate feat @naktivated

Ultimate feat.

Paddling pooch @naktivated

Paddling pooch.

Living a simpler life @naktivated

Living a simpler life.

No turning back now hop on @naktivated

No turning back now. Hop on.

Beach selfie @naktivated

Beach selfie.

Roundup wide sky 2014 contemplation @naktivated

Roundup (Wide Sky), 2014


What could be more fun @naktivated

What could be more fun?

Isolation @naktivated


Spring cleaning @naktivated

Spring cleaning.

First dip in the spring @naktivated

First dip in the Spring.