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I'm a bed wetter and so subsequently wear nappies. I like wearing them now and love the fact that others do too. oh yeah I'm from the UK! - Nappy Guy (@nappyguy)
Changed for beddybyes @nappyguy

changed for beddybyes

Bedtime @nappyguy


Papertownsy this is reblog relevant for only @nappyguy



my favourite film series of all time!

Just realised it was my last plastic backed abri @nappyguy

just realised it was my last plastic backed abri. #initiatesulkmode

Onesiesdownunder onesiesdownunder @nappyguy




                                              Hey everyone!

As a small token of our appreciation for all the support we have received over the past 2 months, we are running a series of Giveaways to show our appreciation and give back to the community! :D

We have 2 Packs up for grabs:

Pack 1 - Ladybugs

In this pack, you will receive a Pink Ladybugs onesie, a set of three pacifiers with adult sized teats, and a pair of Butterflies plastic pants.

Pack 2 - Trucks

In this pack, you will receive a Trucks onesie, a set of three pacifiers with adult sized teats, and a pair of Butterflies plastic pants.

To enter the Giveaway, all you have to do is:

Pack 1 - Follow @onesiesdownunder

Pack 2 - Reblog this post.

*You may enter as many times as you like, and you may enter both draws.*

*There will be one winner only for each pack.*

Rules of the Giveaway:

- You must be 18+ years old.

- This Giveaway is open to every country. We ship worldwide.

- You will need to provide an address, so we can ship these items to you. Your details will be handled discreetly and not shared.

- This giveaway will end on the 8th of November, and the winners will be announced via our Tumblr page.

- Once the winners have been selected, we will contact you to arrange postage, and to select which size onesie and plastic pants you want.

- If the winners who are contacted by us do not respond within 3 days, we will pick another winner.

Again, a huge THANK YOU to everyone who has purchased from us, contacted us or followed us over the past 2 months!

Good Luck, and let’s get Following / Reblogging!!!

@little-red-kitten-bjgr You are more than welcome to use side blogs if you like.
@daddyiwantthis You are most welcome! We are glad to hear you like our onesies!
@dutchbabyboy You do not need to specify which pack you are after. If you follow our blog you are entered into the draw for Pack 1 and if you reblog this post you are entered into the draw for Pack 2.

We can not believe how many reblogs and new followers we have gained since we posted this. Thank you to everyone who has entered!

Over 1400 notes in a week, YOU ALL ROCK! We are completely shocked by how much you have all reblogged and liked this post. We can not wait to giveaway these products! Just a reminder that this giveaway will be ending on the 8th of November so there is still time to enter!

Best of luck and thank you all so much!

I thought i was running low on diapers so decided @nappyguy

I thought I was running low on diapers so decided to do a full inventory… turns out I’m not as low as I thought!

Not ready to get up @nappyguy

not ready to get up

Yep yep all in check @nappyguy

yep yep all in check

Mirror shot @nappyguy

mirror shot

Kennedywidower mr kevvie @nappyguy


mr. kevvie

Soggy butts @nappyguy

soggy butts

Cookiegoesrawrrr prettygirl21989 @nappyguy




So I received a gift from prettygirl21989 and I was so happy to receive it! It’s so cute and I’ve always wanted stitch onesie! Now I have one and I couldn’t be more happy than I am now! It even has a butt flap for diapee checks xD So big thank you once again for this awesome stitch onesie!

Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! :) I’m so happy you like it!!!!!! You look adorable!!!! :)

Thank you!!! 😄💕

very cute cookie!

Sunday evening mode @nappyguy

Sunday evening mode

Babyprince21 like or reblog if you would buy or @nappyguy


Like or Reblog If you would buy or wear either of these if they came in adult sizes and cost under $35.


My number 1 favs @nappyguy

my number 1 favs

Its good to be back in these bad boys sdks @nappyguy

it’s good to be back in these bad boys.. SDKs gotta be the best diaper out imo

Love these dungarees @nappyguy

love these dungarees

That moment u look down at the guy sitting next to @nappyguy

that moment u look down at the guy sitting next to u at the movies and u see his diaper showing.. it could be me!

Diaperedwolfpup hehe im a happy baby this @nappyguy


Hehe I’m a happy baby this morning ☺️

cute af

Showing some leg and a lil more @nappyguy

showing some leg and a lil more…

Rhyseybabe another day in the gym this was a @nappyguy


Another day in the gym, this was a little different from an id slip! thick, crinkly and very obvious! Loved it 😊

Ballsey, very very ballsey.
I commend you young squire.

Nothing odd about this picture @nappyguy

nothing odd about this picture

Feel so sick i wont be moving much beyond my bed @nappyguy

feel so sick. I won’t be moving much beyond my bed today.

Littlestlash little boy waistbands take 2 da @nappyguy


Little boy waistbands take 2….. Da puppy on my diaper likes to play peek-a-boo XD


Owlhaus still got dinosaurs on the brain after @nappyguy


Still got dinosaurs on the brain after watching Jurassic World. Rejected dinosaurs included Tee-Rex and Deportee-Rex.

