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Necia Navine. @necianavine

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Official blog of Necia Navine This blog is mainly shameless self promotion, a place to share my work and answer your questions. - Necia Navine. (@necianavine)
Paris youre so hot this year im glad there @necianavine

Paris, you’re so hot this year! I’m glad there are fountains I can splash around in.

Necia navine self portrait accessories by dark @necianavine

Necia Navine - Self portrait
accessories by Dark Enchantment
Handmade corset by La Garotte

Pinupandbeyond necia navine @necianavine


Necia Navine

Thesuperngirls necianavine @necianavine



Leolensenphotography outtake from my shoot with @necianavine


Outtake from my shoot with the lovely Necia Navine for ImaginaryTease. Shot on Fujichrome Provia 400X, pushed to 800, and destroyed by accident while processing (not my action). Still I love these.

Spent the weekend working for canon at the photo @necianavine

Spent the weekend working for Canon at the Photo Fair. That calls for some selfies!

Pic by edelman photography thenomadsoul one of @necianavine

pic by Edelman Photography / thenomadsoul
One of the shots from our “stop motion project”
The full video is available for $15 or more Patrons on

A new set of 15 photos shot and edited by myself @necianavine

A new set of 15 photos, shot and edited by myself, is now up on my Patreon!

Thewanderland as if you couldnt tell that i am @necianavine


As if you couldn’t tell that i am a big fan of necianavine

Most of you probably think its for the most obvious reason but it’s really not. To much respect for her and Mr.Edelman

Who btw is a very seriously talented man like not only the works he does for his wifey but have you ever seen his work!? Its beyond crazy.

I do not know these people personally, i wish i did cause i could learn so much. Plus from what i could tell by she writes and posts mindset and certain views. She seems like good people i coild hang with. And everysince she is with her SO he has to be stand up guy. Anyway Studying their work made my skills at photography a lot better. at least the point of views, certain angles, retouching and taught me to experiment more,try more crazy things.

Just running with it and do some stuff and see whatever works. I thank them for that.

In any case what i actually wanted to write was : how cool is this shot? It’s her as a model, as a photographer and the friggin lighting assistant! Why do i say that?

Because she took the damn picture herself. How the hell are you going to :

1 : set up a camera.

2 : set up position / angle and everything

3 : run/jump back in the tub (assuming she tried more than 1 shot to get it

4 : pose like nothing is happening “oh-here-i-am-being-a-model-doing-my-thing-oh-wait-strike-a-pose-*click*”

5 : create a frigging crazy cool sexy noire shot like its the easiest thing in the world.

Now you tell me.. doesn’t that sound like a blood serious talented person to you?


❤❤ so much love for you! Thank you for your support and appreciation ❤❤

3 @necianavine


Ive just created a patreon page you can now sign @necianavine

I’ve just created a Patreon page! You can now sign up and support my modeling for as little as $1 a month, while getting awesome rewards like monthly videos, Patreon exclusive photosets and more! Here’s a preview of the first exlusive set of 16 images :)

The man behind the camera the one who happens to @necianavine

The man behind the camera, the one who happens to shoot about 90% of the work I post! The love of my life.

Maxime models the only model agency in the @necianavine

MaxiMe Models, the only model agency in the Benelux to work exclusively with plus sized models, is starting a campagne called #weareallwomen.

Size matters?
Achieving size zero is an impossible task for most women. The average Dutch woman is a size 42. We recognize this in everyday life, but not in the media. There, size zero is still the rule of thumb for most. MaxiMe Models aims to change that. Owner and founder, Miranda Koelemeijer, pleads for diversity in the media as well as the fashion industry, because all human beings are beautiful, regardless of color, size or age.

Size zero: The Fairy Tale
Our portfolio mirrors reality, not fairy tales. The average consumer is demanding more and more realistically represented and MaxiMe is meeting that demand. Plus sized men and women should be equally portrayed as size zero. One size is not inherently better than the other size. As far as MaxiMe is concerned, all sizes should be portrayed in the media; by no means should we trade in size zero for plus size.

Natural beauties
Being fed up with having people being described as sizes and numbers, Koelemeijer decided it was high time to show the world that people don’t have to fit idealized standards, that retouching doesn’t mean altering a persons shape in Photoshop. To this extent, six of her models had their picture taken without make-up, and without any retouching done to their appearances. Real women, all natural beauties. Taking things as they are, which in this case, are no less than beautiful. Photos and video provided by Marco Edelman of Edelman Photography.


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