I woulda went with Need-to-Pee Rex"

J5 papped me while sleeping creep @nappyguy

J5 papped me while sleeping #creep

Cookiegoesrawrrr blablafreckenlover @nappyguy




Finally had the place to myself to do some “dress up” ^.^  Super thick Bellissimo’s and overalls! Already waddling around and they’re barely even wet x_x  
(diapies courtesy of one of my followers! [sorry I would credit, but the package went to my friends’ and they opened it and..yeah. oopsie now some of them know I have to wear diapies ._. oh wells! ]) 

I think I have the same overalls.

Ugh I need shortalls like that so bad! They are so cute Dx


Diaper scort happy sunday tumblr @nappyguy


Happy Sunday Tumblr!

Rhyseybabe so changing into a fresh nappy after @nappyguy


So changing into a fresh nappy after a swim at the gym! I’ve got a video but it won’t upload but I’ll keep trying! One guy was clearly quite interested! 😊

Love this!

Double diapered and no where to go @nappyguy

double diapered and no where to go

Bkid 5 july 25th will be my 4 year @nappyguy


July 25th, will be my 4 year anniversary, it’s when I realized that I was truly an AB. Life has been so much happier since then. I  first started this blog in Sept. 2013 and have not regretted it once, well almost (lulz) (except for the crazy anons) , but seriously, I’ve made a bunch of new friends, found a great daddy, and awesome little bros and sisters. A lot of them that I wish to meet. It’s been almost 2 years of fun and adventures.

I decided to celebrate by giving away 5 sets of great items for all the littles out there, the not so littles also :-P.

All the clothes are made to order in your size, so if you win, please be prepared to send me your measurements, so we can have them done super quickly :).

The shortalls and the bodysuit/shirt onesie are made by snaps4u1. They make great custom outfits and more. Don’t forget them when you need custom ABDL items made. 

 I also am giving away 4 sets of amazing, super soft baby mittens, These are for naughty babies :-P ( I call them; no touchy mittens *blush).  These are from a new follower who does amazing things, she also supplied me with the AWESOME pacifier clips. you can find her blog here no-pants-princess, her items are on sale at the shop, KasmesCreations. .

The diapers will be in size Medium only.  If it does not fit you, I will try to get Large, but I make no promise on this.  It depends on the availability from the suppliers.  I have Medium on hand, because that is what I wear.

 So all of you now know, that I have 5 sets to give away.


  • The giveaway start July 11th and ends July 24th.  July 24th will be the last day I compile names. 
  • The 5 winners will be chosen randomly on July 25th, The winners will have to have their in box open on that day, so I can contact them. They will have 3 days to contact me, if they don’t, I will choose another participant randomly. Once all the winners have contacted me, I will announce their names.
  • You don’t have to follow me to win, but it would be fun if you did. LIKES AND REBLOGS COUNT.  ONLY ONE PER DAY PLEASE.  Only one vote will be counted per day, no matter how many times you reblog. Please be nice, it will be enough work to count them daily.
  • The winners will have the choice of which set they want.  Winner one will choose first and so on and so forth, until the last set. I will contact the following winner to let them know which sets are left. Until the last one is chosen.
  • Also be prepared to give me your name, address, e-mail and all the info necessary to have your items sent. 

Thanks for following me. I appreciate all of you.  Love Bobby !

LET’S START THE GIVE AWAY !!!! Stay little no matter your age ~^__^~

Morning all @nappyguy

morning all

Thedoctor winchester lostwholock @nappyguy















My hands are too small to do this effectively.

I wish I wasn’t iPod


if you’re on ipod you just hold down the reblog button

wtf just happened??


guys, it’s amazing, it also works with ctrl+alt

Or just pressing one alt and then clicking reblog

Peaking @nappyguy


Thepizzafox daddy i wanna play cute @nappyguy


Daddy I wanna play😇😇


Same diaper last night and just before shower @nappyguy

same diaper - last night and just before shower after cycling to work. Luckily my cycling shorts are dark so the leaks weren’t to visible

Waking up for the day ahead @nappyguy

waking up for the day ahead

Derwindeljunge are there any abdls from @nappyguy


Are there any ABDL’s from Minnesota or near here 😔

Derwindeljunge at first i resisted but i know @nappyguy


At first I resisted, but I know Mommy knows what’s best 🙈 First face photo too 😬


Shattered @nappyguy


Claireslittlethoughts i want spankings @nappyguy






I would like to alert the ddlg community here on tumblr about this man. I do not know what his tumblr is and he will probably change it but he insulted me and my Daddy. He is clearly a fake Daddy who knows nothing of how the ddlg dynamic works whatsoever so for all of you littles using tumblr as a way to find Daddy’s please avoid this man.
Princess Brittany xo

Seriously guys signal boost this please

Oh, Archie… What a fucking cockfuck. 😂
“You’ll get all of 5 notes.”

Nearly 60,000 people are about to see this. I hope whoever Archie is, he develops a horrible rash on his scrotum.

Update: He has now asked me repeatedly to take it down.

Too. Fucking. Late.

Avoid him at all costs my fellow littles!!!

What a clown.

Thepizzafox wore to the gym at work for the @nappyguy


Wore to the gym at work for the first time today. Which is good cause today was super stressful. When is this week over?

love it!

A lil pic before work this morning @nappyguy

a lil pic before work this morning

Maxatl slave203439 exhibaoilp sans @nappyguy




Sans commentaire

Nice iron i would love to have on!

This is me!

Chill day watching some fringe @nappyguy

Chill day watching some Fringe

So cute @nappyguy

so cute

So i was hunting for that last sdk that i know was @nappyguy

So I was hunting for that last sdk that I know was back there!

Out and about @nappyguy

out and about

Always protected @nappyguy

always protected

Derekisme another boy who hanging by his arms @nappyguy


another boy who - hanging by his arms - finally had no choice but to sit down and impale himself on the dildo …

ooh I like this

Derekisme another boy who hanging by his arms @nappyguy


another boy who - hanging by his arms - finally had no choice but to sit down and impale himself on the dildo …

ooh I like this

Diaperedlevi call him the diapered detective @nappyguy


Call him the Diapered Detective. Todays case? Solve the mystery of who wet the bed.

cute lol

Asianboydl forfex77 wanted me to pose like this @nappyguy


forfex77 wanted me to pose like this hehe..

Denoteboom13 perfect clubbing attire no i dont @nappyguy


Perfect clubbing attire, no? I don’t have underwear with me and he wanted to go, so we did.


Very cute cookie @nappyguy

very cute cookie

White to wet here i am before bed lets see @nappyguy


Here I am before bed, let’s see how wet I’ll be in the morning :p


Treybusiness2020 nigga trendy i wish that you @nappyguy



I wish that you could feel this pain, so you could understand 😕😑

Dalesman124 getting the supplies organised @nappyguy


Getting the supplies organised!


Abris done me proud last night my butt did kinda @nappyguy

Abri’s done me proud last night. My butt did kinda resemble cookiegoesrawrrr the way that diaper swelled. I was a lil self conscious.

Thepizzafox happy valentines day big bro @nappyguy


Happy Valentine’s Day Big Bro

…and a happy Valentine’s day to the big bros of the world. *reaches up for a hug* 😊

Thepizzafox happy valentines day lil bro @nappyguy


Happy Valentine’s Day Lil Bro

Happy valentine’s day to all the lils out there who just want a big bro to scoop them up and carry them to bed for snuggles.


Still alive and kicking @nappyguy

Still alive and kicking

Sweet @nappyguy


Ashkidl my fast growing nappy collection at the @nappyguy


My Fast growing nappy collection at the moment i have 1362 individual nappies :)

ok that’s impressive !

Cute @nappyguy


Lildiaperederik showing off my wet diaper @nappyguy


Showing off my wet diaper

This guy is so hot!!

Thought id get creative with the mirror lol @nappyguy

thought I’d get creative with the mirror lol

Just arrived at work @nappyguy

just arrived at work.

Wrapped up for the nite @nappyguy

wrapped up for the nite

New phone new pics why not haha @nappyguy

New phone, new pics.. why not haha

Babachris a soggy start to the day great pic @nappyguy


A soggy start to the day!

great pic chris

Wxdiaper baby stu bigbrojj dueyboy @nappyguy







Rochester Kent :-D

Rochester as well :3

Chester ish here.

London biatches!

Oh yeah that comedian on the tv is funny as @nappyguy

oh yeah.. that comedian on the TV is funny as fcuk.. was literally giggling to my self the whole evening.

Not the best fitting well see how they hold out @nappyguy

not the best fitting.. we’ll see how they hold out through the night! #bootsstaydry

Cycle gear @nappyguy

cycle gear

Canyoutell @nappyguy


Doubled up this time a wet abri form super and a @nappyguy

Doubled up this time.. a wet abri form super and a nice dry Tena super on top ☺️

Wow flybaby88 drynites1993 @nappyguy
wow !





Awesome Knitters Anonymous party with these guys last night, including s-dl-c, lostboy-abdl, diaper-scort, diaperloveruk, abinthemiddle, babyblueyedboy and some who’s tumblrs I’ve forgotten (sowwy gays)

Bumping as I’ve fixed the tumblr account links :P

For once, I wasn’t actually that drunk :D


Its summer after all @nappyguy

it’s summer after all

Still smiling though not so dry @nappyguy

still smiling… though not so dry

Abenjaminbutton thepizzafox but why would i @nappyguy



But why would I wanna go out when I’m some comfortable right here?

-me, every other Friday

This is so cute!